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Hong Sang-soo (홍상수)

 : Hong Se-eun (홍세은) : Hong Sang-pyo (홍상표)|

- 1960

Born in Seoul, 1960. HONG entered ChungAng University as a theater major. He changed his major to film while in his sophomore year. In his 3rd year, he went to United States and received his BFA in filmmaking in California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, CA. Then, he got a MFA in filmmaking from The School of Art Institute of Chicago. He was also invited as a juror at various film festivals such as; Jeonju Int'l Film Festival, Pusan Int'l Film Festival, Karlovy Vary Int'l Film Festival, and Vancouver Int'l Film Festival.


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Hong Sang-soo |

 : Hong Se-eun (홍세은) : Hong Sang-pyo (홍상표)|

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  • Hong Sang-soo Reunites with French Actress for New Film

    2016/05/13, ,
    Hong Sang-soo (left) and Isabelle Huppert Award-winning filmmaker Hong Sang-soo has begun shooting a new film starring French actress Isabelle Huppert. The film is set against the backdrop of this year's Cannes Film Festival, which began in style on Wednesday and runs until May 22,...
  • 'Train to Busan' Gong Yoo, Jeong Yu-mi and Kim Soo-an depart to Cannes on May 12th

    2016/04/29, ,
    "Train to Busan" main cast and director will walk the red carpet of Cannes International Film Festival. Movie "Train to Busan" actors Gong Yoo, Jeong Yu-mi and Kim Soo-an as well as the film director Yeon Sang-ho will depart to Cannes, France on May 12th. The will also attend the official red carpet event of the 69th Cannes International Film Festival on May 13th (local time),...
  • [HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

    Park Chan-wook is back in the spotlight as "The Handmaiden" heads to Cannes, Inverse has a compelling take on the relationship between South Korean cinema and the country's socio-political reality, KOBIZ shares an infographic showing the locations of Hong Sang-soo's films, and Pierce Conran asks if there is still space in multiplexes for romantic dramas,...
  • Chunsa Film Art Awards 2016 Nominees

    2016/04/04, ,
    Chunsa Film Art Awards 2016 nominees list,...
  • Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Ji-hyeon, Yoo Ah-in and Jeon Do-yeon at the 2016 Chunsa Film Awards

    2016/04/04, ,
    Actors Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Ji-hyeon, Yoo Ah-in and Jeon Do-yeon are competing for the Best Actor and Actress at the 2016 Chunsa Film Awards. The Awards is being held on the 5th at COEX. Chunsa Na Woon Gyu Film Festival is a nonprofit competition to pay tribute to the passion and fighting spirit of movies. The award consists of 10 categories including the Best Director, the Best Actor and the Best Actress,...
  • [HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

    Learn more about the K-drama that's making serious waves at home and away, North Korea releases a terrible propaganda video, KOBIZ has a great feature on South Korean short films, and get to know one of South Korea's most influential directors with Sense of Cinema,...
  • Park Chan-wook's "The Handmaiden" a likely candidate at Cannes this year

    2016/03/27, ,
    Will director Park Chan-wook's "The Handmaiden" bring some good news this year after 3 straight years of not being invited to the Cannes International Film Festival? "The Handmaiden" is a masterpiece that has been pre-sold to 116 countries at the European Film Market. Word from movie makers is that Park Chan-wook just might be able to recover his name from breaking the 3-year jinx,...
  • Upcoming Korean movie "Yourself and Yours"

    2016/02/20, ,
    Added the upcoming Korean movie "Yourself and Yours"'s page to HanCinema database,...
  • Yoo Hae-jin and Kim Min-hee winners at the Busan Movie Critics Awards

    2015/12/10, ,
    Actor Yoo Hae-jin and actress Kim Min-hee are winners of the 16th Busan Movie Critics Association Awards. They are taking home the Best Actress and Best Actor awards,...
  • [Photos] How actresses cope with exposure when getting off vehicles

    2015/11/26, ,
    The red carpet event for the 36th Blue Dragon Award ceremony took place in the afternoon on November 26th at Grand Peace Hall of Kyung Hee University. Actresses Lee Yoo-young, Park Bo-yeong, Han Hyo-joo, Seolhyun, Lee Jeong-hyeon and Lee Yoo-bi are getting off their vehicles after they arrived at the venue,...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Right Now, Wrong Then"

    Choon-soo (played by Jeong Jae-yeong) is a well regarded film director on a winter trip to Suwon to give a guest talk about one of his movies. Aside from this one errand, Choon-soo apparently has nothing better to do than wander around cultural sites and eventually strike up a conversation with Hee-jeong (played by Kim Min-hee). As it turns out, Hee-jeong also has nothing better to do with her time than have random conversations with random strangers. Although it probably helps that Choon-soo is a somewhat famous stranger,...
  • Hong Sang-soo Decorated by French Government

    2015/10/12, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo received a medal on Friday from the French government for his contribution to promoting cultural exchange between the two countries. He was presented the honor by French culture minister Fleur Pellerin at a sideline event of the Busan International Film Festival in the southwestern port city,...
  • [HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

    KOBIZ zooms in on director Hong Sang-soo and his latest film, Pierce lists his top 25 Korean films of all time, Kim Ki-duk set to make the war film "Who is God" in China, and "Reach For The SKY" explores the complex phenomenon of Korea's intense education system,...
  • Kim Joo-hyeok to star in "The Tooth and the Nail"

    2015/10/06, ,
    Actor Kim Joo-hyeok is starring in the movie "The Tooth and the Nail" as Do-jin. Kim Joo-hyeok has been continuously starring in movies, and this time, he's landed himself a role in producer Hong Sang-soo's latest,...
  • [HanCinema's Korea Joa] Exploring Busan

    Tourists come to South Korea for many reasons, but those can be broken down into two general categories: its far-reaching, rich traditional history and its lively modern day happenings that have won the hearts of international citizens and netizens. Part of KOFICE's Korea Joa program is not only to cover Kpop and Korean film and drama, but also to experience the culture that drives these popular forms of entertainment,...
  • Right Now, Wrong Then (2015)

    2015/09/27, ,
    "Right Now, Wrong Then" Genres: Drama Running Time: 121 min. Directed by: Hong Sang-soo Starring: Kim Min-hee, Jeong Jae-yeong Synopsis: An arthouse film director and an aspiring painter meet and spend the same day together, twice,...
  • Korean movies opening today 2015/09/24 in Korea

    2015/09/24, ,
    Korean movies opening today 2015/09/24 in Korea: "Accidental Detective", "The Long Way Home", "Right Now, Wrong Then", and "Obscene Family",...
  • [France] Seoul Hypnotique, Cycle de Cinema Coreen au Forum des images a Paris

    2015/09/12, ,
    Du 15 septembre au 1 novembre 2015 Des pionniers d'hier à la génération d'aujourd'hui, Séoul hypnotique reflète, à travers près de 80 films inédits ou rarement présentés en France, une cinématographie entre tradition et modernité, entre Asie et Occident. Films intimistes et films de genre, mélodrames et thrillers percutants : le cinéma coréen n'a pas fini de nous surprendre !,...
  • [Video] 30s Trailer released for the Korean movie 'Right Now, Wrong Then'

    2015/09/11, ,
    30s Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Right Now, Wrong Then",...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Now Playing"

    The first segment of the "Now Playing" omnibus posits a very simple question. Why do people go to movies? Is it because they like movies? Well...not really no. For most people movies are just a social event, like a date, where they can forget the drudgery of their actual lives and pretend like love exists. This opening segment sets the tone for the next two- where movies are exposited as generally pointless gimmicks designed to make certain people feel better themselves more than they are things intended to actually be watched,...
  • [Video] Trailer released for the Korean movie 'Right Now, Wrong Then'

    2015/08/28, ,
    Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Right Now, Wrong Then",...
  • [Photos] Added new poster and release date for the Korean movie 'Right Now, Wrong Then'

    2015/08/26, ,
    Added new poster and release date for the upcoming Korean movie "Right Now, Wrong Then",...
  • Upcoming Korean movie "Right Now, Wrong Then"

    2015/06/12, ,
    Added the upcoming Korean movie "Right Now, Wrong Then"'s page to HanCinema database,...
  • 2015 51st PaekSang Arts Awards : Movies Nominees List

    2015 51th PaekSang Arts Awards : movies nominees list,...
  • [Photos] Kim Min-hee, in just a trench coat?

    2015/03/31, ,
    Actress Kim Min-hee created a beauty drama with Burberry. High Cut claimed that Kim Min-hee expressed a woman's feelings of love through lip make-up,...
  • The 9th Asian Film Awards to be held on the 25th

    2015/03/24, ,
    Korean movies have gone beyond Korea and all over to Asia. The 9th Asian Film Awards is being held at the Venesian Theater in Macao, China. Every category has the name of a Korean star or film, increasing anticipation for the number of trophies won by one of them,...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Gi-Hwa"

    Hee-yong (played by Hong Hee-yong) and Seong-cheol (played by Baek Seung-cheol) are a couple of forty-something bums who never really figured out what to do with themselves. In case the lazy naming didn't tip you off, "Gi-Hwa" is the kind of film that mostly comes from experience. Most film directors don't live a flashy high life, and I'm willing to bet that Moon Jeong-yoon came up with the core concept for the film upon realizing that some people never really grow up,...
  • [Interview] Yoo Ji-tae, "How can love change?"

    2015/01/06, ,
    Yoo Ji-tae said the words, "How can love change?" in the movie "One Fine Spring Day" but he proved love doesn't have to change with his lifetime partner Kim Hyo-jin. In the movie "The Tenor Lirico Spinto" in which he stars as a genius tenor who's lost his voice, his favorite song is 'As Si Ben Mio' which means "Oh My Love". It's not an overstatement to say he's the god of love. Q: We know you to have knowledge about classical music,...
  • Kim Min-hee is Park Chan-wook and Hong Sang-soo's muse

    2015/01/05, ,
    Actress Kim Min-hee is building her filmography with other great directors. According to the film industry lately, Kim Min-hee has been cast for Hong Sang-soo's newest film "Right Now, Wrong Then". They start filming in January and the title or details of the movie are still hidden,...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "A Dirty Carnival": Poetic Justice

    In the spotlight this week: Yoo Ha's "A Dirty Carnival"… Poet qua filmmaker Yoo Ha has a gritty affinity for street-side struggles and tough times. "Gangnam Blues" (due out early 2015) will mark Yoo Ha's third such film after "Once Upon A Time In Highschool" (2004) and the iconic "A Dirty Carnival" (2006). There are, of course, broader signatures threaded throughout Yoo's increasingly complex filmography (which would then include "A Frozen Flower", "Howling", and "Marriage Is a Crazy Thing"), but with this latest a timely triad is revealed: an atypical epic that follows hamartia-ridden heroes imagined in various tough times as they gamble morality for mobility; peace for power and then (with any luck and interest) back again,...
  • Hong Sang-soo's Recent Film Earns Top Prize in France

    2014/12/04, ,
    Hong Sang-soo's "Hill of Freedom" won the highest prize at the Festival of the Three Continents in Nantes, France. The film won the Golden Montgolfier Award at the festival, which wrapped up early this week,...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "A Hard Day": Honest Pay for an Honest Day?

    In the spotlight this week: Kim Seong-hoon's "A Hard Day" "A Hard Day" had a tough, but rewarding, time at the local box office. After a positive premiere at Cannes (where it screened as part of the independent "Directors' Fortnight" section), this intense and dogged thriller clung onto its top ten ticket for an impressive eight weeks; a solid stint that required battling million-dollar titans like "X-Men: Days of Future Past" (4.3M), "Edge of Tomorrow" (4.6M), "Transformers: Age of Extinction" (5.2M), as well a local dagger in Jo Beom-goo's "The Divine Move" (3.5M)-all of which can claim to be among the year's highest-grossing hits,...
  • [HanCinema's Busan International Film Festival Movie Review] "Hill of Freedom"

    Worldwide today English is frequently used as the lingua franca among educated gentry from different countries. Do love the irony of the fact that apparently we had to borrow that term from the Italian. Anyway, while this means there's quite a few people in the world who can speak English, relatively few of them can actually speak it well, and an even greater portion end up using the language stiffly, awkwardly, and repetitively in execution, resulting in conversations that sound, well, a mite bit odd,...
  • Korean movies opening today 2014/09/04 in Korea

    2014/09/04, ,
    Korean movies opening today 2014/09/04 in Korea: "Hill of Freedom" and "Golden Chariot in the Sky",...
  • Hong Sang-soo's Latest Film Receives Rave Reviews at Venice Film Fest

    2014/09/04, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo (second from the right) attends a red carpet event at the Venice International Film Festival on Wednesday. /Courtesy of Jeonwonsa Film Hong Sang-soo's feature film "Hill of Freedom" has received rave reviews at this year's Venice International Film Festival which wraps up its 10-day run this weekend. The film, invited to the Orizzonti competition section of the festival, was screened there on Tuesday,...
  • [HanCinema's Film News] New Korean Films Inbound...

    K-Films Coming Soon: ★★★★ "My Brilliant Life": A young couple struggle with their son who has Progeria syndrome, a rare genetic defect that causes him to age rapidly. (09/03) ★★★★ "Tazza: The Hidden Card": A skilled player enters the underground gambling world and puts his life at stake.. (09/03) ★★★★★ "Hill of Freedom": A Japanese man arrives in Korea to find his old lover. While he stays at a guesthouse, he encounters various people. (09/04) ★★★★★ "Golden Chariot in the Sky": Ppong-Ddol dreams of joining a band and gets inspired to start neighbourhood band that's in need of money.. (09/04),...
  • [Video] Special trailer released for the Korean movie 'Hill of Freedom'

    2014/08/21, ,
    Special trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Hill of Freedom",...
  • "Hill of Freedom" Ryo Kase and Kim Ee-seong

    2014/08/19, ,
    "Hill of Freedom" stills of Ryo Kase and Kim Ee-seong being drunk were released. Japanese Mori (Ryo Kase) comes to Korea in search of the woman he loves Kwon (Seo Young-hwa) and stays in a guest house near her house. He meets Sang-won (Kim Ee-seong), a truthful and warm man. Sang-won takes Mori to look around once and drinks and eats with him twice,...
  • [Video] Trailer released for the Korean movie 'Hill of Freedom'

    2014/08/01, ,
    Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Hill of Freedom",...
  • Upcoming Korean movie "Hill of Freedom"

    2014/07/29, ,
    Added the upcoming Korean movie "Hill of Freedom"'s page to HanCinema database,...
  • [HanCinema's Hall of Fame Review] "Mozart Town": A Daring and Dreamy Debut

    In the Spotlight this Week: Jeon Kyu-hwan's "Mozart Town": Life in a metropolis can be unforgiving and cruel. The buildings are imposing and the diversity of being is impressive, if not uncomfortably humbling; and it becomes all too easy, perhaps even necessary, to go about one's business bearing blinders and minding your own matters. But collisions are inevitable, uncomfortable and random, and sometimes--if the conditions are just right--multiple lives merge and travel together for a time, only to eventually fork off out into the cityscape. Enter "Mozart Town", a discerning debut that poetically peels back the concrete curtains of big city life to reveal, for better or worse, life under the log. These 'Humans of Seoul' that are found wriggling, are put under Jeon's lens and followed, their dreary existence exposed, and their flaws magnified under the leering light of cinematic attention and focus,...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Tale of Cinema"

    Sang-won (played by Lee Ki-woo) is a young college student who finds himself making an unexpected reconnection. Well, not really. Sang-won is a hopeless romantic, and unsurprisingly assumes that any kind of mild emotional sentiment at all must be the symptom of some greater, universal truth. Yes, that's right- this is once again an archetypal lead character from a Hong Sang-soo film,...
  • [Guest Post] Must-watch Korean movies of 2013

    If you thought that Hollywood and Bollywood were the only two major film making giants on the planet, you ought to think over again. The film industry has grown far and wide and today it is not just these two major film making phenomenon creating blockbusters every passing year. One such remarkable film industry is the Korean film industry. In recent years, the Korean film industry has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of the acting potential of the actors, the meticulously crafted scripts that make the movie going experience a fascinating one. To top it off, visual effects are essentially gaining an upper hand in almost every movie making them increasingly appealing to not just the Korean audiences but audiences worldwide. Given below is a list of the top Korean films released in 2013 that you cannot give a miss,...
  • Korean movie of the week "Our Sunhi"

    2014/05/15, ,
    Korean movie of the week "Our Sunhi" (2013) Directed by Hong Sang-soo With Jeong Yu-mi, Lee Seon-gyoon, Kim Sang-joong, Jeong Jae-yeong, Lee Min-woo-I, Ye Ji-won,... Synopsis Sunhi (Jeong Yu-mi) from the Department of Film stops by the school one day to get a letter of recommendation from Professor Choi (Kim Sang-joong) to leave to the US. She expects him to write her a nice one since he took favor to her. She runs into two men from the past she's never met in a long time; Moon-soo (Lee Seon-gyoon), a recently turned movie director and senior director Jae-hak (Jeong Jae-yeong),...
  • 2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards : Movies Nominees List

    2014/05/09, ,
    2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards : Movies Nominees List,...
  • [HanCinema's Hall of Fame Review] "Nobody's Daughter Haewon": Daydreaming and the Human Condition Confined

    In the Spotlight this Week: Hong Sang-soo's "Nobody's Daughter Haewon"... Hong's devotion to cinematic realism and his unburdened appreciation of the human condition is uncanny. The ontological valleys his films straddle appear delicately real, but come peppered with an understated magic that is uncomfortably grounded within the frame's abyssal regard. In "Nobody's Daughter Haewon", the auteurs 14th cinematic entry, Hong depicts the woolgathering of a young woman cycling around inert fantasies of love and companionship. It's an absorbing trip that comes inscribed with many of Hong's eternal signatures, a filmic fathoming of a loose soul who wanders and writes her own reality in sand and soft sadness,...
  • [HanCinema's Image Gallery] "Nobody's Daughter Haewon"

    A selection of shots from Hong Sang-soo's "Nobody's Daughter Haewon"... Hong Sang-soo's "Nobody's Daughter Haewon" is a meandering masterpiece that ebbs and flows in much the same course as Hong's previous pronouncements. Its slow examination of the human condition is intoxicating; a dreamy drape over the awkward realities of relationships that won't appeal to all and that only a minority will mind. The Korean auteur's 14th entry was also fittingly featured in Cahiers du Cinéma's top 10 films of 2013, and attracted some award-winning attention for actress Jeong Eun-chae who plays a dreamy inkslinger with a passion for passing out on reality. The film is singed with the director's cinematic signatures as it woolgathers its way through the magical conditions of being-in-a-world. Enjoy! [spoilers],...
  • [HanCinema's Hall of Fame Review] "Poetry": Empathetic Cinema at its Finest

    In the Spotlight this Week: Lee Chang-dong's "Poetry"... The American writer and poet Maya Angelou once said: "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you". In "Poetry", Lee Chang-dong's last film, this affliction is brought to bear on an aging soul who so desperately searches for meaning, peace, and poetry. Lee's short filmography is impressive, and reflects the wills of a storyteller who seeks the substance behind mere matters and modern mayhem. His compelling ruminations are romantic and robust; graphic poems that present hardships and hope in visual verses that demand both our attention and praise. This award-winning film drew inspiration from a real-world rape case in Korea, a Japanese television program on nature, and, of course, Lee's own storytelling genius and acute appreciation of the human condition,...
  • [HanCinema's Hall of Fame] "The Power of Kangwon Province": Magic-realism, two fish, and some shade.

    In the Spotlight this Week: Hong Sang-soo's "The Power of Kangwon Province"... The films of auteur director Hong Sang-soo are, indeed, an acquired taste. They are slow musings of human interactions flecked and fettered with an uncomfortable realism; stories of serendipitous and strained encounters that, in Hong's rumination, depict relationships that resemble uncanny magic. His works comes infused with a delicate flavour, a unique blend of cinematic spices that, at first, may arrive at our senses plain and perhaps unpalatable, but when allowed to linger and ferment the results are rich and rewarding,...
  • [HanCinema's Image Gallery] "The Power of Kangwon Province"

    A selection of shots from Hong Sang-soo's "The Power of Kangwon Province"... Possessing a peculiarly palette that few auteurs engage, Hong Sang-soo is a cerebral cine-cynic with an understated magical touch. His films tackle the awkwardness of human relationships as he wraps them in realities that are as relatable as they are uncanny. His films are an acquired taste that many may reject, but for those whose gaze can last his works can appear subtly surreal as well as grounded. The following are a selection of shots from his second feature "The Power of Kangwon Province", an entrancing film that stands still and runs deep. Enjoy! [spoilers],...
  • South Korea's "Venus Talk" is coming to N. American theaters on February 28th!

    Independent TV producer Shin-Hye (Uhm Jung-hwa), self-assured housewife Mi-Yeon (Moon So-ri), and single mom Hae-Young (Jo Min-soo) are a tight-knit group of 40-something friends going through the ups and downs of their lives and loves in modern day Seoul. This racy comedy is the latest from director Kwon Chil-in, known for his frank portrayals of relationships and women's sexuality,...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Our Sunhi"

    People like being listened to. That's your standard advice for how to win friends and influence people. But the converse of that point is also true. For a person to find that their opinion is not being considered, is not being taken seriously- well, that's a pretty terrifying fear right there. The various men in "Our Sunhi" live in panic of the idea that all the experience they've had, all the wisdom they've gained of the world, that all of this might be for naught since no one will ever actually listen to what they have to say,...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "In Another Country"

    Hong Sang-soo films always have a strong meta-narrative. The characters in his stories think they're living their lives according to some grand design, and so consequently have no idea how childish and foolish their attempts to live these fantasies actually look. Typically this is all just subtext- "In Another Country" takes the curious step of explicitly being a story about a story. Almost the entirity of the film is just in the imagination of Won-joo (played by Jeong Yu-mi), a young woman trying to write a story that's true to life. Appreciating this film requires some understanding of the fictional writing process. Authors often claim that characters come to them fully formed,...
  • [HanCinema's Afterwords] KOFIC Podcast Review - Ep. 4

    In this Episode: Pierce gives us a news roundup and has a chat to independent film actress Kim Kkobbi… KOFIC recently launched "Korean Cinema Today", a bimonthly podcast that's all about the wonderful world of Korean cinema. Hosted by Pierce Conran, the show features the latest Korean cinema news, features, discussions, and interviews with special guests from the industry. This episode of KOFIC's Korean Cinema Today was divided into two segments, the first has Pierce discussing some Korean film news, and the second features an interview with actress Kim Kkobbi ("Breathless", "Pluto"). The first segment seems to be from last year and mentions the box office figures from the last week of December; but Pierce also highlights a few Korean news items that are worth mentioning again,...
  • [HanCinema's Afterwords] KOFIC Podcast Review - Special Episode

    In this Episode: Korean Cinema in 2013…  KOFIC recently launched "Korean Cinema Today", a bimonthly podcast that's all about the wonderful world of Korean cinema. Hosted by Pierce Conran, the show features the latest Korean cinema news, features, discussions, and interviews with special guests from the industry. In this special episode, Pierce has Darcy Paquet in studio to talk about the past year's big features, their top 5 films of the year, industry trends, as well as mention some of the big period films coming our way in 2014. "Korean Cinema Today" is only four episodes in, and so while they are still finding their feet, the show is shaping up to be another fantastic new initiative by KOFIC. The show is hosted by Pierce Conran (editor of Modern Korean Cinema, Twitch Korean film correspondent, and writer for the Korean Film Council) and thus far he has already had interviews with Kwak Gyeong-taek ("Friend 2"), Lee Cheol-ha ("Hello Orchestra"), and has Darcy Paquet (one of Korea's leading and dedicated film critics) on the show to talk about 2003 (a landmark year for Korean cinema). In this special episode Darcy joins Pierce once again to discuss the incredible year that was 2013,...
  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2013.09.20 ~ 2013.09.22

    The Chuseok king has been crowned as Han Jae-rim's "The Face Reader" stood unopposed at the top of the box office this past weekend. The film has now stormed into Korea's all-time top twenty with less than two weeks on the clock. Han's period piece followed its smashing opening efforts to record another 2.2 million (51.5%) admissions over 1,239 screens. Perfectly timed and critically endorsed, "The Face Reader" channelled Korea's collective consciousness into the concession lines, and is now approaching 7 million admissions with no signs of ceasing. The holiday season was reasonably lucrative for a number of foreign entries as well, with films such as "Monsters University", "Despicable Me 2" and "The Conjuring" being allowed to advance their own tallies into more respectable territories,...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Nobody's Daughter Haewon"

    Hae-Won (played by Jeong Eun-chae) craves intimacy. The weird part is that it's fairly clear, looking at her daily life, that opportunities for intimacy surround her. There are plenty of people in Hae-Won's life who want to talk with and spend time with her. The trouble is that whenever Hae-Won actually gets involved in one of these long walks of light discussion, the conversation is stifled by positivity. For what it's worth, this isn't entirely Hae-Won's fault. Her conversation partners are just as guilty of this as she is. But it's rather unmistakable that Hae-Won is seeking out and choosing people to reenforce this prison of good feelings, however obvious it is that it's not making her happy,...
  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2013.09.13 - 2013.09.15

    Han Jae-rim's "The Face Reader" dominated Korean cinemas this past weekend, walking away with one of the highest opening weekend hauls of the year. Han's historical drama stole 1.8M admissions (63%) from over 1,190 screens, and has now claimed nearly 2.6 million admissions ($17.1M) in just under a week. Last week's number one, Lee Seung-joon-I's action comedy "The Spy", floundered in second with just 377,861 (12.5%), less than half of what it received the week before. It wasn't just Lee's film that suffered though, a number of foreign entries also found it hard going with even popular animations such as "Monsters University" (5.3%) and "Despicable Me 2" (4.6%) caught blushing in the face of another local showstopper,...
  • Our Sunhi

    2013/09/13, ,
    "Our Sunhi" Genres: Drama Running Time: 88 min. Directed by: Hong Sang-soo Starring: Jeong Yu-mi, Lee Seon-gyoon, Kim Sang-joong, Jeong Jae-yeong Synopsis: Sunhi, a film-studies graduate, visits one of her professors, Choi, in order to receive a reference letter for a university in the U.S,...
  • Korean movies opening today 2013/09/12 in Korea

    2013/09/12, ,
    Korean movies opening today 2013/09/12 in Korea; "Our Sunhi", "Love in 42.9",...
  • Ha Jeong-woo's Directorial Debut to Premiere at BIFF

    2013/09/11, ,
    Actor Ha Jeong-woo's directorial debut has been invited to the 18th Busan International Film Festival, which runs from Oct. 3-12. This year's BIFF will feature 301 films from 70 countries. "Fasten Your Seatbelt", a comedy about the chaos that ensues when a plane carrying a pop star, monk and paparazzi, among other passengers, runs into a Typhoon, is one of 14 entries to feature in the Panorama section,...
  • [HanCinema's Film News] New Korean Films Inbound...

    K-Films Coming Soon: ★★★★★ "Our Sunhi": A young filmmaker returns to her old school in the hopes to get a letter of recommendation from her past professor. (09/12) ★★★★★ "The Face Reader": The most skilful face reader in the Joseon dynasty gets pulled from his life of seclusion and soon finds himself in the middle of a political power struggle for the crown. (09/11),...
  • Hong Sang-soo Says He Never Expected Best Director Award

    2013/09/04, ,
    Hong Sang-soo told local reporters on Tuesday that he was thrilled to have collected the Best Director Award at the 66th Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland for "Our Sunhi". Speaking at a theater in Seoul, he said, "I wasn't expecting it, because it all depended on the Jury's decision. I was happy to win the award and celebrate it with the actors and crew",...
  • [Video] Teaser released for the Korean movie 'Our Sunhi'

    2013/09/02, ,
    Teaser released for the upcoming Korean movie "Our Sunhi",...
  • [Video] Trailer released for the Korean movie 'Our Sunhi'

    2013/08/29, ,
    Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Our Sunhi",...
  • [Video] Trailer released for the Korean movie 'Our Sunhi'

    2013/08/28, ,
    Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Our Sunhi",...
  • Korean Films Set New Box-Office Record

    2013/08/27, ,
    Korean films attracted a record 20 million moviegoers in August. According to the Korean Film Council, 24.36 million people watched Korean films between Aug. 1 and 25. The figure easily beats the previous monthly record of 18.09 million in February, when "Miracle in Cell No.7" and "The Berlin File" made a splash at the box office simultaneously. This month, four Korean films are contributing to the success -- "Snowpiercer" with 8.8 million, "The Terror Live" with 5.4 million, "Hide and Seek" with 4.07 million, and "The Flu" with 2.7 million,...
  • Jeong Yu-mi on the floor in tight dress

    2013/08/22, ,
    Jeong Yu-mi had a pictorial taken for the September issue of the fashion magazine Marie Claire. She displayed warm knitted fashion in this collection and seemed somewhere between a girl and a woman. Jeong Yu-mi will be starring in the movie "Our Sunhi",...
  • [Photos] Added new poster and images for the Korean movie 'Our Sunhi'

    2013/08/12, ,
    Added new poster and images for the upcoming Korean movie "Our Sunhi",...
  • [HanCinema's Photo Diaries] 10 Korean Movie Barcodes!

    What happens when you compress a Korean film into a single image? Here are 10 beautiful and interesting results.,...
  • Korean movie of the week "Love Fiction"

    2013/07/25, ,
    Korean movie of the week "Love Fiction" (2011) Directed by Jeon Gye-soo With Ha Jeong-woo, Kong Hyo-jin, Jo Hee-bong, Lee Byeong-joon, Ji Jin-hee, Yoo In-na,... Synopsis Many male audiences who saw 500 Days of Summer must have felt that Summer, who was the dominant figure in the relationship, as a cold-hearted woman. Love Fiction is the opposite, a romantic comedy sticking strictly to the man's view of the relationship. An unknown novelist Ju-wol (Ha Jeong-woo) falls in love at first sight with Hee-jin (Kong Hyo-jin) who works at a film importing company when the two meet at a book expo,...
  • Added poster for the upcoming Korean movie "Our Sunhi"

    2013/07/24, ,
    Added poster for the upcoming Korean movie "Our Sunhi",...
  • Added new stills for the upcoming Korean movie "Our Sunhi"

    2013/07/18, ,
    Added new stills for the upcoming Korean movie "Our Sunhi",...
  • "Our Sunhi" invited to the Locarno IFF

    2013/07/17, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo's "Our Sunhi" has been invited to the 66th Locarno International Film Festival, to the Concorso Internazionale (International Competition) section. Director Jo Se-rae's debuting feature film has been put on the Filmmakers of the Present section. Locarno International Film Festival is one of the biggest scale movie awards event since 1946 along with Berlin, Cannes and Venice IFF. Locarno IFF has been established to dig for new talent and to open a new generation in movies. This year, the event opens on the 7th of August until the 17th,...
  • Upcoming Korean movie "Our Sunhi"

    2013/05/17, ,
    Added the upcoming Korean movie "Our Sunhi"'s page to HanCinema database,...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well"

    Romantic relationships are often defined not so much by love as a sad desperation for intimacy. "The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well" has no pig, no well, and doesn't even take place over the course of a single day. But it does very accurately portray the kind of simplistic emotional need that drives a pig, normally a perfectly intelligent animal, to be so foolhardy as to plunge into a giant hole in the ground,...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Woman on the Beach"

    The beach, particularly an empty beach, is a very romantic locale. Film director Joong-rae (played by Kim Seung-woo) thinks it's just the location he needs to recharge his creative juices. While it soon becomes clear that the beach itself isn't what he was expecting, Joong-Rae finds another inspiration in the form of Moon-sook (played by Ko Hyeon-jeong), a woman who, much like him, is looking for an excuse to just get out and do something,...
  • Jeong Eun-chae Makes a Breakthrough with 'Nobody's Daughter Haewon'

    2013/03/12, ,
    In her latest film "Nobody's Daughter Haewon", actress Jeong Eun-chae worked closely with director Hong Sang-soo and so appeared more at ease portraying her young character on screen. "Filming took just two weeks, but for three months before that, I met with the director often and chatted a lot", Jeong said. "I showed him my writings and drawings. There was no script written at the time, so he likely reflected on our conversations while constructing Hae-won. Maybe that's why I felt so comfortable playing her",...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Night and Day"

    Paris is, supposedly, the most cultured city in the entire world. For an artist, it would seem like the most natural possible place to hang out indefinitely while trying to outwait a drug bust. But Seong-nam (played by Kim Yeong-ho) quickly discovers that without a guide or any meaningful connection to the local environment, Paris is pretty indistinguishable from any other random place he could be hanging out,...
  • Korean movies opening today 2013/02/28 in Korea

    2013/02/28, ,
    Korean movies opening today 2013/02/28 in Korea "Behind the Camera" and "Nobody's Daughter Haewon",...
  • Second Time Unlucky for Hong Sang-soo at Berlin Film Festival

    2013/02/19, ,
    Hong Sang-soo failed in his second attempt to win an award at the Berlin Film Festival last weekend. The coveted Golden Bear went to "Child's Pose" by Romanian director Calin Peter Netzer on Saturday,...
  • [Video] Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Nobody's Daughter Haewon"

    2013/02/05, ,
    Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Nobody's Daughter Haewon",...
  • Added new poster for the upcoming Korean movie "Nobody's Daughter Haewon"

    2013/02/04, ,
    Added new poster for the upcoming Korean movie "Nobody's Daughter Haewon",...
  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] January

    It was a hard month for foreign films here in Korea as January favoured three local films that, between them, held a tight grip on the ticket sales. Lee Hwan-gyeong's "Miracle in Cell No.7" may have stolen the show in the last weekend of the month, but it was Kim Ji-hoon's fiery epic "The Tower" and Jo Jin-kyoo's 5th comedy "Man on the Edge" that held that top position until then. In the foreign corner, two adaptations stood out in the form of the musical drama "Les Misérables" and "Life of Pi". The former has grossed $38.6 million over its six week run in Korean theatres, with "The Tower" close behind on $34.4 million,...
  • Added new poster for the upcoming Korean movie "Nobody's Daughter Haewon"

    2013/01/22, ,
    Added new poster for the upcoming Korean movie "Nobody's Daughter Haewon",...
  • [Video] Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Nobody's Daughter Haewon"

    2013/01/16, ,
    Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Nobody's Daughter Haewon",...
  • What Does 2013 Hold for Korean Film?

    2013/01/04, ,
    Korean films drew more than 100 million viewers over the past year, but there are a number of concerns if they are to sustain their momentum. Here are five of the top issues for this year that have insiders speculating about the future of the movie industry. ◆ Can Korean Movies Break the 100 Million Mark Again,...
  • Updated cast for the upcoming Korean movie "Nobody's Daughter Haewon"

    2012/12/17, ,
    Updated cast for the upcoming Korean movie "Nobody's Daughter Haewon",...
  • Upcoming Korean movie "Nobody's Daughter Haewon"

    2012/12/14, ,
    Added the upcoming Korean movie "Nobody's Daughter Haewon"'s page to HanCinema database,...
  • Art and Culture

    2012/10/11, ,
    And now it's time for our arts and culture segment with Michelle Kim. Today she has news on the British Film Institute's annual film festival that opened in London yesterday and an update on the world premiere of a film starring Salma Hayek and Kevin James. Hello Michelle [Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young So, what will you start us off with[Reporter : ] The BFI London Film Festival, the largest film event in the UK, kicked off yesterday with some of the best films from established and emerging filmmakers, including 6 from Korea, and enough red carpet glamour to keep the paparazzi happy. Take a look. The 56th BFI London Film Festival opened yesterday as A-list stars from all over the world, including Tim Burton, Marion Cotillard and Jeremy Irvine, hit the red carpet for a bit of glitz and glamour before the opening film got started,...
  • Actor Won Tae-hee gets invitation to Vancouver International Film Festival

    2012/09/26, ,
    Also known as the Ha Jeong-woo of independent films, Won Tae-hee has been officially invited to the Vancouver International Film Festival as well as the Moscow International Film Festival. Tobis Media announced, "Won Tae-hee's "White Night - 2012" has been invited as a candidate for Dragon and Tiger Awards at the 31st VIFF on the 27th",...
  • 'Juvenile Offender' to Compete at Tokyo Int'l Film Festival

    2012/09/25, ,
    Director Kang Yi-kwan's "Juvenile Offender" has been invited to compete at the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival, which will run from Oct. 20-28,...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Helpless"

    Film: "Helpless" Director: Byeon Yeong-joo ("Flying Boys" and "Ardor") Stars: Lee Seon-gyoon, Kim Min-hee, Jo Seong-ha, and Kim Byeol Review Score: 8.5/10 Also try: "Children...", "Dream" or "Moss" Byeon Yeong-joo's third film, "Helpless", is based off the Japanese novel "Kasha" ("All She was Worth") by Miyuki Miyabe, who's known as the 'queen of crime fiction' in Japan. Miyuki's book provided all the solid narrative elements to allow Byeon to adapted the piece into this fascinating tale that captivated Korean audiences during its run in cinemas earlier this year. The film earned 2,426,575 admissions during that time and it's currently placed 8th for the year, just behind Kim Dae-seung's sexy historical thriller "The Concubine" (2,629,208), but ahead of Moon Hyeon-seong's "As One" (1,867,955),...
  • KOFFIA 2012 Film Line-up Revealed!

    2012/07/20, ,
    The 3rd Korean Film Festival in Australia, KOFFIA, is pleased to announce its film line-up for 2012. KOFFIA will showcase 20 of the best and latest Korean feature films as well as a few past classics, in a diverse program that will allow audiences to discover their connection to Korean cinema and culture. Audiences will once again be treated to a feast of Korean festivities taking place at Dendy Opera Quays in Sydney and ACMI Cinemas Federation Square in Melbourne. While for the first time selected titles will also screen at Tribal Theatre in Brisbane, as August and September sees 16 days of screenings across the Australian east coast,...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "The Day He Arrives": A Dreamy Journey of Constants and Change

    Film: "The Day He Arrives" Director: Hong Sang-soo ("Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors", "On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate", and "Woman on the Beach") Stars: Yoo Joon-sang, Kim Sang-joong, Song Seon-mi and Kim Bo-kyeong Review Score: 8.5/10 Also try: "The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well" and "Oki's Movie" Hong Sang-soo's body of work exists within his own cinematic ontology, with his narratives being both deeply personal, yet relatable to the very intentional point of being uncomfortable. In "The Day He Arrives", Hong Sang-soo adds another chapter to a filmography that subtly plays with cinematic realism while seducing his audiences with a uncanny sense of existence and dreamy fantasy. In keeping with the themes and motifs contain in his previous films, Hong Sang-soo once again probes deep into the human condition, placing his own philosophical commentary on existential issues that orbit the individual and their relationships with others,...
  • Korean movies opening today 2012/05/31 in Korea "In Another Country" and "Still Strange"

    2012/05/31, ,
    Korean movies opening today 2012/05/31 in Korea "In Another Country" and "Still Strange",...
  • Director Lim Sang-soo captures recipe of failure at Cannes

    2012/05/30, ,
    The Cannes Film Festival appears to be particularly cruel for one Korean director. Perhaps Lim Sang-soo's tirade for his failure to win means a gap the Korean film industry has to fill to be a producer of movies that truly live up to global standards. Before and after the closing ceremony, Lim, who directed, "The Taste of Money", said to various Korean media that his failure to win was a personal "tragedy" and his participation a mistake because he was telling a "very Korean story" that foreigners can't understand,...
  • Art and Culture

    2012/05/28, ,
    It's Monday and it's the start of a new week once again. The Cannes Film Festival has ended and our Michelle Kim has all of the results of the Cannes Film Festival and more movie updates for you to enjoy throughout the week and the weekend. Hello Michelle [Reporter : ] Hello Han-ul So what do you have for us,...
  • Little women of Korean cinema

    2012/05/17, ,
    Isabelle Huppert, left, and Jeong Yu-mi in "In Another Country", a film by Hong Sang-soo. It is one of 22 entires for the competion category at the Cannes Film Festival. It opens in theaters nationawide on May 31. / Courtesy of Jeonwonsa Cannes publicity ignores chronic lack of interesting roles for actresses By Kwaak Je-yup No one can dispute that the Korean film industry is flourishing. Investment and return are both on the upside. The sheer number of productions is rising, spawning hits and, of course, misses. This year, the local press is abuzz about two homegrown works vying for awards at the world's most prestigious cinema showcase, the Cannes Film Festival, namely "In Another Country" by Hong Sang-soo and "The Taste of Money" by Lim Sang-soo,...
  • Today's Photo: May 17, 2012

    2012/05/17, ,
    Actress Jeong Yu-mi poses at a press preview for her new film "In Another Country" in Seoul on Wednesday,...
  • Art and Culture

    2012/05/17, ,
    It's Thursday and we're back with our Michelle Kim to give us the latest updates on the arts and culture scene. From furnitures to the newest Korean movies, she has it all for us today. Hello Michelle [Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young So, what do you have for us today ?,...
  • Two Korean Movies in Running for Palme d'Or at Cannes

    2012/05/16, ,
    The Cannes Film Festival kicks off on Wednesday with 22 films vying for the coveted Palme d'Or, the highest honor awarded to the best feature film in the official competition. Two Korean movies -- Hong Sang-soo's "In Another Country" and Lim Sang-soo's "The Taste of Money" -- are among those competing for the top prize. Another three Korean films have been invited to non-competitive sections of the world's leading movie festival, including the Directors' Fortnight,...
  • Highlights video released for the upcoming Korean movie "In Another Country"

    2012/05/14, ,
    Highlights video released for the upcoming Korean movie "In Another Country",...
  • Added new poster pictures for the upcoming Korean movie "In Another Country"

    2012/05/10, ,
    Added new poster pictures for the upcoming Korean movie "In Another Country",...
  • Added 30s trailer and new still for the upcoming Korean movie "In Another Country"

    2012/05/07, ,
    Added 30s trailer and new still for the upcoming Korean movie "In Another Country",...
  • Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "In Another Country"

    2012/05/02, ,
    Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "In Another Country",...
  • Upcoming Korean movie "In Another Country"

    2012/04/27, ,
    Added the upcoming Korean movie "In Another Country"'s page to HanCinema database,...
  • Jang Dong-gun and Heo Jin-ho go to Cannes

    2012/04/24, ,
    Top star Jang Dong-gun and director Heo Jin-ho are also going to the 65th Cannes International Film Festival. "Dangerous Liaisons" by Jang Dong-gun and Heo Jin-ho has been selected for the "Directors' Fortnight" in Cannes.,...
  • Two Korean Movies Invited to Compete at Cannes

    2012/04/20, ,
    Hong Sang-soo's "In Another Country" and Lim Sang-soo's "The Taste of Money" have been invited to the 65th Cannes Film Festival next month. This marks the fourth time that two Korean films have been selected for the official competition of arguably the world's most prestigious film festival in the same year,...
  • Hong and Lim Sang-soo step into the 65th Cannes Film Festival

    2012/04/19, ,
    Directors Hong Sang-soo and Lim Sang-soo are advancing into the 65th Cannes International Film Festival main selection. The Cannes International Film Festival executive office released the nominees for the main selection on the 19th,...
  • CJ Entertainment America Presents "Helpless"

    2012/04/10, ,
    Dark Horse Korean Hit at the Gate in the U.S. LOS ANGELES, CA (April 9, 2012) – CJ Entertainment America is launching the moody Korean thriller "Helpless" on April 20, 2012 as an exclusive engagement for Los Angeles at the CGV Cinemas, with national dates expected for early May. The film was a critical darling and unexpected box office champion for two consecutive weeks when it was released in Korea earlier this year. - Russell Edwards, Variety "...The film never ceases to compel. As the layers of deceit are peeled back, Byeon seems in complete command of her material. A key demonstration of her narrative dexterity is the way she flaunts an audacious 'Chinatown'-like clue to the missing woman's whereabouts without pre-empting the climax",...
  • Updated cast for the Korean movie "Love Fiction"

    2012/04/06, ,
    Updated cast for the Korean movie "Love Fiction",...
  • Cannes category list exposed including Hong Sang-soo and Park Chan-wook

    2012/04/03, ,
    It seems as though the Cannes category list has been exposed on the internet. 24 parts of the list belonging to the 65th Cannes International film Festival which starts on the 16th of May was uploaded then deleted from its official website. This list is being expanded to various websites. The official release date of the list is this coming 19th,...
  • Actress Jane Birkin to Meet Director Hong Sang-soo

    2012/03/20, ,
    English actress, singer and film director Jane Birkin, who has enjoyed decades in the spotlight since moving to France, is going to meet renowned Korean film director Hong Sang-soo in Seoul on Thursday to discuss a possible film project. Their impending meeting has been generating much excitement from the film industry over what kind of artistic collaboration it may lead to. Birkin, who is set to host a concert in Seoul, wanted to see Hong during her stay in Seoul and he accepted,...
  • 'Cine Class' - atypical guide to film

    2012/03/16, ,
    A scene from "The Host" by director Bong Joon-ho. Bong as well as other directors and their films are featured in the book "Cine Class", an introductory guide to Korean film. (Korea Times film) Film as a medium is much like language ― it performs many of the same functions of communication. From opening to ending scenes, films are full of signs, codes, episodes and stories directors want to show and tell. To better understand the language, one needs to have a basic knowledge about moviemaking,...
  • Added new music video for the Korean movie "Love Fiction"

    2012/03/14, ,
    Added new music video for the Korean movie "Love Fiction",...
  • Korean indie films beckon fans

    2012/03/12, ,
    A scene from "Pink", a psychosexual drama by award-winning arthouse auteur Jeon Soo-il Local independent cinema has not seen many blockbuster hits like 2009's "Old Partner" lately but smaller films have slowly yet surely been receiving wider exposure. This month sees a particularly strong lineup of low-budget movies in theaters across the country, including international film fest-verified pictures,...
  • Classic Korean films to go on YouTube

    2012/03/11, ,
    The Korean Film Archive (KOFA) has announced that it is partnering with Google to put 70 classic Korean films on YouTube this May. The free video-on-demand films, complete with English subtitles, will be available to stream at http://www.youtube.com/koreanfilm,...
  • Korean Blogathon 2012 : Second Batch

    2012/03/06, ,
    Tuesday 6th March 2012 : Remember to add names of authors if possible! Feel free to message us if we miss you, there are a lot of links rolling in!,...
  • Hong Sang-soo Film Retrospective @Museum of the Moving Image March 17, 18, and 23, 2012

    2012/03/05, ,
    The Korea Society film fans celebrate Asia Week with a screening of works by celebrated director Hong Sang-soo ("The Day He Arrives", "Ha Ha Ha"). Since he debuted with 'The Day a Pig into the Well' in 1996, all of his films were invited by prestigious film festivals like Cannes, Berlin, and New York Film Festivals, and began to receive worldwide attention. We present highly acclaimed 5 films and they will be shown at the newly renovated Museum of the Moving Image, home to New York City's finest, state-of-the-art screen. This retrospective is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature,...
  • KOFIC and Korean companies at HK Filmart

    2012/03/05, ,
    (March 19 – 22, 2012) with sales companies such as 9ers and Mirovision. The Korean booth will also play host to production companies Film Factory Nu:n, Inc. and P.A.M. Korea Media as well as technical services companies Studio SH, Moneff and Studioraon, Inc,...
  • Lee Seon-gyoon, Jeong Eun-chae to star in new Hong Sang-soo film, will film in March

    2012/02/29, ,
    Actor Lee Seon-gyoon and Jeong Eun-hye will star in a new feature-length film from director Hong Sang-soo. According to industry sources on February 29th, Hong Sang-soo has decided to cast the two stars and they are currently waiting for filming to begin,...
  • Korean movies opening today 2012/02/29 in Korea

    2012/02/29, ,
    Korean movies opening today 2012/02/29 in Korea "Love Fiction" and "Comic Book Store 3D",...
  • Korean films in the Hong Kong film festival

    2012/02/29, ,
    The 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) has announced their line-up to include five feature-length films from Korea - "Choked", "Stateless Things", "...ing", "From Seoul to Varanasi" and "The Day He Arrives".   HKIFF has also produced and will premiere four short films under the collective title of "Beautiful - 2012". Korean director Kim Tae-yong ("Late Autumn - 2010") joins China's GU Changwei, Taiwan's TSAI Ming-Liang, and Hong Kong's Ann Hui in this project,...
  • New Directors/New Filmstakes Romance Joe

    2012/02/27, ,
    The Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) have announced the selection for the 41st New Directors/New Films (ND/NF) showcase in New York to include Korean director Lee Kwang-kuk's feature debut "Romance Joe". To be held March 21 - April 1 this year, the film festival is dedicated to the discovery of new works by emerging and dynamic filmmaking talent. ND/NF will screen 29 feature films - both narrative and documentary, and 12 short films representing 28 countries,...
  • Added new stills and video for the upcoming Korean movie "Love Fiction"

    2012/02/23, ,
    Added new stills and video for the upcoming Korean movie "Love Fiction",...
  • AmerAsia announces exciting 2012 lineup of categories

    2012/02/18, ,
    The AmérAsia Film Festival is proud to announce the five principle subcategories – Asian Treasures, Animation Spotlight, WeDistribute, Québécois Special and AmerAsia (AA) Shorts – for this third edition of Montreal's premiere festival celebrating the latest Asian and Asian-Canadian cinema, taking place on the first two weekends of March. Asian Treasure The full line-up of blockbuster Asian films that will screen over the course of the festival has been chosen from the best of the continent's creative talent. Oscar-nominated Chinese blockbuster Aftershock, the international premiere of Kyung-soon's "Red Maria", funny and moving major festival selection "The Day He Arrives" by director Hong Sang-soo, the Cannes award-winning "ARIRANG - Movie" by renowned Korean auteur Kim Ki-duk, Best Newcomer nominee at the 2012 Asian Film Awards I Wish, and Vietnamese director Cuong Ngo's captivating personal portraits in Pearls of the Far East will all feature,...
  • Second film preservation center due by 2014

    2012/02/17, ,
    Korea plans to establish a second site for preserving and restoring homegrown films by 2014, since the existing location in Seoul is already overflowing with materials, the national film archive said Friday. The Korean Film Archive said during a news conference in Seoul that it will construct the second preservation center on land in the publishing town in Paju, some 50 kilometers northwest of Seoul, with a total budget of 33 billion won ($29 million),...
  • Finecut announces new KIM Ki-duk film

    2012/02/13, ,
    Seoul-based sales company Finecut has announced the well-known Korean director Kim Ki-duk's next film, tentatively titled "Pieta", is set to start shooting this month. The film is about a brutal man who works for a cruel loan shark. Without any family or loved ones to worry about, he has no fear or hesitation when it comes to carrying out his evil deeds. One day, a mysterious woman shows up in his life, saying she is his mother. At first, he doesn't believe her, having no memories of a mother. But as his attachment to her grows, he discovers her gruesome yet sad secret,...
  • Interview with director LEE Kwang-kuk

    2012/02/08, ,
    Formerly an assistant director to Hong Sang-soo, Lee Kwang-kuk has struck off on his own to make his feature debut with "Romance Joe". After a world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival, "Romance Joe" made its international premiere in the Tiger Awards Competition at the recently wrapped International Film Festival Rotterdam. Lee spoke with Jean NOHahead of and at the festival about his work,...
  • CINEMA ON THE PARK Season 2 Announced!

    2012/01/22, ,
    The Korean Cultural Office in Sydney has just announced another exciting Season of Cinema on the Park, the film night that delighted audiences in 2011 will return once again in 2012. A surprise hit with more than 1,000 people attending, Thursday nights are now etched firmly on the Sydney cinema calendar as Korean night and will see 21 feature films and 14 guest speakers in the first half of the year alone, surely enough to satisfy anyone's appetite for Korean cinema!,...
  • Jeonju Digital Project 2012 trio announced

    2012/01/20, ,
    The 13thJeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) has announced the three directors for this year's Jeonju Digital Project short film omnibus. Raya MARTIN, one of the most prominent young filmmakers of the Pinoy cinema renaissance, Vimukthi JAYASUNDARA, "a visionary poet" of contemporary Sri Lankan cinema, and Ying Liang, one of the most promising directors on the Chinese digital independent filmmaking scene,...
  • KoreanFilm.org's Top Korean films of 2011 by Darcy Paquet

    2012/01/14, ,
    Each year I assemble my top 10 list out of the Korean films that have been released in theaters over the previous 12 months. The small independent films that I catch at the Busan or Jeonju film festivals may not be released by December, but they generally do get a small commercial release within a year or two, so I can include them in a later list.This year, however, I came across a great film that may end up not getting a commercial release, so I squeezed it in where #10 would normally go. I was racking my brain over that #10 slot anyway,...
  • Korean Cinema 2011: The View from Here

    2012/01/14, ,
    US-based author and curator of film at the Smithsonian's Freer and Sackler Galleries in Washington, DC, Tom VICK shares his views on recent trends he has noticed programming their Korean film festival. How do you introduce new Korean films to an American audience? Since 2004, when I began programming the Korean Film Festival DC, the answer to this question has become more difficult to answer. This is not to say that it's harder to find good films. Quite the opposite. The problem (if it can be called a problem) is that there are so many films to choose from.The explosion of digital production and distribution in the last decade or so has made it easier than ever to make a film, but harder than ever find an audience for it,...
  • "Romance Joe" to compete at Rotterdam Tiger Awards

    2012/01/13, ,
    This year's International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) has announced the complete line-up for its Tiger Awards Competition. The 15-film selection includes Korean director Lee Kwang-kuk's "Romance Joe", which will make its international premiere. Park Hong-min's "A Fish" was announced earlier on as the competition's first 3D film ever. Lee Kwang-kuk previously worked for auteur director Hong Sang-soo on films such as "Woman on the Beach", "Like You Know It All" and "Hahaha". His feature debut "Romance Joe" was a recipient of the Busan International Film Festival's Asian Cinema Fund (ACF) Post-production support and made its world premiere at the Busan festival in the Korean Film Today: Vision section. M-Line Distribution is handling the film's international sales,...
  • Rotterdam takes three more Korean films

    2012/01/11, ,
    The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) has announced its line-up to include three more Korean films in addition to the previously announced "A Fish", the Tiger Awards Competition's first 3D film. The film by PARK Hong-min will be joined by Noh Kyeong-tae's "Black Dove", Kim Kyung-mook's "Stateless Things" and Hong Sang-soo's "The Day He Arrives". The latter three films will be in the festival's Spectrum section,...
  • Hong Sang-soo tops Cine21's picks of the year

    2012/01/04, ,
    South Korea's leading film and entertainment magazine Cine21 has picked Hong Sang-soo's "The Day He Arrives" as the Best Film of 2011. In their annual survey, the magazine with its 33 journalists and critics also picked Hong as the Best Director of the Year.The magazine lauded "The Day He Arrives" as "a singular experience of time and space and memory".   Cine21's writers voted Tang Wei Best Actress of the Year. The magazine noted that Kim Tae-yong's remake "Late Autumn - 2010" would have been unimaginable without the Chinese actress,...
  • Movie of the week The Day He Arrives

    2011/12/29, ,
    Movie of the week The Day He Arrives (2011) Directed by Hong Sang-soo With Yoo Joon-sang, Kim Sang-joong, Song Seon-mi, Kim Bo-kyeong, Kim Ee-seong, Ko Hyeon-jeong,... Synopsis Seongjun heads to Seoul to meet a close friend who lives in the Bukchon area. When the friend doesn't answer his calls, Seongjun wanders around Bukchon and runs into an actress he used to know. The two talk for a while, but soon part,...
  • Jeonju International Film Festival call for entries

    2011/12/28, ,
    South Korea's Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) has made a call for entries for its 13th edition, to be held April 26 – May 4, 2012. With a focus on introducing independent and experimental films from around the world, JIFF presents feature and short films including fiction films, documentaries, animation, and experimental films.The entry deadline is Jan. 27, 2012. The festival has an International Competition and an Asian Feature Film Competition in addition to domestic feature and short film competitions. JIFF's awards which are accompanied by cash prizes include the Woosuk Award and JB Bank Award,...
  • Miss Conspirator wraps shoot

    2011/12/26, ,
    South Korean action comedy starring Ko Hyeon-jeong, "Miss Conspirator" wrapped shooting Dec. 15. Directed by Park Cheol-kwan, whose gangsters-and-monks comedy "Hi, Dharma" was a hit in 2002, the film is due for release in the first half of 2012. A highly respected and popular actress in Korea, Ko Hyeon-jeong is well-known from her TV series roles and performances in internationally-travelled films such as Hong Sang-soo's "Woman on the Beach" and "Like You Know It All" as well as Lee Jae-yong's "Actresses",...
  • Bittersweet Life: Korean cinema's secret popularity in the UK

    2011/12/07, ,
    International distribution expert and analyst and former Screen International journalist Robert Mitchell looks at the gulf between artistic and business successes of Korean cinema in the UK. Ask any cine-literate film-goer, critic, blogger or tweeter in the UK about Korean cinema and you'll be greeted with an enthusiastic response. They will talk of the Hallyu period of the past decade, a wealth of some of the most creative and interesting film-making in the world. They will speak with passion about Park Chan-wook, Kim Ki-duk and Bong Joon-ho. International festivals like Cannes play a major role in building this awareness. "The route to the international market is through festivals", says Danny PERKINS, CEO of StudioCanal UK, which released Bong's "The Host" and Kim's "3-Iron" amongst other Korean titles. "If a director's film features in one of the bigger festivals it can put them and their work permanently on the map",...
  • Gerwin TAMSMA, Rotterdam film festival Programmer

    2011/12/07, ,
    Last month, Gerwin TAMSMA made his annual visit to Seoul in search of new films for the next International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). In between screenings, meetings, and an impromptu dinner he kindly threw for festival alumni, the friendly, outspoken programmer met with Jean NOH for a quick interview. A globe-trotter who is in charge of programming films from Latin America, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, Italy, China, and Korea, Tamsma tells "Korean Cinema Today" about his likes, dislikes and what he looks for in a film,...
  • Lee Byung-hun Awarded Presidential Award

    2011/11/22, ,
    After spending the past five months in New Orleans of the the United States shooting for the Hollywood movie "G.I. Joe 2", Lee Byung-hun finally returned home on November 21st. As soon as Lee touched Korean soil, he was busy as the recipient of the Presidential Award for advancing Korean pop culture and arts,...
  • Korean films set for Stockholm festival

    2011/10/28, ,
    The 22nd Stockholm International Film Festival has announced its line-up to include a slew of films from the Republic of Korea including Hong Sang-soo's "The Day He Arrives", which previously screened in Cannes. In the Asian Images section along with "The Day He Arrives", the festival has selected up-and-coming director Jeon Kyu-hwan's "Dance Town", about North Korean escapees, Kim Ki-duk's self-portrait documentary "ARIRANG - Movie", and Na Hong-jin's brutal thriller "The Yellow Sea",...
  • Rain gets preview of military life in new film

    2011/10/10, ,
    BUSAN - Rain will be entering the military to complete his mandatory two-year service for Korean men this week, but the mega pop star says he has already had an intense preview of army life through his upcoming air force movie. "I experienced seven months of life in the barracks while shooting the movie", said the 29-year-old Friday about "Soar into the Sun". "It was painful not being able to eat whenever I wanted". The press junket for the film, which is slated for theater release in 2012, marked one of his last public appearances,...
  • Busan film festival opens to star-studded fanfare, Always

    2011/10/07, ,
    By KOFIC Staff Despite some concern over construction delays at the Busan Cinema Center, the 16th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) has opened at the new dedicated venue on schedule and with a galaxy of local and international stars on the red carpet. The festival opened Oct. 6 with the world premiere of Song Il-gon's ill-fated love story Always, starring So Ji-sub and Han Hyo-joo. The film had sold out in seven seconds and the director and his stars were greeted with huge cheers as they stepped onto the Busan Cinema Center's red carpet with festival director LEE Yong Kwan. Song declared, "This is a great honor in my life",...
  • Stars Align at 16th BIFF While Opening Movie Sells Out in 7 Seconds

    2011/10/07, ,
    Busan's Haeundae Beach will host stars from around the world for nine days from Thursday as Asia's most prestigious celebration of the art of moviemaking, the highly anticipated 16th Busan International Film Festival, finally kicks off,...
  • Actress duo hosts open new chapter for BIFF

    2011/10/07, ,
    BUSAN ― The 16th Busan International Film Festival made sure Thursday's opening gala showed that Asia's largest cinema event was beginning a new chapter. Not only does the festival assume a new name, with the outdated Romanization "Pusan" changed to "Busan" ― but this year's event will be the first to be headed by Lee Yong-kwan after founding director Kim Dong-ho stepped down. Both men took part in the event, alongside Busan Mayor and festival chairman Hur Nam-sik,...

    2011/10/06, ,
    "My Wife Is a Gangster" to get Chinese remake LEE Soon-yeol, original producer of the 2001 smash hit, and ZENG Hui, head of the Chinese Yunyunnan Culture Investment Co., inked the deal last month during a KOFIC-hosted conference. The remake film will have a budget of roughly CNY40m (US$6.2), all coming from China. The cast and crew will be from both China and Korea, with post-production to be done in Korea,...

    2011/10/06, ,
      CJ sells "My Way" and "Tarbosaurus 3D" to U.S. The Korean distributor sold epic WWII film "My Way" and dinosaur action cartoon "Tarbosaurus 3D" to American distributor Well Go USA. KANG Je-kyu's "My Way" stars Jang Dong-gun and Joe Odagiri as a Korean and a Japanese swept up in the tides of war. Han Sang-ho's "Tarbosaurus 3D" is a 3D family adventure movie that has been pre-sold to multiple territories including Germany (MFA+), Russia (Carmen Films) and India (Star),...
  • [BIFF] Jang Dong-gun, Song Hye-kyo and other stars attend, Jeon Do-yeon doesn't

    2011/10/05, ,
    Those stars you can't easily see besides on TV are going to Busan. The fact that you can see stars from this country and others is another point to enjoy about the Busan International Film Festival. Korea's representative stars this year -- Jang Dong-gun, So Ji-sub, Song Hye-kyo, Han Hyo-joo and more -- and those from overseas -- actress Isabelle Huppert from France, director Tsui Hark from Hong Kong, actor Joe Odagiri and Tsumabuki Satoshi from Japan, director Kore-eda Hirokazu from Japan and others -- met with fans,...
  • Stateless Things and The Day He Arrives continue fest rounds

    2011/09/29, ,
    By KOFIC Up-and-coming Korean director Kim Kyung-mook's "Stateless Things" has been invited to the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF), which starts today in Canada to run until Oct. 14. Kim's independent film is in the Dragons and Tigers competition. "Stateless Things" has also been invited to the upcoming 55th BFI London Film Festival's World Cinema section, along with Hong Sang-soo's "The Day He Arrives". The London Film Festival (LFF) will run Oct. 12 – 27 this year,...
  • Hong and Bong to speak with Weerasethakul at inaugural Busan Cinema Forum

    2011/09/22, ,
    For the inaugural Busan Cinema Forum (BCF), the 16th Busan International Film Festival has announced Korean auteurs Hong Sang-soo and Bong Joon-ho will be joining Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul in a discussion on the future of Asian cinema with critics from the legendary French film journal Les Cahiers du Cinema. Weerasethakul, who won last year's Cannes Palme d'Or with his film Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, had also previously been announced as one of the Forum's keynote speakers, along with Yale University professor Dudley Andrew, whose works include Concepts of Film Theory and Film in the Aura of Art,...
  • Yeonghwa: Korean Film Today at the MoMA

    2011/09/16, ,
    Yeonghwa: Korean Film Today will start on Sept. 22 and last through Oct. 2. This year, we are pleased to welcome back Lim Soon-rye, South Korea's most highly regarded female filmmaker, to The Korea Society for the Opening Night's screening of "Rolling Home with a Bull" (2010), which follows a young man's forlorn life as a failed poet and unemployed bachelor who winds up taking an unexpected journey throughout the country with his father's cvherished bull and making a series of peculiar run-ins. This year's Yeonghwa series will also have a special focus on director Jeon Kyu-hwan, whose Town Trilogy films--"Mozart Town" (2008), "Animal Town" (2009) and "Dance Town" (2010)-examines various human lives that exist in Seoul's urban landscape, including those of an African laborer, a Russian exchange student, a reformed pedophile, a North Korean defector, and a dejected print-shop owner. Jeon's Town Trilogy critiques the "town" of Seoul from a sociological auteur's perspective,...
  • Finecut sells Arirang and others at Toronto

    2011/09/15, ,
    Seoul-based sales company Finecut has announced several deals from the 36th Toronto International Film Festival, led by Kim Ki-duk's documentary "ARIRANG - Movie", which is screening in the Real to Reel section. The maverick director's self-focused documentary "ARIRANG - Movie" sold to Italy (Punto Zero), German-speaking Europe (Rapid Eye Movies), and Poland (New Horizons), following sales to Japan and Taiwan. ARIRANG - Movie previously won the Un Certain Regard prize at Cannes this May,...
  • Korean movies opening today 2011/09/08 in Korea

    2011/09/08, ,
    Korean movies opening today 2011/09/08 in Korea "
  • "The Day He Arrives" invited to England, Austria, Brazil film fests

    2011/09/07, ,
    Korean film "The Day He Arrives" has been invited to films festivals in England, Austria and Brazil, adding to the fast-growing list of international film events that have called on critically acclaimed director Hong Sang-soo's newest movie. A press release by the film's promoter JEONWONSA announced on Wednesday that "The Day He Arrives" will be screened under the World Cinema category, recognizing the best new films from around the world, of the 55th BFI London Film Festival set for October 12 to 27,...
  • [Spoiler] [INTERVIEW] Director Hong Sang-soo (Part 1 & 2)

    2011/09/07, ,
    The lights in director Hong Sang-soo's study never go out. After releasing "Ha Ha Ha" and "Oki's Movie" in early summer and fall, respectively, of last year, he is back with his 12th report "The Day He Arrives" set for a release on September 8, which is still interesting, again detailed and a particularly beautiful record of a winter,...
  • Ha Jeong-woo confident about Korean-style legal thriller

    2011/08/31, ,
    From left, actors Jang Hyeok, Park Hee-soon and Ha Jeong-woo appear at a promotional event for the film "The Client" in Seoul, Tuesday. / Yonhap By Lee Hyo-won Local cinema has seen a host of dramas set in court, but actor Ha Jeong-woo and the other makers of "The Client" are confident that their film offers something new as the country's first legal thriller. The upcoming film is expected to tell a Korean-style story that stands apart from its American counterparts.,...
  • "The Front Line" Selected as Korea's Entry to Academy Awards

    2011/08/29, ,
    by KOFIC Staff Korean Film Council (KOFIC, Chairman: Kim Ui-suk) has made its decision on "The Front Line", directed by Jang Hoon, as Korea's representative for Best Foreign Film section of the 84th Academy Awards, USA. "The Front Line", starring Sin Ha-gyoon and Ko Soo, is a war-themed human drama that depicted subtle yet complicated relationship between North and South Korean soldiers engaged in fierce battles to capture the frontier base of 'Aerok Hill' during the latter part of Korean War. Jang Hoon is a former assistant director of Kim Ki-duk, Korea's leading film auteur, and has already directed such critical and commercial hits as "Rough Cut" (2008) and "Secret Reunion" (2010), firmly establishing himself as one of the leading filmmakers in Korea today,...
  • The 5th Cinema Digital Film Festival (CinDi) and The 8th EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF) Consecutively Took Place in Seoul, Korea

    2011/08/23, ,
    by KOFIC Staff Cinema Digital Film Festival (hereafter CinDi, http://www.cindi.or.kr) welcomed its 5th edition on Wednesday, August 17th, with the opening ceremony taking place at CGV Apgujeong with over 350 domestic and overseas guests in attendance. CinDi has become the leading digital film festival of Asia by introducing original films shot on digital format, including "Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives" from Thailand, the winner of 2010 Cannes' Palme d'Or, and presenting other Asian digital films in competition,...
  • 'Arirang' making local premiere at digital film fest

    2011/08/16, ,
  • "Poongsan" and "The Front Line" aim for the Academy Awards at the same time?

    2011/08/11, ,
    Movies, "Poongsan", "Sunny - 2010", "The Yellow Sea", "The Front Line", "Hanji" and "The Day He Arrives" all have been chosen as the Korean entries in the '2012 American Academy Foreign Language Movies Category'. On the 11th, The Korean Films Commission clarified and revealed the list of Korean entrees that might be put up for the 84th Academy Foreign Movies category in February next year.,...
  • Korean trailers released for the upcoming Korean movie "The Day He Arrives"

    2011/08/03, ,
    Korean trailers released for the upcoming Korean movie "The Day He Arrives",...
  • Poster, new stills and released date revealed for the upcoming Korean movie "The Day He Arrives"

    2011/07/28, ,
    Poster, new stills and released date revealed for the upcoming Korean movie "The Day He Arrives",...
  • KOFFIA 2011 Film Line-up announced!

    2011/07/27, ,
    KOFFIA 2011 is coming! HOLD ON TIGHT! For immediate release The KOFFIA Korean Film Festival is back in Sydney for the second time this August, bigger and better than ever, and it all begins here! KOFFIA 2011 will present 13 feature films and 7 shorts that showcase the great diversity of Korean cinema today, as well as providing a true Korean cultural experience with industry forums, cultural performances, food tastings and so much more. HOLD ON TIGHT! The festival will take place from 24th – 29th August at Dendy Cinemas in Circular Quay, Sydney. In this Australia-Korea Year of Friendship, we are very excited to announce that KOFFIA will also travel down to the beautiful city of Melbourne! The festival will run from 10th – 13th September at ACMI Cinemas, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Melbourne. This is an extra special date, as 12th September marks the important Korean Thanksgiving Holiday of Chuseok, join us in this celebration,...
  • Toronto film festival takes Countdown

    2011/07/27, ,
    by KOFIC staff The 36th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has announced the first 50 films to be added to its line-up include the Korean film "Countdown", starring Jeong Jae-yeong and Jeon Do-yeon. Written and directed by newcomer Heo Jong-ho, the film will screen in TIFF's Special Presentations section. One of the world's most prestigious film festivals and a noted gateway to the North American market, TIFF this year will be held Sept. 8 – 18. In the festival's Special Presentations section, Heo Jong-ho's "Countdown" will be in the company of other films such as Cameron Crowe's Pearl Jam Twenty, Francis Ford Coppola's Twixt, Pedro Almodovar's The Skin I Live In, and Wang XiaoShuai's 11 Flowers,...
  • The 5th Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival to open with "The Day He Arrives"

    2011/07/21, ,
    by KOFIC The 5th Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival (CinDi) has announced it will open with Hong Sang-soo's "The Day He Arrives", which screened in Cannes Un Certain Regard earlier this year. The festival will screen 98 films from 32 countries including 15 in the Asian Competition of films from up-and-coming filmmakers. (See below for full line-up) CinDi traditionally has a six main awards given out by different juries. This year's jury members include Singaporean director Eric KHOO, Korean director Lee Yoon-ki, Thai director Pen-ek RATANARUANG, and Korean actress Ye Ji-won,...
  • Korean films to screen in Locarno film festival

    2011/07/18, ,
    by KOFIC The 64th Festival del Film Locarno has announced its line-up to include the South Korea-Uzbekistan co-production ""Hanaan"", directed by Ruslan PAK. The film will screen in the Filmmakers of the Present Competition. A story about young ethnic Koreans displaced in Uzbekistan, "Hanaan" is described by producer Ellen Y.D. KIM as "a sort of Uzbek Trainspotting", complete with wandering youth, drugs, crime, and the hope for a better life,...
  • Isabelle Huppert in new Hong Sang Soo film

    2011/07/12, ,
    By Jean Noh French actress Isabelle Huppert is starring in Korean auteur director Hong Sang-soo's next film. In accordance with the director's fluid working style, the film is as yet untitled and the story is under wraps. During a visit to Korea in May for a photo exhibition on herself and for publicity on her film Copacabana, Isabelle Huppert had mentioned she would like to work with Korean directors such as Lee Chang-dong, Hong Sang-soo, Lim Sang-soo, Kim Ki-duk, Park Chan-wook and Bong Joon-ho,...
  • Yoo Joon-sang and Hong Sang-soo on the 4th project together with Isabelle Huppert

    2011/07/10, ,
      Actor Yoo Joon-sang and famous French actress Isabelle Huppert will be in the new movie by director Hong Sang-soo. Isabelle Huppert is a famous French actress who has won several best actress awards in 3 of the biggest movie festivals in Cannes, Venice, Berlin and more. She has been called for my director Hong Sang-soo and accepted his request.,...
  • Proust Questionnaire for director HONG Sang-soo

    2011/07/09, ,
    Known as a director whose films appear ordinary on the surface but reveal complex and often uncomfortable truths about relationships between people, Hong Sang-soo was born in 1960 in Seoul. he studied film at Chungang Univervisty and later received a BFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts and an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago, and spent a few months studying at the Cinematheque Francaise in Paris,...
  • The Day he Arrives

    2011/07/09, ,
    Un Certain Regard Directed by Hong Sang-soo Cast Yoo Joon-sang, Song Seon-mi, Kim Sang-joong, Kim Bo-kyeong By Jean Noh One of the most anticipated Korean films of the year is director Hong Sang-soo's latest work "The Day He Arrives" . Characteristic of the auteur's dramas, the film follows a regional college professor and occasional filmmaker on a trip to Seoul, and proceeds to show versions of what could have been a day or perhaps several different days. "The Day He Arrives" has been invited to this year's Cannes film festival's Un Certain Regard section where last year, HONG's film "Ha Ha Ha" was the Closing Film and won the top prize,...
  • Isabelle Huppert "I want to work with Director Hong Sang-soo"

    2011/07/07, ,
    Attention is focused on famous French actress Isabelle Huppert's possibility of starring in a movie by director Hong Sang-soo and her statement that she wanted to be in one when she visited Korea last May. When she was asked which director she wanted to work with from Korea at a press conference during her visit to Korea in May, she replied, "That's a question I've been waiting for. There is one person I would really like to work with".,...
  • Moon So-ri comes back with Lee Myeong-se's "Mister K" after birth

    2011/06/20, ,
    'Mom-to-be' Moon So-ri is returning to screens with Lee Myeong-se's new project. JK Films revealed, "Moon So-ri will join and act with Seol Kyeong-gu in "Mister K" after she has given birth". This movie is being directed by Lee Myeong-se who has always pursued picture aesthetics in four years.,...
  • Filmmaking is not about money: Kim Ki-duk

    2011/06/14, ,
    By Lee Hyo-won Director Kim Ki-duk has returned to Korean cinema with an inter-Korean story that he penned and produced. "Poongsan", directed by his protege Juhn Jai-hong, tries to prove that filmmaking is not about the size of the budget. And it sure does show that near-impossible projects can actually go through. The 200 million-won film (~US$200,000) was shot over 25 takes in just 30 days, while the entire cast and crew took part in the project with no guarantee,...
  • [HanCinema Korea's Diary] Introduce Yourself to Korean Cinema: 7 Films to Get You Started

    Are you interested in Korean cinema but don't know where to start? The following is a short list of films that I believe would give any film enthusiast a good grounding for what Korean cinema has to offer. They include award-winning films, films that provide insight into Korea's history and culture, as well as a couple of fantastic genre films that Korean cinema tends to favour.,...
  • Kim Ki-duk Wins Best Picture in Un Certain Regard at Cannes

    2011/05/23, ,
    Director Kim Ki-duk poses during a photocall of Director Kim Ki-duk poses during a photoca,...
  • Cannes hears out filmmaker's angst

    2011/05/22, ,
    Kim Ki-duk's feet in a scene from "ARIRANG - Movie", a documentary-style drama that won best picture in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes, Saturday Kim Ki-duk wins sidebar competition with torn self-portrait By Lee Hyo-won Kim Ki-duk's controversial self-portrait shared the best picture award with a German drama at the Cannes Festival's sidebar competition, Saturday,...
  • The power of Kim Ki-duk works at the Cannes market too

    2011/05/17, ,
    Director Kim Ki-duk's power worked at the 64th Cannes Film Festival film market as well. According to Screen Daily on the 17th, "ARIRANG - Movie" by Kim Ki-duk which was invited to the "Certain Regard" selection at the 64th Cannes Film Festival and viewed for the first time, was sold to Taiwan Catch Play.,...
  • Seven Korean Films to Feature in the 2011 Cannes Intl. Film Festival

    2011/05/12, ,
    The 64th Cannes International Film Festival kicked off Wednesday night with a grand opening ceremony. One of the world's oldest and largest film festivals, Cannes will continue for eleven days featuring 49 films selected from 33 countries, with seven hailing from Korea. Director Hong Sang-soo's "The Day He Arrives", Kim Ki-duk's "ARIRANG - Movie", and Na Hong-jin's "The Yellow Sea" will be screened in the festival's second-most prestigious "Un Certain Regard" category,...
  • 64th Cannes Film Festival to Open Wednesday

    2011/05/11, ,
    The 64th Cannes Film Festival will open for an eleven-day run on Wednesday.

    Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" will start the festival, which is one of the world's top three international film festi,...
  • English trailer, poster and stills released for the upcoming Korean movie "The Day He Arrives"

    2011/05/06, ,
    English trailer, poster and stills released for the upcoming Korean movie "The Day He Arrives",...
  • Hong Sang-soo Film Invited to Cannes Again

    2011/04/18, ,
    Korean director Hong Sang-soo is becoming a familiar face in the south of France. The organizing committee of the 64th Cannes Film Festival an,...
  • Na gets Cannes slot for 'The Yellow Sea'

    2011/04/15, ,
    Na Hong-jin's crime thriller "The Yellow Sea" has been invited to show at the p,...
  • Upcoming Korean movie "The Day He Arrives"

    2011/04/14, ,
    Added the upcoming Korean movie "The Day He Arrives"'s page to HanCinema database,...
  • Korea fails to enter Cannes main competition... Hong Sang-soo, Kim Ki-duk, Na Hong-jin 'Noticeable'

    2011/04/14, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo's "The Day He Arrives", Kim Ki-duk's "ARIRANG - Movie" and Na Hong-jin's "The Yellow Sea" have been invited to the 64th Cannes Film Festival in the "Un Certain Regard" category. It's disappointing this isn't a competing category. With the opening coming up this 11th of May, the 64th Cannes Film Festival mass revealed the contents in the competing categories as well as the noticeable and midnight sections.,...
  • Three Korean films will compete in Cannes "Un Certain Regard" selection

    Three Korean films will compete in Cannes Film Festival "Un Certain Regard" selection,...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] Oki's Movie

    Hong Sang-soo seems to me to be an acquired taste. I'll admit that I am still fully familiarising myself with his filmography but I do believe that Hong's style and approach to this film will alienate some movie goers. His latest work, "Oki's Movie", was release in 2010, along with Hong's "Ha Ha Ha", and it will not appeal to everyone.,...
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] Ha Ha Ha

    Hong Sang-soo gave the Korean film industry a jolt back in 1996 with début film "The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well", a contemporary examination of everyday lives. As one of the raising auteurs of 90s, his refreshing perspective and approach to narratives still persists as welcomed motifs to his acclaimed and continuing filmography.,...
  • Hong Sang-soo Retrospective at the Cinematheque Francaise

    2011/03/22, ,
    In conjunction with the theatrical release in France of Hong Sang-soo's "Ha Ha Ha", the director is the subject of a retrospective of his works at the Cinematheque Francaise in Paris (March 14-28). "Life is too complicated to be interpreted in an ideological way", he told AFP ahead of his master-class at the Cinematheque. Hong was also quoted as telling the AFP: "It is always a tiny but concrete thing from reality that shakes my convictions, and it is precisely this discovery in itself that interests and stimulates me the most",...
  • Pusan Film Festival Expands Asian Cooperation

    2011/02/17, ,
    The February 16 edition of Film Business Asia reports that Korea's Pusan International Film Festival and the Mumbai Film Festival in India have signed a memorandum of understanding on "artistic, financial and educational exchanges and mutual collaboration",...
  • 'The Journals of Musan' Triumphs at Rotterdam Festival

    2011/02/11, ,
    Three feature films shared the Tiger Awards at the 40th International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR – Jan. 26-Feb. 6), including "The Journals of Musan" by Korean director Park Jung-bum. "The Journals of Musan", which also captured the FIPRESCI (international film critics) award, is about a North Korean defector who struggles to adapt after his flight to the South,...
  • Hong retrospective to be held at Harvard

    2011/01/28, ,
    Hong Sang-soo By Ines Min Acclaimed director Hong Sang-soo will be featured in a retrospective at Harvard University's Film Archive from Jan. 31 to Feb. 7. Hosted in conjunction with the university's Korea Institute, the retrospective "Play it as it Lays" will screen eight of the director's 11 works,...
  • Korean Movies: "Ha Ha Ha" Chosen as One of Most Notable Asian Films of 2010

    2011/01/07, ,
    In The Wall Street Journal's Scene Asia, Dean Napolitano wrote about the Asian movie industry in 2010 and listed his 10 picks as the most important and notable Asian feature films of the year,...
  • This week's cultural news2
    2010/12/29, ,
    A pleasant surprise was , directed by Lee Chang-dong, which took home Best Screenplay from the Cannes Festival.

    tells the story of a 60 something woman who rediscovers the world through poetry. Actress Yun Jeong-hui moved hearts young and,...
  • [INTERVIEW] Actor Lee Seon-gyoon - Part 2

    2010/12/09, ,
    Actor Lee Seon-gyoon [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]  10: We talked about your wife just now but it doesn't seem weird when we see you dating women in dramas. At the same time, such acting could start to come off as weird if the fact that you're married and have a child gets too well-known. Lee Seon-gyoon: That's what people say but it's the truth even if I don't talk about it. And everybody knows anyway. There's no need to go around asking people not to talk about it nor any need for me to bring it up on purpose. I'll just answer questions on them when people ask about them. But I do think it's unfair when an article on me focuses solely on them -- when I've been talking for an hour about my movie but the article will turn out to be about my family which I talked about on the side. I sometimes wonder what's the use talking about my movies for four days and six hours each day, until I'm practically burnt out, (laugh) when that's what ends up getting written about me. I understand that reporters need to draw attention but I wish they would write about my family on the side. 10: It could be because you're a star. They're curious to know what you the real Lee Seon-gyoon is like, outside the person we see on screen. Lee Seon-gyoon: And of course I should be thankful about that. It's great but… Even right now, we're talking about so many things… (laugh),...
  • Ko Hyeon-jeong's first solo-starred movie will be released in 2011

    2010/11/20, ,
    Actress Ko Hyeon-jeong is casted for a film starring one main character; this is her first one-star movie after her debut. Company 'NEW' said, “Ko Hyeon-jeong will be appearing in an action comedy film called 'Participation'.” The title, 'Participation' is just the early stage name, so there is a great chance that this name will be changed.,...
  • "Poetry" picks up most deals for Korean pic at Busan film market

    2010/10/15, ,
    Official poster for Lee Chang-dong film "Poetry" [Uni-Korea] Critically acclaimed director Lee Chang-dong's film "Poetry" was sold to the most countries at this year's Asian Film Market held concurrently with the 15th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF). The film, which won the award for best screenplay at this year's Cannes Film Festival, was picked up by distributors in Hong Kong, Syria, Japan, Portugal and Spain,...
  • Three Korean movies at Venice film fest

    2010/08/28, ,
    by girlfriday Korea's having a good year in the festival circuit. With Cannes under its belt and sights set on Toronto, Chungmuro takes on Venice, with three films next month. "A Better Tomorrow", starring Song Seung-heon, Joo Jin-mo, Kim Kang-woo, and Jo Han-seon, will be part of a retrospective, honoring prolific Hong Kong director John Woo (A Better Tomorrow). The four leads are expected to appear for the premiere at the festival,...
  • Jeong Yu-mi to attend 67th Venice International Film Festival

    2010/08/24, ,
    Korean actress Jeong Yu-mi [N.O.A Entertainment] Korean actress Jeong Yu-mi will be attending the 67th Venice International Film Festival next month, according to her agency N.O.A Entertainment on Tuesday. N.O.A announced in a press release that Jeongstarrer "Oki's Movie" will be screened as the closing film of the Orizzonti Award Ceremony, a category which recognizes films that reveal the new trends in world cinema, on September 11,...
  • Plunge into future at digital film fest

    2010/08/08, ,
    By Lee Hyo-won

    An old Korean proverb says that even mountains evolve over time ― 10 years to be exact. But in this digital age, trends seem to change in the blink of an eye.

    For the fourt,...
  • Taiwan-Korea filmmakers share ageeing views

    2010/07/22, ,
    From left, Screen International Deputy Asia Editor Jean Noh, Taiwanese director Chu Yen-ping, Taiwanese producer Yeh Jufeng, Taiwanese actress-turned-producer Lieh Lee, Korean Film Council official Daniel Park, bom Film Productions producer Ellen Kim and Dyne Film producer Jonathan H. Kim attend a forum on "Korea-Taiwan Cinema Exchange: Its Present and Future" held at Koryo Hotel in the city of Bucheon in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea on July 19, 2010, during the ongoing Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival. [PiFan] "I think we are taking elementary steps, that we are in the process of getting to know each other", said producer Ellen Kim on her views on exchange between the Korean and Taiwanese film industry,...
  • Hong Sang-soo to attend Venice Film Festival with new pic

    2010/07/20, ,
    Korean director Hong Sang-soo [Asia Economic Daily] Korean filmmaker Hong Sang-soo will be attending the Venice Film Festival for the first time with his latest pic "Oki's Movie". U.S. film publication Variety reported July 19 (U.S. time) that Hong's newest pic has been chosen as the closing film for the Horizons (Orizzonti) section of the festival, to be held in Venice from September 1 to 11,...
  • Korean Movie Poetry Wins Best Screenplay Award at Cannes Film Festival

    2010/05/26, ,
    Two Korean films were awarded at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival (May 17 to 23) this year: director Lee Chang-dong's,...
  • [PHOTOS] Lee Chang-dong and Hong Sang-soo arrive in Korea after Cannes

    2010/05/25, ,
    Director Lee Chang-dong [Lee Ki-bum/Asia Economic Daily] Director Lee Chang-dong arrives at Incheon International Airport in South Korea on May 25, 2010. His film "Poetry", which was in the run for the coveted Palme d'Or at this year's Cannes Film Festival, won the award for best screenplay,...
  • Kim Kang-woo to wed actress Han Hye-jin's sister

    2010/05/25, ,
    Korean actor Kim Kang-woo [Asia Economic Daily] Korean actor Kim Kang-woo will be marrying his longtime girlfriend next month, who is also the older sister of actress Han Hye-jin. In a phone call with Asia Economic Daily on Monday, Kim's agency Namoo Actors explained that the actor will wed his girlfriend Han Moo-young, who runs an online shopping mall, in a private ceremony at Seoul's Myeong-dong Cathedral on June 18,...
  • Hong Sang-soo scores first win at Cannes with "Ha Ha Ha"

    2010/05/24, ,
    Official poster for Hong Sang-soo's film "Ha Ha Ha" Korean filmmaker Hong Sang-soo has scored his first win at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival with his film "Ha Ha Ha". Hong's latest pic was handed the grand prize for the "Un Certain Regard" category at the award ceremony, held May 22 (France time) at Debussy theater in Cannes, France. The director, who won his first trophy at Cannes on his sixth visit to the film fest, shared his excitement with actors Yoo Joon-sang and Ye Ji-won, the main cast of his award-winning pic,...
  • [INTERVIEW] Hong Sang-soo - Part 1

    2010/05/24, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo [Beck Una/10Asia] Hong Sang-soo's presence in the film industry has been celebrated since his first appearance -- his directorial debut pic "The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well" was praised by critics and won several international acclaims. Fourteen years later, he has released his tenth production "Ha Ha Ha" where he has upped the cheerful tone to a never-before-seen level. Hong sat down with 10Asia to talk about the movie which has also been picked to present in the non-competitive "Un Certain Regard" category at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Beck Una: The response to your film "Ha Ha Ha" was great after the screening. Just like its title, "Ha Ha Ha" is like a romantic comedy which constantly makes you laugh. I think it's worth looking forward to the film becoming somewhat of a commercial success too. Hong Sang-soo: Yes... I heard that the audience laughs a lot [while watching it]. But such stories... I had told a lot in my previous work too. But... in the end... it didn't do that well. Who knows. It would be nice if many people watched it. Even the smallest profit the film makes by people watching it will help in filming my next movie and I'll have at least a bit to share with the staff and actors. Of course, I've never promised I'd give them anything but I want to... I wish I could be able to,...
  • [INTERVIEW] Hong Sang-soo - Part 2

    2010/05/24, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo [Beck Una/10Asia] Beck Una: I think you have good eye for observing or remembering people, looking at how you pick out the characteristic of the actors. Hong Sang-soo: I don't know. But I don't remember some aspects to the point it's embarrassing. Like everyday things, people's faces. My memory is weird. I had said so jokingly in my film "Night and Day" too but I think it's genetical. (laugh) My mom once didn't recognize who she had worked with for tens of years. And I've experienced such shameful moments too. I honestly am not good at memorizing things that I tell myself to. I think I have some sort of resistance to things I have to memorize. Whatever it may be, not liking what you have to remember or hold onto purposely. I think my brain doesn't want to remember things that my body hasn't already taken in naturally. But when I'm writing scenarios in the morning, memories of the oddest moments just pop out from nowhere. Something I may have seen from more than several decades ago, what I saw in a magazine, what someone said a few days ago -- all sorts of memories suddenly pop into my mind,...
  • [INTERVIEW] Hong Sang-soo - Part 3

    2010/05/24, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo [Beck Una/10Asia] Beck Una: The characters in "Ha Ha Ha" write poems, read poems and give poems to others as gifts. I don't know if it's because I watched director Lee Chang-dong's new film "Poetry" yesterday but I rethought about poems. I mean, writing poems is actually an act which we are quite unaccustomed to other than having written them in school. Hong Sang-soo: Is that so? Don't people write poems? Beck: Do you write poems? Hong: Yes, occasionally. It's not really a big deal. For example, first line, an ashtray is transparent. Second line, the table is yellow. Or the ashtray is standing up but the table is laying down. Doesn't even that make it seem strange? Beck: Hm... It does seem to create some kind of meaning in between the lines,...
  • 'Poetry' of Korea wins best screenplay award in Cannes

    2010/05/24, ,
    Renowned Korean director Lee Chang-dong won the best screenplay award for his latest film,...
  • Hong Sang-soo's 'Ha Ha Ha' Wins Cannes Award

    2010/05/23, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo's film "Ha Ha Ha" won the top prize in the Un Certain Regard,...
  • Korean movies "Poetry" and "Ha Ha Ha" awarded at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival

    2010/05/23, ,
    Posters for "Ha Ha Ha" and "Poetry" Lee Chang-dong received the best screenplay award for "Poetry" in the main competition,...
  • Experience Cannes in Seoul with English subtitles

    2010/05/17, ,
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff reporter

    Attention international cinema buffs unable to travel to Cannes to take part in the world's largest film festival, ongoing to May 23. Local theaters are offering a p,...
  • PIFF chairman Kim Dong-ho to serve as judge at Cannes

    2010/04/29, ,
    Mr. Kim Dong-ho, executive chairman of Pusan International Film Festival committee [Asia Economic Daily] Kim Dong-ho, executive chairman of Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) committe, has been selected as a judge at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival,...
  • Hong Sang-soo's jolliness peaks in "Ha Ha Ha" - Part 1

    2010/04/26, ,
    From left, film "Ha Ha Ha" director Hong Sang-soo and cast members Yoon Yeo-jeong, Yoo Joon-sang, Moon So-ri, Ye Ji-won, Kim Yeong-ho and Kim Sang-kyeong pose during a press screening held at a CJ CGV theater in Seoul, South Korea on April 22, 2010. [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] If one had to come up with a subtitle for director Hong Sang-soo's tenth film "Ha Ha Ha", it could be "Cute". The movie is guided by the memories that movie critic Joong-sik (played by Yoo Joon-sang) and aspiring movie director Moon-gyeong (played by Kim Sang-kyeong) have about their summer trip to Tongyeong. And just like any other film by director Hong, these men go to an unfamiliar place where they chase after women, drink, lie and talk both nonsense and of their dreams. But no matter how pathetic or loser-like they act, one cannot hate them,...
  • Hong Sang-soo's jolliness peaks in "Ha Ha Ha" - Part 2

    2010/04/26, ,
    Actresses Moon So-ri and Ye Ji-won [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] 10: Yoo Joon-sang, you stood out the most [in the film] with your cuteness. The most memorable scene was when sobbed while holding the dog. Yoo Joon-sang (Yoo): The director was writing the script for the film when this dog walked past him and that's when he decided to use the dog. (laugh) I had so much fun filming that scene because earlier in the afternoon the director and I had a drink in the middle of the day. When I think about it now, I wonder whether I have ever done that before and how I actually pulled it off. It was fun because things I had never imagined would come out, did it was interesting to see how everything else surrounding that shoot was just falling into place. It was also a lot of fun because of the unexpected situations that arose during the filming. There was a blooper when I fell down some stairs during shoot and the next day the director took me to the oriental medical clinic to get acupuncture for my hip but that scene was added to the movie too,...
  • Cannes Film Festival And Selections - Asians to Carry the Torch at Cannes
    2010/04/21, ,
    By Gautaman Bhaskaran
    South Asia Correspondent

    As the only Indian work at the Cannes Film Festival that runs from May 12 to 23, Vikramaditya Motwane's "Udaan" certainly holds a special place. It may not be part of the top Competition slot, but having been chosen after a long Indian hiatus at wha,...
  • Korean movies at the 2010 Cannes Films Festival

    2010/04/15, ,
    "The Housemaid - 2010" by Lim Sang-soo with Jeon Do-yeon, Lee Seong-jae, Seo Woo and Yoon Yeo-jeong will compete in the Official Selection along side with "Poetry" by Lee Chang-dong with Yoon Jung-hee,...
  • [ChanMi's movie news] A tight cast for "Ha Ha Ha"

    2010/04/09, ,
      Director Hong Sang-soo's new film "Ha Ha Ha" will be released in May 6th. This movie stars Kim Sang-kyeong, Yoo Joon-sang, Moon So-ri, Ye Ji-won, Kim Kang-woo, Yoon Yeo-jeong, and Kim Gyoo-ri. This movie is about Moonkyeong acted by Kim Sang-kyeong who decides to move to Canada meets Joongsik acted by Yoo Joon-sang. The two find out that the were in a trip together and share,...
  • [INTERVIEW] Actor Lee Seon-gyoon - Part 2

    2010/04/06, ,
    One thing for sure though, was that if Choi Hyun-wook, if I do not do well, the show would flop". [Beck Una/10Asia] Beck: Unlike the amicable atmosphere we see in "Pasta", we heard you had to actually work intensively, as if you were almost shooting live. Lee Seon-gyoon: Wow, I wanted to die. Really. And I was grateful when our show got extended but me and [Kong] Hyo-jin were going nuts. We were shooting as if on a live schedule starting with around the seventh episode and from about the ninth episode on, I only slept a total 11 hours during a whole week. I was in a near-panic state too because I was in almost every scene and had so many lines. I would hallucinate and hear my own voice when I lie down after being in shoot for eight hours straight in the beginning. I really wanted to cry sometimes,...
  • [INTERVIEW] Actor Lee Seon-gyoon - Part 3

    2010/04/06, ,
    "He was someone who had experienced trauma so huge that if it happened to me, I would have run away somewhere. But it was fun". [Myung Films] Beck: I think you must have not had an easy time playing your character Joong-shik in "Paju". He was sort of like someone in the fog -- he was quite hard to define. Lee Seon-gyoon: It was difficult. But it was fun. He was a character who doesn't express himself a lot and it always very serious. He was someone who had experienced trauma so huge that if it happened to me, I would have run away somewhere or hid myself in a temple. Strangely enough though, the script for "Paju" was very easy to read. How should I put it -- it was as if I could feel the atmosphere the movie was in. I had a confidence in the director and the film itself. I had also been wanting to work on a more cinematic film at the time,...
  • Finecut announces sales deals from Hong Kong
    2010/04/02, ,
    Korean sales company Finecut announced a number of deals during Hong Kong's Filmart (March 22 – 25) including pre-sales of upcoming big budget Korean War drama, 71 – Into the Fire to UK distributor Showbox Media.

  • Book Features Korean Film Renaissance

    2010/02/26, ,
    By Chung Ah-young
    Staff Reporter

    In recent years, it has become more likely for Korean cineastes to be placed under the international spotlight at major film festivals worldwide.

    Over the past,...
  • Korea's 'Cafe Noir' Invited to Rotterdam Film Fest
    2010/01/27, ,
    The film "Cafe Noir" by critic-turned-director Jung Sung-il and starring Moon Jeong-hee has been invited to the Bright Futur,...
  • Meet Directors in Seoul Theaters

    2010/01/13, ,
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    This weekend in Seoul, movie buffs can re-watch a handful of contemporary classics of Korean cinema on the big screen and meet directors:,...
  • Festival Celebrates Indie Film Spirit

    2009/12/13, ,
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    The past year was a fruitful one for local independent cinema, with Lee Chung-ryoul's documentary,...
  • Movies to Watch in 2010
    2009/12/07, ,
    The film industry is already preparing for next year. Many renowned filmmakers have returned to Korea to produce movies about war and sequels to hit movies.

    Director Im Kwon-taek will produce his 101st movie,...
  • PARK's Paju to Open Rotterdam Film Festival

    2009/11/19, ,
    Park Chan-ok's second feature "Paju" has been selected as the opening film at 39th Inter,...
  • Yoon Kye-sang Determined to Gain Recognition as Actor

    2009/10/30, ,
    "I wanted to stay free of any thoughts when filming 'The Executioner'", said,...
  • Eighteen Wins Top Prize at Vancouver

    2009/10/16, ,
    Korean director Jang Kun-jae took home the Dragon and Tigers Award for his debut feature,...
  • Lee Jae-yong Cranks in on "Actresses"

    2009/07/06, ,
    Director Lee Jae-yong, best known for his elegant and erotic period drama ",...
  • HONG Sang-soo casts MOON So-ri
    2009/06/12, ,
    2002 Venice Film Festival's Best actress winner Moon So-ri will challenge herself this time with a leading role in director Hong Sang-soo's next project. Details about HONG's film are spa,...
  • CJ to Expand Art House Film Screenings
    2009/06/05, ,
    Korea's exhibition major CJ-CGV will expand the number of screens its multiplex franchise has devoted to art house and independent films from seven to ten. Under a program entitled Movie Collage, CJ-CGV's specialty films team plans to expand the base for diversity films and support the discovery of,...
  • Korean Movies Draw Attentions at Cannes Film Festival
    2009/05/15, ,
    Korean films have never been this prolific at the world-renowned French film festival in Cannes before. At this year's 62nd Cannes Film Festival (May 13 to 24) a total of 10 Korean films will be screened.

    One of the most attention-grabbing films from Korea is director,...
  • 'Know': Hong's Realm of Comic Realism

    2009/05/14, ,
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    New in local theaters and currently showing in the out-of-competition section of the Cannes Film Festival is,...
  • Local Films to Shine at Cannes Fest
    2009/05/10, ,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    A total of 10 Korean movies will be shown at the Cannes International Film Festival from May 13-24, marking the highest number of local films ever to be included in the prestigious event's roster.

    The first local film ever to be invited to the event was Lee Doo,...
  • 62nd Cannes Selects 9 Korean Films
    2009/05/08, ,
    A total of 9 Korean films including 5 features have been invited to the official line-up of the 62nd Cannes Film Festival, which runs May 13 – 24 in the famed coastal city of southern France. Headlining the robust range of Korean films this year is,...
  • Director Hong Invited as Judge in Locarno Fest

    2009/05/07, ,
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    South Korean director Hong Sang-soo has been invited to be a judge at the Locarno International Film Festiva,...
  • Jeonju Int'l Film Fest Announces Line-up
    2009/04/09, ,
    One of Korea's top three annual cinema events, the Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF), is celebrating its tenth edition this month. Running April 30 – May 9, JIFF will screen 200 films from 42 countries. Among them are 12 feature film World Premieres mainly from the Korean Feature Competiti,...
  • Jeonju Fetes Decade of Promoting Indie Cinema
    2009/04/09, ,
    10th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) to Be Held April 30-May 8

    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    In 2000, Jeonju, a small town in North Jeolla Province with a reputation for traditionally Korean things, became home to one of the country's most future-thinking film festivals. Over the f,...
  • Cleveland Invites 3 Korean Pearls
    2009/03/06, ,
    The 33rd Cleveland International Film Festival gets underway this month and its Asian sidebar Pacific Pearls will present award-winning fare from South Korea. Na Hong-jin's,...
  • "Breathless" Wins Top Prize in Rotterdam

    2009/02/05, ,
    Th 38th International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) awarded actor-director Yang Ik-joon's feature,...
  • 'Breathless' wins Rotterdam Tiger Award

    2009/02/02, ,
    "Breathless" (Ddongpari) by Korean director and actor Yang Ik-joon won the top pri,...
  • Top Cineastes to Grace Art Film Fest
    2009/01/20, ,
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    That special time of the year has come around, when South Korea's top filmmakers and actors turn into film festival programmers. The 4th Cinematheque Friends Film Festival will take place Jan. 29-March 1 in Seoul, and director,...
  • JIFF to feature 3 renowned Asian directors

    2009/01/14, ,
    There are so many film festivals in Korea that it's difficult to stand out. But the Jeonju International Film Festival has weathered the competition in the past decade, thanks to its unwavering focus,...
  • "Romantic Island" for Korean couples

    2008/12/22, ,
    "Romantic Island" stars singer-turned-actress Eugene (Yoo Jin),,...
  • HONG Sang-soo directs short for Jeonju fest

    2008/11/27, ,
    Internationally acclaimed director Hong Sang-soo will partake in Jeonju International Film Festival's (JIFF) annual program Digital short film,...
  • Liberal take on artist SHIN Yoon-bok arrives in cinemas

    2008/11/06, ,
    Director Jeon Yoon-soo returns with Mi-indo (English translation: ",...
  • YOO Ji-tae and LEE Yeon-hee in romantic film

    2008/11/06, ,
    Director Ryoo Jang-ha is adapting the popular internet manwha (Korean equivalent of Japanese manga) Soonjeong Manwha by,...
  • HONG Sang-soo, NA Hong-jin, and HEO Jin-ho films at Taiwan fest
    2008/11/04, ,
    Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival selected Hong Sang-soo's "Night and Day", Na Hong-jin's,...
  • The Chaser extends awards lead

    2008/10/24, ,
    17th Buil Film Awards, hosted by the Busan Ilbo newspaper, awarded Hong Sang-soo's,...
  • The Chaser; The Good, the Bad, and the Weird vie for international awards
    2008/10/23, ,
    "The Chaser"'s Kim Yoon-seok has been nominated for the 2nd Asia Pacific Screen Award's Best actor nod, according to the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF).

  • Seoul-Stockholm Korean Film Festival
    2008/09/11, ,
    Following the success of its previous edition, the Seoul-Stockholm Korean Film Festival will showcase recent artistic and commercial hits from South Korea. Running September 17 – 21 at the Zita theater in Stockholm, the event will screen 8 Korean features, up from 5 shown in 2007.4 Korean directors,...
  • 2nd CinDi Brings Digital Diversity to Seoul
    2008/08/22, ,
    The Cinema Digital Seoul festival, (CinDi), now in its second year, kicked off August 20th with a weeklong supply of diverse digital films to Seoul's trendy Apgujeong district. The 2nd CinDi screens 71 films from 18 countries, including an impressive opening title, 24 City, the latest by China's aw,...
  • HONG Sang-soo Shoots His Ninth

    2008/08/13, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo is in production on his ninth feature film, tentatively titled ",...
  • [ChanMi's movie news] Ko Hyeong-jeong returns through "Like You Know It All"

    2008/07/29, ,
    Ko Hyeon-jeong known for SBS "Sandglass" will return to the screens through a new movie, "Like You Know It All"" directed by Hong Sang-soo. This movie star has debuted as a movie star through "Woman on the Beach" by this same director in 2006.,...
  • Actress Ko Hyeon-jeong Goes Candid on Popular Radio Shows

    Actress Ko Hyeon-jeong, known for avoiding media spotlight, plans to come out of her mysterious veil by making guest appearance on two popula,...
  • Korean Films At Karlovy Vary 2008
    2008/06/24, ,
    Three South Korean features were invited to screen at the 43rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF). The festival is one of the oldest in the world and has become the most prominent film event in Eastern Europe. It runs July 4 – 12 in the picturesque city of its namesake, also known as,...
    2008/06/03, ,
    June 3, 2008 (Los Angeles) - Now in its third year, the Korean Film Council's Filmmakers' Development Lab confirmed today the appointment of this year's Mentors, and also announced the five successful finalists who are this year's Fellows.

    The Filmmakers' Development Lab (FDL) is an initiative o,...
  • No Wave, just a Korean breeze in Poland
    2008/04/28, ,
    The Korean Wave has been spreading Korean pop culture across Asia and beyond for more than a decade, although it has barely reached Poland, in the centre of Europe. It is sad to admit, but Korean culture (traditional as well as the "new wave") does not exist in Polish minds as a distinctive identity,...
  • RYOO Jang-ha's comeback stars YOO Ji-tae and LEE Yeon-hee
    2008/04/21, ,
    Director/writer Ryoo Jang-ha makes his comeback after his 2004 "Springtime" (Kkotbineun Bomi Omyeon) featuring Choi Min-sik,,...
  • Korean Films Premiering at 9th JIFF
    2008/04/16, ,
    Ten Korean features will have their World Premiere at the Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) this spring. Now in it's 9th edition the festival will run May 1st – 9th in the attractive and historical city of Jeonju, in North Jeolla province.

    Korean highlights include documentary director,...
  • 'Yeon Sang-i' Park Eun-hye is becoming the April's bride

    2008/02/28, ,
    Actor Park Eun-hye (30) is going to marry 4-years senior Mr Kim on 27th April in Seoul Jang Chung-dong Shilla Hotel Diner's Hall.

    The coupl,...
  • [Special Report] Is there a limit to the stars' guarantees?
    2008/02/28, ,
    Recently, the Minister of Culture and Arts, Yoo In-Chun's private property was revealed to be over 14 billion-won. Some said that he had gained too much wealth, but he thinks otherwise. He said, "These are all from my 30 years of acting career. Some may think I have too much private wealth, but look,...
  • MOON Seong-geun Cast in SONG Il-gon Horror

    2008/02/26, ,
    Acclaimed actor Moon Seong-geun will take the lead role in "Sahwa" (meaning 'Royal Massacre') a horror from Cannes winning director,...
  • 'Night' Shows Innovative Minimalism

    2008/02/21, ,
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    Several films have put Hong Sang-soo on the cinematic map as a unique minimalist, and he upholds the reputa,...
  • Reporter-Turned-Actress Debuts in 'Night and Day'

    2008/02/19, ,
    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
    Staff Reporter

    New actress Seo Min-jung is attracting attention for her supporting role in the critically acclaimed,...
  • Hong Sang-soo's 'Night and Day' Premieres in Berlin

    2008/02/14, ,
    Korean filmmaker Hong Sang-soo is getting attention at the 58th Berlin Film Festival Golden Bear awards.
    His latest work, "Bam gua Nat" or
  • Korean Director's Film Draws Praise at Berlin

    2008/02/13, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo's eighth film "Night and Day" has won rave reviews at t,...
  • Arthouse films warm cold season
    2008/02/13, ,
    Except for the Lunar New Year holidays, February and March are regarded as a slow season for movie theaters. No wonder top production houses are reluctant to release their major films with greater box-office potential.

    But the lull in the competition for ticket sales does not mean an absence of h,...
  • Korean drama 'Night and Day' premieres in Berlin

    2008/02/13, ,
    A long-distance phone call with his wife gave critically acclaimed South Korean director Hong Sang-soo the idea for his drama,...
  • Hong Sang-soo's Film Vies for Berlin Award

    2008/02/11, ,
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    While Korea celebrated Seollal on Feb. 7, on the far side of the globe, Germany greeted cineaste and cinephiles from all over the world for the 58th edition of the B,...
  • Four Korean films to screen at Berlin Film Fest
    2008/01/29, ,
    Acclaimed director Hong Sang-soo will return to the Berlin International Film Festival with his eighth film "Night and Day", which screens in the festival's competition section.,...
  • Actress Hwang's 'Night and Day' to Compete at Berlin

    2008/01/21, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo's film "Night and Day" starring actress,...
  • Hong Sang-soo's Film to Compete in Berlinale

    2008/01/21, ,
    By Kwon Mee-yoo
    Staff Reporter

    "Night and Day", the latest work of movie director,...
  • Directors, Actors Share Favorite Movies
    2007/12/30, ,
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    The New Year will dawn with a special treat for local cinephiles. It marks "Year Zero", or a fresh new start for Seoul Art Cinema, with the Third Cinematheque Friends Film Festival due Jan. 9-Feb. 3, as well as big plans to revamp Korea's one and only cinematheque,...
  • NY Release of "Woman on the Beach"

    2007/12/11, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo is highly regarded in Europe where his films have screened at Cannes to great acclaim and had subsequent theatrical rel,...
  • Seong Hyeon-ah Wins Best Actress at Malaga Festival

    2007/11/22, ,
    Korean actress Seong Hyeon-ah has been presented with a Best Actress award from the 10th Malaga International Fantastic Film Festival in Spai,...
  • Korean Film Directors Series : PARK Chan-wook's edition

    2007/11/13, ,
    An English book on director Park Chan-wook has been published following books on director,...
  • HONG Sang-soo Added to Korean Film Directors Series
    2007/11/06, ,
    An English book on director Hong Sang-soo, one of the most renowned auteurs at the Korean film scene, has been published following books on director Im Kwon-taek,,...
  • Lee Jae-yong's Next Project

    2007/10/23, ,
    Director Lee Jae-yong is known both at home and internationally for his explorations of sexual moors in films such as the kitschy youth comedy,...
  • 2007 PIFF to Feature Edward Yang Retrospective
    2007/09/05, ,
    By Lee Hwan-hee
    Staff Reporter

    A retrospective honoring the late Taiwanese director Edward Yang will be held at next month's 2007 Pusan International Film Festival. The complete lineup was also announced Tuesday.

    While the deaths of film directors Michelangelo Antonioni and Ingmar Bergman wer,...
  • PPP Announces 2007 Film Projects
    2007/08/20, ,
    This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP), a project-support market that has been pivotal in the completion of award-winning films from major Asian directors. Now under the umbrella of the Asian Film Market, PPP will take place October 8th –11th, alongside the 12th Pusa,...
  • New HONG Sang-soo film starts shooting in Paris

    2007/08/03, ,
    Well-known director Hong Sang-soo has opened shooting on his eighth film, which will be 80% set in Paris.

    Titled Bam-gwa nat in Korean, wh,...
  • Second S.Korea-Russia Cultural Festival to Begin
    2007/08/01, ,
    South Korea will showcase the best of its traditional and modern performance arts--including traditional music, dance, puppet shows, movies and B-Boy musicals--for ten days beginning August 23 at numerous venues around Moscow, Russia, including the International Performance Arts Center.

    This annu,...
  • Book Review : The LEE Chang-dong Edition

    2007/06/18, ,
    Among Korean directors, Lee Chang-dong has maintained an integrity and a seriousness few aspire to. While having completed only four films i,...
  • Hong Sang-soo's 'Tale of Cinema'

    2007/06/07, ,
    2005 South Korean film receives a late premiere in Berlin

    Jan Creutzenberg (RhusHeesen)

    The opening image shows Seoul's impressive TV-Tower, up on a hill, in a cloud of mist. Suddenly the camera,...
  • Two Films Go to Cannes
    2007/04/20, ,
    By Seo Dong-shin
    Staff Reporter

    Films by two renowned South Korean directors are heading to this year's competition section of Cannes Film Festival, arguably the world's most prestigious film festival.

    The two films are Lee Chang-dong,...
  • 2 Korean Films Awarded at 9th Deuville
    2007/04/05, ,
    Local blockbuster "The King and the Clown" and low-budget drama "Ad-Lib Night" took home two of the four main awards handed out the 9th Deuville Asian Film Festival,...
  • HONG Sang-soo wins Best Director at Argentina Fest

    2007/03/20, ,
    Hong Sang-soo has won the Best Director award for Woman on the Beach(2006,...
  • Director Hong Sangsoo Wins Best Director Prize at Mar del Plata International Film Festival

    2007/03/19, ,
    Korean filmmakers are continuing to gain recognition at international film events.
    Movie director Hong Sang-soo has won the Best Director pri,...
  • Director Hong Sang-soo Honored at Argentine Film Festival

    2007/03/19, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo has won an award at the 22nd Mar del Plata International Film Festival for last year's ",...
  • Hong Wins Argentinean Award

    2007/03/19, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo won the best director award for his 2006 film ",...
  • 'In hindsight, you may covet your neighbor's wife'
    2007/03/12, ,
    "You shall not covet your neighbor's wife". The interpretation: There are plenty of men coveting their neighbor's wives, so the practice should be strictly banned to maintain the society's declining morality.

    For many (if not all) human beings, however, making something forbidden only increases i,...
  • Director Bong Joon-ho's Works Shown in US
    2007/03/06, ,
    A special showing of director Bong Joon-ho's works has been held in three US cities of New York, Chicago and San Francisco.
    The Korean Film Council said Monday that it has organized the event to mark the release of Bong's recent film,...
  • PARK Wins Berlin's Alfred Bauer Prize
    2007/02/16, ,
    South Korean auteur Park Chan-wook won the Alfred Bauer Prize, one of the 8 main awards at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival, for his imaginative comedy ",...
  • 57th Berlin Int'l Film Festival Opens
    2007/02/09, ,
    The curtain has risen for the 57th Berlin International Film Festival on Thursday. This year some 370 films have entered the world-famous festival.

    A total of 22 films will compete for the Golden Bear Award for best motion picture, the winner of which will be announced on February 18th.

    The 22,...
  • Strong Korean Showing at Berlin Film Fest
    2007/02/08, ,
    The 57th Berlin Film Festival -- one of the world's three major film events along with those in Cannes and Venice -- opens Thursday and runs to Feb. 18. A total of 373 movies from around the world will be screened during the 10 day run.

    While director,...
  • Korean Presence Strong at 57th Berlin Film Festival
    2007/02/06, ,
    By Paolo Bertolin
    Contributing Writer

    ROME _ After a year when they were excluded from the three main international competitions _ Cannes, Venice, Berlin _ Korean films are set for a dramatic comeback on the international festival circuit in 2007. While new efforts by directors,...
  • Cyborg and Hyazgar To Compete in Berlin
    2007/02/02, ,
    Director Park Chan-wook's latest feature I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK will be screened at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival in the main Competition se,...
  • A Bit Different Take on Women's Desire
    2007/01/23, ,
    By Kim Tae-jong
    Staff Reporter

    Director Gina Kim said her exploration of women's desire continues in her first melodrama movie, "Never Forever".

    "Women's desire was at the cent,...
  • Director's Cut Awards Diversity of Films
    2006/12/28, ,
    The Director's Cut Awards bestowed the Best Director Award upon Hong Sang-soo for the film "Woman on the Beach" (Haebyeonui Yeoin), the film depicts the struggle of relation,...
  • Hong Sang-soo Named Best Director
    2006/12/22, ,
    Hong Sang-soo of "Woman on the Beach" fame was chosen the best director by his peers.

    At the Director's CUT Awards held Thursday evening, Hong was honored with the Best D,...
  • Virgin Goes to Berlin

    2006/12/21, ,
    Korean coming-of-age comedy "Like A Virgin" was officially invited to the Generation 14-Plus Section of the 57th Berlin International Fi,...
  • The World of Silence's Strong Cast

    2006/12/15, ,
    The World of Silence's Strong Cast

    The newly released thriller ",...
  • "Like a Virgin" Invited to Berlin International Film Festival

    2006/12/15, ,
    The Korean film "Like A Virgin" directed by Lee Hae-young was officially invited to the Generation Section of the 57th Berlin Internatio,...
  • Korea at American Film Market
    2006/11/13, ,
    A record total of 85 Korean films were shown at this month's American Film Market (AFM), which ranks along side Cannes as one of the largest of its kind in the world. Most South Korean films this year were entered in AFM in an effort to find foreign buyers.

    Among them were many local hits includi,...
  • Actress takes off mask in 'Woman on the Beach'

    2006/09/13, ,
    Director Kim Jong-hak of Korea's cherished drama "Sandglass" (1995) said that she w,...
  • KOFIC names recipients of subtitle support fund
    2006/09/05, ,
    The Korean Film Council has announced the recipients of the second round of its 2006 Subtitle Translation and Print Production support program. Seven feature films and three short films were selected out of 18 total submissions (15 feature films, 3 short films).

    The program provides funding for t,...
  • This Week's Movie Releases
    2006/09/01, ,
    Time now to check on the week's new releases.
    A Korean romance film and a Japanese sci-fi blockbuster are among what's showing at theaters in Korea.
    But before we get to that there's the first Hollywood remake of a Korean movie.
    Son Heekyung reports.

    "The Lake House", the Hollywood remake of t,...
  • A Mellower Hong Sang-soo

    2006/08/31, ,
    By Kim Tae-jong
    Staff Reporter

    At a glance, director Hong Sang-soo's new film "Woman on the Beach" (Haebyonui Yoin) is another gloomy roma,...
  • Hong Sang-soo's Woman on the Beach

    2006/08/25, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo's next upcoming film is titled Woman on the Beach (Haebyeonui Yeo-in). The film portrays a filmmaker at a beach resort,...
  • Actress Ko Back With First Film

    2006/08/22, ,
    By Kim Tae-jong
    Staff Reporter

    It may still be true that her turbulent marriage to Samsung family member Chung Yong-jin first comes across your mind when you think of actress,...
  • Ko Hyeon-jeong: More at Ease in Her 30s
    2006/08/18, ,
    Ko Hyeon-jeong is to make her big screen debut 16 years after she started acting. The film, "A Woman on the Beach" directed by Hong Sang-soo, goes on release on Aug. 31. Goh told the,...
  • Korean Film Wins Twice at Locarno
    2006/08/17, ,
    South Korean feature Don't Look Back, won both the FIPRESCI and NETPAC awards at the 59th Locarno International Film Festival held August 2 ~ 12 in Switzerland. The debut feature by director KIM Young-nam picked up the International Federatio,...
  • Two films to share KOFIC co-production support
    2006/08/14, ,
    Upcoming films by Bae Hyeong-joon "Once Upon a Time in Seoul", and Jeon Soo-il ("Le regard des ombres") will,...
  • Korean Films Left Out of Global Power Games
    2006/08/13, ,
    By Paolo Bertolin
    Contributing Writer

    While Bong Joon-ho's "The Host" was effortlessly munching one record after another at the domestic box office, the Korean film world has been,...
  • KIM Hae-gon debuts as a director
    2006/07/28, ,
    The upcoming drama "The Unbearable Lightness of Dating (previously titled as: The Face That I Miss) will mark the directorial debut of actor/screenwriter KIM Hae-gon. The male lead in the film is,...
  • Korean Films at Locarno Film Fest
    2006/07/26, ,
    The Swiss 59th Locarno International Film Festival (August 2-12) will feature three Korean films. The three invited Korean films are Teddy ROH's Last Dining Table KIM Young-nam's Don't Look Back, and Digital Short Films by Three Filmmakers 20,...
  • Two More Top Film Fests Await Kim Tae-woo
    2006/07/19, ,
    Discharge from military service is right in front of the nose of 31-year-old Sergeant Kim, but finishing his PhD won't be easy, nor will getting a job. To make matters worse, he learns about his wife's infidelity, plunging him into deep despair. Made up of three short sketches, the final episode of,...
  • Korean Director Bong Grabs World’s Attention with Haunting Film “The Host”
    2006/05/31, ,
    A cutting-edge thriller entitled The Host by the Korean director Bong Joon-ho, was screened on May 21 at the Cannes Film Festival and received good response from audience. The world pr,...
  • Stars from the 1990s back in the game
    2006/05/29, ,
    After more than three years of hiatus, actress Ko So-young is unveiling her ever-attractive self this summer in the horror movie "Apartment" directed by Ahn Byeong-ki.

    The actress, wh,...
  • Korean Films at the 59th Cannes Film Festival
    2006/05/09, ,
    Yoon Jong-bin
    The Unforgiven in Un Certain Regard

    First-time feature director Yoon Jong-bin makes his international,...
  • Hong Sang-soo Shoots 7th Feature
    2006/04/25, ,
    Prominent Korean art-house auteur, Hong Sang-soo began shooting his seventh feature film "Woman on the Beach" this month. The director is widely appreciated internationally with retrospectives of his work held in France, throughout the US, an,...
  • Bed Scenes
    2006/04/18, ,
    by Seung-Jae Lee

    "Oh, it's scary to even think about it. I doubt that it's something that is likely to happen just because the director wants it".

    On the afternoon of April 17, in the Aston House at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul, this was the response of,...
  • Ko Hyeon-jeong to Debut on Big Screen
    2006/04/18, ,
    By Bae Keun-min
    Staff Reporter

    Actress Ko Hyeon-jeong will appear on the big screen this fall.

    Director Hong Sang-soo began shooting his seventh film last week, "Woman on the B,...
  • Ko Hyeon-jeong Poised for Belated Big-Screen Debut
    2006/04/17, ,
    Ko Hyeon-jeong, still aglow from her comeback on SBS drama Spring Days last year after ending her marriage, is now set to make her debut on the big screen 10 years after she start,...
  • Korean Film Directors series published by KOFIC
    2006/04/04, ,
    To increase the international standing of Korean film directors and to promote the international circulation of Korean films, KOFIC announces the publication of the first three books in the Korean Film Directors series. By publishing this series, KOFIC aims to help Korean films and Korean film direc,...
  • What nude scenes mean for actresses
    2006/03/27, ,
    Just two decades ago, it was rare for movie fans to see actresses do nude scenes because of strict censorship and most stars were hesitant about undressing for the camera.

    But as the domestic moviemaking trend took an innovative turn towards liberal expression, nude scenes no longer made much new,...
  • Top Actresses to Appear on Big Screen
    2006/03/24, ,
    Korea's top three actresses, Ko So-young, Ko Hyeon-jeong and Choi Jin-sil, will all appear on the big screen.

  • Korean-Chinese Director Wins Grand Prix at Cinema Novo Film Festival
    2006/03/22, ,
    Korean-Chinese director Zhang Lu's "Grain in Ear" won the grand prix in the competition category at the Cinema Novo Film Festival in Belgium that ended on March 17, according to Dongsoong Art Center, the distributor of the film, on Tuesday.

  • NHK Asian Film Festival to present the film "Don't Look Back" starring actor Kim Tae-woo
    2005/12/27, ,
    Japan's broadcaster NHK awarded "The Asian Filmmaker of the year" at "The 10th Pusan International Film Festival" holds "The 6th NHK Asian Film Festival" biennially in Tokyo Shibuya NHK Hall from 17th to 25th Dec.

    NHK Asian Film Festival started to commemorate the 100th anniversary of film birth,...
  • Local Films With English Subtitles
    2005/10/06, ,
    Tale of Cinema (Kukjangjon)

    Seoul Selection Bookstore

    Saturday at noon

    Directed by Hong Sang-soo, the film revolves around film director Tong-su who runs into a young woman as he leaves a movie theater and realizes that she is the st,...
  • 8 Korean Films Invited to 49th "The Times London Film Festival"
    2005/09/15, ,
    Eight Korean films, including "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" (directed by Park Chan-wook), have been invited to the 49th "The Times London Film Festival" (LFF) to be held in Britain from Oct. 20 to Nov. 4.

    According to the list of films in,...
  • Seoul Film Festival Opens Thursday
    2005/09/01, ,
    The sixth Seoul Film Festival on Thursday began an eight-day run.

    The event's homepage said the festival will showcase 175 movies from 24 countries in three categories: imagination, affinity and transformation.

    The opening film "World Mirror Cinema: Episodes 1-3" by Austrian director Gustav De,...
  • DMC Pusan to hold a special screening of filmmaker Hong Sang-soo's films
    2005/06/26, ,
    DMC Pusan ( http://www.diamondcinema.co.kr ) holds a special screening of filmmaker Hong Sang-soo's films in step with his cinema Keuk Jang Jeon (Tale of Cinema)'s release on July 1-14.

    During the period of this special screening, the whol,...
  • Film director Hong Sang-soo: Depicting unreal reality
    2005/06/01, ,
    At the 58th Cannes festival this year, a total of eight Korean movies competed with their foreign rivals. The Korean films included Hong Sang-soo's "Tale of Cinema", Kim Jee-woon's "A B,...
  • Director Hong to Take Part in Q & A Session
    2005/05/31, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo will hold a question-and-answer session to talk about his latest film "Tale of Cinema".

    The session will take place at Cinecube Theater at Kwanghwamun, downtown Seoul at 7 p.m. on Friday.

    "Tale of Cinema", Hong's,...
  • Truth, Fiction Mingle in 'Cinema'
    2005/05/26, ,
    By Shim Sun-ah
    Yonhap News Agency

    People are usually surprised when they find themselves unconsciously behaving or speaking like their close friends.

    In his fourth film "On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate", director,...
  • 'Tale of Cinema': analysis of film-reality interaction
    2005/05/25, ,
    People are usually surprised when they find themselves unconsciously behaving or speaking like their close friends.

    In his fourth film "On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate", director-screenwriter Hong Sang-soo subtly depicted h,...
  • 'Tale of Cinema' Star Looks Back at Cannes Fest
    2005/05/25, ,
    By Shim Sun-ah
    Yonhap News Agency

    Film actor Kim Sang-kyeong calls himself a fatalist. Believing all events are predetermined by destiny, he does not like to make any plans in advance _ about his work, marriage, anything.

    So he says,...
  • Highs, Lows for Korean Films at Cannes Fest
    2005/05/24, ,
    By Paolo Bertolin
    Contributing Writer

    CANNES, France - Registering a record presence of six full-length features invited to all official selections and one short competing in the Cinefondation, Korean cinema was set to fete another great year at the outset of the 58 th Cannes Film Festival.

  • The New York Film Festival to invite director Hong Sang-soo again
    2005/05/23, ,
    The New York Film Festival, which invited 'Woman is the future of man' directed by Hong Sang-soo last year, invites again his new production 'Keuk Jang Jeon(Tale of Cinema)' to its Film Festival, scheduled to be held in this fall.

    'Keuk Ja,...
  • The 7th Taipei Film Festival to invite The late Korean actress Lee Eun-joo's posthumous cinema 'The Scarlet Letter'
    2005/05/23, ,
    The late Korean actress Lee Eun-joo's posthumous cinema 'The Scarlet Letter' is invited to the 7th Taipei Film Festival, scheduled to raise a curtain on June 25.

    The Taipei Film Festival is an annual multi-cultural event containing film fest,...
  • 'Korean Wave' break on Cannes
    2005/05/17, ,
    Korean films are faring well at this year's Cannes film market, with European countries showing a special interest in Korean cinema.

    Bae Yong-joon's upcoming melodrama "April Snow" and horror movie,...
  • Art Films Look for Different Ways to Stay in Theaters
    2005/05/16, ,
    By Kim Tae-jong
    Staff Reporter

    How long a feature film will remain in the theaters is usually decided by its box-office performance in its first week. A weak showing means a film will quickly be pushed out of the theaters by potentially more lucrative movies.

    Recently, some art film directo,...
  • Keuk Jang Jeon(Tale of Cinema) to release in 30 screens nationwide
    2005/05/15, ,
    Keuk Jang Jeon(Tale of Cinema) directed by Hong Sang-soo, which made inroads into the 58th Cannes Film Festival this year, is released in 30 screens nationwide on the forthcoming May 27.

    This cinema, in which director Hong is assessed to s,...
  • Symmetry, Morose and Drunk: Cannes Just Loves This Korean
    2005/05/12, ,
    Hong Sang-soo Film in Surprise Cannes Invite
    The 58th Cannes International Film Festival on Thursday kicked off 12 days of movie mania in the southern French resort town with Dominik Moll's "Lemming".

    Featured prominently once again is Ca,...
  • Asian Films Compete at Cannes
    2005/05/11, ,
    By Kim Tae-jong
    Staff Reporter

    Eight local films will be among the Asian films heading to the 58th Cannes Film Festival, taking part in competition and non-competition categories from May 11-22 and presents 53 films from 28 countries.

    "Tale of Cinema (Kukjangjon)" directed by,...
  • "Cinema Story" Invited to Compete at Cannes
    2005/05/04, ,
    Director Hong Sang-soo's new movie "Cinema Story" - "Tale of Cinema" became the only Korean film to be invited to the competition division of the 58th Cannes Film Festival, which kicks off on May 11. According to Cannes Film Festival officia,...
  • Hong Sang-soo Film in Surprise Cannes Invite
    2005/05/04, ,
    Korean director Hong Sang-soo's "Keuk Jang Jeon" (Tale of Cinema) has garnered a surprise invitation to the competition of the 58th Cannes International Film Festival. The film appeared on a list of additional entries announced Wednesday, bri,...
  • Hong Sang-soo's New Film Invited to Cannes Fest
    2005/05/04, ,
    By Kim Ki-tae
    Staff Reporter

    Filmmaker Hong Sang-soo's latest film "Tale of Cinema (Kukchangjon)" received a surprise invitation to the competition section of the Cannes Film Festival just about a week before the festival opens.

  • "Le Parisien" Introduces Two S. Korean Movies as N. Korean Films
    2005/04/06, ,
    Le Parisien, a leading French daily alongside the respected Le Monde, has introduced two South Korean movies, "A Good Lawyer's Wife" directed by Lim Sang-soo and "Woman Is the Future of Man" directed by,...
  • 'Possible Changes' shows gloomy life of 2 men
    2005/03/19, ,
    Can we really change? Are we allowed to embrace changes in everyday life? Is there really a way out in this confusing era where morality, sexuality and values get entangled in a way that defies clear judgment calls?

    "Possible Changes", released yesterday, tackles such bewildering questions by zoo,...
  • Sensitive 'Girl' Quietly Charms
    2005/03/11, ,
    By Philip Dorsey Iglauer
    Contributing Writer

    "Yeojah, Jeong-hye (This Charming Girl)" begins with the heroine (Kim Ji-soo) cleaning the patio of her home, tending and watering her plants, delicately wiping the floor. Jeong-hye, 29, works at,...
  • Top Actress's Suicide Shocks Nation
    2005/02/22, ,
    Lee Eun-joo, who shot to fame with her roles in the TV drama "Firebird" and the film "Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War", hanged herself in her apartment on Tuesday. She was 25. Lee's brother alerted police after discovering her lifeless body at,...
  • Local Filmmaker Wins Critics Prize at Rotterdam
    2005/02/06, ,
    By Paolo Bertolin
    Korea Times Correspondent

    ROTTERDAM - Local filmmaker Whang Cheol-mean won a prize awarded by film critics at the closing ceremony of the 34th International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) on Friday.

    Whang received the FIRPRESCI Prize, given by an organization of internationa,...
  • Co-productions Open Doors to Overseas Market
    2005/01/03, ,
    By Kim Tae-jong
    Staff Reporter

    With the unprecedented commercial success of local films in recent years, international studios are showing more and more interest in co-production projects with Korean movie companies.

    "The number of co-productions is definitely on the increase", said Soh Eun-s,...
  • Women have say on what they see
    2004/11/25, ,
    November 25, 2004 ㅡ There is a scene from the film "Silmido" in which two South Korean soldiers slip off base and rape a civilian nurse. The underlying notion behind the scene was to highlight the grueling conditions suffered by "Unit 684", a group of Army recruits who underwent intense train,...
  • Feminists Moviegoers Hand Out Awards to Local Film
    2004/11/17, ,
    By Kim Tae-jong
    Staff Reporter

    According to a recent survey, Hong Sang-soo's "Yoja-nun Namja-ui Miraeda (Woman is the Future of Man)" has been selected as the most dishonorable local film in terms of its depiction of women.

    An onli,...
  • Two English-subtitled film festivals for expats in Korea
    2004/11/01, ,
    Korean movies are riding a wave of popularity, with noticible artistic and commercial appeal brought on by a new generation of stylish directors grabbing prizes in major international film festivals. For foreign residents in Korea, two events provide a chance to enjoy some quality offerings - with E,...
  • Local Features to Screen With English Subtitles
    2004/10/24, ,
    By Joon Soh
    Staff Reporter

    If you want to get a free crash course in contemporary Korean cinema, check out the Korea Film Archive all next week.

    Twelve critically acclaimed feature films from the past five years, along with 13 short films, will be shown for five days beginning Nov. 1 at th,...
  • New wave
    2004/10/21, ,
    From The Economist print edition

    Young, accomplished and original

    EVERY ten or so years, a new country seems to take the lead in ground-breaking cinema. After the second world war, Italian neo-realists had the field; in the 1960s it was the French new wave. More recently, in the 1990s, China d,...
  • [Local Films With English Subtitles]
    2004/10/15, ,
    ■ Kodogi Momburichilddae (Sweet Sixties) (2004)
    Seoul Selection Bookstore
    Saturday at noon
    In this comedy, seven funny old men and women are engaged in a series of brawls and romance in the agricultural fishing village of Mulgon-ri in southeastern Korea. Bae Jung-dal (Ju Hyeon) has two amb,...
  • New York Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Korean Film
    2004/10/15, ,
    On the heels of a newfound interest in Korean films abroad, cinematic masterpieces from Korea will be presented in New York. The Film Society of the Lincoln Center would hold a special event commemorating 60 years of Korean film, from Nov. 12 though Dec. 7, the Korean Culture Service in New York sai,...
  • Korean film "TaeGukgi" popular in U.S.
    2004/10/10, ,
    The Korean film, "TaeGukgi" (The Brotherhood of War), which is competing in the race for the U.S. Academy Awards' nomination for best foreign film for the first time among Korean movies, earned $1 million in ticket sales at box offices in the United States. The record was made in just four weeks aft,...
  • [Local Films With English Subtitles]
    2004/10/08, ,
    ■ Uri Hyong (My Brother) (2004)
    Cine Core Theater
    Once daily from Oct. 8
    "My Brother", directed by An Gwon-tae, portrays the conflict and reconciliation of two very different brothers. Jong-hyon, a tough trouble-making but nevertheless comic and handsome character (,...
  • Pusan film fest pursues cinema diversity
    2004/10/05, ,
    The Pusan International Film Festival will kick off its much-touted nine-day run Thursday, featuring 266 films from 63 countries - the most in the festival's nine-year history.
    Organizers said they have put much emphasis on the diversity in international cinema, screening more works from Africa, L,...
  • Pusan Film Fest Puts Focus on Diversity
    2004/09/14, ,
    By Joon Soh
    Staff Reporter

    In a year when major European festivals have gone Hollywood in a big way, the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF), Asia's biggest cinema event, will continue to go the other direction, emphasizing the diversity in international cinema more than in previous years,...
  • 266 Films from 63 Nations Await Fans at PIFF
    2004/09/14, ,
    The invited films, guest people and official program of the Pusan (also spelled Busan) International Film Festival were revealed to the public Monday. The festival is known as the most dynamic film festival in Asia.
    This year's PIFF will be the largest festival ever and 266 films from 63 different,...
  • Chronology of Korean Winners at International Film Festivals
    2004/09/12, ,
    Park Chan-wook, Jury Grand Prix for "Old Boy", Cannes Film Festival in 2004
    Kim Ki-duk, Best Director for "Samaria", Berlin International Film Festival in 2004

  • Wide spectrum of Korean films invited to Vancouver
    2004/08/30, ,
    The 23rd edition of the Vancouver International Film Festival in Canada will feature a wide selection of Korean films in their "Dragons & Tigers: The Cinemas of East Asia" program, including two features in competition.

    The two films that will compete for the Dragons & Tigers Award are Fade Into,...
  • [Local and Foreign Films With English Subtitles]
    2004/08/27, ,
    Of the 14 films to be presented in the retrospective, six films _ "La Strada", (1954) "Nights of Cabiria" (1957), "La Dolce Vita" (1960), "Julia of the Spirits" (1965), "Casanova" (1976) and "Ginger and Fred" (1986) _ will be either in English or with English subtitles. Another six films will be scr,...
  • Korean Film Export Results from the first half of 2004
    2004/08/02, ,
    As can be witnessed from the Korean film export results of the first half of 2004, exports are in the ascension, continuing on from 2003. According to the Korean Film Council(KOFIC)'s accumulated statistics based on data from international sales companies, 111 Korean films were exported to 39 countr,...
  • Local Films Get Mixed Reaction at Cannes
    2004/05/19, ,
    By Paolo Bertolin
    Special Correspondent

    CANNES, France - Both Korean films competing at the Cannes Film Festival, Park Chan-wook's "Old Boy" and Hong Sang-soo's "Yoja-nun Namja-u,...
  • Cannes Warms to Int'l Productions
    2004/05/16, ,
    A movie fan holds a banner seeking a ticket for Director Park Chan-wook's "Old Boy", ahead of the screening of the Korean blockbuster, at the 57th International Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, Saturday. /Yonhap

    As we enter t,...
  • 'Old Boy', 'Woman' Get Ready to Vie at Cannes
    2004/05/13, ,
    By Paolo Bertolin
    Special Correspondent
    CANNES, France - The gala opening of the 57th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, which took place on Wednesday, put the spotlight for the first time on a Spanish film, Pedro Almodà³var's already controversial "La Mala Educacià³n (Bad Education)", a semi-a,...
  • Korean Movies Compete at Cannes Film Festival
    2004/05/13, ,
    The Cannes Film Festival began its annual showcase of movie extravaganzas and lavish parties.
    This year two Korean productions are in competition at the Festival.

    Korean movies are winning global recognition from international film festivals. As a telltale sign, two films, 'Old Boy' and 'Woman,...
  • `President's Barber' Opens Big
    2004/05/12, ,
    "Hyoja-dong Ibalsa (The President's Barber)", about an ordinary barber who comes to cut the hair of President Park Chung-hee, was the top choice for Seoul moviegoers over the weekend.
    The film, starring Song Gang-ho as a barber whose life becomes intertwined with the politics of the 1960s and 1970s,...
  • Korean Films Strike Cannes
    2004/05/11, ,
    Will Korean movies strike the 2004 Cannes Film Festival with a new wave?
    Opening the festival with Pedro Almodovar's "Bad Education" on Wednesday, the event announces this year's award winning films and directors at its close on May 23. A distinguishing fact of this year's 57th Cannes Film Festiva,...
  • Hong Sang-soo Poised to Reap Next Big Success
    2004/05/09, ,
    The auteurist director Hong Sang-soo has earned the brand name of "Hong Sang-soo style" and received applause and attention from critics through his works from "A Day When a Pig Fell i,...
  • `Woman' Puts Past in Its Painful Place
    2004/05/06, ,
    By Joon Soh
    Staff Reporter

    Smart, literate and subtly funny, Hong Sang-soo's "Yojanun Namja-ui Miraeda (Woman Is the Future of Man)" is the latest incarnation of the director's vivid and often unflattering portrayals of how we fumble th,...
  • 'Woman is the Future of Man' lays bare twisted human nature
    2004/05/04, ,
    Hong Sang-soo, one of Korea's most celebrated filmmakers, enjoys laying bare the way human nature becomes twisted. His latest film, "Woman is the Future of Man", is no exception, though it subtly departs from his previous works in terms of st,...
  • Woman is the Future of Man?
    2004/04/27, ,
    by Seung-Jae Lee

    The Woman's Past-

    "Why are you late?" (Heon-joon)

    "I was dragged to a motel (by an upperclassman). I was raped there". (Seon-hwa)

    "You can only become clean again by having sex with me. You know that, right?" (Heon-joon)

    "I want to be clean. Make me clean". (,...
  • Two Korean movies selected for the Cannes Film Festival
    2004/04/22, ,
    Old Boy by Park Chan-wook and La Femme est l'Avenir de l'Homme (Woman is the Future of Man) by Hong Sang-soo have been selected to compete in the main section of the 57th Cannes Film,...
  • `Old Boy' Joins `Woman' at Cannes Film Festival
    2004/04/21, ,
    By Joon Soh
    Staff Reporter
    "Old Boy", a film about an ordinary man who gets kidnapped and placed in a cell for no reason will be screening in the competition section of the 57th Cannes Film Festival, the second local film to be invited this year.

    "Old Boy", directed by,...
  • Two Korean films headed to Cannes
    2004/04/21, ,
    Choi Min-shik in a scene from the movie "Old Boy".
    The new feature film by director Hong Sang-soo and "Oldboy" by Park Chan-wook will compete at the 57th Cannes Film Festival in Fra,...
  • 57th Cannes Film Festival Features Several Korean Movies
    2004/04/20, ,
    The 57th Cannes Film Festival, which opens on May 12th in France, is expected to be a feast of Korean movies.
    "A Woman is the Future of a Man", directed by Hong Sang-soo, was chosen to participate in the competition. The "the Woods of Spide,...
  • Cannes to Officially Invite Hong Sang-soo's New Film
    2004/04/19, ,
    Cannes to Officially Invite Hong Sang-soo's New Film The new feature film by local auteur Hong Sang-soo will receive an official invitation to the renowned Cannes Film Festival in Fran,...
  • 50 Years of Korean Cinema to Screen
    2003/12/22, ,
    Spanning over half a century of Korean film history, a comprehensive retrospective of local feature films will take place in Seoul next month. And the good thing is you won't need to speak Korean to take part in the event.

    Titled "Panorama: 50 years of Korean Cinema", the festival will screen 54,...
  • Eleven Korean features to screen at Vancouver
    2003/09/19, ,
    Eleven feature films and five short films from Korea will screen in the upcoming Vancouver International Film Festival, scheduled to take place from 25 September to October 10. Programmed by British film critic Tony RAYNS, the selection features a wide range of critically acclaimed arthouse work and,...
  • Turning Gate and Oasis awarded at Brisbane
    2003/08/12, ,
    Korean films won two of the three major awards presented at the 12th Brisbane International Film Festival, which was held from July 29 to August 10 in Australia. HONG Sang-soo's Turning Gate was presented with the FIPRESCI award, which is the,...

Hong Sang-soo |

 : Hong Se-eun (홍세은) : Hong Sang-pyo (홍상표)|
Hill of Freedom DVD (En Sub)
Hill of Freedom DVD (En Sub)
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well DVD (En Sub)
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well DVD (En Sub)
Our Sunhi Blu-ray (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
Our Sunhi Blu-ray (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
Our Sunhi DVD (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
Our Sunhi DVD (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well Blu-ray (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well Blu-ray (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
In Another Country + Nobody's Daughter Haewon (Blu-ray) (2-Disc) (Limited Edition)
In Another Country + Nobody's Daughter Haewon (Blu-ray) (2-Disc) (Limited Edition)
The Power of Kangwon Province Blu-ray (En Sub)
The Power of Kangwon Province Blu-ray (En Sub)
Nobody's Daughter Haewon DVD (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
Nobody's Daughter Haewon DVD (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors Blu-ray (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors Blu-ray (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
Night and Day DVD (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
Night and Day DVD (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
Night and Day Blu-ray (Normal Edition) (En Sub)
Night and Day Blu-ray (Normal Edition) (En Sub)
Woman is the Future of Man Blu-ray (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
Woman is the Future of Man Blu-ray (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
Night and Day Blu-ray (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
Night and Day Blu-ray (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate Blu-ray (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate Blu-ray (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
Oki's Movie Blu-ray (En Sub)
Oki's Movie Blu-ray (En Sub)
The Day He Arrives Blu-ray (En Sub)
The Day He Arrives Blu-ray (En Sub)
In Another Country DVD (First Press Limited Edition)  (En Sub)
In Another Country DVD (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)
Night and Day DVD (US) (En Sub)
Night and Day DVD (US) (En Sub)
Night and Day DVD US (En Sub)
Night and Day DVD US (En Sub)
The Day He Arrives DVD (En Sub)
The Day He Arrives DVD (En Sub)
Oki's Movie DVD First Press Edition (En Sub)
Oki's Movie DVD First Press Edition (En Sub)
Ha Ha Ha DVD First Press Edition (En Sub)
Ha Ha Ha DVD First Press Edition (En Sub)
Visitors DVD First Press Edition (En Sub)
Visitors DVD First Press Edition (En Sub)
Like You Know It All DVD First Press Edition (En Sub)
Like You Know It All DVD First Press Edition (En Sub)
Collection DVD
Collection DVD
Woman on the Beach DVD US (En Sub)
Woman on the Beach DVD US (En Sub)
Woman on the Beach DVD (Single Disc) (En Sub)
Woman on the Beach DVD (Single Disc) (En Sub)
Korean Film Director Biography (English)
Korean Film Director Biography (English)
On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate DVD (US) (En Sub)
On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate DVD (US) (En Sub)
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well DVD (En Sub)
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well DVD (En Sub)
DVD Collection
DVD Collection
Tale of Cinema DVD (En Sub)
Tale of Cinema DVD (En Sub)
Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors DVD (US) (En Sub)
Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors DVD (US) (En Sub)
Coffret DVD (FR) - La Trilogie Hong Sang Soo - Le Jour où le cochon est tombé dans le puits, Le pouvoir de la province de Kangwon, La vierge mise à nu par ses prétendants
Coffret DVD (FR) - La Trilogie Hong Sang Soo - Le Jour où le cochon est tombé dans le puits, Le pouvoir de la province de Kangwon, La vierge mise à nu par ses prétendants
Woman is the Future of Man DVD (En Sub)
Woman is the Future of Man DVD (En Sub)
On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate DVD (En Sub)
On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate DVD (En Sub)
The Power of Kangwon Province DVD (En Sub)
The Power of Kangwon Province DVD (En Sub)
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well DVD (En Sub)
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well DVD (En Sub)
Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors DVD (En Sub)
Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors DVD (En Sub)

Hong Sang-soo |

 : Hong Se-eun (홍세은) : Hong Sang-pyo (홍상표)|
  • Hong Sang-soo's picture
    Hong Sang-soo
  • Hong Sang-soo's picture
    Hong Sang-soo
  • Hong Sang-soo's picture
    Hong Sang-soo
  • Hong Sang-soo's picture
    Hong Sang-soo
  • Hong Sang-soo's picture
    Hong Sang-soo
  • Hong Sang-soo's picture
    Hong Sang-soo
  • Hong Sang-soo's picture
    Hong Sang-soo
  • Hong Sang-soo's picture
    Hong Sang-soo
SmallestSmallMedium ,

Hong Sang-soo

Hong Sang-soo |

 : Hong Se-eun (홍세은) : Hong Sang-pyo (홍상표)|
Right Now, Wrong Then
Right Now, Wrong Then
(Movie, 2015)
Hill of Freedom
Hill of Freedom
(Movie, 2014)
자유의 언덕
Nobody's Daughter Haewon
Nobody's Daughter Haewon
(Movie, 2013)
누구의 딸도 아닌 해원
Yourself and Yours
Yourself and Yours
(Movie, 2016)
당신 자신과 당신의 것
Right Now, Wrong Then
Right Now, Wrong Then
(Movie, 2015)
Hill of Freedom
Hill of Freedom
(Movie, 2014)
자유의 언덕
Our Sunhi
Our Sunhi
(Movie, 2013)
우리 선희
Nobody's Daughter Haewon
Nobody's Daughter Haewon
(Movie, 2013)
누구의 딸도 아닌 해원
In Another Country
In Another Country
(Movie, 2012)
다른 나라에서
The Day He Arrives
The Day He Arrives
(Movie, 2011)
북촌 방향
Oki's Movie
Oki's Movie
(Movie, 2010)
옥희의 영화
Ha Ha Ha
Ha Ha Ha
(Movie, 2009)
하하하 - 夏夏夏
(Movie, 2009)
어떤 방문
Like You Know It All
Like You Know It All
(Movie, 2008)
잘 알지도 못하면서
Night and Day
Night and Day
(Movie, 2008)
밤과 낮
Woman on the Beach
Woman on the Beach
(Movie, 2006)
해변의 여인
Tale of Cinema
Tale of Cinema
(Movie, 2005)
Woman is the Future of Man
Woman is the Future of Man
(Movie, 2004)
여자는 남자의 미래다
On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate
On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate
(Movie, 2001)
생활의 발견
Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors
Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors
(Movie, 2000)
오! 수정
The Power of Kangwon Province
The Power of Kangwon Province
(Movie, 1998)
강원도의 힘
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well
(Movie, 1996)
돼지가 우물에 빠진 날
Right Now, Wrong Then
Right Now, Wrong Then
(Movie, 2015)
Hill of Freedom
Hill of Freedom
(Movie, 2014)
자유의 언덕
Our Sunhi
Our Sunhi
(Movie, 2013)
우리 선희
Nobody's Daughter Haewon
Nobody's Daughter Haewon
(Movie, 2013)
누구의 딸도 아닌 해원
In Another Country
In Another Country
(Movie, 2012)
다른 나라에서
The Day He Arrives
The Day He Arrives
(Movie, 2011)
북촌 방향
Oki's Movie
Oki's Movie
(Movie, 2010)
옥희의 영화
Ha Ha Ha
Ha Ha Ha
(Movie, 2009)
하하하 - 夏夏夏
Like You Know It All
Like You Know It All
(Movie, 2008)
잘 알지도 못하면서
Night and Day
Night and Day
(Movie, 2008)
밤과 낮
Woman on the Beach
Woman on the Beach
(Movie, 2006)
해변의 여인
Tale of Cinema
Tale of Cinema
(Movie, 2005)
Woman is the Future of Man
Woman is the Future of Man
(Movie, 2004)
여자는 남자의 미래다
On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate
On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate
(Movie, 2001)
생활의 발견
Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors
Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors
(Movie, 2000)
오! 수정
The Power of Kangwon Province
The Power of Kangwon Province
(Movie, 1998)
강원도의 힘
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well
(Movie, 1996)
돼지가 우물에 빠진 날

Hong Sang-soo | | Suggest a video

 : Hong Se-eun (홍세은) : Hong Sang-pyo (홍상표)|

Hong Sang-soo | | Suggest a link

 : Hong Se-eun (홍세은) : Hong Sang-pyo (홍상표)|

Hong Sang-soo |

 : Hong Se-eun (홍세은) : Hong Sang-pyo (홍상표)|




Hong Sang-soo (홍상수)

 : Hong Se-eun (홍세은) : Hong Sang-pyo (홍상표)|

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