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  • Alex in a relationship with non-celebrity girlfriend

    2017/11/06, Source,
    Clazziquai member and actor Alex is dating a non-celebrity,...More
  • Actress Sin-ae, 5 months pregnant with second child "expecting at the end of the year"

    2015/07/28, Source,
    Actress Sin-ae is pregnant with a second child. Currently, she is 5 months into the pregnancy and is concentrating on taking care in the baby inside her. It is 3 years since she gave birth to her first, a baby daughter,...More
  • Kim Moo-yeol and Yoon Seung-ah getting married

    2015/04/01, Source,
    While Kim Moo-yeol and Yoon Seung-ah are getting married, Jo Jeong-seok and Group Eight's Lee Hyeon-I are blessing their marriage by singing. Their wedding is being held in private on the 4th. Kim Moo-yeol's best friend Jo Jeong-seok will be hosting the wedding and Lee Hyeon-I will be singing. The couple has recently been to Europe for their wedding pictorial and honeymoon,...More
  • [Photos] Happy Chuseok greetings from many Hallyu stars!

    Oh Yun-soo, from the popular weekend MBC drama "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!", expresses her holiday Chuseok greetings for this year. Many more celebrity Chuseok greetings after the jump,...More
  • Rain and Alex brighten up the streets in upcoming drama "My Lovely Girl"

    2014/08/17, Source,
    New SBS drama "My Lovely Girl" has started filming on the 16th and the artists of AnA Entertainment were seen headed to work. The day's scene took place in a café in Mapo, Seoul and Jeong Ji-hoon (Rain) appeared with a perfect smile matching his character of Hyeon-wook, the director of AnA,...More
  • [Photos] Updated cast and added new stills for the Korean drama 'Hotel King'

    2014/03/03, Source,
    Updated cast and added new stills for the upcoming Korean drama "Hotel King",...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Medical Top Team" Episode 3

    This is a medical drama done right. It doesn't just throw out high-falutin' medical terms and insert tense situations just to force viewer interest. No, it manages to develop characters who feel real, infuse political tensions, and create life-and-death stakes in a world that is engaging and believable,...More
  • Today's Photo: August 24, 2013 [2]

    2013/08/24, Source,
    Actress Han Go-eun poses at a promotional event for a cosmetics brand in Seoul on Friday,...More
  • Today's Photo: August 12, 2013 - Stars at Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung's Wedding

    2013/08/12, Source,
    Star couple Lee Min-jung (left) and Lee Byung-hun pose at their wedding in Seoul on Saturday,...More
  • Alex and other doctors join 'Medical Top Team'

    Singer and actor Alex (34) of the new MBC Drama 'Medical Top Team' (script by Yoon Kyeong-ah, directed by Kim Do-hoon) depicts the joining of a team of top doctors. He will be playing radiologist Bae Sang-gyoo,...More
  • Alex Nabbed for Drunk Driving

    2012/07/20, Source,
    Singer Alex was arrested for drunk driving on Wednesday. According to police, he was caught driving his white BMW while under the influence for about 2 km in Sinsa-dong, Seoul in the early hours of the morning,...More
  • Alex Caught Drunk Driving

    2012/07/18, Source,
    "I shouldn't have drove after drinking. I'm reflecting deeply on my mistake for not thinking through my actions more carefully, especially as a public figure". Singer Alex relayed through his agency on July 18th, after he was caught driving under the influence,...More
  • [Exclusive] Alex caught for drunk driving

    2012/07/17, Source,
    Singer Alex has been charged with drunk driving without detention. There was no accident when this happened but it was just as dangerous. According to the Seou Kang-nam police, at around 2 AM on the night of the 18th, Alex was driving under intoxication and was caught in a police inspection,...More
  • Updated cast for the upcoming Korean drama "Childless Comfort"

    2012/07/13, Source,
    Updated cast for the upcoming Korean drama "Childless Comfort",...More
  • Park Young-kyu and Eom Ji-won in "Childless Comfort"

    2012/07/12, Source,
    Park Young-kyu and Eom Ji-won will be starring in the JTBC drama "Childless Comfort" as father and daughter. According to JTBC "Childless Comfort" is about three families that live under one roof while Park Young-kyu is the eldest Hee-jae and Eom Ji-won is his daughter So-yeong.,...More
  • Singer Alex, owns a pasta restaurant

    2012/07/02, Source,
    Singer Alex was seen recently. A picture of the singer was posted online on the 3rd,...More
  • Added new stills and videos for the upcoming Korean movie "Always"

    2011/10/17, Source,
    Added new stills and videos for the upcoming Korean movie "Always",...More
  • [Photos] 7th Jecheon International Film and Music Festival Red Carpet

    Lee Yoon-ji and Jung Gyu-woon,...More
  • Kang So-ra reveals picture before losing 20 kg "31 inch waist"

    2011/06/28, Source,
    Actress Kang So-ra revealed a picture from the past. On the SBS TV program "Kang Heart", Kang So-ra said, "I was 72 kg when I was in school". "I love bread and pastries. Eating them as snacks and not a meal made me gain weight",...More
  • Alex, "I proposed to my girlfriend at the "Pasta" ending party"

    2011/06/27, Source,
    Singer Alex spoke about the love story with his model girlfriend. On the SBS TV program "Kang Heart" coming on the 28th of June, he introduced his girlfriend, "She was a server in the restaurant from the drama "Pasta". After the shoot was over I confessed my feelings to her at the ending party".,...More
  • Do Ji-won "I've been drunk on cold noodles"

    2011/05/17, Source,
    Actress Do Ji-won confessed that she was drunk on cold noodles. On the KBS 2TV "Seung Seung Jang-gu" when she was asked how well she could drink she answered like this.,...More
  • Alex and Jo Hee-II, official couple, "We just want to be comfortable"

    2011/04/12, Source,
    Singer Alex spoke about his open relationship on the SBS TV "Every Night". Recently he revealed his relationship with model Jo Hee-II. He said, "I watched many star friends going through scandals and rumors and decided an open relationship wasn't easy".,...More
  • Korean Cooking Drama Pasta - Chefs' Love & Passion at La Sfera

    2010/12/20, Source,
    "Pasta" is a 16 episode Korean cooking drama that draws love and passion among young and attractive chefs. The cooking drama focuses on a young woman, Seo yoo Kyung, who aspires to become an elite chef at the Italian restaurant 'La Sfera'. Seo Yoo Kyung (Gong Hyo-jin) works at the 'La Sfera' for three years as a third ranked chef assistant. On the day she finally gets to become an Assistant Pasta, the head Chef Totti leaves and new chef Choi Hyun Wook (Lee Sun-kyun) comes in,...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Clazziquai's Alex - Part 1

    2010/04/01, Source,
    Clazziquai member Alex [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] There was a time when Alex was nicknamed the 'romantic guy'. He still is. But after he stopped appearing on hit MBC reality show "We Got Married", he did much more. His music group Clazziquai released several more albums, he published a book titled "Spoon" containing stories about his life and cooking and shot his second drama "Pasta" which ended its run in early March. He did not change himself radically everytime but rather showed himself in bits and pieces over an extended period of time. This interview too reveals only part of who he is. Here is the Alex as he explains himself, not the guy in a variety show or as a character in a drama,...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Clazziquai's Alex - Part 2

    2010/04/01, Source,
    Clazziquai member Alex [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]   10: That's what was fun. A lot of things were left unexplained regarding Kim San because he isn't the leading character but he always had on that expression that said he knows everything. Alex: It's true that some things weren't explained in detail because I wasn't the main character. As a joke, people said my character is a spiritual guardian. For example, I'd be in the kitchen when the chef and assistant chef are fighting. Poof and appear just like that in places I don't need to be. (laugh) But those scenes are necessary in explaining the moments Kim San stands alone and thinks to himself. That's how Kim San's character came to life. This purely comes from the scenarist's talent. I went looking for an acting teacher to teach me to become Kim San -- how to have an open mind like him, how I could play little jokes on the person I like without not revealing my emotions. I think there were also a lot of commonalities between Kim San and I,...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Clazziquai's Alex - Part 3

    2010/04/01, Source,
    Clazziquai member Alex [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] 10: It seems that the people who became your fans after watching MBC's "We Got Married" and your fans from much earlier feel a difference in your image. Alex: My fans are taken aback by my image from "We Got Married". I lost some things from doing "We Got Married" but I also gained a lot from it too. Once when I was wearing my helmet and riding my motorcycle down the Dongho bridge, when this woman asked for my autograph. I asked her how she knew it was me and she said she knew from seeing the lower part of my face. Her husband was sitting next to her, holding onto the handle, and he did not look too happy. (laugh) It's inevitable to lose something as you gain more attention. And I had been working on my solo album first, and then took on "Married", but most people think I released the album in a rush because I became popular from the show. Of course thanks to the public, my album was a success but I didn't like how people regarded me as someone who did the music I did because of the image I had portrayed from the show,...More
  • [REVIEW] MBC TV series "Pasta"

    2010/01/28, Source,
    A scene from MBC TV series "Pasta" [MBC] "Pasta" - Episode 8, MBC TV (Mon/Tue, 10 PM) Although "Pasta" is a story about romance in the kitchen, it tries to do more than just cook up romance. There are many, various conflicts surrounding the restaurant, characters Choi Hyun-wook (played by Lee Seoun-gyoon) and Oh Se-young (played by Lee Honey) and Korea-educated versus Italy-educated cooks. Choi Hyun-wook runs when Oh Se-young enters the kitchen and the Korean clan is determined to beat the Italian clan. And it is throughout such series of events that each character in the kitchen, those who were not noticeable before, start to become more visible to the viewer. While "Pasta" might not be an eye-catching masterpiece, it has plenty of stories surrounding its two main characters Choi Hyun-wook -- who is a combination of dictator and tyrant with a black sense of humor -- and Seo Yu-kyung (played by Gong Hyo-jin) -- who is both depressing enough and sensible enough compared to the typical cheerful and spirited heroines in romantic dramas -- while offering solid visuals and music as well.,...More
  • Lee Sun-kyun says not pressured by new image in "Pasta"

    2009/12/29, Source,
    From left, MBC TV series main cast Lee Seon-gyoon and Gong Hyo-jin pose during a press conference at the Marvelous convention hall in Seoul, South Korean on December 28, 2009. [MBC] Briefly put, MBC TV series "Pasta" which premieres January 4, is about 'dating in the kitchen'. The romance between a boss who is divinely talented yet uses vulgar language while being disdainful to everyone and an employee who does not succumb to her boss' abusive treatment but rather bears with it to later succeed in both love and work, has been portrayed more than several times in various films and dramas. But the bar is raised higher when that story is depicted by actor Lee Sun-kyun, famous for playing mild-natured characters and actress Gong Hyo-jin who usually plays unique characters. A press conference was held on Monday attended by Lee who broke free from his past image by revealing his own style of acting in film "Paju" this year and Kong who has been expanding on her realm of acting through films such as "Blush and Crush' and "Sisters on the Road". Q: You've played a lot of characters with gentle personalities up till now. Weren't you pressured by having to change your image 180 degrees in "Pasta"? Lee Sun-kyun (Lee): I actually hadn't been pressured about having to change my image but I started thinking that maybe I should try something different because so many people started saying the same thing. The role Choi Hyun-wook that I played had a character different from the roles I had taken on in the past so I can't say that I wasn't worried or pressured but I believe that an actor expands on his realm of acting by taking on roles he is not used to, so it feels as if I'm taking on a good challenge. That's why I'm always screaming with happiness on set these days. (laugh),...More
  • 'Romantic Guy' Alex Melts Fans in Japan

    2009/01/23, Source,
    Singer Alex, the vocalist of Clazziquai who released a solo album last June, held his first solo concert in Japan at the Cece Lemon Hall in Shibuya, To,...More
  • K-pop Super Stars to Perform in 'Snowfall in October' Concert
    2008/09/10, Source,
    The list of K-pop stars who will perform at an upcoming concert entitled "Snowfall in October", to be held at the amphitheater of Yonsei University in Seoul, has been unveiled. The star-studded list includes Shin Seung-hoon, Lee So-ra, Alex and Sweet,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Sin-ae, what a beauty!

    2008/06/26, Source,
    You probably saw her from the hit reality show, "We got married" where she is coupled with Alex from Clazziquai. Yes, it's Sin-ae and this is her photoshoot. Isn't she gorgeous?,...More
  • Korean Stars Sing to Deliver Message of Hope to Quake Victims

    2008/06/02, Source,
    Some 30 popular celebrities, including singers, actors, comedians and sports stars, sang together at a studio in Samseongdong, Seoul on May 29.

    The 30 stars, all dressed in a white T-shirt with the,...
  • Stars Come Together for Earthquake Victims
    2008/05/29, Source,
    Korean stars have come together to help out the victims of a devastating earthquake in China. Celebrities who joined the recording of "I Love Asia", a joint earthquake relief project, at a studio in southern Seoul included singer/producer,...More
  • Concerts to Rock Hip-Hop Fans This March
    2007/03/04, Source,
    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
    Staff Reporter

    Hip-hop fans have a lot to be excited about this month, with hip-hop concerts by their favorite artists scheduled to rock them. This month's scheduled performances include a solo concert by,...
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Cheers To Me
Cheers To Me
(Drama, 2015)
나에게 건배
As : Special appearance (특별출연)
Bubble Gum
Bubble Gum
(Drama, 2015)
As : Hong I-seul's blind date (홍이슬의 맞선남)
Divorce Lawyer in Love
Divorce Lawyer in Love
(Drama, 2015)
이혼변호사는 연애 중
As : Special appearance (특별출연)
My Lovely Girl
My Lovely Girl
(Drama, 2014)
내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀
As : Bae Seong-jin (배성진)
Hotel King
Hotel King
(Drama, 2014)
As : Yoo Joon-seong (유준성)
I Need Romance Season 3
I Need Romance Season 3
(Drama, 2014)
로맨스가 필요해 시즌3
As : Joo-yeon's boyfriend (주연의 남자친구)
Medical Top Team
Medical Top Team
(Drama, 2013)
As : Bae Sang-gyoo (배상규)
Salamander Guru and the Gang
Salamander Guru and the Gang
(Drama, 2012)
도롱뇽도사와 그림자 조작단
As : Special appearance (특별출연)
(Movie, 2011)
오직 그대만
As : Singer (공연가수) - Special appearance
A Thousand Days' Promise
A Thousand Days' Promise
(Drama, 2011)
천일의 약속
As : Architecture practice president (건축회사 사장)
Smile, Dong-hae
Smile, Dong-hae
(Drama, 2010)
웃어라 동해야
As : Lee Tae-hoon (이태훈)
(Drama, 2010)
As : Kim San (김산)


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2010-09-02 13:59:52
2010-09-02 07:53:50
happy birthday alex! wish you all the best! i'm currently listening to your music, which makes me feel good :)
I don't know..Alex just makes me fall in love.. I wish I will got married with someone like him ^^
2010-06-19 06:01:47

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