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More Victims of Online Abuse Turn to Police

Source | 2016/05/22 | | Permalink

Last year saw a marked rise in people who filed criminal complaints over online abuse and slander. While some of the victims were famous, many others were ordinary, often young people who got caught up in vicious trolling.

Online fraud using the pictures of others was also rampant...More

Singer-Turned-Artist Accused of Contracting Out 'His' Work

Source | 2016/05/22 | | Permalink

Singer-turned-artist Cho Young-nam is knee-deep in controversy over the authenticity of his artworks after claims that someone else paints his paintings.

Prosecutors on Monday started investigating the 71-year old after a man claimed he painted more than 300 artworks for Cho over the last eight years...More

[HanCinema's Korea Diaries] "Jincheon" May 4th-5th

2016/05/20 | | Permalink

Flying into Cheongju from Jeju Island en route to Seoul, I had two choices. The sensible choice was to go to Cheongju and find some other nice subway-connected interpoint to get to Seoul. The second choice was to stumble around like an idiot through the rural countryside. I chose the latter. Don't let the tourist maps at the airport fool you- Jincheon County (진천군) is not easily reachable from the Cheongju Airport. In general it's not really traversable at all except by car. And for what? To see Kim Yu-sin's placental chamber?...More

Koo Hye-seon and Ahn Jae-hyeon to take wedding pictures in Jeju

Source | 2016/05/09 | | Permalink

Koo Hye-seon and Ahn Jae-hyeon are getting their wedding pictures taken in Jeju Island. Their wedding is also going to be simple.

The two are heading to Jeju Island on May 9th and pictures will be taken on the 10th...More

[HanCinema's Korea Diaries] "Gangjeong" April 22nd-24th

2016/05/06 | | Permalink

At long last, HanCinema's first film festival visited on the road! Up until recently I was living in Seoul and limited in options for what film festivals I could and could not cover. That life decision is over and done with, so I was free to impulsively grab a plane ticket to Jeju Island. I was prompted after learning that Gangjeong, the small Jeju village embroiled in a constant war with the South Korean government over an unwanted military base, would be holding its first ever International Peace Film Festival this year. I first heard about this struggle in the documentary "Mira Story" and have been keenly interested ever since...More

[Photos] Song Joong-ki's 4 summer cuts

Source | 2016/05/03 | | Permalink

Song Joong-ki shot a summer collection with a clothing brand.

The 4 pictures of Song Joong-ki in summer wear were released on the 4th...More

Kim Yoo-jeong, "Do you want to go on a spring trip?"

Source | 2016/05/03 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Yoo-jeong who is getting prettier by the day is out with a spring travel collection.

This collection was taken with a casual bag brand and it's all pastel and fresh like the spring weather...More

"Mirror of the Witch" Moon Ga-yeong, elegant warrior

Source | 2016/05/02 | | Permalink

Actress Moon Ga-yeong is coming to the public as an elegant warrior in the new JTBC drama "Mirror of the Witch".

She takes on the role of Sol-gae, a warrior and friend to Poong-yeon (Kwak Si-yang)...More

[Photos] Lee Tae-im in skin-tight rash guard

Source | 2016/05/02 | | Permalink

Actress Lee Tae-im was spotted in the middle of an advertisement.

In the picture, Lee Tae-im is wearing skin-tight rash guards, showing off her flawless body...More

[Photos] Just how appealing is Song Joong-ki?

Source | 2016/05/01 | | Permalink

Song Joong-ki was spotted in an ad for cosmetics.

This French cosmetic brand released films of Song Joong-ki on the 2nd...More

[HanCinema's Korea Diaries] "Seogwipo" April 16th-18th

2016/04/29 | | Permalink

Located on the southern tip of Jeju, Seogwipo (서귀포) is the only other location on the island which can really be called a city. Technically the entire southern half of Jeju is Seogwipo, just as the entire northern half of Jeju is Jeju City, but for the sake of argument the current run of articles is going to focus only on the city of Seogwipo- to the extent it can really be called a city at all. Tourist-directed though the local industry may be, the area is very quiet and peaceful. Even random schoolyards radiate a sort of quiet majesty...More

Three issues about Song Hye-kyo's image rights

Source | 2016/04/28 | | Permalink

The battle between Song Hye-kyo and the jewelry brand J. Estina is intense. Song Hye-kyo sued J. Estina for using her image without notice in March and both sides are radical. The core of this situation is image rights.

As the issue got heated up, J. Estina claimed that it understands how Hallyu contents influences national finance and that it respects the actress and her company. However, that doesn't mean the issue has died down. Sports Dong A took a look at three issues related to this case...More

Lee Dong-wook and Jo Yoon-hee's "My Bodyguard"

Source | 2016/04/27 | | Permalink

Actors Lee Dong-wook and Jo Yoon-hee are encouraging the public to view "My Bodyguard".

King Kong Entertainment released behind-the-scenes cuts of the making of "My Bodyguard" which feature Lee Dong-wook and Jo Yoon-hee as the MCs. A footage of them encouraging people to watch the show on Naver TV Cast came up together...More

[Photos] Every beautiful moment, Sin Min-ah

Source | 2016/04/27 | | Permalink

Actress Sin Min-ah was featured in the fashion magazine ELLE.

Sin Min-ah posed as many different colors of herself under the title 'THE MUSE FOR NOW': Sin Min-ah right before she goes on stage, Sin Min-ah who sits on the climax of the stage, the lovely and refined Sin Min-ah backstage and Sin Min-ah as herself...More

"Entertainers" Ji Seong and Kang Min-hyuk in a delicate situation

Source | 2016/04/27 | | Permalink

Ji Seong was spotted crying with a dazed look on his face.

Stills of Ji Seong (Sin Seok-ho) and Kang Min-hyuk (Ha-neul) from the SBS drama "Entertainers" were released on the 27th...More

[Photos] "The Wailing" Kwak Do-won, Hwang Jeong-min and Cheon Woo-hee's impressive collaboration

Source | 2016/04/25 | | Permalink

Hwang Jeong-min, Kwak Do-won and Cheon Woo-hee collaborated in director Na Hong-jin's third movie, "The Wailing".

"The Wailing" is the story of people who get mysteriously tangled up with each other after amidst strange happenings and rumors ever since the appearance of a foreign being...More

[Photos] Kim Seong-ryeong, "It makes me feel good to know people want to age like me"

Source | 2016/04/24 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Seong-ryeong is the essence of a 'girl crush'.

The "Mrs. Cop 2" actress Kim Seong-ryeong modeled for the style magazine J Look...More

[HanCinema's Korea Diaries] "Jeju City" April 12th-13th

2016/04/22 | | Permalink

In anticipation of the 1st International Peace Film Festival in Gangjeong (which starts today), I impulsively grabbed a plane ticket to Jeju. From inside Korea traveling to Jeju is actually quite cheap. Although maybe it just seems like that because April is an off season. I can see why. For most of these early days spent in Jeju City, the weather was pretty balmy, with nary a fluffy white cloud to be seen in the blue sky. Still, I have to admit that from atop the many mountain parks that dot the landscape, the coastline looks pretty cool in any climate...More

Joo Ji-hoon, "Rumors with Son Ga-in not action"

Source | 2016/04/20 | | Permalink

Actor Joo Ji-hoon spoke out about the rumors related to him and Son Ga-in.

Key East claimed that the pictures and rumors regarding Joo Ji-hoon and Son Ga-in that have been going around online aren't true...More

[Photos] Park Shin-hye in movie "Brother" because of Do Kyeong-soo

Source | 2016/04/19 | | Permalink

Park Shin-hye was featured in W Korea. The pictures were taken in Paris when she attended the 2016 F/W Chanel show.

Park Shin-hye pulled of the Paris in Rome collection very well. She usually dresses low-tone but this is the most striking fashion she's ever worn...More

[Photos] Song Joong-ki's fan meeting, 'Shines on his own'

Source | 2016/04/17 | | Permalink

Song Joong-ki took off the uniform and had a fan meeting.

The fan meeting was held on the 17th of April with 4,000 or so fans. Thanks to much support, the event took 30 minutes longer than planned...More

[HanCinema's Korea Diaries] "Seoul" April 5th-11th

2016/04/16 | | Permalink

I had lots of reasons for going back to Seoul even though I didn't especially want to- the one I most want to discuss is the Chunsa Film Art Awards. Because I have pictures, you see, of Yoo Ah-in getting all misty-eyed as he accepts his top acting prize for "The Throne". Really, the man seemed absolutely touched that he actually won. Which seems reasonable. He was up against Choi Min-sik, Jeong Jae-yeong, Lee Byung-hun, and Ahn Seong-gi. And don't say Yoo Ah-in won by being young and handsome, since that same night Ra Mi-ran of all people won the audience popularity award...More

[HanCinema's Korea Diaries] "Suwon" April 3rd-4th

2016/04/15 | | Permalink

Away from the palace, Suwon is filled with little oddities. Like this King. Straddling the side of a busy street (really is quite impossible to take a picture without cars in the shot somewhere), this statue provides...a photo opportuntiy. No really, that's it. The little seal to the right is a Photo Zone. You or a friend sit there and pretend like you're just chilling out with the King while traffic passes by. In context it's all a little silly but hey, it is a pretty cool-looking statue...More

Rumors of Song Joong-ki's death and grave, only the drama is the answer

Source | 2016/04/11 | | Permalink

With two more episodes to go, speculations about the drama ending has been going around. Rumor has it that Song Joong-ki is going to die.

Rumors like this have been spreading on Internet communities...More

Song Joong-ki's life-sized figure gone from "Descendants of the Sun" photo zone

Source | 2016/04/10 | | Permalink

"Captain Yoo Si-jin's life-size figure is gone!"

"Descendants of the Sun" Yoo Si-jin, Song Joong-ki's popularity is soaring at the moment...More

[Photos] Park Shin-hye, pretty as spring

Source | 2016/04/05 | | Permalink

Actress Park Shin-hye showed off her slender body in a pictorial.

Park Shin-hye's agency S.A.L.T Entertainment revealed the Roem Spring collection featuring Park Shin-hye...More

"Drama Special - Page Turner" Kim So-hyeon-I, cute and lovely

Source | 2016/04/03 | | Permalink

Actress Kim So-hyeon-I, from the drama "Drama Special - Page Turner", was featured in Ceci.

She posted a few pictures on her Instagram saying, "From behind-the-scenes of Ceci"...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Travel Bug Bites

2016/04/02 | | Permalink

Find out what it's like to spend your holiday in a traditional Korean village, Seoul's N Tower is simply a must-see, discover the best places to catch the cherry blossoms blooming, and while you're doing all that spare a thought for tourists somewhere over the DMZ...More

"Drama Special - Page Turner" Kim So-hyeon-I and Ji Soo's selfie

Source | 2016/03/24 | | Permalink

Actress and actor Kim So-hyeon-I and Ji Soo were at the production set of "Drama Special - Page Turner".

Behind-the-scene pictures of the KBS 2TV drama "Drama Special - Page Turner" were released on the 25th....More

Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo's funny photo captions

Source | 2016/03/21 | | Permalink

Some funny photos were posted on Song Hye-kyo's SNS.

The photos are of Song Joong-ki in uniform and Song Hye-kyo. They are sitting on the beach with funny quotes saying, "You're so drunk. Let's go home", "I'm not drunk! I want to drink more!" and such...More

[Photos] Ha Yeon-soo, sweet and fruity-like

Source | 2016/03/17 | | Permalink

Ha Yeon-soo displayed make-up that makes her lips stand out.

She was published on the issue of High Cut which was released on the 17th...More

"Goodbye, Mr. Black" Lee Jin-wook's speedy action

Source | 2016/03/08 | | Permalink

"Goodbye Mr. Black" Lee Jin-wook is putting on a show with his fancy action.

MBC drama "Goodbye Mr. Black" actor Lee Jin-wook takes on the role of Cha Ji-won, a man who dreams of revenge on the friend that betrayed him. He performed thrilling action scenes with life as he crossed buildings and performed stunts on a jet-ski...More

"Pied Piper" Jo Yoon-hee turns into a charismatic special forces agent

Source | 2016/03/06 | | Permalink

Jo Yoon-hee became a charismatic Special Forces agent.

Pictures of Jo Yoon-hee were released by her agency King Kong Entertainment...More

Ji Seong expresses deep love towards his wife Lee Bo-yeong and their daughter Ji-yoo

Source | 2016/03/05 | | Permalink

Ji Seong revealed his deep love towards his family.

Ji Seong posted a photo on his personal Instagram on March 6 under the short caption, "My family..."...More

"Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-gi" Hwang Chan-seong, "Back in a while"

Source | 2016/03/03 | | Permalink

2PM Hwang Chan-seong is back as a 'God unemployed' man.

The new "Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-gi" released stills of Hwang Chan-seong.

"Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-gi" is about the everyday struggles of those with authority and those who don't led by the main characters Ok Da-jeong and Nam Jeong-ki...More

Joong-ki and Gwang-soo, Song Joong-ki's love for the Prince of Asia

Source | 2016/03/03 | | Permalink

Song Joong-ki expressed his affection for his best friend Lee Gwang-soo.

On the Facebook of production company NEW, several pictures came up saying, "Captain Yoo, what are you thinking about next to Doctor Mo-yeon?"...More

Suzy's elegant shoulder exposure

Source | 2016/02/29 | | Permalink

Singer and actress Suzy revealed mature pictures from a magazine shoot.

The French sensual jewelry brand Didier Dubot conducted the S/S campaign with Suzy...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Descendants of the Sun" Episode 2

2016/02/25 | | Permalink

If episode one of "Descendants of the Sun" was about introductions, episode two, coming in on top at 15.5%, fleshed them out and added the rest of the teams that support Si-jin and Mo-yeon. Romance was the priority, but it didn't feel like the show was beating us over the head with it. Instead, the romance that blossomed hit very real walls that were acknowledged by two adults who hold themselves to different belief systems and lifestyles. We all know that will change. The adventure is watching them learn what we already know...More

"Mrs. Cop 2" Kim Seong-ryeong, 'Ryeong crush'

Source | 2016/02/24 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Seong-ryeong is coming back as a 'Ryeong crush'.

She's starring in the new SBS drama "Mrs. Cop 2" as a perfectionist, a clumsy person and a charismatic mom...More

"Pied Piper" Yoon Joon-sang, a professional news reporter

Source | 2016/02/24 | | Permalink

Behind-the-scene pictures of Yoo Joon-sang making the poster of the new drama "Pied Piper" have come up. Yoo Joon-sang has transformed into a charismatic reporter in the pictures.

The pictures look tense. The day the poster was taken was a cold one when temperatures went down drastically. However, that didn't stop Yoo Joon-sang from being professional...More

"Goodbye Mr. Black" Moon Chae-won cuts her hair short

Source | 2016/02/23 | | Permalink

Moon Chae-won is coming back with a drama for the first time in 3 years.

Actress Moon Chae-won cut her hair short for the role of Swan in the new MBC drama "Goodbye Mr. Black"...More

"Pied Piper" Jo Yoon-hee is a girl crush

Source | 2016/02/21 | | Permalink

Actress Jo Yoon-hee stars in the new tvN drama "Pied Piper" as Yeo Myeong-ha.

She is an awkward speaker compared to negotiators Joo Seong-chan (Sin Ha-gyoon) and Yoon Hee-seong (Yoo Joon-sang) but she has connection with those she speaks to and knows how to relate to them...More

"Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-gi" Lee Yo-won walks majestically in ripped shirt

Source | 2016/02/18 | | Permalink

Actress Lee Yo-won is back as a majestic, 'strong woman'.

Stills from the new JTBC drama "Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-gi" have been released...More

Nam Bo-ra's official statement, "Broken up with boyfriend"

Source | 2016/02/15 | | Permalink

Nam Bo-ra explained about her scandal.

Nam Bo-ra's agency Will Entertainment claimed, "Nam Bo-ra has unfortunately broken up with her boyfriend and have decided to remain friends"...More

Korean movie "Free Romance Generation"

Source | 2016/02/06 | | Permalink

Added the Korean movie "Free Romance Generation"'s page to HanCinema database...More

[Photos] Kim Hyo-jin and Yoo Ji-tae reveal their son

Source | 2016/02/04 | | Permalink

Kim Hyo-jin and Yoo Ji-tae revealed their son Soo-in.

Kim Hyo-jin posted pictures on her SNS on the 4th saying, "My son Soo-in doesn't want to be dressed these days so here you go~ like the child of nature"...More

[Photos] Lee Min-ho runs, jumps and rolls

Source | 2016/02/03 | | Permalink

Actor Lee Min-ho showed off his Parkour skills.

Lee Min-ho recently shot an outdoor brand advertisement under the Parkour concept...More

"Five Children" Seong Hoon's perfect looks

Source | 2016/02/02 | | Permalink

Actor Seong Hoon was revealed in some behind-the-scene cuts of the new KBS 2TV weekend drama "Five Children".

The pictures show Seong Hoon looking handsome with his features standing out and his lean muscles lining his body...More

"Heaven's Promise" Lee Yoo-ri and Seo Joon-yeong get intimate

Source | 2016/01/25 | | Permalink

Lee Yoo-ri and Seo Joon-yeong play an affectionate couple who have been together for 12 years in "Heaven's Promise".

The new KBS 2TV drama "Heaven's Promise" that's coming up on the 1st of February, is the story of a woman whose love and life has been trampled on. Two generations of women's lives are tangled up in this rhythmical and attractive storyline...More

[Photos] Kim Yoon-hye's vampire red lips

Source | 2016/01/19 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Yoon-hye appeared to be critically beautiful in a pictorial of her in the fashion magazine COSMOPOLITAN.

Kim Yoon-hye is far from being innocent and girly in these pictures as she has on red lipstick and an outfit that reveals the top of her shoulders. She styles a burgundy shirt and beret which aren't easy to pull off...More

[Photos] Lee Jong-suk, "Park Bo-geom is appealing", "I like Taek"

Source | 2016/01/19 | | Permalink

Lee Jong-suk was featured in the star magazine High Cut which is coming out on the 21st. He is dressed in comfortable T-shirts and other casual looks in some pictures and dressy suits in others. He looks as if he popped out of a cartoon as his features and long arms and legs stand out.

Lee Jong-suk talked about his worries as an actor in the following interview. He said, "Looking at my works, I always look like a boy. I wonder how I can be a man. An actor's image comes from the way he looks and I envy those with masculine features"...More

[Video] Lee Min-ho's daily life in a pictorial

Source | 2016/01/10 | | Permalink

Lee Min-ho revealed his daily life in an exclusive pictorial.

A teaser of "Here", Lee Min-ho's personal pictorial, was released on the 7th on YouTube...More

Jae Kyung in "Madame Antoine" becomes a top star

Source | 2016/01/07 | | Permalink

Jae Kyung is becoming a top star.

Still cuts of Jae Kyung were released from the JTBC drama "Madame Antoine"...More

Lee Min-ho in "Here"

Source | 2016/01/05 | | Permalink

Actor Lee Min-ho has prepared something special for his fans to celebrate his 9th year of becoming an actor.

Star Hous Entertainment is releasing his exclusive pictorial called "Here"...More

[Preview] "Six Flying Dragons" in danger

Source | 2015/12/27 | | Permalink

A preview of the drama "Six Flying Dragons" is taking on a new turn.

On the 28th, SBS drama "Six Flying Dragons" has the characters facing danger...More

'Rising star' Park So-dam's mysterious appeal

Source | 2015/12/27 | | Permalink

Actress Park So-dam appeared to be mesmerizing in a fashion collection.

She recently had an interview with Harpers Bazaar Korea...More

"Madame Antoine" Seong Joon kills all with eyesight

Source | 2015/12/16 | | Permalink

Actor Seong Joon became a sexy psychologist.

He stars in the new JTBC drama called "Madame Antoine"...More

"Bubble Gum" Lee Dong-wook, "Happy and good memories"

Source | 2015/12/15 | | Permalink

Actor Lee Dong-wook is sad to see the tvN drama "Bubble Gum" end.

King Kong Entertainment revealed a message from 'Park Ri-hwan' Lee Dong-wook and behind the scene pictures...More

Photographer to Hold Adoption-Themed Exhibition Again This Year

Source | 2015/12/13 | | Permalink

Cho Sei-hon

Photographer Cho Sei-hon will hold an exhibition in Seoul late this month, just ahead of Christmas. Now in its 13th year, the exhibition has become an annual event for Cho, who has devoted much of his time over the past decade to taking pictures to raise awareness of adoption.

Again this year, more than 20 celebrities, including singer Lee Moon-se and former baseball player Park Chan-ho, posed for photographs with babies who are up for adoption...More

Sunhwa and Jang Dong-gun, 'still looking good'

Source | 2015/12/10 | | Permalink

Sunhwa took a selfie with actors Jang Dong-gun and Park Joong-hoon.

Actress Sunhwa posted these pictures on her Instagram saying, "Director Jang Jin of the play, "Flower's Secret" with Park Joong-hoon and Jang Dong-gun"...More

Sin Min-ah's sexy outfit

Source | 2015/12/07 | | Permalink

"Oh My Venus" Sin Min-ah's old pictures for a men's fashion magazine called Arena Homme Plus resurfaced.

She's wearing nude-toned outfits in the pictures...More

Jeong Ryeo-won's goddess-like graduation pictures

Source | 2015/12/06 | | Permalink

Jeong Ryeo-won is currently starring in the new tvN drama "Bubble Gum" as Kim Heng-ah, a radio producer whose parents passed away early but lives life to the fullest.

Jeong Ryeo-won is completely consumed as Kim Heng-ah, even with the props. Pictures of Kim Heng-ah's graduation were taken recently. Jeong put on a robe with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and her graduation certificate in the other. She seems happy as she throws her graduation cap in the air...More

The hardships faced while filming in "The Himalayas"

Source | 2015/12/03 | | Permalink

Stills and pictures of actors of the movie "The Himalayas", show them going through a difficult time.

"The Himalayas" is the quest of Eom Hong-gil and his team of men who put their lives on the line for no honor or indemnity to find the body of a fellow climber who died in the Himalayas...More

Hong Soo-ah was Heo I-jae's mental support

Source | 2015/12/03 | | Permalink

Hallyu star Hong Soo-ah had been the mental support for her friend and actress Heo I-jae who had been going through separation and divorce. Those who stood by their friendship say Hong Soo-ah was Heo I-jae's mental warrior.

A source who knows them both well said, "Heo I-jae was in a difficult time with her husband but Soo-ah was there for her. She didn't ignore her friend's sadness and pain and was always there by her side"...More

"Remember" Yoo Seung-ho and Park Min-yeong

Source | 2015/12/03 | | Permalink

Yoo Seung-ho and Park Min-yeong got close and affectionate with each other.

The two SBS drama "Remember" stars take on the roles of a genius lawyer named Seo Jin-woo and a clumsy investigator named Lee In-ah. Still cuts of the two were released on the 4th...More

"Six Flying Dragons" Park Hyeok-kwon, time to erase the eyeliner on Gil Tae-mi

Source | 2015/12/02 | | Permalink

The last few scenes of Gil Tae-mi played by Park Hyeok-kwon were revealed.

SBS drama "Six Flying Dragons" Gil Tae-mi actor Park Hyeok-kwon took some time to take pictures with staff members on site. Some of these pictures came up on SNS...More

Lee Young-ae and Song Seung-heon in upcoming SBS drama "Saimdang, the Herstory"

Source | 2015/11/23 | | Permalink

Fans can't hardly wait for the drama "Saimdang, the Herstory".

Stills of Lee Young-ae and Song Seung-heon were released on October 30, last month...More

[HanCinema's Korea Joa] National Theater of Korea

2015/11/21 | | Permalink

Kim Soo-hyeon-I and Jeon Ji-hyeon stand atop the stairs of the National Theater of Korea in episode 21 of "My Love from the Star" and share a heartbreaking kiss just before he suddenly disappears. This "red carpet kiss" is one of the most famous drama kisses in recent history and it was filmed on the steps on the first national theater in Korea, a space dedicated to supporting Korean traditional arts and the arts in general. As the home of three national performance groups, the theater holds a lot of history even though it was established fairly recently in 1950...More

[Photos] Six characters posters revealed for "Cheese In The Trap"

Source | 2015/11/18 | | Permalink

Posters of the main characters of "Cheese in the Trap" are out.

"Cheese in the Trap" is a romantic thriller about perfect guy Yoo Jeong and Hong Seol who looks right through him. The line up itself is already a cause for issue...More

[Photos] Chae Jeong-an, a goddess's aura in leather

Source | 2015/11/18 | | Permalink

Actress Chae Jeong-an was featured in the fashion magazine Grazia.

She carried bags belonging to the brand J.Estina in the pictures taken in London and showed off some great poses and looks...More

Yoo Seung-ho's behind cuts of "Remember"

Source | 2015/11/18 | | Permalink

Behind-the-scene cuts of Yoo Seung-ho from the new SBS drama "Remember" have been released.

Yoo Seung-ho looks like a piece of art in the pictures...More

Suzy, 'beautiful and intelligent', unbelievably elegant

Source | 2015/11/17 | | Permalink

Suzy was seen wearing a Hanbok in pictures.

First Look featured Suzy in a Hanbok...More

"Oh My Venus" So Ji-sub and Sin Min-ah's difference in appearance

Source | 2015/11/16 | | Permalink

So Ji-sub and Sin Min-ah's three stages of growth were posted on an online community.

The pictures show Sin Min-ah and So Ji-sub since they were young to now. They were good looking then and good looking now...More

Lee Min-ho's spokesman, "The actor has nothing to do with it"

Source | 2015/11/10 | | Permalink

In regards to the Lee Min-ho fraud case, his agency announced that Lee Min-ho has no involvement.

Star House Entertainment made an announcement on the 10th. The announcement started with, "We apologize to those who care for and support Lee Min-ho for causing an issue"...More

Profile pictures with pets become popular

Source | 2015/11/08 | | Permalink

Is it a special affection towards pets or just a new culture now? More and more people go to a photo studio to take profile pictures or make a picture book with their pets.

Lee Da-gyeong, a 23-year-old woman, has a picture of "Maru", her one-year-old pet dog, hanging on her living room wall. Lee took the picture two months ago at a photo studio specializing in animal pictures. Maru always greets us when we come back from work and makes us smile with her cuteness. We wanted to keep that prettiness just like how people take pictures of their babies when they turn one, she says. When her relatives visit Lee, however, they would shake their heads and say that she is unique...More

Sorrowful eyes... "You Will Love Me" Lee Tae-im's dry life?

Source | 2015/11/04 | | Permalink

Pictures of Lee Tae-im during her drama shoot came up online.

The pictures are of Lee Tae-im and Yoo Il in the Drama H "You Will Love Me". They are looking at different directions...More

[Interview] Kim Tae-hee, "Jeju Island with Rain?" - Part 3

Source | 2015/11/04 | | Permalink

Kim Tae-hee looked like she had a lot to say. Her comeback drama the SBS "Yong Pal" is over so she looked relaxed on the outside but her mouth didn't stop moving.

The drama gained popularity in the beginning with a viewing percentage of more than 20% but towards the end, the story became confusing with Han Yeo-jin (Kim Tae-hee) getting liver cancer and such. She laid down for at least 6 episodes before she had her whole face bandaged then she was back in the patients' uniform because of liver cancer. She played the role of an odd character and the actress herself knows this. The ending became unknown but she doesn't resent anyone or anything. "I knew that I would be laying down when I chose the drama. I am not upset. Oh, and it's not easy to be laying down. It was hot when we shot those scenes and I almost got bedsores"...More

[Photos] Lee Jin-wook, a parisian

Source | 2015/10/29 | | Permalink

Actor Lee Jin-wook came out with a carefree and romantic pictorial.

This time he's enjoying a vacation unlike the vacation he takes to Manjae Island in the tvN show "Three Meals A Day"...More

[Photos] Kang Dong-won, "I can't be satisfied here"

Source | 2015/10/14 | | Permalink

A charismatic photo collection of Kang Dong-won was released through the style magazine "High Cut".

Based in the backgrounds of the Bergamo Chapel in Italy, Kang Dong-won showed off his good looks. Most of the pictures were taken in black and white and his outfits were mostly black, grey and navy in color...More

Kim Min-jeong's never-changing beauty

Source | 2015/10/14 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Min-jeong was born beautiful.

A picture collage of Kim Min-jeong since her debut came up on the official Facebook of her management with the title, "Thanks for growing up well"...More

So I-hyeon's pregnant pictures

Source | 2015/10/12 | | Permalink

Actress So I-hyeon took pictures of her pregnant self.

She participated in the 'Moms are women too' campaign run by skin care brand Biotherm...More

[Photos] Hong Soo-ah looking pretty

Source | 2015/10/11 | | Permalink

Actress Hong Soo-ah took some pictures for the season.

Well Made Show 21 released pictures of Hong Soo-ah on the 12th...More

Lee Min-ho's sweet pics

Source | 2015/10/08 | | Permalink

Star Haus released pictures of Lee Min-ho advertising the premium chocolate brand Ferrero Rocher.

Lee Min-ho has become a dandy guy in the pictures. He's smiley and playful at the same time...More

"The Village: Achiara's Secret" Moon Geun-young's 4 selfies

Source | 2015/10/07 | | Permalink

Moon Geun-young, the leading actress of "The Village: Achiara's Secret" released 4 selfies.

She posted these pictures on her SNS on the 5th saying, "I am waiting again! So much for going home early tonight!"...More

Kang Dong-won, blinding visual, "Heavenly king"

Source | 2015/10/07 | | Permalink

Actor Kang Dong-won's behind-the-scene pictures have been released.

High Cut released his pictures on its official Facebook...More

[Photos] Lee Young-ae takes a walk with family, "I want time to stop"

Source | 2015/10/06 | | Permalink

Actress Lee Young-ae is having a happy time with her family.

Lee Young-ae released a second column under her name in JLOOK October edition. This column was contributed by Lee Young-ae herself and she will do so in the future as well...More

[Photos] Added first stills and updated cast for the upcoming Korean movie "A Break Alone"

Source | 2015/09/25 | | Permalink

Added first stills and updated cast for the upcoming Korean movie "A Break Alone"...More

Chuseok greetings from Kim Beom, Lee Gwang-soo, Lee Dong-wook, Yoo Yeon-seok and more

Source | 2015/09/24 | | Permalink

Artists of King Kong Entertainment showed their Chuseok greetings.

Kim Beom, Lee Gwang-soo, Lee Dong-wook, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jo Yoon-hee and others all expressed their Chuseok greetings...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Photography

2015/09/20 | | Permalink

Enjoy 80 stunning snaps by professional photographers of South Korea; Robert Koehler captures the dying light around his offices in Bukchon, a retired South Korean photographer uses his time and talent to support the elderly, and Hallyu stars and their unrecognisable graduation pictures...More

"Awl" Hyeon Woo, Yesung and Park Si-hwan at the market

Source | 2015/09/16 | | Permalink

Actors Hyeon Woo, Yesung and Park Si-hwan were seen at Prumi Mart.

Pictures of the cast in Prumi Mart, the background of the drama were released prior to the first episode of the drama on the 17th...More

[Photos] Park Soo-jin's fall collection

Source | 2015/09/16 | | Permalink

Actress Park Soo-jin is back with glowing make-up for this fall.

She took pictures for the magazine High Cut...More

"She Was Pretty" Hwang Jeong-eum is the best

Source | 2015/09/16 | | Permalink

While Hwang Jeong-eum is starring in the drama "She Was Pretty", her old pictures have come up the surface once again.

She took pictures in a bikini in the past and showed off her outstanding body line...More

Han Ye-seul kisses Teddy on his birthday

Source | 2015/09/14 | | Permalink

Actress Han Ye-seul's boyfriend Teddy had a birthday party.

Han Ye-seul posted pictures of the day on her Instagram saying, "Happy birthday, my sweet lover"...More

Peeping Toms Spark Fear of Hidden Cameras

Source | 2015/09/13 | | Permalink

Duksung Women's University last week hired security experts to sweep its campus for hidden cameras after the high-profile arrest of a prolific Peeping Tom and his accomplice.

Security experts checked the bathrooms of 15 buildings, around 200 ventilation ducts, trash cans and even toilet bowls for hidden cameras...More

Lee Seong-kyeong in a wedding dress

Source | 2015/09/10 | | Permalink


Actress Lee Seong-kyeong was seen in a wedding dress.

She posted on her Instagram, "Last month in Bali. I'm wearing a dress and hotel slippers and coming up as soon as I can, after taking some pictures. I look so happy because it's over"...More

"She Was Pretty" Park Seo-joon's behind the scene cuts

Source | 2015/09/10 | | Permalink

"She Was Pretty" star Park Seo-joon's smile is all over the pictures.

He plays the role of deputy director Ji Seong-joon in the drama and he has everything from looks to wealth...More

Yoo Yeon-seok and Jo Yoon-hee's F/W collection

Source | 2015/09/10 | | Permalink

Actor Yoo Yeon-seok and actress Jo Yoon-hee look good together.

They got together for the sportive casual brand Arnold Palmer 2015 FW Season collection...More

Jeong Woo-seong outdoor pictures, slimmer than ever

Source | 2015/09/10 | | Permalink

Jeong Woo-seong's Red Pace F/W season collection is out.

Red Pace model Jeong Woo-seong came back slimmer than ever and pulled off the look the outdoor brand is looking for. His various poses and expressions suited him and the collection well...More

Jo Yoon-hee becomes urban-like

Source | 2015/09/08 | | Permalink

Actress Jo Yoon-hee is a new beauty icon.

Behind the scene cuts of Jo Yoon-hee modeling for a cosmetic brand were posted online...More

Moon Chae-won's femininity

Source | 2015/09/07 | | Permalink

Moon Chae-won was featured in a pictorial.

Her stylist Seo Jeong-eun posted pictures on her Instagram saying, "It was her first time so I was worried, but it turned out to be fun"...More

Kim Hye-eun, "D-Day" female doctor

Source | 2015/09/03 | | Permalink

Kim Hye-eun became the perfect female doctor.

Stills of the actress from the JTBC drama "D-Day" were released on the official Facebook...More

[Photos] Park Shin-hye, "Bye! I'm going to China!"

Source | 2015/09/02 | | Permalink

Actress Park Shin-hye was seen at the airport.

She looks stylish in the pictures with a natural look...More

"D-Day" Kim Yeong-kwang's intense surgical scene

Source | 2015/09/02 | | Permalink

Pictures of Kim Yeong-kwang performing an intense surgery in the new JTBC drama "D-Day" were released.

Kim Yeong-kwang in the pictures is focused on a surgery. Sweat trims his surgical hat and shows how intense the scene is. Kim Yeong-kwang checks the patient's vital signs frequently as he performs surgery. His eyes show that no mistakes are acceptable and has a lot of weigh on his shoulders...More

[Photos] Choi Kang-hee in a wedding dress

Source | 2015/08/31 | | Permalink

Actress Choi Kang-hee was featured in InStyle in wedding dresses.

She appeared wearing natural and vintage looking dresses according to the Kin Folk trend...More

Lee Si-yeong and Gary's footage and rumors

Source | 2015/08/31 | | Permalink

The crude manner of the public towards celebrities can't be overlooked anymore.

In addition to actress Lee Si-yeong's footage and rumors, this time it's Gary, a member Leessang. Rumors like this is critical to a celebrity and the same goes for the males too. Lee Si-yeong and Gary have both taken strict measures against those who started these rumors. Lee Si-yeong managed to track down the initial person who started the rumor and there's going to be No Mercy...More

Park Hyo-joo's elegant photo from her wedding portfolio

Source | 2015/08/31 | | Permalink

Behind the scenes pictures from actress Park Hyo-joo's wedding portfolio have been released.

She's wearing white in the pictures. She lightened up the atmosphere with her bubbly character and was professional throughout the make...More

Kim Hye-soo and Ma Dong-seok's "Family Plan" to crank in on the 27th

Source | 2015/08/27 | | Permalink

Movie "Family Plan" starring Kim Hye-soo, Ma Dong-seok, Kim Hyeon-soo, Kwak Si-yang, Seo Hyeon-jin, Jeon Seok-ho, Lee Mi-do and others, is cranking in this 27th.

Comedy flick "Family Plan" started filming on the 27th...More

[Photos] "Veteran" Jang Yoon-ju, love and work

Source | 2015/08/25 | | Permalink

"Veteran" actress Jang Yoon-ju is back as a top model.

New contemporary retail brand At Corner styled the Spring and Winter 2015 concept with Jang Yoon-ju...More

[Photos] Yoo Seung-ho, from boy to man

Source | 2015/08/20 | | Permalink

Actor Yoo Seung-ho was featured in the star and style magazine High Cut September issue.

He appears very strong with his damp hair, toned skin and handsome face. He even seems to have worked out some and is now a fully grown man and not a boy anymore...More

[Photos] Kong Hyo-jin's unchanging, beautiful legs

Source | 2015/08/20 | | Permalink

Fashion magazine Marie Claire featured CLIO model Kong Hyo-jin in its September issue.

Kong Hyo-jin was featured as a goddess from the 1960s~70s in a vintage concept. Vibrant colors were used to symbolize the spring season...More

[Interview] Ha Ji-won isn't bothered by the percentage or scandal

Source | 2015/08/19 | | Permalink

Ha Ji-won says her effect has worn off.

She's been mostly successful with "Secret Garden" and "The King 2 Hearts" but she didn't make it big with "The Time I Loved You"...More

[Photos] Park Shin-hye steals hearts with her loveliness in Taiwan

Source | 2015/08/17 | | Permalink

Hallyu Goddess Park Shin-hye melted hearts with her loveliness in Taiwan. She spent two hours with her Taiwanese fans laughing, hugging and singing at her exclusive fan meeting. Park Shin-hye in the pictures is smiling ever so brightly at her fans. She's currently on tour as '2015 Dream of Angel' for the third year and this was her second visit to Taiwan. The fan meeting was held on the 16th of August where she sang a total of about 6 songs and related with the fans...More

Ha Ji-won, "I was happy and had a great time"

Source | 2015/08/17 | | Permalink

 Actress Ha Ji-won posted pictures on her Instagram.

The pictures were from the set of the SBS weekend drama "The Time I Loved You". One of them is of her sitting on the seat of the camera and another one is of her about to be married to Lee Jin-wook in the drama...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Food Lover's Lane

2015/08/16 | | Permalink

Would you send your man to a "Happy Guy Cooking Class"?, enjoy your coffee at a "poop-theme" cafe, see how Jeju Love is redefining the cafe experience, and the Eat Your Kimchi crew take on LA's K-food scene...More

Jeong Ryeo-won and Han Ye-seul co-feature in magazine

Source | 2015/08/06 | | Permalink

Actresses Jeong Ryeo-won and Han Ye-seul took some pictures together.

Cosmopolitan featured the two friends on the August issue...More

[Photos] Liu Yifei and Song Seung-heon look like their parents

Source | 2015/08/06 | | Permalink

While actor Song Seung-heon and Chinese actress Liu Yifei has acknowledged their relationship, they're being compared to their father and mother.

An online community posted a picture of Song's father and Liu's mother...More

Park Shin-hye's shining beauty

Source | 2015/08/04 | | Permalink

Park Shin-hye posted pictures on her Instagram saying, "My room smells lovely".

In the pictures, she's looking the presents she'd received but what stands out is her beauty. Another picture shows Park holding a necklace in one hand and covering her face with the other...More

Kim Woo-bin pondering over $14 million Korean blockbuster "With God"

Source | 2015/07/31 | | Permalink

Actor Kim Woo-bin is considering whether to join director Kim Yong-hwa's new project "With God" (produced by Real Rise Pictures).

Recently, several industry insiders told TV Report that "Kim Woo-bin, who is very coveted by the industry at the moment, has been offered a role in "With God""...More

"We held hands but nothing more", Cha Soo-bin and Goo Ja-wook denies scandal

Source | 2015/07/21 | | Permalink

Actress Chae Soo-bin and baseball player Goo Ja-wook denied this scandal 6 hours after it broke out. They claimed the picture of them walking around hand in hand was a 'misunderstanding'.

Pictures of them looking like they are on a date, came up online on the 20th. They look like a couple indeed...More

[Photos] Son Tae-yeong's summer resort look

Source | 2015/07/20 | | Permalink

Actress Son Tae-yeong showed off this year's summer look in Phuket, Thailand.

She was featured in the August issue of SURE. She'd recently given birth to her second daughter but she still displayed an amazing body that looks better than anyone in their 20s...More

Jeong Jin to star in upcoming movie "MUSUDAN"

Source | 2015/07/12 | | Permalink

Actor Jeong Jin is starring in the new movie "MUSUDAN" in a very important role.

Jeong Jin has been in several movies and drama so far and has been popular for his various talents...More

OBS Interview with Mr Lee Jae-man, Kim Hyun-joong's lawyer on July 6th, 2015

2015/07/10 | | Permalink

Video transcript in English.

Assault, pregnancy, miscarriage, and 1.6BW damage lawsuit, the complicated relationship between Kim Hyun-joong and his former girlfriend, Choi. As her delivery date was made public recently and Kim Hyun-joong's side decided to countersue for 1.2BW, the case has entered to a new phase. On 3rd, Kim Hyun-joong's former girlfriend's delivery date, Sept 12, was made public through media. Currently Kim Hyun-joong's former girlfriend, Choi, is known to be pregnant with his baby...More

[Photos] Park Shin-hye's summer dress styling

Source | 2015/07/09 | | Permalink

Dresses are adored for their simplicity and style. Park Shin-hye introduces various ways to style a dress.

- One-piece dresses that give off the young-girl look...More

"Midnight Diner" staff and crew all 'friends'

Source | 2015/07/09 | | Permalink

The delightful site of the new SBS drama "Midnight Diner" has been revealed.

The pictures show Kim Seung-woo, Choi Jae-seong, Nam Tae-hyun and other actors...More

'High Society' has unveiled the still images of Hyung Sik and Lim Ji-yeon's rain kiss scene

Source | 2015/07/09 | | Permalink

Still images of the rain kiss scene of the July 7th episode of "High Society" have been unveiled.

In this episode, Chang-soo (Hyung Sik) and Ji-yi (Lim Ji-yeon) announced break-up to each other as the two could not overcome the distance derived from their different social classes. After this episode, the picturesque visual images and the youthful fresh appeals of the actor and the actress have been garnering much reaction...More

"Desert! So hot!" Lee Min-ho shirtless

Source | 2015/07/07 | | Permalink

Lee Min-ho was seen shirtless.

He posted pictures on his SNS saying, "In LA, the desert is so hot"...More

[Photos] Nam Gyoo-ri's long legs

Source | 2015/07/07 | | Permalink

Nam Gyoo-ri exposed her fair skin.

The "Swan" actress Nam Gyoo-ri was featured on the fashion magazine Beauty+ July issue. The theme was summer vacation and the background was based in a blue lake in a resort in Gapyeong...More

Yoo In-yeong's childhood, natural beauty

Source | 2015/07/07 | | Permalink

Actress Yoo In-yeong revealed pictures of her childhood.

Pictures were revealed through her management Will Entertainment's official Facebook...More

"I Order You" Kim Ga-eun-I and U-Know, poster making scene

Source | 2015/07/06 | | Permalink

Kim Ga-eun-I and U-Know were seen during the poster making of "I Order You".

Popeye Entertainment revealed behind-the-scene pictures of the two...More

Do Ji-han confirmed for movie 'Musudan'

Source | 2015/07/04 | | Permalink

Actor Do Ji-han has been confirmed for movie, 'Musudan'.

Do Ji-han will play Choi Cheol, a North Korean soldier who sneaks into the DMZ on the South Korean side in order to complete his mission. The character is a figure, who completes his mission silently and keeps his cool with everything he does...More

"Assembly" Jeong Jae-yeong puts on a show

Source | 2015/06/30 | | Permalink

Jeong Jae-yeong from "Assembly" put on a show like a politician.

Pictures of Jeong Jae-yeong show him doing his campaign for an election...More

"Last" Lee Beom-soo's overpowering eyes

Source | 2015/06/22 | | Permalink

Stills of Lee Beom-soo have been revealed.

Lee Beom-soo who is starring in the new JTBC drama "Last" plays the role of Gwak Heung-sam who rules the underworld...More

"Assembly" Jeong Jae-yeong becomes a fired laborer

Source | 2015/06/22 | | Permalink

Actor Jeong Jae-yeong was seen during the production of "Assembly".

He plays the part of Jin Sang-pil, a shipyard laborer who got fired in the new KBS 2TV drama "Assembly". He fights for the reinstatement of himself and his co-workers...More

Kim Hyun-joong suspects Choi's ultrasonic

Source | 2015/06/22 | | Permalink

While Kim Hyun-joong is in legal dispute with ex-girlfriend Choi, Kim's parents raised questions about Choi's ultrasonic pictures.

Kim's parents claim to have gotten ultrasonic pictures from Choi at a recent interview with K Star Report...More

"My Beautiful Bride" Lee Si-yeong, detective by sight

Source | 2015/06/09 | | Permalink

Actress Lee Si-yeong is becoming a real detective.

She stars in the OCN miniseries "My Beautiful Bride" as an elite detective Cha Yoon-mi...More

[Photos] Hong Soo-ah's beach look

Source | 2015/06/04 | | Permalink

Hong Soo-ah released a series of beach looks.

She was featured in the magazine KWAVE for the 'vacation look'...More

Kim Hyun-joong, "Abuse, pregnancy and miscarriage all a lie" complete scam

Source | 2015/06/04 | | Permalink

Kim Hyun-joong's side is now suspecting the ex-girlfriend's claim of abuse.

Kim's legal attorney Lee Jae-man told Daily Sports on the 4th, "We inquired the truth from two of the hospitals Choi (ex-girlfriend) got her medical report. After she claimed she was abused by Kim on the 30th of May last year, she got a medical certificate from one hospital and then from another when she claimed he hit her again on the 21st of July. However, none of them said she was hit 'in the stomach'. It's her claim that she was hit there, not the doctors'"...More

[Photos] Ryoo Seung-beom's topless pictures and unique tattoos

Source | 2015/06/02 | | Permalink

Actor Ryoo Seung-beom revealed his naked upper body with unique tattoos.

He was featured in the June issue of the fashion style magazine High Cut. The concept was natural as he wanders around the streets under the sun and hums along to the song coming out of the speakers in a café...More

Jeong Joo-ri's handsome husband

Source | 2015/05/31 | | Permalink

Comedian Jeong Joo-ri got married on the 31st at the AW Convention Center with a man one year younger than her.

In the pictures of her wedding, she's wearing a white dress and is smiling shyly...More

Bae Yong-joon's lover Park Soo-jin, "Slim waist and apple hips"

Source | 2015/05/27 | | Permalink

While Bae Yong-joon mentioned Park Soo-jin to be his 'eternal lover', pictures of her from the past have come up the surface once again.

In the pictures, Park Soo-jin shows off a slim waist and apple bottoms. She looks naturally elegant and sexy...More

New "Minority Opinion" poster and stills revealed

Source | 2015/05/26 | | Permalink

The poster for the movie "Minority Opinion" has been released prior to the release of the movie on June 25th.

"Minority Opinion" is a movie about the legal suit surrounding the death of two young men on a demolition site...More

"High Society" Lim Ji-yeon, a drunken girl

Source | 2015/05/25 | | Permalink

Lim Ji-yeon became a cute but drunk girl.

Lim Ji-yeon is starring in the new SBS drama "High Society" as a Food Market worker named Lee Ji-yee...More

Washington Post reports 'Korea is plastic surgery capital of world'

Source | 2015/05/24 | | Permalink

The Washington Post has revealed the naked truth of "Korea as the plastic surgery capital of the world". The American newspaper posted an article and pictures that spotlight plastic surgery in Korea on its Internet blog "Wonkblog" on Saturday(local time)...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Photography

2015/05/23 | | Permalink

Take a trip back through Korea's recent history through pictures of its people, see shots of Gangnum's last slums before they're demolished, Robert Koehler captures Gwanghwamun Gate, and Seoul State of Mind expires "Calmversation"...More

"High Society" UEE and Seong Joon's kiss

Source | 2015/05/19 | | Permalink

Behind-the-scene cuts of UEE and Seong Joon, from the new SBS drama "High Society", were released.

The pictures are captures from the teaser footage...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Let's Eat - Season 2" Episode 13

2015/05/18 | | Permalink

No, nobody is actually moving around dead bodies in briefcases. Again, "Let's Eat - Season 2" might have fooled me on that point except that the first season of "Let's Eat" tried to pull the exact same stunt. Although admittedly the question of what's going on with all that money is a pretty potent one. It's not really all that interesting compared to the question of how Soo-ji is planning to manage all her financial affairs. But it's decent as far as subplots go...More

Lee Jong-suk's model pose

Source | 2015/05/18 | | Permalink

Actor Lee Jong-suk's smile swoons female fans.

He had an interview with fashion magazine Allure Korea and snapped a few shots as well...More

Bong Tae-gyu and Hasisi Park's shocking picture

Source | 2015/05/07 | | Permalink

Bong Tae-gyu and Hasisi Park took couple pictures for fashion magazine MAPS.

The loving couple is getting married this October...More

[HanCinema's Digest] Food Lover's Lane

2015/05/02 | | Permalink

Sue from My Korean Kitchen shares a light noodle treat, Can kimchi and rice play nice with bacon and eggs?, a recipe for Seafood Doenjang Jjiga, and Kimchimari interviewed on KBS World Radio...More

Ji Seong and Lee Bo-yeong's baby shower

Source | 2015/04/26 | | Permalink

Ji Seong and Lee Bo-yeong had a baby shower.

Byeon Jeong-soo posted pictures of the party on her SNS from preparations to the end. People gathered to celebrate the birth of the happy couple's offspring...More

Seohyun's radiant visual

Source | 2015/04/23 | | Permalink

Photos of Seohyun displayed the pages of the May issue of Cosmopolitan.

Seohyun looks sexy and innocent in the pictures unlike the energy she gives out in the music video of Girls' Generation new album 'Catch Me If You Can'...More

Lee Honey's lovely dimples

Source | 2015/04/22 | | Permalink

Lee Honey had a good time in Vietnam.

She posted cute pictures of herself in Vietnam wearing a traditional hat...More

Oh Yeon-seo, deadly beautiful in Hong Kong

Source | 2015/04/21 | | Permalink

Actress Oh Yeon-seo took pictures in Hong Kong.

The "Shine or Go Crazy" actress was in Hong Kong to take pictures for the fashion mangazine "Singles" May issue...More

IU on vacation with Lee Hyun-woo

Source | 2015/04/16 | | Permalink

Casual brand Union Bay used IU and Lee Hyun-woo to introduce its summer collection. The concept was Union Bay Vacance and made it look so that IU and Le Hyeon-woo left on summer vacation together.

Pictures of them show the couple wearing comfortable linen shirts with graphic tees and shorts...More

[Photos] Lee Min-ho's dreaminess in W Korea

Source | 2015/04/16 | | Permalink

Actor Lee Min-ho displayed the covers of fashion magazine W Korea.

The pictures were taken in Paris in March. He goes back and forth man and boy and two sets of covers were released this time...More

[Photos] Suzy wears cheetah

Source | 2015/04/16 | | Permalink

Miss A member and actress Suzy displayed the cover of Dazed May issue.

The magazine celebrates its 7th anniversary and featured Suzy in 10 different designer clothes including Gye Han-hee, Song Za-in, Park Seung-gun and others...More

Kim Woo-bin writes letter to victim of Sewol

Source | 2015/04/15 | | Permalink

Actor Kim Woo-bin wrote a letter to a student who was his fan from Danwon High School. The student's friends contacted Kim Woo-bin's company and requested for this in commemoration of their friend who died in the Sewol accident last year.

Kim Woo-bin started off with, "Hello pretty lady. I just got back from a fan meeting and it's thanks to you. The place where you are must be so much prettier than the world you used to be in. Let's meet up after time has passed and take pictures. Thank you for being my fan and we're sorry"...More

[Photos] Seolhyun's apple bum and sexy lines

Source | 2015/04/13 | | Permalink

AOA's Seolhyun took attractive pictures that highlight her bodyline.

Product officials say, "Sbenu has been collaborating with AOA to promote our trendy designs with various colors. This season's products are well worth having"...More

Heo I-seul in "Love From Today"

Source | 2015/04/13 | | Permalink

Actress Heo I-seul looks cute in the recent pictures.

The actress stars in the KBS 2TV drama "Love From Today" as a younger Yang Mi-ja...More

Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye's couple pictures

Source | 2015/04/03 | | Permalink

Actress Park Shin-hye and actor Lee Jong-suk took pictures together.

The two of them starred in the SBS drama "Pinocchio" together and this time they featured in the fashion magazine, InStyle...More

The power of a hottie, Lee Min-ho

Source | 2015/04/03 | | Permalink

Lee Min-ho was displayed in the pages of the fashion magazine Grazia, April issue. His soft charisma is all over the pictures.

The style concept is sexy. Lee Min-ho has on a camouflage shirt with simple pants and hair is messed up to look the concept...More

Kim Tae-hee's slit dress

Source | 2015/03/31 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Tae-hee recently modeled for fashion magazine InStyle.

In a background of palm trees and blue skies in Mexico, the goddess sported a spring color yellow dress looking sexy and mesmerizing...More

Kong Hyo-jin's natural cuts

Source | 2015/03/29 | | Permalink

Pictures of Kong Hyo-jin modeling for the multi-shop Hatz On in various caps and natural outfits have been released.

Kong Hyo-jin's dog was also at the site and went around being cute, being admired by all the staff. It then appeared next to Kong Hyo-jin without a concern in the world and was captured with her...More

Today's Photo: March 27, 2015 [1]

Source | 2015/03/27 | | Permalink

Visitors take pictures at a flower exhibition in Gwangju on Thursday...More

Nam Gyoo-ri's profile pictures

Source | 2015/03/26 | | Permalink

Sidus Q updated Nam Gyoo-ri's profile picture on its official Twitter with the words, "Nam Gyoo-ri steals my heart along with spring!"

Nam Gyoo-ri looks very comfortable and friendly in the pictures. Her hair is very naturally loose or she is wearing a sheer white dress, looking like a Barbie Doll...More

Park Shin-hye brightens up with jewelry

Source | 2015/03/26 | | Permalink

Actress Park Shin-hye modeled with jewelry from Agatha Paris. She's wearing a white jacket with a simple brown leather watch in one of the pictures.

Park Shin-hye also looked feminine with the INFINITY bracelet and necklace. Meaning forever, the INFINITY pendant is perfect for a modern or office look...More

Yoo In-yeong, a lovable bad girl

Source | 2015/03/25 | | Permalink

Actress Yoo In-yeong is coming back with the new SBS drama "Mask".

Yoo In-yeong takes on the role of Mi-yeon, step sister to Min-woo (Joo Ji-hoon) and Seok-hoon's (Yeon Jeong-hoon) wife...More

[Photos] Kim Yoo-jeong's appeal

Source | 2015/03/24 | | Permalink

Kim Yoon-jeong featured in a fashion magazine.

Pictures of her show how much more mature she's become. Kim Yoo-jeong looks playful in her wavy hair and huge radio under her arms...More

Lee Seong-kyeong and her twin

Source | 2015/03/20 | | Permalink

Style magazine High Cut released pictures of Lee Seong-kyeong under a 'twin' concept. Lee Seong-kyeong played two roles perfectly.

The photo shoot was carried on with Paul Smith Watches and starred Lee Seong-kyeong as an actress and model at the same time...More

[Photos] f(x) Choi Seol-ri's mature looks

Source | 2015/03/19 | | Permalink

Group f(x) member Choi Seol-ri took pictures with style magazine High Cut and Chanel.

Instead of the typical style of focusing on the face, this photo shoot laid out a story and made a pictorial that resembled a movie. Two pictures of Choi Seol-ri show how mature she's become...More

"The Queen's Flower" Kang Tae-oh sings "Three Bears" in a bear costume

Source | 2015/03/19 | | Permalink

Kang Tae-oh took cute pictures of himself as a bear.

The pictures are from the set of new MBC drama "The Queen's Flower" and Kang Tae-oh is wearing an apron with a bear costume...More

Lee Min-ho's handsome picture

Source | 2015/03/19 | | Permalink

At Star 1 took pictures of stars congratulating it on its 3rd year anniversary.

At Star 1 revealed picturea of the actress and many more on its Facebook saying, "3rd year anniversary relays!"...More

Park Shin-hye's everlasting beauty

Source | 2015/03/19 | | Permalink

At Star 1 revealed a picture of Park Shin-hye in celebration of its third year anniversary.

At Star 1 revealed picturea of the actress and many more on its Facebook saying, "3rd year anniversary relays!"...More

Hong Soo-ah seen make-up-less

Source | 2015/03/18 | | Permalink

Behind-the-scene cuts of Hong Soo-ah made up as Ga-in in the movie "Malice" were released on the 19th in Well Made Show 21.

The pictures show the innocent looking actress without make-up...More

[Photos] Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye's London pictures

Source | 2015/03/17 | | Permalink

Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye have become a hipster couple.

Leading stars of the SBS drama "Pinocchio" reunited in the April issue of InStyle...More

"My Heart Shines", a happy family even without Lee Tae-im

Source | 2015/03/10 | | Permalink

SBS weekend drama "My Heart Shines" continues to go on merrily without Lee Tae-im who aroused criticism recently.

Pictures from the site show Bae Soo-bin, Jang Sin-yeong, Nam Bo-ra, Lee Pil-mo, Oh Chang-seok, Jeong Eun-woo, Son Eun-seo, Ha Jae-sook and other main characters of the drama. However, Lee Tae-im who was a controversy for her 'swearing' during the recording of a TV show, was not there...More

Kim Hye-soo's new stills in upcoming movie "Coin Locker Girl"

Source | 2015/03/09 | | Permalink

Stills of Kim Hye-soo starring in the movie "Coin Locker Girl" have been released. She plays the leader "Mother" of cold and cruel China Town, the background of the movie.

Anyone can call her mother but she can't be defied. She is an immigrant whose past and real name is hidden and she created her own gang to survive in the world of violence. She takes care of difficult matters without a flinch and takes care of people who can't pay their debt in her own ways, showing no remorse or feelings...More

[Photos] Lee Min-ho, a masterpiece

Source | 2015/03/08 | | Permalink

TNGT 2015 S/S collection of with Lee Min-ho has been revealed.

Pictures show Lee Min-ho smiling with a book in his hand or taking selfies of himself...More

"Empire of Lust" actress Kang Han-na, a true natural beauty

Source | 2015/03/08 | | Permalink

Child pictures of the actress Kang Han-na from the movie "Empire of Lust" have been revealed.

The Fantasio official Facebook revealed pictures of the actress's innocent past. As a young girl, Kang has pretty feature not much different today. Her dimples and long legs and arms prove she's a natural born beauty...More

Kong Hyo-jin from chic to sexy

Source | 2015/03/08 | | Permalink

Kong Hyo-jin revealed charismatic chic-ness and innocence in the pictures released by her management.

What stood out the most was the cut of her laughing. Despite the early hours of the photo shoot, Kong Hyo-jin brought energy to the set. She wore a white dress with her hair falling naturally and light make-up looking innocent and looked sexy in heavy make-up with matching jeans fashion...More

'Black Hand' starring Kim Sung-soo and Han Go-eun: first thriller this year to be released in April

Source | 2015/03/06 | | Permalink

Movie "Black Hand" has confirmed it will be released sometime in April.

The production company, Golden Tide Pictures has released a teaser poster of movie "Black Hand" on March 6th upon confirming its release month...More

"Spy - Drama" Bae Jong-ok and Kim Jae-joong's friendly shot

Source | 2015/03/05 | | Permalink

Bae Jong-ok released pictures from the final scene of the drama "Spy - Drama".

KBS 2TV drama "Spy - Drama" actress Bae Jong-ok played a mother who gets back into her old habits of being a spy her children's sake. The drama ends today...More

"Hyde, Jekyll and I" preview: Hyeon Bin's confession for Han Ji-min

Source | 2015/03/03 | | Permalink

It looks like Hyeon Bin is confessing his love for Han Ji-min.

With the thirteenth episode coming up on the 4th, a preview of "Hyde, Jekyll and I" was released. The stills show Han Ji-min and Hyeon Bin, looking very longing...More

[Photos] Kong Hyo-jin comes back with feminism

Source | 2015/03/03 | | Permalink

Kong Hyo-jin modeled for the March issue of InStyle.

She's wearing a white top and pants in some pictures, looking more feminine than ever. She's also wearing an embroidered blue jacket and looking far out as if she has something on her mind...More

[Photos] Lee Min-ho, a work of art

Source | 2015/03/02 | | Permalink

Behind-the-scene cuts of Lee Min-ho modeling for TNGT 2015 S/S collection have been revealed.

According to sources, Lee Min-ho was caught smiling brightly while reading a book, taking selfies by himself and more...More

[Photos] Kim Yoon-seo's wedding pictures

Source | 2015/02/26 | | Permalink

"The Legendary Witch" actress Kim Yoon-seo took pictures in white.

In the role of Ma Joo-hee, Kim Yoon-seo is being published in the March issue of In Style in wedding dresses...More

Park Hae-jin, carries out intense action in "Friends"

Source | 2015/02/26 | | Permalink


 Actor Park Hae-jin carried out intense action for the Chinese drama "Friends".

WM Company revealed pictures of Park Hae-jin in Xiamen, China busy shooting the drama "Friends". The pictures show Park performing startling stunts without a stand-in...More

[Photos] Kang Han-na's contrasting elegance

Source | 2015/02/25 | | Permalink


"Empire of Lust" actress, Kang Han-na had a photo shoot with Bazaar.

The pictures show Kang Han-na wearing a simple but elegant white dress, looking innocent and graceful. She's smiling slightly towards the camera and this is a contrast to her image in the movie "Empire of Lust" where she is seductive with a killer glance...More

Han Ye-seul's chic parisienne style, her pictorial from Paris

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On February 25th, fashion magazine "Marie Claire" released some images from Han Ye-seul's pictorial for its March issue through their official Facebook.

On the pictorial shooting set in Paris, France, Han Ye-seul experimented new changes through various concepts. Her emotionless facial expression and the charismatic eyes were the focal points...More

[Photos] Jeon Ji-hyeon reveals sexy legs through see-through skirt

Source | 2015/02/23 | | Permalink

 Jeon Ji-hyeon modeled for the 'Blossom Trench Coat Collection' for female brand Shesmiss.

Jeon Ji-hyeon in the pictures looks dreamy and her slender body can be seen through the light spring collection she displays. She wears trench coats of various colors with matching one-piece dresses...More

[Photos] Park Shin-hye's pictures from Thailand

Source | 2015/02/22 | | Permalink

 Pictures of Park Shin-hye from Thailand have been revealed.

Fashion magazine Ceci revealed the pictures on the 23rd...More

[Photos] Ha Ji-won, is she really 38?

Source | 2015/02/15 | | Permalink

 Actress Ha Ji-won is the goddess of spring.

She modeled for the female brand Crocodile Lady 2015 spring collection...More

Lee Min-ho to model for TNGT

Source | 2015/02/12 | | Permalink

 Total lifestyle brand TNGT appointed Lee Min-ho as their official model.

The brand released pictures of the actor in 'Real City Life'. The concept of the look is a sophisticated one where Lee Min-ho is wearing a blue jacket with matching jeans...More

[Photos] Park Shin-hye's B grade cuts from Thailand

Source | 2015/02/12 | | Permalink


Park Shin-hye has been chosen as the cover model of Ceci March issue in Korea, China and Thailand. She departed to Thailand for the photo shoot and modeled herself in striking colors. The pictures were uploaded on Ceci's official Instagram.

Ever since she held the first Asia tour as a Korean actress in 2013, she's been having them annually and proven her status as a Hallyu actress. The concept with Ceci in Kochang, Thailand is a lovable, yet mature one...More

Jo Jae-hyeon: "Punch - Drama" and "Jeong Do-jeon", "Messages from me about reality"

Source | 2015/02/10 | | Permalink

 We met Jo Jae-hyeon in his private cozy space about 10 pyeong wide (355 sq ft) while he was putting in fire wood into the fire. He offered us sweet potatoes and from that we saw the image of a 'man next door' first and actor later.

Jo Jae-hyeon is starring in the SBS drama "Punch - Drama" as the Public Prosecutor General Lee Tae-joon, a broad-minded person with a strong Kyeongsang-do accent. He was a bad guy who was likely to be crucified but he seemed much friendlier than that. A few words with this actor made us feel that...More

Kim So-hyeon-I's 'Barbie Doll' visual

Source | 2015/02/09 | | Permalink

Actress Kim So-hyeon-I's behind-the-scene cuts from clothing brand SOUP has been revealed.

Sidus Q's official Twitter posted pictures of the actress saying, "Here are some pictures of Kim So-hyeon-I that will melt your hearts frozen from the recent cold"...More

Graduation, relationship and marriage: Park Shin-hye's 20s report

Source | 2015/02/09 | | Permalink

'A successful actress since she was a child', 'One of the leading actresses in her 20s', 'Hallyu actress' and such are all modifiers for Park Shin-hye. If someone asked about her, the answer would be, 'a bright 26-year-old whose job is a celebrity'.

She's as normal as worrying about her school papers and dreaming of getting married one day. Ironically, the regularity of this actress is what makes her stand out in the world of showbiz...More

Korean movie "You and You"

Source | 2015/02/06 | | Permalink

Added the Korean movie "You and You"'s page to HanCinema database...More

Park Hae-jin in China, very handsome

Source | 2015/02/02 | | Permalink


Netizens are all over the pictures of Park Hae-jin in China, who is currently working on a drama.

Pictures of the actor came up on the 2nd...More

Lee Se-eun is getting married to the son of Buguk Securities

Source | 2015/01/26 | | Permalink

Actress Lee Se-eun's husband-to-be, who was only known as a 'finance man', turns out to be the son of Buguk Securities.

Lee Se-eun announced her marriage on the 26th and introduced her husband as a 3-year younger man in the finance business. Buguk Securities is the fourth financial business to be established with a history of more than 60 years. Based in 2014, it ranks in the top 30 financial businesses. She's getting married to a plutocrat...More

[Photos] Nam Gyoo-ri's romantic appeal

Source | 2015/01/26 | | Permalink


Nam Gyoo-ri took a beauty photo-shoot with Valentine's Day coming up.

She's made-up in pink which makes her look romantic and sophisticated at the same time. She's seducing men with her sensual eyes and feminine aura...More

"Spy - Drama" Ko Sung-hee's beauty

Source | 2015/01/22 | | Permalink

Actress Ko Sung-hee appears to be innocent in "Spy - Drama".

Behind-the-scenes cuts of Ko Sung-hee were revealed by her management on the 23rd...More

[Photos] Oh Yeon-seo reveals volume by lying on her side

Source | 2015/01/20 | | Permalink

Actress Oh Yeon-seo's beauty collection is in fashion magazine 'Cosmopolitan'.

Oh Yeon-seo is wearing bronze make-up that makes her look like a doll with long wavy hair down her sides. She's wearing a white dress that makes her look like a goddess and a tube top dress with frills and more...More

"Blood" Ahn Jae-hyeon, a vampire

Source | 2015/01/20 | | Permalink

Actor Ahn Jae-hyeon is wearing a white gown but he's actually a vampire doctor.

Ahn Jae-hyeon plays a mutated vampire who suppresses his desire for blood and treats patients in the KBS 2TV drama "Blood". Park Ji-sang looks selfish, with no feelings for others although he's actually very soft inside and misses many people. His innocent charisma takes over soon...More

[Photos] "Detective K: The Laborer's Daughter" Lee Yeon-hee in thick make-up as a geisha

Source | 2015/01/19 | | Permalink


Stills of Lee Yeon-hee from "Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island" were released.

Three different versions of Lee Yeon-hee were released...More

"Healer" Yoo Ji-tae seen crying

Source | 2015/01/19 | | Permalink

Still cuts of actor Yoo Ji-tae crying for an episode of "Healer", were released.

The pictures are from the fourteenth episode and Yoo has tears coming down his cheeks...More

Yeo Jin-goo chooses the patient uniform over school uniform

Source | 2015/01/15 | | Permalink

Yeo Jin-goo had his pictures taken by fashion magazine Arena.

The pictures express him as a joyous and pure nineteen-year-old teen...More

Seo In-guk's 20 different faces

Source | 2015/01/12 | | Permalink

Gwang Hae Seo In-guk's collection of facial expressions is an issue.

An online community posted this collection of small pictures online recently...More

Jang Nara's 5000th day since her debut, present shower

Source | 2015/01/12 | | Permalink

Actress Jang Nara celebrated the 5000th day of her debut. She took pictures proving the messages and presents she received from her fans.

While she was taking profile pictures in a studio, her fan club "Nara Sarang" sent her surprise messages and presents to congratulate her 5000th day since debut...More

Ko Sung-hee's pantless fashion

Source | 2015/01/12 | | Permalink

Actress Ko Sung-hee's pictures from the past have resurfaced with her appearance at the "Chronicle of a Blood Merchant" VIP premier.

Ko Sung-hee appeared at the event wearing an elegant black dress. Her pictures from the past have come along with is as issue...More

Park Hae-jin, a thrifty man

Source | 2015/01/08 | | Permalink

Behind-the-scene stills of Park Hae-jin who is in the middle of filming the Chinese drama "Friend 2" were released. They show how thrifty Park Hae-jin can be.

In the pictures of him at work in the last couple of years, there are a few things that he has beside him that can be spotted. The files and the chair that he sits on, the padding that he wears and the umbrella that he carries have been in use for about 6~7 years...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Doctor Frost" Episode 6

2015/01/04 | | Permalink

Well, if nothing else, this episode of "Doctor Frost" marks a rather different story direction. There's no murder investigation this time- well, at least not of the recent variety. Doctor Frost and Song-seon are forced to confront the ghost of their recent history together. And the story does manage to be a reasonably sad one- if the basic plot of this episode were transposed onto a drama special it probably could have worked fairly well...More

"Pinocchio" preview: Park Shin-hye has Jin Kyeong's cell phone

Source | 2015/01/04 | | Permalink

It seems like Park Shin-hye has started investigating a case with a 'mystery cell phone'.

Stills of Choi In-ha (Park Shin-hye) looking serious were released...More

Ji Seong: Smoky, fierce eyes, sexy charisma

Source | 2014/12/28 | | Permalink

Ji Seong is all about black charisma in "Kill Me, Heal Me".

Stills of Ji Seong as Cha Do-hyeon came up online on the 29th...More

[Spoiler] "The Legendary Witch" Ha Seok-jin reveals his past

Source | 2014/12/28 | | Permalink


Ha Seok-jin's real name and his secrets were revealed.

Nam Woo-seok (Ha Seok-jin) found an old picture of himself when he was at the orphanage he visited for volunteer work...More

[Photos] Clara in a leather body suit, with Jo Yeo-jeong

Source | 2014/12/18 | | Permalink

Clara took pictures in a leather outfit.

She stars in "Casa Amor, Exclusive for Ladies", a comedy about Bo-hee who gets fired overnight and Nan-hee, an adult toy shop owner. Jo Yeo-jeong and Clara's pictorial were released on the 19th...More

"Pinocchio" preview: Lee Jong-suk is officially a reporter

Source | 2014/12/15 | | Permalink

Stills were released of Lee Jong-suk in a neat suit while holding a microphone.

In the pictures, he's reporting the news with a mic that has the logo, YGN. He looks very neat and sophisticated and has successfully turned into a reporter. This contrasts to the time when he was a junior reporter, with his messy hair, going around and collecting news...More

[HanCinema's Film Review] "A Dream of Iron"

2014/12/13 | | Permalink

You know what's really weird? Whales. They're these huge underwater behemoths. That's pretty mysterious. Almost as mysterious as Tibetan Buddhist chanting, which also takes on otherworldly aspects. Having established these two obvious points, director Kelvin Kyung Kun Park moves on to what he really wants to showcase as strange- the dark all-powerful God of industrial metalworking who's responsible for almost everything in modern society. A horrific deity whose followers invoke visually and aurally bizarre rituals for the sake of building our own gigantic seaborne leviathans...More

"Healer" Ji Il-joo reading his script as Seo Joon-seok

Source | 2014/12/02 | | Permalink

Actor Ji Il-joo was seen studying his script.

He's playing the younger version of Ji Chang-wook's (Seo Jeong-hoo) father, an engineer for a TV show...More

Jang Nara happy to discover selfie stick along with special guest Sin Ha-gyoon

Source | 2014/12/01 | | Permalink

Actress, Jang Nara uploaded several selfies on the November 30th with the comments, "I discovered a selfie stick during the shooting. It's a new world".

The photos Jang Nara took using a selfie stick show the actors and the staff from the 'Mister Baek'. Sin Ha-gyoon, who has excellent chemistry with Jang Nara playing their roles in the drama, posed with a round hair clip on his hair in one of the photos...More

[Spoiler] Why did Sin Seong-rok call Lee Sang-yoon and Kim So-eun to the "Liar Game"?

Source | 2014/11/24 | | Permalink

The reason why Sin Seong-rok planned the "Liar Game" was to battle Lee Sang-yoon and Kim So-eun. What is the secret behind this?

On the eleventh episode of the tvN drama "Liar Game", the final game was presented...More

Kong Hyo-jin and Kang Hye-jeong's appearance immobilizes Daehakro

Source | 2014/11/17 | | Permalink

Actress Kong Hyo-jin and Kang Hye-jeong appeared in Daehakro.

Pictures taken on the spot were posted online and on various SNS...More

[Spoiler] "Birth of a Beauty" Han Sang-jin's revenge

Source | 2014/11/17 | | Permalink


It looks like Han Sang-jin will interfere with Han Ye-seul's plan of revenge.

On the sixth episode of the SBS drama "Birth of a Beauty", Sara (Han Ye-seul) shocked Lee Kang-joon (Jeong Kyeo-woon) once again...More

Yoo Ji-tae, Ji Chang-wook and Do Ji-won filming in the cold for upcoming KBS drama "Healer"

Source | 2014/11/13 | | Permalink

Behind-the-scene stills of the KBS 2TV drama "Healer" have appeared online. Ji Chang-wook, Yoo Ji-tae and Do Ji-won are smiling brightly while holding a cup of tea.

The pictures were taken on the 28th of October which shows Do Ji-won preparing tea for everyone who was working so hard in the cold...More

"Tears of Heaven" Hong Ah-reum and Seo Joon-yeong

Source | 2014/11/12 | | Permalink

Seo Joon-yeong and Hong Ah-reum seem different behind the scenes of MBN drama "Tears of Heaven".

Hong Ah-reum and Seo Joon-yeong take on the roles of Yoon Cha-yeong who was abandoned by her parents and Lee Ki-hyeon as well as Cha Seong-tan, who grew up in the same orphanage as Yoon Cha-yeong but also have no memory of his past. On the tenth episode, Yoon Cha-yeong looked at Lee Ki-hyeon who was treating her hand and saw the images of Cha Seong-tan...More

"Love Cells" Kim Yoo-jeong behind the scenes

Source | 2014/11/10 | | Permalink

Jaspero, the watch brand in charge of the making of web-drama "Love Cells" released some pictures of the fifth episode.

Kim Yoo-jeong is posing for the camera...More

Police check pictures and records regarding Sin Hae-cheol's death

Source | 2014/11/05 | | Permalink

The investigation regarding Sin Hae-cheol's death is officially being set. Currently data has been collected and soon they will be looked over and consulted.

Chief Jeong Chae-min told Dispatch on the 5th, we are waiting for medical records from the hospital...More

Joo Won, "I feel bad for Sulli"

Source | 2014/11/04 | | Permalink

Joo Won claimed that he felt bad for his co-star Choi Seol-ri (Sulli) in "Fashion King - Movie".

At a media day with the press on the 4th, Joo Won said, "I feel bad that Sulli breaks apart for the movie"...More

[Spoiler] "Pride and Prejudice", Baek Jin-hee and Choi Jin-hyeok capture two-faced director

Source | 2014/11/04 | | Permalink

Baek Jin-hee solved her first case.

On the fourth episode of the MBC drama "Pride and Prejudice", Yeol-moo (Baek Jin-hee) and Dong-chi (Choi Jin-hyeok) were investigating a child's death at a nursery...More

Kong Hyo-jin, lovely as ever

Source | 2014/11/03 | | Permalink

Actress Kong Hyo-jin is looking lovely as ever.

Kong Hyo-jin's management revealed behind the scene pictures of her advertisement of "Smoothie King"...More

"The King's Face", Sin Seong-rok's first historical drama

Source | 2014/10/29 | | Permalink

Sin Seong-rok is starring in the KBS 2TV drama "The King's Face" as Do-chi, a face reader.

Do-chi is a skilled face reader. Although he dreams about a world of equality and union, a series of unfortunate events make him change into an ambitious young man who has a burning desire for revenge on the world...More

[Photos] Chae Jeong-an becomes a sexy songwriter

Source | 2014/10/27 | | Permalink

Chae Jeong-an became a sexy songwriter in a pictorial.

These pictures were taken in a musical studio in Hongdae, which showed her stand-out stylish fashion sense and perfect bodyline...More

[HanCinema's Film Review + Video] "Real Fiction": Inert experiment or deep drama?

2014/10/25 | | Permalink

"Real Fiction" (2000) is a gritty experimental film of sorts, arguably embryonic entertainment that purposefully tinkers with the art of filmmaking with debatable results. The film was reportedly shot in 200 minutes (cut to 84) and contains an interesting mix of formal framing and dirtied handheld footage. It may not be entirely convincing in both plot and purpose, but this compact and nihilistic nugget is still worth watching to see what happens when Kim Ki-duk (alongside Kang Cheol-woo) throws caution to the wind...More

"Birth of a Beauty" Joo Sang-wook, the return of the romance comedy king

Source | 2014/10/20 | | Permalink

Actor Joo Sang-wook posted pictures of the first making of the drama "Birth of a Beauty" on his fan page.

The pictures he posted show him with various expressions while filming the drama. He is wearing a gentleman suit looking very charismatic and smiling brightly. He plays the role of Han Tae-hee in the drama...More

Han Ye-seul comes back, sexy as ever

Source | 2014/10/19 | | Permalink

Han Ye-seul hasn't changed.

Pictures of Han Ye-seul making the poster for the new drama "Birth of a Beauty" were recently released...More

Park Geon-hyeong takes wedding pictures 'like a movie'

Source | 2014/10/16 | | Permalink

Park Geon-hyeong took his wedding pictures with his wife-to-be.

Pictures of the to-be-wedded couple were released on the 16th...More

[Photos] Chae Rims' wedding pictures

Source | 2014/10/13 | | Permalink

Chae Rim and Gao Zi Qi's wedding pictures have been released.

Their pictures were released to media in China and Korea on the 14th and will be out once again on the 23rd...More

"Tomorrow's Cantabile" behind-the scenes with Joo Won and Sim Eun-kyeong

Source | 2014/10/08 | | Permalink

Behind-the-scenes cuts of "Tomorrow's Cantabile" have been released.

Joo Won and Sim Eun-kyeong are seen cleaning in the pictures...More

Han Ji-hye's beauty photos

Source | 2014/10/01 | | Permalink

Actress Han Ji-hye can be seen in some beauty photos for the beauty magazine In Style, October issue.

Han Ji-hye is a known city-looking girl who transformed into an innocent and mature goddess this time...More

[Photos] Kang So-ra's luxurious lingerie shoot

Source | 2014/10/01 | | Permalink

Actress Kang So-ra's lingerie pictures were released.

First Look Magazine published pictures of the actress wearing lingerie from an Italian premium brand and showing off her 'S' line...More

"The Night Watchman's Journal" preview: Jeong Il-woo, U-Know face Kim Seong-oh

Source | 2014/09/28 | | Permalink

Jeong Il-woo, U-Know and Ko Sung-hee are facing battle with Kim Seong-oh.

The trio have Kim Seong-oh surrounded to discharge him of his evil deeds...More

[Spoiler] "Endless Love" Hwang Jeong-eum finds out about Seo Hyo-rim

Source | 2014/09/28 | | Permalink

Seo Hyo-rim's past has been brought to the surface once again.

On the twenty-ninth episode of the SBS drama "Endless Love", Han Gwang-cheol (Jeong Kyeong-ho) and Seo In-ae (Hwang Jeong-eum) found out about Cheon Hye-jin (Seo Hyo-rim)...More

Ma Dong-seok's hot action and break of cuteness in upcoming OCN drama "Bad Guys"

Source | 2014/09/18 | | Permalink

Still cuts of Ma Dong-seok from the OCN drama "Bad Guys" were released.

Ma Dong-seok in the pictures is clinging onto a car or is on top of it, kicking its windows down...More

Nam Gyoo-ri's spring collection

Source | 2014/09/18 | | Permalink

Actress Nam Gyoo-ri revealed her emotional side.

She modeled for a fashion magazine called Arena, October issue. She was asked for the most lifeless poses by the camera team...More

Seong Yoo-ri's behind cuts, 'glow'

Source | 2014/09/18 | | Permalink

Actress Seong Yoo-ri's unedited behind-the-scene cuts have been revealed.

The advertisement she modeled for is for cosmetic brand Sisley and she can be seen wearing a shoulder-revealing purple dress. Despite the fact that the pictures are unedited, Seong Yoo-ri's skin still looks flawless and amazing...More

Jeong Woo-seong and Esom in "Scarlet Innocence"

Source | 2014/09/17 | | Permalink

Jeong Woo-seong and Esom took couple pictures together.

They displayed chemistry different from the movie they starred in together, "Scarlet Innocence"...More

[Photos] Yoon Eun-hye's provocative dress and red lips

Source | 2014/09/17 | | Permalink

Actress Yoon Eun-hye showed the end of provocative attraction.

She modeled for the F/W lip make-up in the star magazine "High Cut"...More

Sim Eun-kyeong turns innocent and cheerful

Source | 2014/09/15 | | Permalink

Atress Sim Eun-kyeong transformed into the leading actress of the KBS 2TV drama "Tomorrow's Cantabile".

"Tomorrow's Cantabile" is based on the popular Japanese comic "Nodame Cantabile". It is about youths dreaming about their passion for classic music. The stars include Sim Eun-kyeong, Joo Won, Baek Yoon-sik, Ko Kyeong-pyo, Park Bo-gum and Do Hee...More

Chae Rim goes to Beijing with mother and husband-to-be

Source | 2014/09/10 | | Permalink

Actress Chae Rim went on a tour of Beijing with her mother and soon-to-be-husband.

Pictures of them going around Beijing were posted on Gao Zi-xi's Chinese SNS...More

Lee Byung-hun's still cuts from "Inside Men"

Source | 2014/09/10 | | Permalink

Pictures of Lee Byung-hun as a political hoodlum have been released.

"Inside Men" is a criminal drama that digs through the corruption of the Korean society starring Lee Byung-hun as the political hoodlum, Jo Seung-woo as a passionate investigator and Baek Yoon-sik, a wise media advisor...More

Ground-Breaking 'English Village' in the Doldrums

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In 2006, Gyeonggi Province opened what was considered an innovative educational facility that offered English-language immersion programs that its creators hoped would replace expensive studies abroad. The province spent W99 billion to set up the English Village in Paju north of Seoul (US$1=W1,013).

Sohn Hak-kyu, then the provincial governor, said the camp marked a "revolution" in public education. There were high hopes that such facilities could dissuade a growing number of parents from packing up and heading abroad with their children in order to help them master the English language or spend huge sums of money on expensive crammers...More

"The Idle Mermaid", Jo Bo-ah's pretty smile

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Actress Jo Bo-ah's flowery smile has men all over her.

Pictures of Jo Bo-ah on the set of the tvN drama "The Idle Mermaid" were released...More

Ha Ji-won, autumn woman

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Actress Ha Ji-won put on a trench coat.

Crocodile Lady released the 2014 Fall collection with Ha Ji-won...More

"Fated To Love You" preview: Jang Hyeok holds a press conference

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Jang Hyeok held a sudden press conference.

Stills of Jang Hyeok having a press conference and Jang Nara with tears in her eyes, were released...More

Han Ji-min, the prettiest girl in Korea

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Han Ji-min's pictures are an issue.

Several pictures of Han Ji-min titled, "Pictorials of Han Ji-min" were posted on an online community board...More

Cheon Jeong-myeong in "Reset"

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Actor Cheon Jeong-myeong is completely different from the MBC show "Real Guys".

Pictures of Cheon filming the new OCN thriller "Reset" came up online...More

"Tazza: The Hidden Card": comic vs. movie

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The original comic and movie of "Tazza: The Hidden Card" showed amazing synchronization.

Movie stills were released of comparative pictures from the comic...More

[Photos] Song Hye-kyo and Kang Dong-won's photo collaboration

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Kang Dong-won and Song Hye-kyo had a photo shoot as if they were a real couple.

The pictures were released through the homepahe of Vogue Korea on the 18th under the title, "My Brilliant Life" and "One Fine Day"...More

Jeong Yong-hwa and Jeong Hae-in in "The Three Musketeers - Drama"

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Behind cuts of Jeong Yong-hwa and Jeong Hae-in in the new tvN drama "The Three Musketeers - Drama" were revealed. They play the roles of Park Dal-hyang and Ahn Min-seo.

The two of them play completely different characters. Jeong Yong-hwa is the image of a passionate warrior while Jeong Hae-in is more quiet and sincere...More

"Discovery of Romance" Eric Moon

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Stills of Eric Moon and Jeong Yoo-mi were released recently.

In the role of Kang Tae-ha, Eric Moon is a wild man who is arrogant but when it comes to love, he 's romantic...More

Jo In-seong, so romantic

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Jo In-Seong now has the hearts of mothers all around the country.

Stills of Jo In-Seong and "Mother" Cha Hwa-yeon from the SBS drama "It's Okay, That's Love" were released on the 11th. They take on the roles of Jang Jae-yeol and Cha Ok-ja...More

Jeong Yu-mi and Seong Joon sit tangled together

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Jeong Yu-mi and Seong Joon took couple shots together.

They co-star in the new KBS 2TV drama "Discovery of Romance" as Han Yeo-reum and Nam Ha-jin, a couple in their second year. The pictures of them revealed prior to the actual broadcast show their intimacy. They are sitting together on the stairs and drinking coffee or have their arms on each other's shoulders. They are looking at each other with such happy faces...More

Kim Sae-ron, 'cute, bright and innocent' on the latest "High School - Love On"

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Kim Sae-ron stars in the KBS 2TV fantasy romance drama "High School - Love On" as a cheerful character named Lee Seul-bi. In the pictures revealed, Kim Sae-ron has many expressions on her face. She's wearing her school gym clothes and filming by the pool.

Lee Seul-bi is an angel full of curiosity who tries to adjust into the human world and live amongst the humans...More

Lee Min-ho and Han Ji-wan's photo collection

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French outdoor brand Eider revealed pictures of its 2014 F/W collection modeled by Lee Min-ho on the 5th.

Lee Min-ho posed accordingly to the brand's concept and pulled off the outfits well...More

"The Admiral: Roaring Currents" Premieres in the North America on August 15

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Choi Min-sik ("Old Boy", Lucy) Takes on Epic Historical War Action Film About the Naval Battle of Myeong-Nyang

July 30, 2014 – "The Admiral: Roaring Currents", will make its North America debut in major market cinemas on August 15, 2014.  The film follows the events of a legendary Korean naval battle, Myeong-Nyang, and the Korean Admiral Yi Sun-shin (Choi Min-sik) who leads only 12 battleships to victory against 330 Japanese ones...More

Yoon Jin-i's behind cut of "It's Okay, That's Love"

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Yoon Jin-i from the SBS drama "It's Okay, That's Love" revealed behind cuts from the drama.

Yoon Jin-i seems to be reading a script or chatting with the staff in the pictures...More

Yoon Hyeon-min, a handsome doctor in "Discovery of Romance"

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KBS 2TV drama star Yoon Hyeon-min's still cuts have been released.

He takes on the role of plastic surgeon Do Joon-ho. In the pictures released, he's smartly dressed with glasses and a white gown...More

Park Shin-hye before and after departure, standing or sitting, still beautiful

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Behind-the-scene cuts of Park Shin-hye before her departure for Tokyo were released.

Park Shin-hye was headed to Japan for her Asian tour in Osaka and Tokyo on the 19th and 20th...More

"Make A Wish" Yeon Joon-seok, "A good student"

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Actor Yeon Joon-seok is deep into his script in the pictures revealed in still cuts from the new MBC drama "Make a Wish".

Yeon Joon-seok is a third generation plutocrat with everything he needs. He plays the role of Song Seok-hyeon, who is very competitive of his sister...More

Kim Yoo-jeong 'cute VS elegant'

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Teen actress Kim Yoo-jeong took many selfies of herself.

She posted pictures on Twitter and said, "Long time no see on SNS. Take care of yourselves in this heat and have a good day!...More

Lee Jin, the goddess

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Actress Lee Jin revealed behind-the-scene stills of unedited photos from her advertisement.

Not only was Lee Jin the leading character in the MBC daily drama "Shining Romance" and a step forward as an actress, Lee Jin is also the face of the cosmetic brand Saimdang...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "God's Quiz Season 4" Episode 9

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Well that was a pretty stupid resolution to the cliffhanger. Granted, we knew that Kyeong-hee wasn't actually going to die or anything, but it was all a dream? Really? I guess that makes me feel a little better about Jin-woo dropping what I assume was a decent cup of coffee. I bet it was good coffee too. Fortunately, for the rest of the episode we focus mainly on the current mystery, and the overarching storyline is largely confined to its own mysterious bits...More

"High School - Love On" Woohyun and Kim Sae-ron on a scooter date

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Woohyun and Kim Sae-ron from the KBS 2TV drama "High School - Love On" rode a scooter together.

The pictures released on the 3rd show them riding a scooter together with matching helmets. It looks like they're on a scooter date...More

Choi Seong-gook and Song Eun-chae to star in "Love Match"

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Choi Seong-gook and Song Eun-chae are starring in the comedy flick "Love Match".

It is a sex scandal movie about a professor risking everything by living together with his female student and realizing what love is...More

Ko Ah-ra poses with Lee Seung-gi

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Ko Ah-ra took a picture with Lee Seung-gi.

She tweeted, "The sun's going down! Dae-goo fighting!" along with a picture...More

Eom Ji-won gets married, poses with beauties

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Pictures from Eom Ji-won's wedding have been posted on the 28th by actress Kim Seong-eun. She posted, "Eom Ji-won is the most beautiful bride I've ever seen. I am happy we could sing for you".

The pictures show Eom Ji-won throwing the bouquet and posing with fellow beauty actresses...More

Park Shin-hye's most extreme makeover

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Actress Park Shin-hye went through the most extreme makeover yet.

She modeled for magazine Harpers Bazaar Korea and claimed it was her biggest attempt yet...More

Park Eun-ji's pictorial, 'pant-less and see-through'

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Entertainer Park Eun-ji showed off her voluptuousness.

Park Eun-ji has her pictures taken with magazine In Style. Park Eun-ji's body line was revealed and knocked out all of her male fans...More

Koh Woo-ri's body shape in "Good Day"

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Koh Woo-ri has a great body.

Koh Woo-ri appeared in the SBS weekend drama "Good Day" with a white towel on her head...More

"You're Surrounded" Ko Ah-ra and Seong Ji-roo, having a good time on set

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Stills of Ko Ah-ra from the SBS drama "You're Surrounded", a drama about four policemen have been revealed.

Ko Ah-ra and Seong Ji-roo look like they're having a good time making the drama as they pose for the camera during their break time...More

Korea: Then and Now Opening Night

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Wednesday 21 May, 5:30-7:30pm
Korean Cultural Office Gallery, Australia
About 120 years ago, Australian missionaries landed in Korea. During their stay, they experienced its culture and left behind photo journals representing honest portrayals of their impressions of Korea. The photographs depicted the now long-gone everyday life of the country and also the harmonised interaction between the locals and the visitors...More

Jang Seo-hee and Lee Chae-yeong in the making of posters

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The poster making of the new KBS 2TV daily drama "Cuckoo Nest" was revealed.

"Cuckoo Nest" starring Jang Seo-hee and Lee Chae-yeong is in the middle of poster making...More

Chinese media, "Kim Soo-hyeon-I made 18 billion won in 2 months"

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Hyundai Motors model Kim Soo-hyeon-I appeared at the Beijing Motor Show for 90 seconds. About 10,000 fans gathered at the Hyundai Motors booth to see him and he greeted them with a bow and allowed them to take some pictures. Then he was gone.

A few days later he went through Vietnam to get to Hong Kong and attended the fan meeting in 5 star Hotel The Mira Hong Kong. Despite the grim drizzling weather, thousands and thousands of fans crowded at the hotel. Kim Soo-hyeon-I only appeared for about 5 minutes...More

Kim Woo-bin's sexy habit

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Kim Woo-bin has a sexy habit.

He's been seen licking his lips a lot during the Asian Tour fan meeting...More

Jang Dong-gun, Won Bin, Lee Na-young and Kang Dong-won drinking

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Pictures of stars drinking with friends have been going around the internet lately.

A picture titled, "Jang Dong-gun and other male stars getting drunk" was posted on an online community recently...More

[Spoiler] "God's Gift - 14 Days" Lee Bo-yeong and Jo Seung-woo realize what the scribbles mean

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On "God's Gift - 14 Days", Lee Bo-yeong and Jo Seung-woo found out what the scribbles on the wall of Lim Ji-gyoo's cell meant.

Kim Soo-hyeon (Lee Bo-yeong) assumed Yoo Jin-woo (Lim Ji-gyoo) had the final clue to the whereabouts of her daughter Han Set-byeol (Kim Yoo-bin-I) and sneaked into the asylum he was in...More

The Avengers: Age of Ultron filmed in Seouls Gangnam

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Seouls Gangnam has turned into a movie set on Sunday. Avid fans arrived early to watch the filming of The Avengers 2, which started at 4:30 a.m. Young people, foreigners, and families watched the filming. Choi Dong-hoon, 14-year-old fan of The Avengers, said, I was so excited that I couldnt sleep well. I really want to see the lead actor and get his autograph.

Fans took the window seats of coffee shops overlooking the Gangnam Street from early Sunday morning. The coffee shops in the area opened at 4 a.m. to welcome customers who want to see the filming of the movie...More

Wall paintings instill new life into 'Ant Village'

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Image credit : Moreska

At 100-58, Segeomjeongno 4-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul is the "Ant Village", one of the few poor hillside neighborhoods. The village is named such because its residents work hard from very early in the morning to late at night without losing hope despite their destitute situations. The village, which had few outside visitors, became famous recently after it appeared in a hit Korean movie "Miracle in Cell No.7" as the neighborhood where the main characters lived...More

Today's Photo: April 10, 2014 [1]

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Women take pictures of flowers in Geochang, South Gyeongsang Province on Wednesday...More

Yoo Yeon-seok becomes a chef

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Actor Yoo Yeon-seok became a romantic brunch chef.

Yoo Yeon-seok was the day's chef for the VIPS Bruch Guerilla Date on the 9th...More

"God's Gift - 14 Days" Lee Bo-yeong and Kim Yoo-bin-I

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Still cuts of Lee Bo-yeong and Kim Yoo-bin-I were released.

The pictures are from a scene from the 11th episode where they're hiding themselves from a tattooed man in a waterway...More

[Photos] Park Jeong-cheol gets married

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Wedding pictures of Park Jeong-cheol and his bride were revealed along with the invitation.

This classic and romantic photo collection was taken by writer Kim Bo-ha. The pictures look like scenes from a drama...More

Lee Honey becomes a chef for her fans

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Lee Honey turned into a chef for a day.

She hosted "Cooking Class" for her fans on the 2nd and introduced some of her healthy recipes and cooked for them. The pictures show her washing her hands, dressed in a white blouse with an apron. She had a serious discussion about cooking with Uncle Paul and concentrated on her cooking...More

[Spoiler] "God's Gift - 14 Days" Kim Yoo-bin-I in danger

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Kim Soo-hyeon (Lee Bo-yeong) was at risk of losing her child again.

On the tenth episode of the SBS drama "God's Gift - 14 Days", Kim Soo-hyeon started tracking down the criminal using the picture she found in her daughter's room...More

"I Need Romance Season 3" picnic

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The team of "I Need Romance Season 3" recently went on a picnic.

Wang Ji-won posted pictures of the picnic on her Twitter and said, "The weather was nice today because of our picnic!"...More

[Photos] Nam Gyoo-ri's mesmerizing eyes

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Nam Gyoo-ri's photo collection has been completed for the beauty magazine It Pouch, April issue under the theme 'Eco and Natural'.

The pictures emphasize warmth form her various expressions and poses. Simple make-up was done for this photo collection to bring out the transparent and flawless beauty of Nam Gyoo-ri. The make-up was completed in just 10 minutes...More

Park Bo-geom and the dog

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Park Bo-geom was filming the KBS 2TV drama "Very Good Times" as seen in the pictures revealed by Blossom Entertainment.

Park Bo-geom is smiling at a dog with his hand out. This is very different from the character in the drama...More

Jangsa Island Proves Perfect Location for Out-of-This-World Date

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It was a contemptuous stare from my girlfriend of four years that ultimately prompted me to book a trip to Jangsa Island in Tongyeong, South Gyeongsang Province where the SBS TV drama "My Love from the Star" was shot.

The look in question came after she watched an episode from the hugely popular TV show. I could see she was comparing me to actor Kim Soo-hyeon-I...More

Seong Yoo-ri puffs her face

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Actress Seong Yoo-ri who is also hosting the SBS TV show "Healing Camp" was seen in behind cuts of an ad.

Modeling for the Post Grenola cereal, Seong Yoo-ri in the pictures show her with her cheeks puffed up. She's seen posing radiantly in a pink blouse...More

Lee Bo-yeong and Ji Seong's wedding pictures revealed

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Lee Bo-yeong revealed her wedding pictures for the first time on the SBS TV show "Healing Camp". She showed two pictures, one of herself and her husband at the wedding and one of herself in the waiting room. These pictures have never been released before.

She said, "I was busy with a drama so I couldn't prepare for the wedding at all. I couldn't afford to browse through invitation designs. Ji Seong did everything for me and I was thankful"...More

"Three Days" Son Hyeon-joo and Micky Yoochun in stills

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Son Hyeon-joo and Micky Yoochun from "Three Days" have been revealed through still cuts.

Son Hyeon-joo and Micky Yoochun appears as the president and bodyguard who tries to save the president from danger. Son Hyeon-joo is the kind of president who treats his bodyguards like one of the nation's people he must respect and Micky Yoochun is the kind of security that would put out his life for the president...More

Lee Min-ki has 4% fat in his body

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Actor Lee Min-ki mentioned his body during the making of the movie "Monster - Movie".

The press conference of the movie "Monster - Movie" was held in Seoul at the Lotte Card Art Center on the 25th. Lee Min-ki and Kim Go-eun-I were there...More

Jewelry's Yewon becomes the beauty icon

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Jewelry member Yewon is becoming the new beauty icon.

Yewon was cast on the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan recently, displaying the old, but new red lips-look in a pleasant and energetic way...More

Max's kiss scene

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New Mnet drama "Mimi" revealed stills of Max and Moon Ga-yeong's kiss.

The pictures show Max and Moon Ga-yeong secretly kissing each other in art class and Max is crying...More

"Inspiring Generation" Jo Dong-hyeok behind the scenes

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Actor Jo Dong-hyeok's behind cut from "Inspiring Generation" was revealed.

Jo Dong-hyeok stars in the KBS 2TV drama "Inspiring Generation" as the action head of the nation's conference and Lim Soo-hyang's protective warrior Sin I-chi...More

"Very Good Times" Lee Seo-jin and Taecyeon reunite in 15 years

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The new KBS 2TV drama "Very Good Times" revealed pictures of Taecyeon and Lee Seo-jin.

Lee Seo-jin and Taecyeon take on the role of arrogant and bad tempered prosecutor Kang Dong-seok and his brother Kang Dong-hee, a hot-tempered owner of a lender company...More

"My Love from the Star" Park Hae-jin as Lee Hwi-kyeong

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Actor Park Hae-jin is engrossed in his script.

Pictures of the actor from the SBS drama "My Love from the Star" were revealed on the 5th...More

Son Ho-joon's first filming of "The Full Sun"

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Son Ho-joon was seen filming the new KBS 2TV drama "The Full Sun" as Han Yeong-joon.

Son Ho-joon is Han Yeong-won's (Han Ji-hye) step brother Han Yeong-joon who is kind and warm hearted unlike his cold looks...More

Kim Sae-ron, drinking and smoking?

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Kim Sae-ron posted an explanation titled, "This one year".

She said, "I think those who are ready to hear can see this. I made a new friend in my neighborhood and I didn't think about explaining the drinking and smoking"...More

"Three Days" Micky Yoochun becomes a bodyguard

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Micky Yoochun is a bodyguard in the new SBS drama "Three Days".

These are pictures of him during training...More

Kwak Dong-yeon, a Kim Hyun-joong look-alike

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Kwak Dong-yeon plays the little Kim Hyun-joong in the new KBS 2TV drama "Inspiring Generation".

Pictures of the little actor working were posted on FNC Entertainment's official Facebook...More

Han Hyo-joo's manager booked for threatening actress

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Actress Han Hyo-joo's former manager and some friends threatened her father, who received suspension sentences.

Former manager Lee (30), charged with threatening Han Hyo-joo's father, Hwang (30), charged without detention and Yoon (37) were respectively sentenced to 6 months, 8 months and 10 months imprisonment with an additional 2 years suspension...More

"Hot Young Bloods" showcase

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The "Hot Young Bloods Showcase" was held on the 9th at Gunguk University at 7PM. This was an invitation to those waiting for the movie to be released to attend and talk about the movie with Park Bo-yeong, Lee Jong-suk, Lee Se-yeong and Kwon Hae-hyo. The numerous media and expecting audiences proved the popularity of the movie.

The Brave Ones opened the ceremony with their hit songs and promotion videos of previews, character cuts and laughter was screened especially. The cast also kept everyone entertained with their hilarious jokes and comments...More

Park Hae-jin's outstanding style

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Actor Park Hae-jin's unrealistic body was revealed in the behind cuts of the SBS drama "My Love from the Star".

He takes on the role of Lee Hwi-kyeong, the son of a wealthy family who has only had eyes for Cheon Song-I (Jeon Ji-hyeon) since they were in junior high...More

[HanCinema's Image Gallery] "Secretly and Greatly"

2014/01/04 | | Permalink

A selection of shots from Jang Cheol-soo's record-breaking action comedy: "Secretly and Greatly"

Jang Cheol-soo splatted onto Korea's cinema circuit back in 2010 with the bloody thriller "Bedevilled", but we had to wait until June 2013 to get another taste of Jang's talents. His second feature, "Secretly and Greatly", broke the record for highest single day ticket haul in Korea's history (919,036), and then went on to become one of the highest grossing movies of the year.

The following gallery contains a selection of shots and comments from Jang's his second film: "Secretly and Greatly" (2013) - To Remember, Share, and Enjoy! [spoiler]...More

Kang Ye-bin eats ddukguk and Soju on the first day of New Years

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Kang Ye-bin posted two pictures of herself on her Me Today saying, "I'm eating ddukguk without even washing my face! Beer is on the table of the first breakfast of the New Year. Happy New Year!"

The pictures are of her eating breakfast with beer and Soju on the table...More

"Can We Love?" Kim Yoo-mi cries in the water

Source | 2013/12/30 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Yoo-mi cried in the water.

Kim Yoo-mi stars as golden miss Kim Seon-mi in the new JTBC drama "Can We Love??"...More

"Lady" Jang Mi-hee, graceful as ever

Source | 2013/12/29 | | Permalink

Stills of Jang Mi-hee from "Lady" have been revealed.

Jang Mi-hee appeared royal and graceful in the pictures of the new JTBC drama "Lady"...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "She Gets Married Thrice" Episode 15

2013/12/28 | | Permalink

It looks like Eun-soo has a stronger sense of pride and self-respect than her constant crying lets on. Rather than let herself be bullied into a bad situation again, she forcefully moves against Joon-goo and manages to reverse the power dynamic. I like the way the storyline is moving into deliberate action and reaction territory here. There's been plenty of mopiness to establish how the characters feel, so it's refreshing to see these emotions finally take center stage...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "She Gets Married Thrice" Episode 13

2013/12/21 | | Permalink

For awhile the only thing I could really get interested in was the furniture. I know that's a bit of a weird thing to praise but honestly the furniture in this drama is pretty great. These look like homes people could actually live in and there's all sorts of fun details that reflect the attitudes of the presumed decorators. For the mean wealthy family there's excessive opulence, for the nice wealthy family there's plain functionality, and for Hyeon-soo there are pictures of her dogs everywhere. These sets themselves tell quite a story if you pay attention...More

Ha Jeong-woo and Kang Dong-won in "Kundo"

Source | 2013/12/17 | | Permalink

Ha Jeong-woo and Kang Dong-won are starring in the movie "KUNDO: The Age of the Rampant".

"KUNDO: The Age of the Rampant" is directed by Yoon Jong-bin from "Nameless Gangster" and is co-starred by Ha Jeong-woo and Kang Dong-won. Other casts include Lee Kyeong-yeong, Lee Sung-min, Jo Jin-woong, Ma Dong-seok, Yoon Ji-hye, Jeong Man-sik, Kim Seong-gyoon and more...More

Lee Byung-hun, the Best Actor for "Masquerade"

Source | 2013/12/12 | | Permalink

Lee Byung-hun held the trophy for the Best Actor in the movie "Masquerade" at the 7th Asia Pacific Screen Awards on the 12th held in Brisbane, Australia.

Representative Won Dong-yeon from Realize Pictures received the award on Lee Byung-hun's behalf...More

The cast of "The Heirs" when the camera isn't rolling

Source | 2013/12/11 | | Permalink

Behind cuts of the drama "The Heirs" has been revealed. These pictures were taken anywhere and everywhere while they were on set. The atmosphere seems friendly and fun. Lee Min-ho and Kim Woo-bin are exchanging charismatic looks when the camera is rolling but when it's off they become all smiles. Park Shin-hye and "Krystal" also look nice and cute...More

"Miss Korea" Lee Yeon-hee, is she real?

Source | 2013/12/10 | | Permalink

New MBC drama "Miss Korea" revealed several pictures of Lee Yeon-hee and other casts.

The pictures show Lee Yeon-hee wearing a maroon dress with wavy hair and a tiara. The queen makers around her are busily making her beautiful...More

[Spoiler] "Kind Words" Park Seo-joon finds out about Ji Jin-hee's affair

Source | 2013/12/10 | | Permalink

Song Min-soo (Park Seo-joon) found pictures of Yoo Jae-hak (Ji Jin-hee) while committing adultery in the SBS drama "Kind Words".

Previously, Song Min-soo noticed there was something wrong with his sister Song Mi-kyeong (Kim Ji-soo) and Yoo Jae-hak...More

"Twenty Years Old" Gi-kwang and Lee Da-in

Source | 2013/12/09 | | Permalink

Gi-kwang and Lee Da-in became a couple in the 4-part drama "Twenty Years Old".

"Twenty Years Old" is about the secret relationship between top star Gi-kwang from Beast and born solo Hye-rim (Lee Da-in)...More

Kang Ye-bin takes pictures with Kim Woo-bin and Lee Jong-suk

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Kang Ye-bin revealed pictures with Kim Woo-bin and Lee Jong-suk.

She posted on her 'Me Today', "Jealous much? I am proud to be a model and Kim Woo-bin and Lee Jong-suk were also there as models"...More

Eom Tae-woong feels pro even in still cuts

Source | 2013/12/05 | | Permalink

Actor Eom Tae-woong became a movie director.

Still cuts of Eom Tae-woong have been released from the new JTBC drama "Can We Love??" Eom Tae-woong's role of Oh Kyeong-soo (Eom Tae-woong) is a movie director. He looks comfortable with a camera in his hands...More

Yoona's eyes are filled with laser beams

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Netizens are responding to pictures of Yoona reading her script.

The new KBS 2TV drama "The Prime Minister and I" released pictures recently...More

Narsha's vitamin Soju

Source | 2013/11/26 | | Permalink

Brown Eyed Girls' member Narsha was seen at a company dinner.

Narsha posted on her SNS, "I made Narsha's Vitamin Soju for our family after work! Put your hands up if you want some!" along with several pictures...More

Kim Woo-bin's milder past

Source | 2013/11/26 | | Permalink

Pictures of Kim Woo-bin's innocent past have been going around.

The pictures are of him from the 2011~2012 MBN sitcom "Vampire Idol" and SBS drama "To The Beautiful You". The images of him from the current "The Heirs" and from then are completely different...More

Ex-Manager Charged with Blackmailing Han Hyo-joo

Source | 2013/11/26 | | Permalink

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office on Monday indicted the ex-manager of actress Han Hyo-joo for trying to extort W10 million from her father by threatening to publish compromising photos of the actress (US$1=W1,062).

A car dealer and another individual were charged as accomplices...More

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "The Heirs" Episode 14

2013/11/21 | | Permalink

The ostentatious displays by our lead characters have managed to get really nauseating. I knew when I started watching "The Heirs" that this was going to be a drama about the extremely rich and well-connected. What I liked about the early episodes was that there was this clear indication that being rich and well-connected is not necessarily a good thing for a person with lousy emotional attachments. The picturesque cityscape of beautiful Los Angeles was consistently tempered by the dark side of life there...More

Ailee's pictures taken down

Source | 2013/11/13 | | Permalink

Ailee's pictures are being taken down.

A chicken brand which used Ailee as its main model, took down her pictures from the main page...More

Jeong Woo on site

Source | 2013/11/13 | | Permalink

Actor Jeong Woo was scene on site.

Several pictures of him were posted on an online community recently...More

Choi Seung-hyeon's various expressions

Source | 2013/11/11 | | Permalink

15 different expressions of Choi Seung-hyeon have been revealed.

Choi's dynamic expressions from the movie "Commitment" is what everyone's talking about...More

Choi Seung-hyeon's triple pose on stage

Source | 2013/10/29 | | Permalink

Choi Seung-hyeon, also known as TOP, was seen at the production preview of the movie "Commitment" in Seoul on the 29th in a suit looking charismatic, when he suddenly brought out the comedian in him.

Choi Seung-hyeon suddenly stepped forward to pose like Superman and everyone started laughing. He posed like Superman for several reporters who asked to take pictures...More

Park Bo-yeong, "Let's go on a picnic"

Source | 2013/10/29 | | Permalink

Park Bo-yeong was seen at about her everyday life.

Magazine The Star took pictures of Park Bo-yeong who is filming the movie "Hot Young Bloods", in a more personal aspect from August to October...More

"Golden Rainbow" UEE and Kim Yoo-jeong

Source | 2013/10/24 | | Permalink

After School UEE and kid actress Kim Yoo-jeong look very much alike.

Previews of the new MBC drama "Golden Rainbow" show look-alike shots of the whole cast including the two...More

Kang Ye-won and Lee Gyu-chang, scandal

Source | 2013/10/24 | | Permalink

Actress Kang Ye-won and producer Lee Gyu-chang are in a scandal.

A media reported on the 25th that the two met this summer an developed into something special. They were witnessed out in Itaewon together and also went on vacation to Thailand with friends...More

"Give Love Away" Sin Da-eun and Seo Ji-seok

Source | 2013/10/18 | | Permalink

Sin Da-eun from "Give Love Away" revealed pictures from the behind the scenes.

The pictures show Sin Da-eun concentrating on the director's explanation or smiling with her unique dimples showing, looking like sister and brother with Seo Ji-seok...More

Which Choi Jin-hyeok is real?

Source | 2013/10/16 | | Permalink

Choi Jin-hyeok's agency Red Brick House posted contrasting pictures of the actor on his official me2day. The pictures are of him from the SBS drama "The Heirs".

Choi Jin-hyeok is bringing about a cold atmosphere in his long coat and expressionless face...More

Park Ki-woong in the MBC short drama "Drama Festival - Swine Escape"

Source | 2013/10/16 | | Permalink

Pictures of Park Ki-woong on the set of the MBC festival "Drama Festival - Swine Escape" were posted online.

The pictures show Park Ki-woong reading his script with a sincere expression and working with the other cast before camera rolled...More

Kyeong Soo-jin in her wedding shots

Source | 2013/10/15 | | Permalink

The new 'icon of first love' Kyeong Soo-jin shined through a wedding shot.

Pictures of her in dreamy environments were revealed on a wedding magazine on the 16th. The vintage concept gives her many looks...More

Ko Sung-hee wears a see-through dress

Source | 2013/10/15 | | Permalink

Several pictures of the actress Ko Sung-hee were posted online recently.

The pictures show Ko Sung-hee wearing a see-through outfit which reflects her underwear clearly as well as her well toned body...More

"Suspicious Housekeeper" Choi Ji-woo smiles

Source | 2013/10/10 | | Permalink

Pictures of the SBS drama "Suspicious Housekeeper" set were revealed.

Choi Ji-woo and the four siblings in the drama; Kim So-hyeon-I, Chae Sang-woo, Nam Da-reum and Kang Ji-woo looking at the camera...More

"Drama Special - Your Noir" Hwang Chan-seong and Chae Jeong-an

Source | 2013/10/07 | | Permalink

Pictures of the filming set of the KBS 2TV drama special 2013 "Drama Special - Your Noir" were posted on the 8th.

"Drama Special - Your Noir" is about the heart-aching love of Hyeong-joo, the youngest of a gang organization falling in love with the wife of the prosecutor who is after them...More

"Jeongi" Kim Beom on set

Source | 2013/10/07 | | Permalink

Kim Beom gives off energy in his pictures.

King Kong Entertainment revealed pictures from the set of MBC drama "Goddess Of Fire Jeongi"...More

"Medical Top Team" Kwon Sang-woo

Source | 2013/10/03 | | Permalink

Behind cuts from the new MBC drama "Medical Top Team" were released.

kwon Sang-woo in the pictures shown has completely become a surgeon and ready to go in. This picture was taken by a staff on site and he looks tired but completely engrossed in the character. He also shows off his usual good looks and he looks alert even when he is on break...More

Lee Min-ho's action scene in LA

Source | 2013/10/03 | | Permalink

"The Heirs" Lee Min-ho filmed an action scene on the beaches of LA.

He takes on the role of Kim Tan who has everything but even the ones he doesn't need to have like pain, in the upcoming SBS drama "The Heirs"...More

Hong Soo-ah sleeping on set

Source | 2013/10/03 | | Permalink

Hong Soo-ah was seen taking a nap on set.

She posted pictures on her Twitter on the 30th of September...More

Lee Dong-geon becomes Darth Vader

Source | 2013/09/30 | | Permalink

Lee Dong-geon became Darth Vader from the movie "Star Wars".

He takes on the role of announcer hot tempered and perfect Kim Sin in the new KBS drama "Choice of the Future"...More

Daniel Henney's flowery look

Source | 2013/09/26 | | Permalink

Movie actor Daniel Henney potsed pictures of himself in a photo shoot of ELLE on his Twitter on the 26th.

He looks humorous in the pictures as he is tugging on his scarf with a joking face. He also looks like a trot singer the way he slightly bites his lip...More

Park Shin-hye in the desert

Source | 2013/09/26 | | Permalink

Park Shin-hye plays the role of Cha Eun-sang, a hard working girl in a reality of poverty in the new SBS drama "The Heirs" which is to be aired for the first time on the 9th of October.

Park Shin-hye was seen filming for this drama in a desert in LA on the 10th. The pictures of her are so perfect she doesn't even need editing or brushing up...More

[Photos] Lee Min-jeong's first photo collection since the wedding

Source | 2013/09/23 | | Permalink

Lee Min-jeong's collection for Cosmopolitan was revealed on the 24th.

Lee Min-jeong recently wedded the Asian star Lee Byung-hun and modeled for the October issue of Cosmopolitan. This is her first collection since the wedding and it was taken in Prague. She turned into the perfect Bohemian...More

Bukchon Hanok Village - Where Traditional Korean Culture Comes Alive

Source | 2013/09/14 | | Permalink

While the appeal of K-Pop, dramas and other popular culture is a big attraction for many visitors to Korea, most are also eager to experience the county's traditional culture. In fact some 90% of overseas tourists visit places where they can experience traditional foods, arts, crafts, and more. In today's article we will take a stroll through Bukchon Hanok Village, one of Seoul's traditional neighborhoods where visitors can experience living traditional Korean culture.

Bukchon - meaning North Village - lies between Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeok Palace and Jongmyo Shrine in northern Seoul and is a traditional residential neighborhood. Considered a living museum due to is numerous historical landmarks, traditional houses (hanok), and arts and crafts, the district is a repository of the nation's cultural heritage where visitors can feel the history of Korea come alive...More

"Good Doctor" Ko Chang-seok and Jin Kyeong

Source | 2013/09/12 | | Permalink

The pictures of the KBS 2TV drama "Good Doctor" show that everyone is always happy and having a good time when they are on set as they are all smiling so brightly.

In fact, a happy virus has been going around the studio as everyone laughs and remains cheerful even when the camera is off...More

Hwang Chan-seong's first leading drama, "Drama Special - Your Noir"

Source | 2013/09/11 | | Permalink

Still cuts of Hwang Chan-seong filming his first lead role in the KBS 2TV drama special "Drama Special - Your Noir" were revealed on the 12th.

"Drama Special - Your Noir" is his first leading act. He takes on the role of Hyeong-joo, the youngest of a gang and former judo athlete. Hwang Chan-seong is known for his outstanding athletic abilities which is what landed him in this role...More

"Medical Top Team" Kwon Sang-woo and Jeong Ryeo-won

Source | 2013/09/10 | | Permalink

kwon Sang-woo and Jeong Ryeo-won had a strong first impression.

New MBC drama "Medical Top Team" revealed pictures of the two main actor and actress, Park Tae-sin (kwon Sang-woo) and Seo Joo-yeong (Jeong Ryeo-won)...More

Lee Da-hee, so lovely

Source | 2013/09/09 | | Permalink

Actress Lee Da-hee seemed so lovely in the new KBS 2TV drama "Secrets".

Lee Da-hee is spending some quality time with her pet dog in the still cuts of her...More

"The Heirs" script reading, Lee Min-ho, Park Shin-hye and more

Source | 2013/09/04 | | Permalink

Pictures from the script reading session of the new SBS drama "Those Who Want the Crown, Withstand the Weight of it - The Heirs" were released.

The session was held in Ilsan on the 5th with most of the cast present...More

Lee Hyori Appeases Fans with Wedding Pics

Source | 2013/09/04 | | Permalink

Singer Lee Hyori unveiled her wedding photos and thoughts about her recent marriage on Tuesday on a website run by her fans. Lee tied the knot with guitarist Lee Sang-soon in a private ceremony on Jeju Island on Sunday.

"I hope you understand how I wanted to be just like an ordinary daughter and daughter-in-law to my family, relatives and parents-in-law on my big day", she wrote. "I was worried about the possibility of rain, but luckily the weather was very pleasant. The wedding preparations were not easy, but still enjoyable"...More

Groom-to-be Ji Seong walks around with a bloody hand

Source | 2013/09/01 | | Permalink

Ji Seong was seen walking around the streets with a bloody hand

He was filming a scene from the new KBS 2TV drama "Secrets" where he plays a man named Min-hyeok who falls in love with a woman who killed his lover...More

[Spoiler] "Lee Soon-sin is the Best": Episode 48 Recap

Source | 2013/08/30 | | Permalink

by: Raine


Only one good thing about this's almost over.

AGB Nielsen Nationwide had this episode coming in at 30.8%...More

[Photos] Shin So-yul's three cute sets

Source | 2013/08/28 | | Permalink

Three still cuts from the upcoming movie "Private Island" has been revealed.

The pictures are of Shin So-yul, the main actress in the movie where three girls look for thrilling romance in the island of Fiji...More

Kim Beom presents 'snack car' to "Goddess of Fire Jeongi"

Source | 2013/08/28 | | Permalink

Actor Kim Beom presented a snack car to the set of MBC drama "Goddess Of Fire Jeongi".

According to King Kong Entertainment Kim Seom sent his support to the staff and crew of the drama for working so hard...More

Kim Jae-won on the job

Source | 2013/08/27 | | Permalink

Kim Jae-won was seen behind the scenes.

Enterprise released pictures of the actor at work in the eighteenth episode of the MBC drama "Scandal" where Woo Ah-mi (Jo Yoon-hee) saves Ha Eun-joong (Kim Jae-won) from a bike that's running towards them...More

Kim Ji-hoon-I's flawless pictorial

Source | 2013/08/22 | | Permalink

Kim Ji-hoon-I's pre-edition pictures have drawn attention.

Pictures of the actor have been posted online recently...More

"Drama Toon" Kim So-eun kisses two men

Source | 2013/08/20 | | Permalink

Kim So-eun kisses two men in a single drama.

Drama toon "See You At School" released pictures on Facebook of Kim So-eun kissing charismatic leader Seo Kang-joon and artists Gong Myeong in different places. The pictures creates the question of who she will end up in romance with and apparently the kiss scenes were proceeded with no NG's as Kim So-eun, the experienced one, led Seo Kang-joon and Gong Myeong smoothly...More

Park Seong-yoong and Yoo In-yeong as detective and ghost

Source | 2013/08/19 | | Permalink

Scary specials are on their way on KBS 2TV.

The first episode, "Drama Special - A Strange Relationship" on the 21st stars Park Seong-woong and Yoo In-yeong. The two of them are involved in the second mysterious death in an apartment...More

Lee Joon-ki's thirsty expression

Source | 2013/08/15 | | Permalink

Lee Joon-ki has become Puss in Boots from "Shrek".

MBC drama "Two Weeks" revealed pictures from behind the scenes...More

Noh Min-woo-I's attitude towards his lines

Source | 2013/08/14 | | Permalink

Noh Min-woo-I was seen reading his lines.

Pictures of the actor were posted online recently. He is holding his script in the pictures...More

Ex-Wonder Girls' Singer Sun-mi Going Solo

Source | 2013/08/14 | | Permalink

Former Wonder Girls' member Sun-mi revealed the first teaser photos ahead of her solo debut on Monday. To promote her return to show business, her agency JYP Entertainment posted three pictures of the singer sporting pink bobbed hair on its website.

Sun-mi quit the girl band in January 2010 to go back to school in order to prepare for college entrance exam...More

Kim Jeong-hwa's wedding pictures

Source | 2013/08/11 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Jeong-hwa revealed wedding pictures.

Kim Jeong-hwa is wearing Atelier Ray dresses in the pictures and has on various kinds of make up in different concepts...More

Lee Da-hee's vacation in Phuket

Source | 2013/08/11 | | Permalink

Actress Lee Da-hee revealed her plain face.

She posted on her Me Today, "I saw big clams while snorkeling and the weather was so great. The reef is so beautiful"...More

[Spoiler] "Lee Soon-sin is the Best": Episode 43 Recap

Source | 2013/08/10 | | Permalink

by: Raine


Secrets are coming to a head and there will be some definite fallout soon. This is good because our couples are stagnating (although Joon-ho and Soon-shin are adorable.)

AGB Nielsen Nationwide had this episode coming in at 22.9%...More

[Spoiler] "Lee Soon-sin is the Best": Episode 41 Recap

2013/08/03 | | Permalink

by: Raine


Yeah, Soon-shin and Joon-ho are cute. All the people conspiring to keep them apart are not. But seriously, I could watch them take pictures in a sticker booth ALL DAY LONG!

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 25.2%...More

Nam Sang-mi and Kim Ji-hoon

Source | 2013/07/23 | | Permalink

Nam Sang-mi and Kim Ji-hoon-I create the perfect image of a married couple in the SBS weekend drama "Goddess of Marriage". On the eighth episode, Kim Ji-hoon-I goes through Nam Sang-mi's cell phone and finds out about Lee Sang-woo, thereafter tension arose.

However, the pictures revealed on the 24th show a completely different atmosphere. The two of them used their break time to go over their lines...More

IU's love for abalone almost stops drama

Source | 2013/07/16 | | Permalink

Singer and actress IU loves abalone.

Behind cuts of the filming scene in the Island Wan was revealed. Apparently, IU demonstrated how to cut an abalone for Choi Yeon-ah (Kim Yoon-seo) who didn't know how to do so but it was part of a scene. IU continued to show her love for abalone even when the camera was off...More

Today's Photo: July 15, 2013

Source | 2013/07/15 | | Permalink

Photographers take pictures of lotus flowers for a contest in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province on Sunday...More

Kim Tae-hee seen brushing her teeth

Source | 2013/07/11 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Tae-hee revealed pictures of herself brushing her teeth.

Kim Tae-hee posted pictures on her Me Today titled, "Missing Ok-jeong"...More

[Spoiler] "Love Manipulation: Cyrano" Kim Jeong-hwa clicks Lee Jong-hyuk on the forehead

Source | 2013/07/08 | | Permalink

Kim Jeong-hwa starred in the cable channel tvN drama "Love Manipulation: Cyrano" as Byeong-hoon's (Lee Jong-hyuk) first love named Lee Seol.

In the pictures revealed on the 9th, Kim Jeong-hwa is standing with Lee Jong-hyuk in a park on a sunny day, pressing his forehead...More

Han Hye-jin reveals picture with Ki Seong-yong

Source | 2013/06/24 | | Permalink

Actress Han Hye-jin and groom-to-be Ki Seong-yong took pictures together.

Han Hye-jin appeared as a second anniversary guest on the SBS TV program, "Healing Camp"...More

[Spoiler] "Lee Soon-sin is the Best": Episode 30 Recap

Source | 2013/06/21 | | Permalink

by: Raine


OMG the cute. OMG Jo Jeong-seok sings. So that means watch the first half of the show.

Just skip the second half. It has idiot mothers.

AGB Nielsen Nationwide had this episode coming in at 27.9%...More

Minah in a ballet tutu

Source | 2013/06/17 | | Permalink

Girl's Day Minah is wearing a tutu.

Still cuts of the singer and actress were revealed from the movie "Holly" with her in the role of Wani...More

Kim Tae-hee, 9 years ago

Source | 2013/06/16 | | Permalink

Pictures of the actress Kim Tae-hee were posted online recently and they are a big issue for her never changing beauty.

The pictures are of her from the 2004 "F Concert" 9 years ago...More

[Spoiler] "Lee Soon-sin is the Best": Episode 27 Recap

Source | 2013/06/14 | | Permalink

by: Raine


I'm so mad. The show was amazing when Soon-shin found out the truth. And now it should be called "Mi-ryeong is the Worst" because I don't think this show is about Soon-shin. She's more of a football being kicked around between people.

AGB Nielsen Nationwide had this episode coming in at 24.4%...More

Jang Yoon-jung Unveils Early Wedding Album

Source | 2013/06/13 | | Permalink

Singer Jang Yoon-jung and TV presenter Do Kyung-wan have released a set of wedding photos before they officially exchange vows at the end of this month.

In the pictures, Jang is shown in a simple, elegant wedding dress...More

"A Hundred Year's Inheritance" Lee Jeong-jin and Yoo Jin reveal wedding shots

Source | 2013/06/06 | | Permalink

Lee Jeong-jin and Yoo Jin have pictures of their wedding.

The weekend MBC drama "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" is at the peak of its phase with the secret of Lee Se-yoon's (Lee Jeong-jin) birth out. During all this, Min Chae-won (Yoo Jin) and Lee Se-yoon's wedding pictures have come up on the 7th...More

"Jang Ok-jeong" Lee Sang-yeob and Yoo Ah-in

Source | 2013/05/30 | | Permalink

Actors Lee Sang-yeob and Yoo Ah-in's pictures were revealed on the 31st.

The two can be seen eating in the drama "Jang Ok-jeong" in the pictures...More

Nam Gyoo-ri's 'bad hands'

Source | 2013/05/29 | | Permalink

Nam Gyoo-ri posted a picture of herself on her Twitter and named it 'Bad Hands'.

In the pictures, she is posing on the grass with actor Jeong Kyeong-ho. Her hand is on his thigh and so it is on the other picture as well...More

Park Eun-bin, cutie in the past and innocent beauty now

Source | 2013/05/27 | | Permalink

Actress Park Eun-bin's never changing beauty has the attention of netizens at the moment.

A collection of pictures of the actress Park Eun-bin has been going around the internet and it proves that she was born beautiful...More

[Spoiler] "Lee Soon-sin is the Best": Episode 21 Recap

Source | 2013/05/25 | | Permalink

by: Raine


Stuff is happening! There is still too much brooding and moping, but stuff is actually happening. HOORAY! Joon-ho is learning a lot the hard way, but it's good for him. And there are a lot of truths flying around creating havoc and making things veeeeery interesting.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 24.6%...More

Shin Hyeon-joon registers marriage

Source | 2013/05/20 | | Permalink

Actor Shin Hyeon-joon took shots of proof that he had registered his marriage and his wedding invitations.

Shin Hyeon-joon revealed on his Twitter, "We prayed to God and registered our marriage. I love you. Let's be happy"...More

[Spoiler] Kim Hye-soo's dead superior is Oh Ji-ho's mother

Source | 2013/05/20 | | Permalink

Kim Hye-soo's former superior was Oh Ji-ho's mother.

The fifteenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "The Queen of Office" showed Jang Gyu-jik (Oh Ji-ho) and Moo Jeong-han (Lee Hee-joon) having a drink and asking about Miss Kim (Kim Hye-soo)...More

Seo Taiji's woman Lee Eun-seong

Source | 2013/05/16 | | Permalink

Actress Lee Eun-seong who is getting married to Seo Taiji, took a wedding pictorial in the past.

Seo Taiji revealed their marriage on the 15th and Lee Eun-seong's pictorial came up on the online communities right away...More

IU's graduation pictures

Source | 2013/05/15 | | Permalink

IU's pictures from elementary, middle and high school were revealed on the SBS TV "Section TV".

Pictures of Jeong Hyeong-don, So Ji-sub; Yoo Jae-seok, Ha Ha, Song Seung-heon and other's were revealed. IU Said, "I smiled too much in the pictures so my cheeks are chubby. I didn't smile that much in high school"...More

IU covered in eggs, who are the girls that threw eggs at her?

Source | 2013/05/09 | | Permalink

IU was thrown eggs at.

Pictures of IU being thrown eggs at were revealed on the KBS 2TV weekend drama...More

"Jang Ok-jeong" Kim Tae-hee and Yoo Ah-in play in the waters before first kiss

Source | 2013/05/02 | | Permalink

SBS "Jang Ok-jeong" Kim Tae-hee and Yoo Ah-in were seen playing with water before they shot a kissing scene...More

Song Seung-heon's self-cam play

Source | 2013/04/30 | | Permalink

Actor Song Seung-heon took self cams of himself.

Song Seung-heon posted pictures of himself on Twitter saying, "When a man takes self cams!...More

Kim Woo-bin at Bali

Source | 2013/04/29 | | Permalink

Actor Kim Woo-bin is on vacation in Bali.

KBS 2TV drama "School 2013" star Kim Woo-bin was seen on vacation at Bali...More

[Spoiler] "Wonderful Mama" Jeong Kyeo-woon and Yoo In-yeong

Source | 2013/04/28 | | Permalink

Jeong Kyeo-woon and Yoo In-yeong might break up for the first time in 6 episodes.

Lee Soo-jin (Yoo In-yeong) introduced her boyfriend Jang Hoon-nam (Jeong Kyeo-woon) to her mother and chairwoman Choi Eun-ok (Kim Cheong)...More

[HanCinema Report] JIFF: Day Three

2013/04/27 | | Permalink

"Garibong" by Park Ki-yong

I got the chance to see the 2013 Jeonju Digital Project. Every year, JIFF finds and funds three directors on a specific theme. This years- strangers. The only other requirement is that they must be over thirty minutes in length- not quite feature length, these pictures all capture a specific, interpolated idea...More

Park Han-byeol's pictorial

Source | 2013/04/21 | | Permalink

Actress Park Han-byeol showed off her doll-like visual through a recent pictorial.

Known as the style icon, Park Han-byeol revealed a magazine pictorial that resembles a Barbie Doll. These pictures were taken for the summer season shoe collection...More

Min Ji-hyeon from "Norigae"

Source | 2013/04/18 | | Permalink

Min Ji-hyeon and Seo Ho-cheol from the movie "Norigae" revealed pictures of themselves eating.

The pictures show Min with a cute pose unlike the character in the movie. She is munching on some bread...More

Han Jae-seok and Park Sol-mi to get married on the 21st of April

Source | 2013/04/16 | | Permalink

Han Jae-seok and Park Sol-mi took wedding pictures.

The two are having their wedding at the Sheraton Grand Walker Hill Hotel on the 21st of April...More

[Spoiler] Oh Ji-ho embarasses Jeon Hye-bin

Source | 2013/04/08 | | Permalink

Oh Ji-ho embarrassed Jeon Hye-bin after they kissed.

On the third episode of the KBS 2TV drama "The Queen of Office", Jang Gyu-jik (Oh Ji-ho) and Geum Bit-na (Jeon Hye-bin) kissed in the elevator...More

[Spoiler] "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" Choi Won-yeong can't get over Yoo Jin

Source | 2013/04/07 | | Permalink

Sim I-yeong got mad at Choi Won-yeong on the twenty-eighth episode of the MBC drama "A Hundred Year's Inheritance", because he wasn't over Yoo Jin.

She was sensitive towards him about the fact that he still had pictures of his ex-wife...More

Park Shin-hye in a wedding photo shoot

Source | 2013/04/01 | | Permalink

Actress Park Shin-hye shot a beautiful wedding photo collection.

Pictures of her in wedding dresses were posted online recently. This is a photo shoot for the April issue of wedding magazine, "My Wedding"...More

Han Hye-jin during her high school days

Source | 2013/03/31 | | Permalink

Han Hye-jin's old pictures have been spread out amongst the netizens.

Picture of Han have been seen on online communities recently...More

IU in a wedding dress

Source | 2013/03/28 | | Permalink

Singer and actress IU displayed a wedding dress.

Modeling for the online shopping market "11th Street:", IU put on a wedding dress for some pictures promoting 'smart marriage' supplies...More

"Gu Family Book" Lee Seung-gi jumps from roof

Source | 2013/03/25 | | Permalink

Lee Seung-gi from the upcoming drama "Gu Family Book" tried to jump off a roof.

He takes on the role of half-man, half-beast Choi Kang-chi. In the pictures, Lee is sitting alone on a roof that's about three meters from the ground...More

Kim Hye-soo's salsa dance

Source | 2013/03/21 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Hye-soo is a salsa dancer.

Kim Hye-soo, Miss Kim transformed into the passionate salsa dancer for the KBS 2TV drama "The Queen of Office"...More

Lee Byung-hun's woman, Lee Min-jeong takes picture of herself

Source | 2013/03/18 | | Permalink

Actress Lee Min-jeong took pictures of her calm self.

She posted on Twitter, "Noh Min-yeong from "All About My Romance".

She took these pictures on the poster shooting site of the upcoming drama "All About My Romance" wearing beige colored and calm looking suits...More

Lee Seung-gi's hair tied up

Source | 2013/03/17 | | Permalink

Lee Seung-gi was seen on the set of "Gu Family Book".

Lee Seung-gi stars as Choi Kang-chi, outgoing and reckless, in the MBC drama "Gu Family Book"...More

Kim Tae-hee's recent commercial

Source | 2013/03/07 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Tae-hee's recent commercial shoot was captured and posted on an internet community. In the pictures, Kim Tae-hee's hair is trailing behind her and she has a thrilling expression on her face. She stares into the camera with a voluptuous look and created a sexy atmosphere...More

Lee Joon-ki's pigging out

Source | 2013/03/05 | | Permalink

Actor Lee Joon-ki joined the 'pigging out' line.

Lee Joon-ki posted pictures on his Twitter saying, "The way this actor eats"...More

Yoo In-na's pictures from school

Source | 2013/02/27 | | Permalink

Actress Yoo In-na's pictures of when she was a student were posted online recently.

Previously, Yoo starred in KBS 2TV "Moonlight Prince" and said, "The teacher adored me in school and I was bullied by friends for that. I had longer hair because I was preparing to become an actress and the teacher had a special attention for me". Then, next came the pictures...More

S. Korean Cartoonist Draws Global Attention

Source | 2013/02/18 | | Permalink

South Korean cartoonist Kim Jung-gi is gaining popularly around the globe for his artistic skills to draw large-scale pictures on the fly.

When asked to draw a scene from everyday life, Kim begins without hesitation or preparation...More

The Gossip Girl is Here: Rumors about MWC 2013

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Photo Credit:

MWC, also known as the Mobile World Congress or the world's largest trade show related to mobile phones, kicks off later this month in Barcelona. There are many exciting rumors circling around and we all love to gossip, so AT&D decided to share a few rumors related to Samsung and LG.

LG's New Series?  

LG is such a tease. To make our tech nerds more excited about MWC 2013, the company revealed a gift image on its Facebook page with the caption "New series will be unveiled".

Rumors are swirling that the new series might be a new smartphone or even the European version of Optimus G Pro.  Not much revealed on the company side, so I guess all we can do is wait and see!...More

Jo In-seong melts the snow with his heat

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Actor Jo In-Seong swooned women with his black appearance.

A sexy and macho appearance of Jo In-Seong was revealed on the 5th through Cine 21...More

Lee Joon-ki dresses up in triangle hair and goblin mask

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Lee Joon-ki posted on his Weibo, "I went out and looked at some toys with the staff. I had fun. It's become a habit of me to go out in a mask and playing around. It's important to find the inner child in you".

In the pictures, Lee Joon-ki is wearing a head mask that looks like a triangular kimbab and making a face so playful. Lee Joon-ki is also wearing a goblin mask...More

IU seen leaving work

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IU was seen leaving work in her car recently from the pictures of her posted online.

IU is waving her hand to those fans who recognized her on the streets...More

Lee Jong-suk in a sweat suit

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Lee Jong-suk's proportion in uniform VS sweat suit

Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin's body proportions are at the interest of netizens at the moment...More

"Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek" Han Chae-young's charms?

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Han Chae-young is about to have everyone sliding between her fingers in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama "Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek".

Han Chae-young's role of Ko Ah-ri is a graduate from a prestigious American school with beauty and outstanding specifications. She put in her all in advertising with the past behind her and kept urging on herself towards her dream to become the advertising executive...More

Seoul City Steps in to Clean Up 'Inappropriate' Bus Ads

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The Seoul Metropolitan Government said on Sunday it is prohibiting buses from carrying advertisements with "socially undesirable content", or which look to be "extravagant" or "obscene...More

Lee Jin in her casual day out

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Fans are glad to see pictures of actress Lee Jin in her daily life as she hardly is ever seen in official events.

She is communicating with her fans through her Me Today and posting pictures of herself regularly...More

Kim Beom invited by the Royal Thai's

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Kim Beom was invited to a famous center opening ceremony in Thailand.

Kim Beom was the only Korean star being invited to the Siam Center Shopping Mall Grand Opening in Thailand on the 9th...More

Ock Ju-hyun To Release New Song After 5 Year Hiatus

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Former FINKL member Ock Ju-hyun surprised her fans with a twitter update regarding her comeback as a singer.

According to her personal twitter on January 14th in the afternoon, Ok shared news of a new digital single album to be released on January 17th...More

Kim Ha-neul's loyalty shot

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Kim Ha-neul posted on her Facebook on the 13th, "I took these pictures after taking group pictures with my old time friends. It was a thoughtful moment".

Kim Ha-neul is smiling with her friends or making cute faces in the picture. Her bright smile is what draws attention. It's not like that of an actress but of a woman having a good time with her friends...More

Eom Tae-woong's wedding pictures with bride Yoon Hye-jin

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Actor Eom Tae-woong and bride Yoon Hye-jin revealed their wedding photos from their wedding that was held on the 9th at the Seoul Conrad Hotel.

In the pictures, the two are looking at each other with huge smiles. Despite the fact that the bride is 3 months pregnant, she still has a slim body with shining beauty...More

"It Was Love" Lee Jae-woo takes care of little girl

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Actor Lee Jae-woo was seen taking care of the little girl in the drama like his own.

Lee Jae-woo is starring in the MBC drama "It Was Love" as Han Gyu-jin, the happy virus. His bold and sturdy character is appealing to the drama. ...More

Art and Culture

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It's Wednesday and that means it's celebrity news time with our Michelle Kim. Today, she has all the latest gossip from Hollywood.

Hello Michelle

[Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young

So what's the news you have for us today[Reporter : ] I have a bunch of items for you this week, from the latest on this year's Oscars, to news about a supermodel's traumatic experience and wedding bells for a directing icon. Take a look.

Seth MacFarlane, creator of "Ted" and "The Family Guy", has a job to do before hosting the annual 85th Academy Awards on February 24th. He and actress Emma Stone will be announcing the nominations for the awards ceremony on Thursday, January 10th. This will be the first time since 1972 that an Oscar show host has participated in the nomination announcement...More

The 3 queens of Sungsil Women's University

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The 3 queens of Sungsil Women's University are Goo Ha-ra, Lee Se-yeong and Min Ji-won.

Pictures of the three came up online saying, "It's hard to decide who is the better!...More

Han Ga-in's hidden pictures

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Some unseen pictures of Han Ga-in were revealed online recently.

These pictures are from Han Ga-in herself as they are to be used in making a calendar...More

On a different scale "Iris 2"

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Pictures of the drama "IRIS 2" from different foreign locations have been coming up online recently.

The actors and actresses in the pictures look like as if they are taking photos for a collection...More

Lee Min-jeong does charity with fans

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Actress Lee Min-jeong did some charity work with her fans.

She posted on her Me Today, "I made Wish Bears with my fans at 'Make A Wish'. The bears grant the wish of those sick children and are their hope"...More

"Iris 2" Jang Hyeok is the Korean Daniel Craig

Source | 2012/12/26 | | Permalink

Actor Jang Hyeok has become the Korean Daniel Craig.

Tae-won Entertainment revealed pictures of Jang Hyeok as Jeong Yoo-gun in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama "IRIS 2"...More

Park Ki-woong reveals picture of little Park

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Actor Park Ki-woong revealed a picture of himself when he was young.

He posted pictures on Twitter and said, "I am getting good response of me when I was younger. My mom told me I got scolded a lot by the grown ups in the neighborhood. By the way they say the back of the heads for boys should be wide...More

"Yawang" Kwon Sang-woo and Soo-ae get along well

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kwon Sang-woo and Soo-ae have been practicing their scripts so nicely.

In the pictures revealed by SBS on the 20th, Kwon and Soo-ae are going over the scripts together. They are also laughing about something while they are practicing their scripts...More

[Spoiler] Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 6 Recap

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by: Raine


This episode made my heart flutter and my stomach drop a bajillion times in 71 minutes. The chemistry between our OTP is hot, Hot, HOT! Our side characters are starting to fill out and I think we're finally ready to break into some major conflict. It's gonna hurt so good...More

"School 2013" Park Se-yeong and Ryoo Hyo-yeong take pictures together

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Park Se-yeong and Ryoo Hyo-yeong took playful pictures together.

Park Se-yeong posted pictures she took with Ryu on her Twitter on the 16th...More

Ha Ji-won on a snowy day

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Actress Ha Ji-won took a picture of herself on a snowy day.

She posted her pictures on the Twitter of her agency, Well Made Star M...More

Jang Hee-jin takes self cam

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Actress Jang Hee-jin took four self pictures wearing the hood of her winter jumper.

Jang Hee-jin posted the pictures on her Me Today on the 11th...More

Kwon Sang-woo's pictures of his family trip

Source | 2012/12/09 | | Permalink

Actress Son Tae-yeong revealed various pictures of his family from a trip on her Facebook.

In the pictures, kwon Sang-woo has Rook-hee in his arms and is standing next to a rabbit in a mask. kwon Sang-woo's happiness could be seen through his smile...More

Actors Band Together to Help Save Polar Bears

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A group of actors who are managed by King Kong Entertainment, including Kim Seon-ah, Seong Yoo-ri, Lee Dong-wook and Park Min-yeong, have joined forces to save polar bears, a species that is in danger of becoming extinct due to the impact of global warming on their natural habitat.

"We hope to raise awareness of polar bears as well as the importance of the natural environment", the entertainment agency said in a statement...More

Park Bo-yeong's doll-like profile pictures

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Actress Park Bo-yeong who's been successful in her recent movie "A Werewolf Boy" revealed her profile pictures.

Her agency The Company Entertainment uploaded pictures of her profile picture in her official homepage...More

Kim Tae-hee in shorts

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Actress Kim Tae-hee showed off her S-line.

Pictures of the actress were posted online recently titled, "Kim Tae-hee makes me break down mentally"...More

Moon Geun-young's 3 stage expressions

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Actress Moon Geun-young's pictures of her cute faces have fans going crazy.

Her agency Nam Actors posted pictures of the actress on their official Facebook...More

Kim Min-jong from 20 years ago

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Everyone is talking about Kim Min-jong 20 years ago.

These pictures are of MC Kim Min-jong in the new Story On Channel road show "Kim Soo-ro and Kim Min-jong's My Queen"...More

Moon Chae-won's daily life pictures

Source | 2012/11/21 | | Permalink

Moon Chae-won's self cams were posted online recently.

Various pictures show Moon in glasses with no make up or of her natural self right in front of her house. She also seems to be on vacation in some and enjoying the basking sun...More

North Korea Lightens Security For Tourists

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Some policy changes are slowly starting to take shape in North Korea.

Radio Free Asia reports North Korea's tourism policies have been eased significantly in recent months.
According to the report, Chinese tourists can now get a visa approved within a day when just a month or so ago it took weeks...More

Park Bo-yeong's bathing pictures

Source | 2012/11/14 | | Permalink

Actress Park Bo-yeong revealed a picture bathing.

Three pictures of Park Bo-yeong in the bath from the movie "Don't Click" were posted on her official fan café...More

Son Ye-jin reveals picture of her daily life

Source | 2012/11/13 | | Permalink

Actress Son Ye-jin revealed pictures of her daily life.

Several pictures of Son were posted on a portal site recently. The pictures were of Son Ye-jin at home, at an autograph signing session and waiting room...More

Jeong Ryeo-won supports "The King of Dramas"

Source | 2012/11/08 | | Permalink

Actress Jeong Ryeo-won is eager to promote the new SBS drama "The King of Dramas".

The website for the drama posted pictures of Jeong doing cute poses in front of the official poster out in public...More

2PM Hwang Chan-seong cast for "7th Grade Civil Servant"

Source | 2012/10/30 | | Permalink

2PM Hwang Chan-seong is starring in the mini series, "7th Grade Civil Servant"

Hwang is starring in the romantic comedy "7th Grade Civil Servant" which is about the happenings between two agents in the National Intelligence Service and is based on the 2009 movie "My Girlfriend is an Agent". Joo Won and Choi Kang-hee have been cast previously as the leading characters and it will be released in January next year...More

Super Junior to publish photo book

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By Baek Byung-yeul

K-pop band Super Junior will release a photo book "Super Junior in Paris, Series 4" to celebrate their seventh anniversary in the music business next month.

"Their photo book will be published throughout Asia on Nov. 6", said the boy band's management company SM Entertainment Tuesday.

The group has been promoting its sixth album "Sexy, Free & Single...More

"Arang and the Magistrate" Yeon Woo-jin

Source | 2012/10/16 | | Permalink

Yeon Woo-jin from the MBC drama "Arang and the Magistrate" has been seen on set.

Yeon plays a character so affectionate its sympathetically heart warming. The pictures show him in an elegant Hanbok and is looking somewhere with sharp eyes. He was acting out the scene where he looks at Arang (Sin Min-ah) with the most sentimental look on his face...More

[HanCinema's Interview Corner] 10 Questions for the Imminent Expat...

2012/10/13 | | Permalink

Some foreigners would perhaps struggle to pinpoint South Korea on a map, yet you've decided to start the process of getting into the country to teach. What inspired you to make the leap to go live and work in Korea of all places?

My career plans to go into neuropsychology have stalled, mostly because of issues outside of my control, so I decided to take a break and do something else with my life for a year or two, then come back and make a decision about my future. From a South African perspective, teaching in Korea is a pretty good deal, so it would be useful to save some money and have time to do other projects...More

Paparazzi-style wedding photos growing popular in Korea

Source | 2012/10/13 | | Permalink

I'd like my wedding photos taken like paparazzi shots.

A 26-year-old bride-to-be went out in casual clothing for her wedding pictures. Wearing everyday clothes for wedding photos might seem unusual, but she wanted paparazzi photos for her wedding album. She went on a regular date with her fianc as usual, talking over coffee at their favorite cafe and talking on a bus.

Three photographers of a studio that offers paparazzi photos as wedding pictures secretly followed them to take shots. The couple was paid 350,000 won (315 U.S. dollars) for the six-hour photo service and got about 2,000 pictures...More

A Day Trip to Daebudo: Part II, Design

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Last time in Daebudo, Donna recounted the thrilling tale of finding a whale-sized Korean seafood feast. We rejoin her now as she continues her trip.

After the amazing lunch of stuffing our faces with seafood, we decided to check out a museum called Glass Island we happened to see signs for.

Truthfully, I wasn't expecting much. After all, the town is predominantly known for its proximity to the ocean and as a farming town.

Once we got to Glass Island, we realized the place was enormous. The museum's property spans 43,000 square meters. Towards the back of the museum lays a forested area that serves as a campground...More

"Ooh La La Couple" Shin Hyeon-joon and Kim Jeong-eun

Source | 2012/10/11 | | Permalink

The "Ooh La La Couple" started the "Ooh La La Hug" relay.

Shin Hyeon-joon and Kim Jeong-eun from the KBS 2TV drama "Ooh La La Couple" hugged their fans to celebrate the top ranking of the drama. They previously announced on Twitter, "If "Ooh La La Couple" makes top ranking on the 3rd and 4th episodes, we will post pictures of ourselves hugging our fans". "Ooh La La Couple" created a wide gap with MBC drama "The Horse Healer" and the air is full of laughter for these guys...More

K.Will To Release New Album

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Talented singer K.Will will be making his comeback with a new album. The first album in three years!

Starship Entertainment revealed K.Will's album jacket photoshoot. In the teaser shots, K.Will is seen in a classic suit with an aura of charisma. The black-and-white pictures seem to help capture the autumn atmostphere, further appealing to fans...More

Day Trip to Daebudo: Part I, Dining

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Photo Credit: GGTour

While the majority of my Chuseok was spent with relatives and family, I wanted to squeeze in at least one day trip to take advantage of the long holiday.

My criteria:
1. Avoid the horrendous traffic coming back into the city, so nowhere too far
2. Venture to the west coast, which I haven't had as many opportunities to explore

The answer:

"The Great Seer" Jo Min-ki with an ice coffee

Source | 2012/10/04 | | Permalink

SBS revealed a behind-the-scenes cut from the drama "The Great Seer".

While there are fancy costumes and detailed sets being made for this drama, the appearance of talented actors and actresses drew attention...More

Joo Won cast in "7th Grade Civil Servant" as a handsome spy

Source | 2012/09/27 | | Permalink

Actor Joo Won is coming back as Gil Lo in the MBC mini series "7th Grade Civil Servant" to be aired in January 2013.

"7th Grade Civil Servant" is from the motive of a man and a woman having to hide their identities as secret agents. It is a romantic spy comedy about a man and woman who are the best when it comes to fooling people...More

Choi Si-won's 'David' body

Source | 2012/09/26 | | Permalink

Choi Si-won's David-figure body swooned women.

Super Junior member Choi Si-won from the SBS drama "The King of Dramas" was seen during the making...More

Choi Seol-ri and Minho pout their lips

Source | 2012/09/24 | | Permalink

Choi Seol-ri and Minho from "To The Beautiful You" were seen as cute as ever in some pictures.

The two are on a survival romance in the SBS drama "To The Beautiful You"...More

[Spoiler] "Golden Time" Lee Sung-min and Lee Seon-gyoon's first helicopter ride

Source | 2012/09/24 | | Permalink

Lee Sung-min and Lee Seon-gyoon are going on their first patient transportation by helicopter.

On the twenty-second episode fo the MBC drama "Golden Time", Choi In-hyeok (Lee Sung-min) finally got to transport a patient on a helicopter...More

Actress Sin Se-kyeong has turned into a sexy santa

Source | 2012/09/23 | | Permalink

Actress Sin Se-kyeong has turned into a sexy star.

Coffee franchise 'Dalkomm' coffee revealed pictures of their model Sin Se-kyeong on Facebook. These pictures were taken in a studio in Seoul on the 12th...More

"Ooh La La Couple" Kim Jeong-eun reveals pictures of geisha

Source | 2012/09/23 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Jeong-eun will become a geisha in the upcoming KB 2TV drama "Ooh La La Couple".

In the pictures revealed on the 24th, Kim Jeong-eun is dressed as geisha with pink flowers on her hair and dancing with a fan...More

Yeom Jeong-ah in the first shooting of "My Love, Butterfly Lady"

Source | 2012/09/23 | | Permalink

Actress Yeom Jeong-ah covered the atmosphere with her actress-ness at the first shooting of the new SBS weekend drama "My Love, Butterfly Lady".

She landed in the role of Nam Na-bi, a former super star who ended up with several anti-fans after several happenings. She definitely looked like a superstar at the scene...More

Forget Polaroid, Here Comes LG's Pocket Printer!

Source | 2012/09/22 | | Permalink

Yes, sharing your photos on Facebook is a cool way to connect with friends but sometimes I want a real photo that I can carry it in my wallet or stick on my wall.

The best part about a Polaroid camera is that you get instantly sharable photos. But given my tendency to close my eyes at the exact moment the photo is taken, my Polaroids tend to look like this:...More

Bibimbap goes 'riceless' in US

Source | 2012/09/16 | | Permalink

"Bibimbap", consisting of steamed rice with a mixture of vegetables and meat, is gaining popularity worldwide. / Korea Times

'Hansik' on locale-specific evolution

By Jane Han

NEW YORK ― At Mix & Go, you're served what looks like a typical bowl of "bibimbap". A nice pile of grilled and seasoned spinach, mushrooms, bean sprouts, carrots and onions is topped off with a perfectly fried sunny side up egg. But no matter how deep you dig, there's one thing you won't find ― rice.

Wait, what? No rice in bibimbap, a word that literally means mixed rice?

"Yup, we're going riceless',' says John Chang, the Korean-Chinese chef and owner of a new food truck in New York City. "It took some guts to break away from tradition but I knew people would go for it'.'...More

Full Side-by-Side Comparison of iPhone 5, Galaxy S III and Optimus G

Source | 2012/09/15 | | Permalink

iPhone 5
Last night, Apple unveiled its newest iPhone. It's not out in the market yet so we can't say how it performs against competitors from Samsung and LG but it's clear that the competition among these three companies is heated.

Specs aren't everything but we wanted to give our tech-savvy readers an easy way to see the numbers for the iPhone 5, Galaxy S III and LG Optimus G. Do some research as you look for the perfect phone and let us know if your next phone will be from Cupertino or Seoul.

The long wait is now over! The new iPhone 5 is now longer but maintains the same basic design as the 4S. It now has an A6 processor, which Apple claims is twice as fast as the A5 in the iPhone 4S. (Good news for those who are as impatient as me!). The best part is iPhone 5 is the world's thinnest smartphone at just 7.6 mm front-to-back. Quite impressive!...More

Yoon Seung-ah engrossed in her script

Source | 2012/09/13 | | Permalink

Actress Yoon Seung-ah has been seen with her script constantly in her hands.

In the pictures revealed, Yoon is on the set of Channel A weekend drama "Panda and Hedgehog" practicing her lines...More

Jeong Joon-ha, Kwon Sang-woo and Song Seung-heon

Source | 2012/09/05 | | Permalink

Entertainer Jeong Joon-ha proved he is friendly with kwon Sang-woo and Song Seung-heon.

Jeong Joon-ha posted a picture from his wedding reception with kwon Sang-woo and Song Seung-heon, three months after the wedding...More

Added new stills for the Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling"

Source | 2012/09/03 | | Permalink

Added new stills for the Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling"...More

A Girl's Dream and her Boyfriend's Nightmare: Seoul's New Handbag Museum

Source | 2012/09/02 | | Permalink

"Oh! That bag is so PRETTY!" Seeing her pleading eyes, shimmering like ripples on water, her boyfriend begins to sweat. The only thought in his mind now is, PLEASE don't let her ask to go into the store to get a closer look. That thing probably costs more than what I make in a month!

Sorry guys, but the worst nightmare for every boyfriend is happening right on Seoul's trendy, tree-lined Garosu-Gil. Simone Handbag Museum is a museum where you can find bags from every era and region of the world, ranging from European purses from the early 1500s to the newest "it bags". Insofar as I could find, it is the first handbag museum in the world and as a bag-lover I had to check it out immediately!...More

Korean movies opening today 2012/08/30 in Korea

Source | 2012/08/30 | | Permalink

Korean movies opening today 2012/08/30 in Korea "Young Gun in the Time" , "Project 577" and "The Ugly Duckling"...More

[Spoiler] "To The Beautiful You" Lee Hyun-woo imagines married life with Sully

Source | 2012/08/23 | | Permalink

Eun-gyeol went off the wall.

He was seen imagining married life with Jae-hee (Choi Seol-ri) on the episode of the SBS drama "To The Beautiful You"...More

Sin Min-ah's hungry 3 set

Source | 2012/08/21 | | Permalink

Actress Sin Min-ah was seen being hungry.

Sin takes on the role of lovely virgin ghost Arang who takes action before thinking when something happens but has the ability to change risk into chance in the MBC drama "Arang and the Magistrate". Pictures of her on site were posted on the actress' Me Today on the 21st...More

Added video for the upcoming Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling"

Source | 2012/08/17 | | Permalink

Added video for the upcoming Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling" Legendary Comedy "The Ugly Duckling" (2012)

Directed by Kwak Gyeong-taek

With Kim Joon-gooMore

[Video] 3rd Teaser Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling"

2012/08/16 | | Permalink

3rd Teaser Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling" "The Ugly Duckling" (2012)

Directed by Kwak Gyeong-taekMore

Kang-Dan couple revealed behind the scenes

Source | 2012/08/08 | | Permalink

KBS drama "Bridal Mask" were revealed behind the scenes.

KBS revealed hidden cuts of Lee Kang-to and Mok-dan from the drama "Bridal Mask"...More

"A Gentleman's Dignity" Kim Woo-bin takes of the pretty boy image

Source | 2012/08/08 | | Permalink

Kim Woo-bin from the SBS drama "A Gentleman's Dignity" had a photo shoot.

Agency Sidus HQ posted pictures of him on his official Me Today on the 7th...More

Added new poster and stills for the upcoming Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling"

Source | 2012/08/06 | | Permalink

Added new poster and stills for the upcoming Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling"...More

50 Years of Korean Export History with KOTRA

Source | 2012/08/05 | | Permalink

This June, Korea has joined the "20-50 Club", an honor given to countries with a population exceeding 50 million, and a per capita income exceeding US$20,000. Korea was the 7th nation in the world to join.

Looking back, Korea has surely come a long way in terms of development and certainly in terms of technology. After the Korean War ended in 1953, most of the factories were burnt down and the country seemed to have little hope. Now, however, Korea is a technology leader with products sold around the world by its large global conglomerates...More

"Yellow Boots" Kang Seok-jeong and Min Ji-hyeon

Source | 2012/08/01 | | Permalink

Actor Kang Seok-jeong is the licorice of the tvN drama "Yellow Boots".

Kang Seok-jeong takes on the role of pure hearted guy Kim Tae il. He is a man who sacrifices himself to prove the innocence of Yeon-hwa (Lee Yoo-ri) who has been guiltily framed for something she didn't do. He is also in a romance mode with Seol Soo ae (Min Ji-hyeon)...More

Gwacheon: National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul Land, Seoul Grand Park

Source | 2012/07/29 | | Permalink

The National Museum of Contemporary Art (NMOCA) in Korea recently won one of the world's biggest design competitions with its "Dansaekhwa: Korean Monochrome Painting" exhibition. It has become the country's first national art museum to receive a red dot design award. The exhibition received an award in the communication design category and was up against a tough pool of 6,823 design works from 43 countries. The exhibition, which ended this past May, featured about 150 paintings by 31 artists.  Photo Credit: LondonKoreanLinks NMOCA is currently showing a diverse collection encompassing a c...More

Has smartphone ruined disco?

Source | 2012/07/29 | | Permalink

Over 20,000 people gathered at the KINTEX in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province for the Asian debut of Sensation on Saturday, and many of the attendees were busy taking photographs on smartphones. / Courtesy of Heineken

Too many standing still at Asia's 1st Sensation seeking perfect shot

By Kwaak Je-yup

GOYANG, Gyeonggi Province - Over 20,000 people, each and every one of them dressed entirely in white, filled the KINTEX Saturday night for one of the world's largest gatherings of house music fans...More

Kim So-hyeon-I takes off the evil veil

Source | 2012/07/23 | | Permalink

Actress Kim So-hyeon-I turned into a cute high school student.

She posted on her Twitter on the 23rd, "I am here to take posters for the new drama~ I am a little girl today. It's a teenage drama and I am a rowdy high school student. I'll see you at eight! Do I look good?...More

Cute rebel Kim Woo-bin was a genius?

Source | 2012/07/18 | | Permalink

The past is out for cute rebel Kim Woo-bin from the SBS weekend drama "A Gentleman's Dignity".

It turns out he is actually an outstanding genius unlike his image from the drama...More

Kim Min-joon and Park Sol-mi in a hotel at night

Source | 2012/07/18 | | Permalink

On the eighth episode of the JTBC mini series "Beloved", Chan-joo (Park Sol-mi) can't control her feelings and leans on her ex-lover Eun-hyeok (Kim Min-joon) after witnessing her husband Jin-se's (Hong Jong-hyeon) affair.

Chan-joo was brutally dumped by Eun-hyeok 3 years ago about she weakened at the sight of him wanting her back...More

Loudspeaker gospel: good news or street noise?

Source | 2012/07/18 | | Permalink

An evangelist reads Bible verses using a microphone in a tent at a large intersection in Myeong-dong, central Seoul, Tuesday. As the sign on the tent says, the proselytizing is also done in Japanese and Chinese to reach the many foreign tourists in the area. / Korea Times photo by Kim Bo-eun, Bahk Eun-ji

Some forcefully call for repentance through loudspeakers. They yell: "You will go to hell, if you don't believe in Jesus!" Others play the guitar and sing hymns. Then there are the quieter street evangelists who hand out leaflets, sometimes with packets of wet tissues.

As well as on the streets, they are also seen on the subway, at stations. They are all committed to a common purpose ― preaching the Gospel in their own way.

Pastor Yoo, in her 50s, heads out every day with a thousand leaflets. She mostly goes to crowded downtown areas such as Myeongdong or Gangnam subway station. Occasionally she gets on subway trains...More

Kim Min-jong graduation pictures, so fresh and pretty

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Kim Min-jong's graduations pictures were revealed on an online community site with the title, "Kim Min-jong graduation pictures". These are pictures of him from the Anyang Arts High School.

Kim Min-jong is nicely dressed in his uniform. Although his hair is outgrown and messy, his clear features show how pure he was. He also looks the same now as he did then...More

Kim Kang-woo covered in mud

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Kim Kang-woo foresaw an ordeal.

KBS 2TV drama "Haeundae Lovers" stars Kim Kang-woo as elite prosecutor Lee Tae seong who seeks for perfection in everything...More

[Video] 2nd teaser for the upcoming Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling"

Source | 2012/07/16 | | Permalink

2nd teaser for the upcoming Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling"...More

"Korea's top actress" Kim Ha-neul's undefined pictures

Source | 2012/07/12 | | Permalink

SBS drama "A Gentleman's Dignity" actress Kim Ha-neul and her real body line is the issue of interest right now.

In an online community recently, pictures of Kim Ha-neul were posted with the title, "Every girl's envy"...More

"Ghost - Drama" Eom Gi-joon's 8-step expression change

Source | 2012/07/09 | | Permalink

"Ghost - Drama" Eom Gi-joon's 8 different expressions sets have been revealed.

Eom plays the role of absolute power Jo Hyeon-min in the SBS drama "Ghost - Drama"...More

3 plastic surgeons fined for false claims about K-pop stars

Source | 2012/07/07 | | Permalink

Kim Jae-kyung
Leader of K-pop group Rainbow

By Yi Whan-woo

Three plastic surgeons and their marketing agent were fined Monday for respectively approving and creating false advertising that claimed a member of a girl band had undergone facial cosmetic surgery.

Seoul Central District Court ordered the four to pay a combined total of 20 million won ($17,500) to Kim Jae-kyung, 23, leader of K-pop group Rainbow, ruling that the online advertisement marred the reputation of the singer.

"The advertisement has made the public believe that her beauty is artificial, and this could have a serious impact on this young female celebrity who is sensitive to public opinion", the judge said. "The court therefore has ordered the plaintiffs to make financial compensation to the singer who is under extreme emotional distress...More

How North Koreans live

Source | 2012/07/07 | | Permalink

By Andrei Lankov

When we talk about North Korea and its political actions ― missiles, nuclear tests and the like ― we also tend to overlook that North Korea is, above all, a country and hence populated by people who, in spite of all the political turbulence, somehow manage to continue with their normal lives.

So, what does a typical North Korean house look like? Where do North Koreans live?...More

[Video] Added teaser and new still for the upcoming Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling"

Source | 2012/07/05 | | Permalink

Added teaser and new still for the upcoming Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling"...More

Ji Hyeon-woo postpones the military to cure back injury

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Actor Ji Hyeon-woo postponed his National Service.

His agency revealed, "Ji Hyeon-woo was supposed to join the military on the 3rd of July but postponed it...More

"I Do, I Do" best teamwork despite tiring shoot

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"I Do, I Do" is showing off the best teamwork even in the tough situations of filming.

Productions company Kim Jong Hak Productions revealed pictures from the set and displayed good relationship among the actors and actresses...More

Ryoo Dam leaves memories of "Lights and Shadows"

Source | 2012/06/28 | | Permalink

Actor Ryoo Dam was caught on camera leaving himself on camera.

MBC TV drama "Lights and Shadows" revealed pictures of Ryoo taking pictures with fellow actors and actresses on the 29th...More

[Spoiler] "I Do, I Do" Lee Jang-woo and Kim Seon-ah, from back-hug to kiss

Source | 2012/06/28 | | Permalink

Park Tae-kang (Lee Jang-woo) and Hwang Ji-an (Kim Seon-ah) couldn't take their hands off each other in the MBC drama "I Do, I Do".

The two became really close. After they became a team for a project, they even ipened up their private lives. Park found out Hwang was pregnant and picked Jo Eunseong (Park Geon-hyeong) an obstetrician as the kid's father...More

Actor Kim Kang-woo to publish travel book

Source | 2012/06/24 | | Permalink

Actor Kim Kang-woo is a writer.

Kim will publish a travel essay at the end of this month. He is going to write about Phuket, Thailand and what he felt about it and the different places he's been to. This project has been going on for some time now. He had revealed in 2010 that he enjoyed traveling and he has been recording down his travels in essays. He posted on Twitter in April, "Should I write am essay about my travels?" Kim Kang-woo is also publishing the pictures he took while traveling. He is wrapping up this project as he is preparing the new KBS 2TV drama "Haeundae Women" for the first time in 3 years...More

Art and Culture

Source | 2012/06/20 | | Permalink

And now it's time for our arts and culture report with Michelle Kim. I hear today she has updates on the Shanghai International Film Festival that opened a couple of days ago and a photo exhibition that's ongoing at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

Hello Michelle

[Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young

So what do you have for us today ?...More

K-Pop Star Entertain Art Show Brings Together Fans and Stars

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The 2012 K-Pop Star Entertain Art Show, Korea's first K-pop inspired art exhibition targeting hallyu fans in Korea and overseas, will open at KINTEX on June 23rd.

Sponsored by the Korea Tourism Organization and Goyang City, the exhibition, which runs until August 19th, has been described by organizers as a mixture of K-Pop with magic art to create a new form of hallyu contents.

The pieces on display use the Trompe-L'Oeil or "trick eye" technique which turns two-dimensional pictures into 3D illusions. Visitors will be able to take pictures that really makes them look like they're standing with their favorite stars...More

The late Jang Jin-yeong's husband wishes her "Happy Birthday" in the sky

Source | 2012/06/18 | | Permalink

Husband Kim Yeong-gun celebrated the birthday of the late Jang Jin-yeong.

On her birthday which was on the 14th, Kim posted on his mini homepage, "Happy Birthday". There were still races of Jang on Kim's homepage...More

[Spoiler] "Big" Gong Yoo and Lee Min-jeong's kiss causes nose bleed

Source | 2012/06/18 | | Permalink

Gong Yoo and Lee Min-jeong inhaled a kiss.

Kang Kyeongjoon (Sin Won-hyo) and Gil Da-ran (Lee Min-jeong) had a wedding photo shoot on the fifth episode...More

"Dr. JIN" Lee Beom-soo's love for props

Source | 2012/06/14 | | Permalink

Actor Lee Beom-soo has an unusual love for props.

Pictures of Lee Beom-soo taking on the role of Lee Ha-eung in the MBC weekend drama "Dr. JIN" were revealed...More

'Hottest' to artist: evolution of 2PM

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Members of K-pop boy band 2PM pose for a promotional photoshoot for their most recent release, "Hands Up", in 2011. In their fifth year as one of the country's most popular groups, they insist the best is yet to come, with great participation in the creative process. / Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

This is the fifth in a 15-part series on the stars and trends of Hallyu, or the Korean wave, which is gaining popularity in Southeast Asia and Latin America. The Korea Times produces this special project in cooperation with the Korea Foundation and CJ E&M...More

[HanCinema Korea's Diary] Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger

2012/06/09 | | Permalink

This week I look at a young Korean rocker who is hoping to challenge the K-pop industry and what kind of music and image it takes to succeed in it. The nineteen-year-old Juniel has had success in Japan, but is now hoping to penetrate the Korean music scene with her unique style and voice! The finger is waved at a recent documentary aired on MBC entitled: "The Shocking Truth About Relationships with Foreigners" and I take a look at how one Facebook page is uniting those who feel the piece was offensive. This is Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger...More

ZE:A Dong Jun and Si Wan have hot bods

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Two members of the group ZE:A - Children of Empire are the rising hotties.

There was a post on a portal site on the 5th titled, "Hidden hotties in ZE:A" along with pictures of Dong Jun and Si Wan...More

Room without a view

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By Andrew Salmon

As you will presumably have noticed, spring has sprung. If you have not, you should immediately, for this is Korea's finest season ― the perfect time to venture beyond city limits and enjoy the green hills and valleys while they are bathed in sharp light and breathing in crystal air, before summer descends in all its steamy grey, humid, shirt-sticking misery.

I recently took the advice I just gave you and spent an invigorating day hiking the shaded trails and visiting the picturesque temples of Mt. Bukhan National Park. After that, dinner was called for, so myself and my companion pulled in at a roadside restaurant in the shadows of the peaks.

This establishment stood at the foot of the mountains, and as we climbed out of the Hyundai, their jagged ridges were reflecting the peach glow of sunset while the skies above turned a translucent blue. This was the perfect spot to eat al fresco, eating up the luminous views along with the "dubu" and drinking in the cool evening air along with the makgeolli...More

[HanCinema Korea's Photo Diary] Samcheok Haesindang Park

2012/06/02 | | Permalink

Tucked away in Samcheok Gangwon-do lies the popular Haesindang Park. The park is home to the local legend of Aebawi and Haesindang and is littered with penis sculptures to mark the couple's tragic love and the villagers' mourning of it. Last weekend was a long weekend here in Korea and many ventured out to the East coast of Korea to enjoy the time off. Since the Park is also close to Samcheok beach, another very popular attraction for both locals and travellers, it receives a lot of foot traffic during the holidays. Many are aware of the penis statues on Jeju Island and Haesindang Park offers something very similar if you can't make it all the way down South. Enjoy the pictures and venture out there if you ever get the chance!...More

K-pop Singers Introduced in Thai School Textbooks

Source | 2012/06/02 | | Permalink

Thai school textbooks now include Korean pop stars in their contents.

The Korea Thailand Communication Center(KTCC) said Friday that one of the top ranking publishers in Thailand had recently released music textbooks for junior high to high school classes which include pictures of well-known K-pop stars, including CNBLUE, Super Junior, 2PM, Rain and Big Bang...More

Arirang filling the air of the Capitol (May 19, 2012)

Source | 2012/05/31 | | Permalink

The Korean Cultural Center Washington D.C. (Director. Byung Goo Choi) presented an Arirang-themed performance by Arayun, a Korean traditional music ensemble team, as a part of the Fiesta Asia festival held on Pennsylvania Ave., on May 19th.

In order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Korean Cultural Center has been trying to promote Arirang, a representative folk song that embodies the sorrow of Korean people, to Washington D.C. citizens and US mainstream society under the theme of The Spirit of Korea...More

Men drafted to life of ambivalence

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"A petty officer standing in front of a 127mm naval artillery gun, October 2010". Oh Hein-kuhn's show "Middlemen" is on display at Artsonje Center through June 17. / Courtesy of the artist

By Joon Soh

Military service, mandatory or otherwise, is an experience shared by most men in South Korea. Some look back on their time in the military with fondness, while others would rather erase those years from their memory altogether.

Photographer Oh Hein-kuhn decides to tackle this delicate but complex subject matter in his latest solo exhibition at the Artsonje Center in Seoul. The show, titled "Middlemen", is a series of photographs from the past several years of enlisted soldiers serving in the different branches of the Korean military...More

Japanese people drop jaws at Kim Tae-hee

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Actress Kim Tae-hee completely mesmerized the Japanese with her beauty.

Pictures titled "The expressions of Japanese people" came up on an online community site recently...More

Sin Se-kyeong's shining beauty

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Sin Se-kyeong posed for the camera.

These pictures were taken on the set of SBS drama "Fashion King" on the 18th of May in Seoul...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Oh In-hye

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Added more pictures for the Korean actress Oh In-hye...More

All about Seoul Food 2012 - Part 2

Source | 2012/05/20 | | Permalink

As I promised in my last post, today I will walk you through the booths in the International hall at Seoul Food 2012. The International hall was so much fun as I could see and taste all types of authentic food from countries covering six continents. It reminded me of how far Korea has come in appreciation of cuisines from around the world and how cosmopolitan Koreans' tastes have become.

Seoul Food 2012 was certainly a world food festival and all the countries made their booth quite distinctive so visitors could easily tell to which country the booth belongs. Let's take a look at the country booths...More

Farms to greet you with plenty of green

Source | 2012/05/20 | | Permalink

A view of the meadow at Daegwallyeong sheep farm in PyeongChang, Gangwon Province. / Courtesy of PyeongChang County

By Yun Suh-young

May is a month of greenery. After April pushes out the cold, May greets you with plenty of sunshine and fresh green leaves. It is a great month to take yourself to places far from the city, where you can greet Mother Nature with open arms.

Your mind, heart and body will be refreshed by the greenery once you indulge yourself in nature. You can see plenty of grassland, but if you want to enjoy something more than a good view of the dales, it may be a good idea to visit farms that are not far away from Seoul.

In the vicinity of the capital are several farms you can visit to relax body and soul...More

[Spoiler] Lee Bo-yeong's love for Eom Tae-woong in "The Equator Man"

Source | 2012/05/16 | | Permalink

Lee Bo-yeong confessed her love for Eom Tae-woong with her eyes.

On the seventeenth episode of the KBS 2 drama "The Equator Man" aired on the 16th, Han Ji-won (Lee Bo-yeong) felt pity for Kim Seon-woo (Eom Tae-woong) whoh was having a hard time taking revenge...More

[Spoiler] "The Rooftop Prince" Micky Yoochun shows affection for Han Ji-min

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Micky Yoochun and Han Ji-min adored each other.

On the seventeenth episode of the SBS drama "The Rooftop Prince" on the 16th, Lee Gak (Micky Yoochun) gave Yong Tae-moo (Lee Tae-seong) the hand phone with pictures from 2 years ago to save Park Ha (Han Ji-min) who had been kidnapped...More

Added poster and new stills for the upcoming Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling"

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Added poster and new stills for the upcoming Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling"...More

"She looks like Son Ye-jin" Kim So-hyeon-I

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Kid actress Kim So-hyeon-I (13) is hot online for her innocent looks that resembles Son Ye-jin.

Several pictures of Kim So-hyeon-I in her daily life have been revealed on various online community sites. She is so bright and innocent in the pictures...More

Kim Jae-joong's first historical "Time Slip Dr. Jin"

Source | 2012/05/07 | | Permalink

JYJ Kim Jae-joong is attempting at his first historical drama.

Kim Jae-joong takes on the role of Kim Kyeong-tak in the upcoming MBC TV weekend drama "Time Slip Dr. JIN" starting on the 26th...More

Kong Hyo-jin and Lee Yeong-jin's self-cam in Jejudo

Source | 2012/05/07 | | Permalink

Kong Hyo-jinn revealed self-cam's taken from Jejudo.

Actress Lee Yeong-jin posted on her Twitter on the 7th of May, "The two of us in Jejudo. We are friends of 15 years"...More

Upcoming Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling"

Source | 2012/05/04 | | Permalink

Added the upcoming Korean movie "The Ugly Duckling"'s page to HanCinema database...More

[Spoiler] "The Equator Man" Lim Jeong-eun has Lee Joon-hyeok eating out of her hands

Source | 2012/05/02 | | Permalink

Lim Jeong-eun has become the master of push-and-pull.

On the thirteenth episode of "The Equator Man" on the 2nd, KBS 2 drama "The Equator Man" showed Choi Soo-mi (Lim Jeong-eun) strangled Lee Jang-il (Lee Joon-hyeok) for the picture...More

Pretty stars don't have anything to hide

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Ko So-young, Lee Min-jeong, Jeon Ji-hyeon, Kim Tae-hee
Moon Chae-won, Han Hyo-joo, Han Ji-min and Song Hye-kyo

The graduation pictures of Korean beauty stars have become an issue once again.

Pictures were posted on an online community site on the 18th titled, "The Graduation pictures of Korea's best beauties"....More

Yoo Jin and Ki Tae-yeong kiss under the sunset

Source | 2012/04/17 | | Permalink

Yoo Jin and Ki Tae-yeong shared a sweet kiss under the sun set.

Story On's "Super Couple Diary" revealed a Europe vacation picture of Yoo Jin and Ki Tae-yeong on the 17th of April. The kissing picture of the two at an outdoor cafe leaves a strong impression of a scene from a movie...More

First Western family's life in Busan

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The book "In the Service of His Korean Majesty" contains rare photographs of Fusan, or present-day Busan in the 1880s. The photo is taken in 1885. / Courtesy of Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California Berkeley By Robert Neff The origin of this book is what every historian dreams of - a chance encounter with someone in possession of a cache of documents and correspondences that they don't know what to do with. Prof. Wayne Patterson is one of the few lucky ones. While accompanying some students on a field trip to China in the early 1980s, Patterson met Lina Sharp, a tourist, who asked him if he would be interested in the personal correspondences of a man who had lived and died in the Far East in the late 19th century - William Nelson Lovatt#. As any historian would - he promptly accepted and committed himself to nearly three decades of research in which he traced down surviving members of the Lovatt family - going so far as to travel to Andorra - and sifted through "nearly indecipherable diaries". The result of his efforts is "In the Service of His Korean Majesty" - a book that is bound to change some of our perceptions of Western involvement in Joseon Korea's early modernization attempts. Born in England in 1838, Lovatt enliste...More

Master Choi carves his soul into seals

Source | 2012/04/07 | | Permalink

Master craftsman Choi Byung-hun is tracing an outline prior to carving a seal in his Seoul studio./ Korea Times photo by Yun Suh-young

By Yun Suh-young

The act of leaving your trace, a personal mark, requires prudence. Not only because that mark will last forever, but because the mark seals a legal promise.

A seal is more than just a stamp. Out of the many ways of leaving your trace, this one's special, especially when a master craftsman made you the one and only mark in the universe...More

Jeon Ji-hyeon's wedding photos shot a week before the ceremony?

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Actress Jeon Ji-hyeon shot wedding pictures prior to her actual wedding.

Jeon Ji-hyeon had a wedding picture photo session with fashion magazine ELLE in a studio in Seoul on April 4th...More

Hyeon Bin's uniformed pose

Source | 2012/04/02 | | Permalink

Actor Hyeon Bin's uniformed photo made many women's hearts pound.

Pictures titled, "Hyeon Bin became more handsome in the Marines" were posted on a n online community website recently...More

Pictorial history of modern nursing in Korea

Source | 2012/04/01 | | Permalink

Men's dispensary, the Royal Hospital Chejungwon in Seoul, taken in 1887 / Courtesy of Oak Sung-deuk

By Robert Neff

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And through the hundreds that grace the pages of Prof. Oak Sung-deuk's new book, "A Pictorial History of Modern Nursing in Korea", the reader ― or rather the viewer ― is granted a privileged account of the history of Western medicine in Korea.

This massive tome contains rare images of Gwanghyewon (the first Korean hospital of modern medicine) which was established in April 1885 by Dr. Horace N. Allen who went on to become King Gojong's personal physician and later the American Minister to Korea. Prof. Oak notes that at the Gwanghyewon, Allen "used 'uinyo' (government medical/dancing girls) as nurses, yet soon replaced them with male assistants"...More

Chicago Responds to SHINee's Sherlock

Source | 2012/03/31 | | Permalink

By Kristy M, Chicago Correspondent

SM Entertainment's boy band SHINee made their comeback March of 2012 with the hit album entitled "Sherlock". The project topped iTunes and various music charts with its duo title track ("Clue" and "Note") release. The group's fans, which are endearingly called ShaWols, anticipated their return since October of 2010.

The week of March 11, 2012, SHINee released their artistic and sexy comeback images. The sexy "Sherlock" concept was shocking to many ShaWols who are use to the five young men's cute boy-next-door concepts. Chicago ShaWols had mix emotions when it came to SHINee's sexy hippie teaser photos and their British inspired music video...More

13 top actresses' when they first debuted

Source | 2012/03/29 | | Permalink

Soo-ae, Song Hye-kyo, Ko Hyeon-jeong, Han Hyo-joo, Son Tae-yeong and Kim Sa-rang, Son Ye-jin, Choi Ji-woo, Sin Min-ah, Han Ga-in, Lee Na-young, Jeon Ji-hyeon, Kim Tae-hee.

How different are the debuting stages of these actresses?

A picture of top actresses today was posted online by a netizen...More

Suzy, UEE, Son Dam-bi shoulder size

Source | 2012/03/26 | | Permalink

Miss A Suzy, After School UEE and Son Dam-bi have something in common and that is their shoulder size.

Recent pictures were put up online titled, "Suzy and UEE's shoulders are wider than any man's"...More

Han Ji-min's 3 graduation pictures

Source | 2012/03/26 | | Permalink

Han Ji-min's graduation pictures have been revealed.

Pictures of Han Ji-min in elementary, middle and high school came up on an online community site recently, titled "Han Ji-min's Graduation Pictures"...More

Yoo Seung-ho's deep kiss, older fans 'shock'

Source | 2012/03/18 | | Permalink

Yoo Seung-ho's deep kiss shocked his lady fans.

Captured pictures of Yoo Seung-ho were posted on various online communities recently...More

10 seconds to change from Kim Tae-hee to Jiyeon

Source | 2012/03/15 | | Permalink

A synthesized picture of actress Kim Tae-hee and girl group T-ara Jiyeon is the matter of issue.

Several pictures titled, "Only 10 seconds to change from Kim Tae-hee to Jiyeon?" were posted on an online community site on the 15th...More

Korean movies opening today 2012/03/15 in Korea

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Korean movies opening today 2012/03/15 in Korea "Gabi", "Pink", "The Beat Goes on", "Home Sweet Home - Movie" and omnibus "Fighting! Family"...More

Added new stills and video for the upcoming Korean movie "Pink"

Source | 2012/03/14 | | Permalink

Added new stills and video for the upcoming Korean movie "Pink"...More

36 year-old stars, talent and visual all together

Source | 2012/03/08 | | Permalink

Who is 36 years old in the entertainment business?

A post recently came up on an online community website of actors Kang Ji-hwan, So Ji-sub, Won Bin, Ji Seong and other stars born in the year 1977. They are all born in the same year of the Snake and have beautiful visuals despite the age over mid-30...More

Middle Age No Barrier to Perfect Body for Jo Eun-sook

Source | 2012/03/08 | | Permalink

Actress Jo Eun-sook revealed her well-toned body, especially her fabulous abs, through a couple of pictures released by her management agency on Wednesday.

"Ahead of her return to the weekend TV drama "God of War", which is currently airing on MBC, Cho has subjected herself to an intense workout program as well as a strict nutrition and dietary regime", the agency said...More

Kim Yoo-jeong claims, "Studying and personality is as important as acting"

Source | 2012/03/05 | | Permalink

Kid actress Kim Yoo-jeong from the MBC drama "The Sun and the Moon" attempted to change into a proud, chic teen.

In the photo shoot of "High Cut" on the 1st, Kim Yoo-jeong looked like a very proud and cold girl like never seen before...More

Lee Seung-gi in uniform "The King 2 Hearts"

Source | 2012/03/01 | | Permalink

Lee Seung-gi's uniform attire isn't bad at all.

MBC TV drama "The King 2 Hearts" revealed pictures of Lee Seung-gi who is taking on the role of South Korean prince Lee Jae-ha, in uniform...More

Han Ji-min's funny self cams

Source | 2012/03/01 | | Permalink

Actress Han Ji-min revealed pictures from the drama set.

She has landed on the role of Park Ha in the new SBS drama "The Rooftop Prince"...More

Stars born in 1982 take over

Source | 2012/02/28 | | Permalink

The beauty and looks of celebrities born in the year 1982 have become an issue.

Several pictures of celebrities appeared online recently with the title "The best stars born in 1982, Year of the Dog"...More

Han Ga-in's peak times

Source | 2012/02/28 | | Permalink

Actress Han Ga-in's pictures from her peak times were revealed.

Several pictures titled "Han Ga-in's peak times" appeared online recently...More

Seoul City in Bid to Save Tradition in Insa-dong

Source | 2012/02/28 | | Permalink

Above picture: Visitors shop in Insa-dong, Seoul on Monday.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government wants to crack down on the cosmetics stores and Chinese-made tat that are taking over the historical area of Insa-dong and squeezing out traditional businesses.

Some 100,000 tourists visit the picturesque area in downtown Seoul every day. The enclave is a symbol of traditional Korean culture contrasting with the gleaming towers of the bustling city. But stores that sell traditional handicraft have been gradually pushed into smaller alleys as the main thoroughfare has been taken over by cosmetics shops...More

Kim Ki-duk's "Pieta", Jo Min-soo and Lee Jeong-jin show a massive transformation

Source | 2012/02/27 | | Permalink

An on-set still from the movie "Pieta" has been revealed.

Lee Jeong-jin, who is playing the role of Kang-do, a loan shark that gets money from debtors in the cruelest of ways, has lost so much weight that his face lines look stronger and more prominent...More

"The Thieves" poster revealed

Source | 2012/02/27 | | Permalink

The poster art for the movie "The Thieves" has been revealed.

"The Thieves" is an action movie about a gang of five crooks trying to steal the world's rarest diamond, the 'tear of the sun', in Macau...More

Meet the "Self-artists"!

Source | 2012/02/25 | | Permalink

Meet a group of artists who set themselves apart from mainstream culture.

"Self-artists" refer to cultural artists who do everything by themselves, from planning to production and distribution.

And they're bringing about changes in Korea's culture and arts industry.

[Interview : Jang Jeong-jin, Head of Institutional Development Division Arts Council Korea ] "Once considered to be an exclusive field for only a handful of people, art has emerged as something that can be enjoyed and experienced by all. Also, the recent development of SNS websites is helping self-artists promote their works extensively to their neighbors,
friends, and colleagues. I think this has served as a boost for the activities of many self-artists...More

Lee Young-ae and Jeong Ho-yeong twin's first birthday party

Source | 2012/02/22 | | Permalink

Actress Lee Young-ae and her husband's twins met their first birthday party.

Their birthday party was held recently at a hotel in Namsan, Seoul....More

[Spoiler] "Wild Romance" Lee Dong-wook waits for Lee Si-yeong

Source | 2012/02/22 | | Permalink

Lee Dong-wook leaned on Lee Si-yeong.

Moo-yeol (Lee Dong-wook) leaned on Eun-jae (Lee Si-yeong) on the latest episode of KBS 2TV's "Wild Romance", aired on February 22nd...More

Yoon Eun-hye, "Eggs on her cheeks!"

Source | 2012/02/21 | | Permalink

A picture of Yoon Eun-hye that has been posted online is maving waves.

Pictures from Yoon Eun-hye's Japanese fan gathering were posted on a Korean website on February 20th. These pictures were from the fan gathering held last Valentine's Day in Japan...More

Seong Yoo-ri's eternal features; born to be pretty

Source | 2012/02/19 | | Permalink

Seong Yoo-ri's childhood pictures were revealed.

Pictures of her from the past were posted on a variety of different websites recently...More

Kwon Yoo-ri's dress attire in New York

Source | 2012/02/19 | | Permalink

Girls' Generation member Kwon Yoo-ri walked around in New York with a captivating long dress.

Someone posted pictures online saying, "Kwon Yoo-ri of Girls' Generation wearing a long dress in New York"...More

Kim Yoo-jeong on the radio

Source | 2012/02/19 | | Permalink

Photos of actress Kim Yoo-jeong at a radio station were recently published.

The pictures of her appearance were posted on the homepage of MBC's "Heo Soo-kyeong's Music Valley"...More

Foreigners' perspective on Joseon

Source | 2012/02/18 | | Permalink

A 1883 picture of Joseon era (1392-1910) gentry taken by Lowell, a visiting foreigner to Korea. Inset: cover of the book "Foreigners' Journeys in Joseon" compiled by the Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies (KIKS). (Korea Times file)

It's hard to believe, but foreigners were actually traveling and working here in the backward Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910). A recent book chronicles the experiences and views of foreigners on Joseon and its people from the beginning of the kingdom until its demise due to Japanese's occupation...More

CJ E&M launches app for entertainment news

Source | 2012/02/15 | | Permalink

Entertainment giant CJ E&M in collaboration with mobile carrier LG Uplus launched a smartphone application called "enews24" Wednesday.

The free app is a by-product of the online entertainment portal Enews 24 ( which organizes information based on CJ E&M's cable channel tvN. With three menus ― news, photos and star ― the program offers a convenient way to receive the most up–to-date entertainment news and photos of your favorite celebrities on your mobile device...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress and singer Hyorin

Source | 2012/02/12 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actress and singer Hyorin...More

Local Art Exhibit Displays More Than Meets The Eyes

Source | 2012/02/11 | | Permalink

From the deep lines that indent her reddish-brown face to eyes clearly coated with tearsit seems true that a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

These pictures are made of aluminum-- and they are work of Han Young-wook, who meticulously used a needle to scratch and depict every muscle on the face, every shadow, and every hair strand...More

From Korea with love

Source | 2012/02/10 | | Permalink

Bangkok-based writer and critic Kong RITHDEE looks at the influence of Korean moving images in Thailand and gauges the depth of the Korean Wave.

In late January, So Ji-sub and Han Hyo-joo walked down the red carpet at HuaHin International Film Festival, the inaugural edition of the cinefest held in Thailand's popular resort town. Reporters gathered with high expectations, and the photos of the two Koreans were splashed across most newspapers the next day. "'Dong Yi' Star In Thailand!" screamed some of the headlines, referring to Han's famous TV series. So's and Han's new film"Always" opened in Bangkok the following weekend.

Ten years ago, it was unthinkable to see pictures of Korean movie stars on the pages of Thai national dailies. Of course things have changed, and Korea has implanted itself in the pop-consciousness of Thai audiences in a way that's culturally spectacular and plainly phenomenal...More

Celebrities Join Together To Raise Money For Facial Burn Victims

Source | 2012/02/10 | | Permalink

A group of celebrities got together to do some good for those that are victims of facial burns.

Titled "Another Face Another Dream", the charity photo shoot was held by an optical brand and a magazine company...More

Kim Soo-hyeon-I makes a move on Sin Se-kyeong?

Source | 2012/02/07 | | Permalink

Hot star Kim Soo-hyeon-I and Sin Se-kyeong were caught on camera with his arm over her shoulders.

Several pictures were posted online recently titled, "Kim Soo-hyeon-I and Sin Se-kyeong arm over shoulder at the Joongang University Festival"...More

Song Hye-kyo shining in Paris... did she lose weight?

Source | 2012/02/05 | | Permalink

From Song Hye-kyo's fan café, "Sunflower"...

Actress Song Hye-kyo has goddess-like beauty...More

Park Ha-seon's graduation picture's

Source | 2012/02/02 | | Permalink

Actress Park Ha-seon's graduation pictures from university have been revealed.

Several pictures titled, "Park Ha-seon's graduation pictures" were posted online on February 3rd...More

Kim Tae-hee 'the legendary church girl'

Source | 2012/01/19 | | Permalink

Pictures of Kim Tae-hee at church have been going around online.

Several pictures of Kim Tae-hee titled, "Kim Tae-hee at church" were published online recently...More

Sin Se-kyeong on site for "Fashion King"

Source | 2012/01/18 | | Permalink

The live set for new SBS drama "Fashion King" with Sin Se-kyeong, Kwon Yoo-ri and Yoo Ah-in has been revealed.

Several pictures titled, "Live pictures from the site" came up on an online community site on the 17th. Sin Se-kyeong in the picture is wearing black skinnies and layers...More

Lee Dong-wook on the "Wild Romance" set

Source | 2012/01/17 | | Permalink

Four sets of pictures have been revealed showing baseball player Lee Dong-wook on the set of KBS 2TV drama "Wild Romance".

The pictures are behind-the-scenes images of Lee Dong-wook and his cute expressions...More

Lee Min-jeong's childhood photos, "a natural beauty"

Source | 2012/01/16 | | Permalink

Lee Min-jeong's childhood photographs have been published.

On the January 16th broadcast of SBS's "Healing Camp" she also offered some explanation regarding the title of "one of Gangnam's top 5 faces"...More

The ultimate Korean beauty

Source | 2012/01/15 | | Permalink

Pictures of 'the ultimate Korean beauty', created by synthesizing the pictures of beautiful actresses and girl group members, have created a stir.

Two pictures titled 'The Ultimate Korean Beauty' popped up online recently. One is an imaginary face made up with the faces of beautiful actresses and the other of girl group members'...More

Ha Ji-won and Bae Doona in "As One", still cuts

Source | 2012/01/12 | | Permalink

Actress Ha Ji-won and Bae Doona's "As One" released still cuts from the movie.

In the pictures, Ha Ji-won is being trained one-on-one by former National table tennis athlete Hyeon Jeong-hwa. In another picture, Ha Ji-won and Bae Doona are standing along a table with passion their eyes...More

Koo Hye-seon's facial act 10 years ago

Source | 2012/01/10 | | Permalink

Someone is stirring up news about Koo Hye-seon online.

Recently on an online community bulletin board, several pictures of Koo Hye-seon were posted with the title, "Always the same, Koo Hye-seon's facial act then and now"...More

Han Hye-jin cut her hair, "Innocent beauty + boyish looks"

Source | 2012/01/08 | | Permalink

Actress Han Hye-jin has shortened her hair.

She posted picture of herself on her Twitter recently. She revealed a picture of herself in a white gown and one of herself in a café titled, "Long time. Tea time". She also posted one saying she was at Kim Je-dong's "Talk Concert" to sing...More

Next to Won Bin "Even female stars become ordinary"

Source | 2012/01/08 | | Permalink

"Only Won Bin can be seen"

The beauty of actresses is hidden by Won Bin's shadow...More

Stay with Barbie, Pororo, Hello Kitty at hotels

Source | 2012/01/07 | | Permalink

Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel presents a package that includes tickets to the Pororo Theme Park. / Courtesy of Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel

By Kim Rahn

Cartoons, animations and toys are themes that capture the hearts and imagination of children and sometimes adults, too.

Hotels take advantage of this, developing packages involving famous characters...More

Book traces life of ballerina Kang Sue-jin's Stuttgart partner

Source | 2012/01/06 | | Permalink

Prima ballerina Kang Sue-jin of the Stuttgart Ballet is an inspiration to young Korean ballerinas and some have even followed in her footsteps by taking top prizes at international competitions.

The 44-year-old has been a principal with one of the world's foremost dance troupes since 1997 but there has not been much written about her...More

Sin Se-kyeong needs photo editing to become innocent and glamorous?

Source | 2012/01/03 | | Permalink

Leader of innocent and glamorous Sin Se-kyeong has a dishonorable tag calling her the 'corrected celebrity'.

There was a picture posted on an online community recently under the title, 'Sin Se-kyeong in an ad and she looks much friendlier'. There is a big difference in the Sin Se-kyeong we know in this picture. Her volume and long legs are gone and there's nothing but short and chubby....More

Happy New Year from the East! Korea has met the year 2012! (0 Comments and 1 Reaction)

Source | 2012/01/02 | | Permalink

Happy New Year! At the beginning of each year, many people make New Year's Resolutions. Have you made yours for 2012? We are sure many of you have! The pictures of below are the view of Korea's New Year.

As you can see, this is the one of common way Koreans celebrate their New Year at Jongno in Seoul...More

Modern Korea captured through Limb's camera

Source | 2011/12/31 | | Permalink

"Women Myeong-dong", (1980) photographed by Limb. At left is painter Park Rae-hyun. / Courtesy of National Museum of Contemporary Art

By Kwon Mee-yoo

A black and white photograph depicts ruins of Myeong-dong during the 1950-53 Korean War. The only building in the photo that still exists is the Myeongdong Theater, which served as City Hall at that time. The stark capture of that era is the work of first-generation Korean photographer Limb Eung-sik (1912-2001)...More

Lee Si-yeong sticks old pictures of herself on her script

Source | 2011/12/28 | | Permalink

Lee Si-yeong, appearing in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama "Wild Romance", is showing affection for the drama by sticking pictures of her younger self on the script.

According to the production on December 29th, she takes on the role of Yoon Eun-jae, a former judo athlete...More

JYJ Kim Jae-joong sticks out his lips to kiss Choi Kang-hee

Source | 2011/12/28 | | Permalink

The members of drama "Protect the Boss" got together in one place...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Kim Ok-bin

Source | 2011/12/24 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actress Kim Ok-bin...More

Introducing the 15 Time iF Design Award winning Korean Digital Creative Agency: Design Fever!

Source | 2011/12/24 | | Permalink

Nowadays, if a natural disaster or accident occurs, many people take pictures of that site with their smartphones and relay them through YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. When watching a TV drama, one could research the location of a restaurant within the screen, or one could arrange the furniture that would fit one's bedroom by using an interior simulator that uses the AR technology. However, all of these were awkward things that most people could not think of even a few years ago.

These kind of quick changes of digital technology and experience require new design and creativity accordingly. One could see that from Apple, which succeeded in differentiation of software, emotion, and experience of using the product, rather than its performance, and many advertising festivals, where the advertisement centering on digital received awards recently. Design Fever is a small Korean company where seventy unique creators have gathered, designing and producing diverse designs and creativities on the kaleidoscopic stage called digital, and they call themselves a 'digital creative agency'...More

Moon Mason cutie kiss, Park Min-ha doesn't seem to mind

Source | 2011/12/22 | | Permalink

A picture of child actor Moon Mason and SBS announcer Park Chan-min's daughter Park Min-ha kissing was revealed.

Several pictures were posted on Moon Mason's homepage on the 21st, with the title, "I Am Moon Mason"...More

IU, pretty since the past

Source | 2011/12/20 | | Permalink

IU has been suffering speculations of plastic surgery, but she put them away with pictures of herself from the past.

Currently polishing all of her prizes from music awards season, IU's pictures from her youth are getting attention...More

Eom Tae-woong and Jeong Ryeo-won reveal couple picture, real couple?

Source | 2011/12/18 | | Permalink

Actor Eom Tae-woong and actress Jeong Ryeo-won revealed some couple pictures.

The pictures are still cuts from the movie "Never Ending Story"...More

Hwang Jeong-eum, Beethoven hairstyle for "Full House 2"?

Source | 2011/12/18 | | Permalink

Former singer and current actress Hwang Jeong-eum displayed Beethoven hair.

She posted many pictures on her mini homepage on the 17th titled, "2011 December 17th"....More

Who did the octopus pick for the 2011 SBS Grand Prize?

Source | 2011/12/14 | | Permalink

Who did the octopus choose for the 2011 SBS Grand Prize?

SBS's "TV News At Night" ran an experiment for the biggest octopus in Korea, Coco, to choose the winner of the 2011 SBS Grand Prize...More

Jeong Joon-ho's humiliation VS Lee Byung-hun's six pack

Source | 2011/12/14 | | Permalink

Actor Jeong Joon-ho spoke about the time he was humiliated next to Lee Byung-hun.

He appeared in the Channel A talk show "Show King" and spoke about an incident that occurred during the drama "IRIS"...More

Park Ha-seon 19 years old?

Source | 2011/12/12 | | Permalink

Actress Park Ha-seon's pictures when she was nineteen were revealed.

On the MBC TV program "Section TV", an interview took place with actress Park Ha-seon from the daily sitcom "High Kick 3, The Short Legs Counterattack"...More

Song Hye-kyo shoots pictures with the 'Top 3 photographers'

Source | 2011/12/11 | | Permalink

Actress Song Hye-kyo worked with the best photographer in the world, Paolo Roversi. Paolo Roversi is one of the three best photographers in the world, including Steven Meisel and Peter Lindbergh. Song Hye-kyo is the only person to have worked with one of them twice...More

"Me Too, Flower!" Yoon Si-yoon on set

Source | 2011/12/05 | | Permalink

MBC drama "Me Too, Flower!" revealed pictures that show Yoon Si-yoon engrossed in his script.

These pictures posted by his management show him holding on to his script every time with colored stickers marking the important parts...More

This Week's Cultural News

Source | 2011/12/02 | | Permalink

Why have stars like actress Nam Gyoo-ri, Jo Yeo-jeong and Park Si-yeon have gathered here

[Interview : Park Soo-jin, Actress] "I saw many of his works online, but being able to see them in person was so thrilling that I couldn't hide my excitement".

[Interview : Nam Gyoo-ri, Actress ] "Even though his works are photos, sometimes they don't look like photos. They look more like pictures and paintings and they seem to convey a message"...More

Sin Ha-gyoon is a fool for his daughter

Source | 2011/12/01 | | Permalink

Sin Ha-gyoon is just another fool for his daughter.

Pictures have been posted online recently with the title, "Sin Ha-gyoon is a fool for is daughter"...More

"Hello Ghost" walks through walls, opens in China

Source | 2011/11/30 | | Permalink

Korean comedy "Hello Ghost" became the third South Korean film this year to get a theatrical release behind the Great Wall of distribution barriers in China when it opened Nov. 24. Mega Films, which is in charge of "Hello Ghost"'s Chinese distribution, released the film on about 4,000 screens in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities large and small...More

Rain, military life is like a war movie

Source | 2011/11/27 | | Permalink

The epilogue of singer Rain's military life has many interested.

Several pictures of Rain were posted on the online celebrity community on the 23rd titled, "Rain films a movie at the army". The pictures show Rain in training and his fellow soldiers writing letters to their friends and families"....More

Kim Jeong-eun takes pictures with Hwang Jeong-min

Source | 2011/11/24 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Jeong-eun took pictures with actor Hwang Jeong-min.

She posted these pictures on her Twitter on the 24th saying, "Myeong-joon and Jin-jae in Romania"....More

Park Si-hoo, "Living as an actor is awesome" [Photos]

Source | 2011/11/22 | | Permalink

Actor Park Si-hoo revealed a photo collection from a short trip.

These pictures, which were published in fashion magazine Marie Claire, is of Park Si-hoo on a trip, walking slowly and feeling better than anyone else in the world after finishing the KBS 2TV drama "The Princess' Man"...More

The Army Blues - Celebrity Enlistment

Source | 2011/11/19 | | Permalink

a class='liennormal' href='korean_Kim_Hee-cheol.php'bKim Hee-cheol/b/a, Rain, a class='liennormal' href='korean_Hyeon_Bin.php'bHyeon Bin/b/a

It's already been one year since Kang Dong-won (my current obsession) entered the army. I am getting so depressed over this. How I miss my oppa... Oppaaa! Come back to me quick!!!

Oh come on, how can I not joke about this? It's begging for it! And since I have been thinking about the issue of army due to this "anniversary" and what with others now enlisting as well, I thought I'd make a little article about it. My blog version of this is a bit more Kang Dong-won oriented (a few more paragraphs on that), but I'd like to mainly talk about the issue here...More

Song Joong-ki, news anchor at university

Source | 2011/11/17 | | Permalink

It turns out Song Joong-ki was a news anchor during his university years.

The SBS TV program "Good Morning" revealed old pictures of him as an anchor...More

Kim Sa-rang's dirty but beautiful feet

Source | 2011/11/17 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Sa-rang revealed her 'lovely feet'.

KBS 1TV showed footage of Kim Sa-rang doing charity work in Ghana on the TV program "Road of Hope"...More

Korean movies opening today 2011/11/17 in Korea

Source | 2011/11/17 | | Permalink

Korean movies opening today 2011/11/17 in Korea "Secrets, Objects", "Perfect Partner", "Ryang-kang-do: Merry Christmas, North!", documentaries "Dancing Cat" and "The Forgotten Bag", "Characters" and "An Uninvited Guest"...More

Music video 'Melodia' by Fin released for the upcoming Korean documentary "Dancing Cat"

Source | 2011/11/16 | | Permalink

Music video 'Melodia' by Fin released for the upcoming Korean documentary "Dancing Cat"...More

"Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" Lee Cheong-ah and Lee Ki-woo

Source | 2011/11/15 | | Permalink

"Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" showed Lee Cheong-ah and Lee Ki-woo's risky 'eye kiss'.

On the episode of tvN drama "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" on November 15th, Lee Cheong-ah and Lee Ki-woo stare at each other with feeling before they kiss...More

Lee Joon-ki, the 'old-timer'

Source | 2011/11/15 | | Permalink

A picture that shows soldier and actor Lee Joon-ki as an old-timer has been revealed.

A picture titled, "Proof that Lee Joon-ki is an old-timer" was posted online on November 15th...More

Hong Seok-cheon's naughty hands... this time it's Kim Jae-joong??

Source | 2011/11/15 | | Permalink

Entertainer Hong Seok-cheon's 'naughty hands' are now on JYJ's Kim Jae-joong.

He posted pictures on his Twitter on November 15th, saying, "Kim Jae-joong came to Itaewon. I blame the booze for the brave hand terror"...More

Song Ji-hyo's graduation pictures

Source | 2011/11/14 | | Permalink

Actress Song Ji-hyo's graduation pictures have been exposed.

SBS TV program "Good Morning" on the 14th revealed Song Ji-hyo during her school days in the corner "Star Secret"....More

Kim Tae-hee's 'rare' photo collection

Source | 2011/11/11 | | Permalink

Kim Tae-hee's rare photo collection is causing great popularity amongst netizens. Pictures of her from the past for an advertisement have been spreading throughout the internet. These pictures of her include her looking Into The Mirror, admiring herself wearing shorts or in the shower with closed eyes and giving off voluptuous beauty...More

Adedd long trailer for the upcoming Korean documentary "Dancing Cat"

Source | 2011/11/09 | | Permalink

Adedd long trailer for the upcoming Korean documentary "Dancing Cat"...More

Jeong Woo-seong and Kim Beom throw party for Han Ji-min

Source | 2011/11/06 | | Permalink

Jeong Woo-seong and Kim Beom threw a surprise birthday party for actress Han Ji-min.

These three people have become close to each other by working together on the jTBC mini series, "Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats"...More

Lee Byung-hun's first attempt at historical drama

Source | 2011/11/03 | | Permalink

Possibly will star in "Masquerade".

Top star Lee Byung-hun will attempt a historical drama for the first time since his debut...More

Han Hye-jin's graduation pictures

Source | 2011/11/01 | | Permalink

Actress Han Hye-jin's graduation pictures have been revealed.

These pictures were revealed on the 31st of October through SBS TV's "Good Morning"...More

Trailer released for the upcoming Korean documentary "Dancing Cat"

Source | 2011/11/01 | | Permalink

Trailer released for the upcoming Korean documentary "Dancing Cat"...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyeon

Source | 2011/10/29 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyeon...More

Enjoying Autumn in Mt. Juwang

Source | 2011/10/28 | | Permalink

By Doug Craig

원고 코너가을엔 산이 최고다!

Mountains are beautiful during all 4 seasons. Their splendor cannot be expressed in words, especially during the fall. Let's take a look at the beautiful autumn foliage at its best!

Juwangsan, or Juwang Mountain National Park, located in North Gyeongsang Province, is 5 hours away by car from Seoul

These days, the park is packed with vistors...More

"Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats" Han Ji-min and Jeong Woo-seong, a date in the woods

Source | 2011/10/27 | | Permalink

Actress Han Ji-min and Jeong Woo-seong enjoyed a date with the animals.

jTBC's opening drama "Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats" revealed pictures from the set...More

So Ji-sub reveals deleted stills from "Always"

Source | 2011/10/27 | | Permalink

Popular actor So Ji-sub revealed deleted cuts from "Always".

Fans are complimenting the pictures, saying he's adorable...More

Korean movies opening today 2011/10/27 in Korea

Source | 2011/10/27 | | Permalink

Korean movies opening today 2011/10/27 in Korea "A Reason to Live", "Spy Papa", "Pink" and documentary
"Teacher and the Devils"...More

'Shameless about her graduation pictures' Moon Chae-won

Source | 2011/10/25 | | Permalink

About the recent exposure of her graduation pictures, Moon Chae-won said, "This is the first time something like this has happened to me since my debut".

The graduation pictures that came up on an online message board were a big deal for netizens last month...More

Kim So-eun and Ryoo Jin in wedding self-shot

Source | 2011/10/23 | | Permalink

Actress Kim So-eun and Ryoo Jin took a wedding picture together.

Kim So-eun posted a couple pictures on her Twitter on October 22nd saying, "Today is our drama day, the wedding picture day with Ryoo Jin"...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Park Ha-seon

Source | 2011/10/22 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actress Park Ha-seon...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Lee Yeong-ah

Source | 2011/10/22 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actress Lee Yeong-ah...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Kim Ji-soo

Source | 2011/10/22 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actress Kim Ji-soo...More

Lousy CG, "Historical drama or sitcom?"

Source | 2011/10/19 | | Permalink

Lousy computer graphics are being criticized by netizens.

An online community recently revealed pictures titled, "The best CG scenes that will last in our history forever"...More

Han Ga-in, "Marrying Yeon Jeong-hoon was an excellent choice"

Source | 2011/10/19 | | Permalink

Actress Han Ga-in turned into a Parisian.

Han Ga-in recently did a photo shoot with fashion magazine 'In Style'...More

Added new poster for the upcoming Korean documentary "Dancing Cat"

Source | 2011/10/18 | | Permalink

Added new poster for the upcoming Korean documentary "Dancing Cat"...More

(29) The bare facts

Source | 2011/10/18 | | Permalink

A Korean woman with bared breasts / Robert Neff Collection circa 1910

By Robert Neff

Photographs and postcards of the late Joseon period often depict Korean women working or walking with bared breasts. Apparently, for many revisionists, this is a cause of shame and these pictures have been denounced as staged photographs - designed to denigrate Korea. They claim that no Korean noblewoman would ever be seen in such an undressed state - especially by foreigners. They are right, to a degree. Noblewomen were secluded from the gaze of men and to be caught outside with their face bare - let alone with breasts bared - would have been unbearably humiliating, but these were not noblewomen - they were women of the lower classes...More

Who is the next Kang Dong-won? "Temptation of Wolves" as a drama

Source | 2011/10/16 | | Permalink

2004's "Temptation of Wolves" is coming back as a drama.

JS Pictures revealed on October 17th, "We have purchased the drama rights to "Temptation of Wolves" and will be co-producing it with Apple Tree Pictures". Based on a Guiyeoni original, "Romance of their Own" is about two high school boys falling in love with a high school girl. The movie was co-lead by Kang Dong-won, Jo Han-seon and Lee Cheong-ah...More

Eom Tae-woong and Jeong Ryeo-won "We Got Married"... spoiler?

Source | 2011/10/16 | | Permalink

Actor Eom Tae-woong revealed a wedding picture taken with Jeong Ryeo-won.

He posted this picture on his Twitter on October 16th saying, "We are married"...More

Park Si-hoo takes pictures from Bali

Source | 2011/10/13 | | Permalink

Actor Park Si-hoo revealed self-shot pictures of himself in Bali.

He posted a picture on his Twitter on October 13th, saying, "In Bali I am OK".

In the pictures, he is wearing a sleeveless shirt that shows his chest and arms with sunglasses. His natural perm style and relaxed expression seem nice...More

20,000 Audience Members Gather for Rain's Free Concert

Source | 2011/10/11 | | Permalink

Rain (real name Jeong Ji Hoon, 29) gave a shout during his last concert before he joins the military -- held on Youngdong street in Samsungdong on October 9 -- saying, "Life is like a highway, and you have to stop by the resting area".

Gangnam District Office hosted the "Gangnam Hallyu Festival" which was held on Youngdong street by blocking seven lanes out of a total of 14 lanes, and singer Rain made a grand finale at the festival, which was his last concert before he joins the military...More

Moon Chae-won takes 4 self shots

Source | 2011/10/09 | | Permalink

Actress Moon Chae-won revealed pictures she took from the BIFF.

She posted on her Me Today on October 9th, "This is the Grand Hotel. I am taking some pictures before we go out to lunch!"...More

Upcoming Korean documentary "Dancing Cat"

Source | 2011/10/08 | | Permalink

Added the upcoming Korean documentary "Dancing Cat"'s page to HanCinema database...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Bae Doona

Source | 2011/10/08 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actress Bae Doona...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Park Hae-il

Source | 2011/10/08 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actor Park Hae-il...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Joo Won

Source | 2011/10/08 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actor Joo Won...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Kim Myeong-min

Source | 2011/10/08 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actor Kim Myeong-min...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Kim Joo-hyeok

Source | 2011/10/08 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actor Kim Joo-hyeok...More

Talent Agencies Becoming Tourist Spots for Foreign Fans

Source | 2011/10/08 | | Permalink

/Courtesy of SM Entertainment

Die-hard fans are known to wait for hours in front of a star's management agency or home just to catch a glimpse of their favorite singer or actor. In fact, many teenagers in Korea gather in front of management agencies all day long to see their idols.

But these days it is not just locals making up the crowds outside the gates. Foreign fans of K-pop have joined the ranks of those seeking to get a chance to meet their favorite Korean singers...More

Ha Jeong-woo's glasses, "They cover just his eyes"

Source | 2011/10/05 | | Permalink

Actor Ha Jeong-woo is in the middle of a debate about the size of his face.

On an online message board recently, a picture was posted with the title, "Too Small for Ha Jeong-woo's Face"...More

Kim Min-jeong's pictures from the past

Source | 2011/10/03 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Min-jeong's pictures from 10 years ago have been revealed.

Pictures of her from 10 years ago were posted on a community bulletin with the title, "Kim Min-jeong's photo collection"....More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress and singer Yoon Eun-hye

Source | 2011/10/01 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actress and singer Yoon Eun-hye...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Song Seung-heon

Source | 2011/10/01 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actor Song Seung-heon...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Ko So-young

Source | 2011/10/01 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actress Ko So-young...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Lee Jong-suk

Source | 2011/10/01 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actor Lee Jong-suk...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Yoo Ah-in

Source | 2011/10/01 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actor Yoo Ah-in...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Ko Soo

Source | 2011/10/01 | | Permalink

Added more pictures for the Korean actor Ko Soo...More

Trailer and new poster revealed for the upcoming Korean movie "Pink"

Source | 2011/09/29 | | Permalink

Trailer and new poster revealed for the upcoming Korean movie "Pink"...More

Kim Jeong-eun smiles like a mother with child in her arms

Source | 2011/09/28 | | Permalink

Actress Kim Jeong-eun smiled the motherly smile.

She posted a picture on her Twitter saying, "These angels made me cry. I want to see them now that it's dark"....More

Yoo Jin and Ki Tae-yeong reveal the final honeymoon spot

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Star couple Yoo Jin and Ki Tae-yeong revealed their final honeymoon photo collection.

A wedding fashion magazine being released in October holds the pictures of Yoo Jin and Ki Tae-yeong's romantic date in Paris, France....More

Han Hyo-joo's modeling days, un-chic make-up

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Actress Han Hyo-joo's past modeling days' pictures have been revealed.

Some pictures titled, "Han Hyo-joo's 10% Days" were posted on an online community website....More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Han Ye-seul

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Added more pictures for the Korean actress Han Ye-seul...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Won Bin

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Added more pictures for the Korean actor Won Bin...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Yoon Sang-hyeon

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Added more pictures for the Korean actor Yoon Sang-hyeon...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean child actress Kim Yoo-jeong

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Added more pictures for the Korean child actress Kim Yoo-jeong...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Jeon Hye-bin

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Added more pictures for the Korean actress Jeon Hye-bin...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Kim Seong-eun

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Added more pictures for the Korean actress Kim Seong-eun...More

Kim Jae-joong, stolen shot 'engrossed in taking pictures of himself, wearing a winged hoody'

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JYJ's Kim Jae-joong revealed a picture that was taken of him.

He posted this picture with the explanation, "This was taken behind me without me knowing it while I was trying to take pictures of myself"...More

Upcoming Korean movie "Pink"

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Added the upcoming Korean movie "Pink"'s page to HanCinema database...More

[Star Online] Ko So-young's graduation pictures

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Top star Ko So-young's pictures have been revealed...More

Hwang Woo-seul-hye's picture from the past

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These are pictures of actress Hwang Woo-seul-hye -- some from the past, as well as a graduation picture.

The two pictures were recently published online under the title, "Hwang Woo-seul-hye's graduation picture"...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Han Chae-young

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Added more pictures for the Korean actress Han Chae-young...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Hyeon Yeong

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Added more pictures for the Korean actress Hyeon Yeong...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor and singer Ahn Jae-wook

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Added more pictures for the Korean actor and singer Ahn Jae-wook...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Yoon Ji-min

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Added more pictures for the Korean actress Yoon Ji-min...More

Yoo Jin and Ki Tae-yeong's fantastic honeymoon

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Actress Yoo Jin (30) and Ki Tae-yeong's (32) pictures from their honeymoon had been revealed.

Yoo Jin posted on her mini homepage on the 6th, "Self-cam parade. Our expressions were the same in a limited angle. Tae-young is now the expert of self cams now....More

Lee Da-hae, like a doll

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Actress Lee Da-hae looks like a doll in her pictures.

She posted some pictures on her Twitter on the 6th saying, "What's happening in the waiting room on set?"...More

"The Princess' Man" mass released Park Si-hoo's pictures

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Actor Park Si-hoo released a big amount of pictures from the drama set.

He posted several pictures on his Twitter on the 5th of September, saying "Feeling the scent of fall"....More

Super Junior Kim Hee-cheol, picture taken at training

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Popular idol group Super Junior member Kim Hee-cheol who joined the Nonsan training camp on the 1st, has been revealed in training.  

The training camp posted 2 recent pictures of him at work in its blog....More

Foreigners Tour Korea by Public Transportation!

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This is Korea's Capital Seoul!

In the beautiful city of Seoul, there is a special and very memorable tour package awaiting foreign visitors.

[Interview : ] "This is all I need!"

Carrying just a transportation card, tourists gather together to begin their adventure. This program, "The Seoul Tour Program", is a free tour package provided by the City of Seoul.

[Interview : Choe In-jong, Marketing Manager Seoul City Economic Development Division] "Seoul is globally known for its well-developed public transportation. The Seoul Tour Program aims at using the city's advanced public transportation system to tour different places in Seoul"...More

"Always" So Ji-sub and Han Hyo-joo

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The teaser poster for So Ji-sub and Han Hyo-joo's movie "Always" has been released.

"Always" not only gained interest in the on site pictures that netizens took but the still cuts recorded a number of more than 300 thousand hits. Cheol-min (So Ji-sub) and Jeong-hwa (Han Hyo-joo) in the poster are covering each others eyes....More

Moon Chae-won's graduation pictures, "She's a natural beauty"

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Everyone is talking about Actress Moon Chae-won's graduation pictures.

Netizen's are talking about the graduation pictures of Moon Chae-won on an online community website....More

Kim Hee-cheol joins the army with 600 international fans

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Kim Hee-cheol from boy group Super Junior joined the national service while hundred of fans saw him off.

He stood in front of fans and reporters at the training camp in Nonsan on the 1st at 1PM. He wore a black jacket with jeans and sneakers, topped off with a cap....More

Kim Hee-cheol, Off To The Military

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Kim Hee-cheol of Super Junior gave a greeting of gratitude to his fans before starting up his mandatory military duties.

Right before entering into the training facility on September 1st at 1 PM, Kim showed off his newly shaven head after saying, ...More

Actresses' graduation pictures, who looks the best?

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A post about the actresses' graduation pictures is an issue.

A combined picture of several actresses' graduation pictures was posted online recently under the title, "The best graduation pictures of those who were outstanding in the past as well"....More

Images of Korean actresses giving sexual favors as bribes circulating on Chinese portals

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Images of female Korean entertainers allegedly giving sexual favors as bribes, including the late Choi Jin-sil and Lee Eun-joo, are circulating on major Chinese portal sites...More

Kim Seon-ah "I want to lay down for 5 minutes"

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Actress Kim Seon-ah expressed the stress she was going through because of the drama.

She posted on her Me Today on the 27th, "I wish I laid down for 5 minutes with my legs stretched out. My recent top 5 bucket list number 1"....More

Lee Min-jeong takes self-cam while filming movie

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Actress Lee Min-jeong revealed pictures she took of herself while filming.

She posted a picture on her homepage on the 27th with the words, "I am filming "Wonderful Radio". This is the performance and make-up scene. It's coming in December"....More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Bae Yong-joon

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Added more pictures for the Korean actor Bae Yong-joon...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress So I-hyeon

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Added more pictures for the Korean actress So I-hyeon...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Ahn Kil-kang

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Added more pictures for the Korean actor Ahn Kil-kang...More

Kim Seon-ah and Lee Dong-wook pictures from site

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Kim Seon-ah and Lee Dong-wook were in the pictures from the 'stress zero' shooting site full of laughter.

In the SBS drama "Scent of a Woman", Kim Seon-ah and Lee Dong-wook took on the roles of a woman who was given a short span of life to live and the son to a travel agency where she used to work as a low-ranking employee....More

Kim Hyun-joong is on the first page of a Malaysian newspaper

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Singer Kim Hyun-joong appeared on the first page of the Malaysian newspaper.

On an online community board on the 24th, several pictures were posted with the title, "Our Kim Hyun-joong is on the cover page!"...More

[Photo N] Kim Seon-ah 100% pure photo collection

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Actress Kim Seon-ah created clear skin even in uncorrected photos.

Proving herself as the actress in drama "Scent of a Woman" and model for cosmetic brand 'Make Up Forever' Kim Seon-ah showed that she's got complexion so clear she doesn't need correction....More

KOFFIA: Korean Screen Hits The International Scene Down Under

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Korean cinema is revived this August as the Korean Film Festival In Australia (or KOFFIA, for brevity's sake) rolls onto the Aussie red carpet for a week-long foray into the world of Korea in pictures.

The festival sees a clash of east and western cultures as Korean films hit Sydney shores at Dendy Cinemas, sitting on a backdrop of the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

The fever's spread further south this year too, with the festival expanding into Melbourne after the Sydney-exclusive's success last year...More

Kang Dong-won and Song Hye-kyo kiss

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Pictures of top actor and actress Song Hye-kyo and Kang Dong-won are heating up the net.

Several pictures titled, "Song Hye-kyo and Kang Dong-won kissing" came up on various portal sites....More

Choi Kang-hee, never changing looks

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Pictures of actress Choi Kang-hee's past have been revealed.

A couple of pictures were posted on an online community board under the title, "Choi Kang-hee's younger days". ...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Son Tae-yeong

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Added more pictures for the Korean actress Son Tae-yeong...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Seo Ji-hye

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Added more pictures for the Korean actress Seo Ji-hye...More

Uhm Jung-hwa shows off gifts from fans

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Actress and singer Uhm Jung-hwa showed off her gifts from fans.

Through he Twitter on the 16th she posted some pictures with the words, "Thank you my fans from Temptation (fan club name) who came to the shooting site. Pretty cake and presents. I thank those who came from Japan too"....More

Lee Hyori's tattoo "sexier"

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Singer Lee Hyori revealed her tattoo.

She uploaded a couple of pictures on her Twitter with the short word "love" on the 14th....More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Yoo Seung-ho

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Added more pictures for the Korean actor Yoo Seung-ho...More

Korean Cultural Night to Mark Aug. 15 Korean Liberation Day

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The annual Korean Cultural Heritage Night hosted by the Korean American Association of Northern Virginia (KAANV) will take place on Sunday, August 14 at Ossian Hall Park in Annandale, Va., welcoming Washington DC area residents for an evening of traditional and folk performances, demonstrations, and a movie screening. The event begins at 7 p.m.

The event also commemorates the 61st anniversary of Korean Liberation Day, which falls on August 15 and marks the day Korea became independent from Japanese colonial rule at the end of World War II...More

Jang Geun-seok's birthday pictures with Kim Ha-neul

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Jang Geun-seok's birthday party pictures.

Recent pictures of Jang Geun-seok posted on an online community bulletin are of Jang Geun-seok on his 24th birthday which was on the 4th of August....More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Ryoo Seung-beom

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Added more pictures for the Korean actor Ryoo Seung-beom...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Joo Jin-mo

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Added more pictures for the Korean actor Joo Jin-mo...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor Kim Nam-jin

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Added more pictures for the Korean actor Kim Nam-jin...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actress Ko Ah-seong

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Added more pictures for the Korean actress Ko Ah-seong...More

Added new stills for the upcoming Korean drama "Can't Lose"

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Added new stills for the upcoming Korean drama "Can't Lose"...More

[Photos] Added more pictures for the Korean actor kwon Sang-woo

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