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Prosecutor Princess (검사 프린세스)

검사 프린세스 (Geom-sa Peu-rin-se-seu)

Directed by Jin Hyeok (진혁)

Screenplay by


SBS | Airing dates :

Wed, Thu 21:55
About Mata Hari, who excels in her bar exam and her research institute. Shows her growth as she experiences many incidents working in her office. She is like a spy that has many faces.

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Prosecutor Princess
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Prosecutor Princess | News

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  • Park Si-hoo's come back after 3 years is not risky

    2016/01/19, Source,
    Actor Park Si-hoo is coming back with a drama for the first time in 3 years. He is coming back with the OCN drama "Neighborhood Hero". Park Si-hoo plays Baek Si-yoon, a former secret agent who currently runs a bar and dreams of revenge. His role requires him to perform a lot of action scenes,...More
  • Choi Ji-woo, Kim Go-eun-I, Jeong Ryeo-won all on tvN

    2015/08/25, Source,
    All actresses and writers are gathering to tvN. They are all coming back with cable. They chose work over viewing percentage. They have been thirsty for quality and this time they held hands for a better filmography. It's a rush of actresses in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Kim Go-eun-I is back with "Cheese in the Trap", Jeong Ryeo-won with "Bubble Gum" and Choi Ji-woo with "Twenty Again". Who will be the one to laugh? - Choi Ji-woo in her 40s – she might be lovelier than a 20-year-old She's back. She's attempting at the best character ever. She is a mother with a 20-year-old son and a wife of a professor as well as a freshman of 2015. She has to play 3 roles,...More
  • Choi Ji-woo confirmed for tvN's new weekend drama, 'Twenty Again'

    2015/07/09, Source,
    tvN has announced the next drama after currently running 'Oh My Ghostess' will be "Twenty Again", of which title was originally, 'Our Heaven' and the female lead of the drama has been decided to be Choi Ji-woo. According to tvN on July 9th, Choi Ji-woo has been cast as the female lead of the drama. "Twenty Again" is a romantic comedy about Ha No-ra, a woman, who has been living as an ordinary mom for the last 20 years since she became a mom at the age of 19 unexpectedly, and goes to university as a freshman for the first time in her life. It depicts her first time campus life and her efforts to adapt to the new environment and communicate with her young fellow students in their 20s,...More
  • Park Jeong-ah to star in "Oh My Ghostess"

    2015/05/13, Source,
    Actress Park Jeong-ah is starring in the new tvN drama "Oh My Ghostess" as producer Lee So-hyeong. Lee So-hyeong is Jo Jeong-seok's friend from abroad and his secretive first love. She's a proud and bright character and is one of the few people star chef Jo Jeong-seok considers 'precious'. She now produces a cooking show with him,...More
  • Park Jeong-ah in a relationship with pro golfer Jeon Sang-woo

    2015/03/11, Source,
    Former Jewelry member Park Jeong-ah is currently seeing pro golfer Jeon Sang-woo. They've been seeing each other for 3 months,...More
  • Top ten Hallyu actors in Japan, Park Si-hoo, Park Yoo-chun, Ji Hyeon-woo, Lee Min-ho, Lee Seung-gi, Yoo Ah-in, Song Joong-ki, Yoon Eun-hye, Jo In-Seong, Han Ji-min

    2015/02/20, Source,
    According to the ranking on Korean Wave, on which a popularity survey is done based on Japanese, today's ranking list for the top 10 Hallyu actors shows Park Si-hoo, Park Yoo-chun, Ji Hyeon-woo, Lee Min-ho, Lee Seung-gi, Yoo Ah-in, Song Joong-ki, Yoon Eun-hye, Jo In-Seong, Han Ji-min,...More
  • [Interview] Lee Jong-suk, "I was fearful when I first encountered "Pinocchio""

    2015/01/25, Source,
    Lee Jong-suk claims he was afraid after "Doctor Stranger". He could've had a break in his career but writer Park Hye-ryeon and doctor Jo Soo-won called him and he overcame the slump he was in. Their reunion was an issue from the beginning and "Pinocchio" successfully closed curtains in first place. "Pinocchio" is a youth drama about the real-time events of social reporters' lives starring Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye, Kim Yeong-kwang, Lee Yoo-bi, Lee Pil-mo, Kang Shin-il, Jin Kyeong, Kim Kwang-gyoo, Byeon Hee-bong and more,...More
  • [Kickstarter] A Shining Career - excerpts from an exclusive interview with director Jin Hyeok

    Jin Hyeok and Kong Hyo-jin (Jin Hyeok's Facebook) By Diane Hope, September 22nd 2014 Directing dramas is a pretty new career for top K Drama director Jin Hyeok ("Doctor Stranger", "City Hunter", "Master's Sun", "Prosecutor Princess", "Shining Inheritance") – who until a few years ago was working in finance for a large Korean corporation. K Drama Insider spoke to him during the filming of '"Doctor Stranger"' – during a rare day off. "Today wasn't an indoor shooting day it was a location shooting day. The crew had been working so hard for the past couple of months, they were very tired". Jin Hyeok explains. "It happened to rain and so I said 'what the hell' let's just take some rest". He went onto explain that the cast and crew can take the occasional day off before a show starts airing - but once the episodes of a new drama start re being aired on Korean tv they have to work non-stop. Hyeok personally works at least 18 hours a day when one of his show's is airing – and gets just 3 to 4 hours sleep a night,...More
  • [Kickstarter] K Drama Insider

    2014/09/12, Source,
    Lee Min-ho with director Jin Hyeok K-drama fans who want more insight into what goes on behind the scenes of their favorite shows should check out a new audio podcast called K Drama Insider (© Diane Hope 2014). The show plans to bring you news and in-depth interviews with top Korean actors, drama directors, writers and crew,...More
  • [HanCinema's Actor Spotlight] Lee Jong-suk

    Lee Jong-suk is a young star who skyrocketed to Hallyu fame after his leading role in KBS's fifth installment of its School franchise, "School 2013". What makes him worthy of such star power is not only his good looks, but his versatility in acting. He started out in film and slowly worked his way up from minor roles in films dramas like "Prosecutor Princess" and "Secret Garden" to the meaty first lead in "School 2013", "I Hear Your Voice", and the presently airing "Doctor Stranger". Even in smaller roles he stands out. In "Secret Garden" he played a secondary character: a talented young composer with a surly attitude and a forbidden crush on the second male lead, Oska played by Yoon Sang-hyeon. It was in this that I first took notice of him and how he held his own with seasoned actors like Sang-hyeon,...More
  • Kang So-ra in "Doctor Stranger" with Lee Jong-suk and Park Hae-jin

    2014/02/12, Source,
    Actress Kang So-ra is starring in the SBS drama "Doctor Stranger". This is the first time in about 2 years since the 2012 KBS 2TV drama "Dream High 2" that Kang So-ra is coming back. She takes on the role of Oh Soo-hyeon, the daughter of the director of the hospital,...More
  • Park Si-hoo to come back next year

    2013/12/15, Source,
    Park Si-hoo is coming back next year. According to various people, Park Si-hoo is revising scripts aimed for the next year. It seems that he might be coming back with a Chinese project first. This will be his comeback for the first time in a year since "Cheongdam-dong Alice",...More
  • Lee Jong-suk, "I take care to not gain weight"

    2013/10/13, Source,
    Lee Jong-suk mentioned that he's on a diet. MBC "Section TV" interviewed Lee Jong-suk who said he was quite plump in the drama "Prosecutor Princess",...More
  • Park Si-hoo to come-back in Japan?

    2013/10/02, Source,
    It looks like actor Park Si-hoo who is currently staying in the States will be making a comeback in Japan. Park Si-hoo became a Hallyu star with "Prosecutor Princess" and has starred in "Queen of Reversals" and "The Princess' Man". He even met with fans with domestic promotions. There is also a possibility of running promotions for the drama "Cheongdam-dong Alice". A spokesperson carefully said that Japanese promotions for "Cheongdam-dong Alice" would be a good time to make a comeback,...More
  • Baek Seung-hoon joins "Two Weeks"

    2013/07/10, Source,
    Actor Baek Seung-hoon has joined the MBC drama "Two Weeks". "Two Weeks" is about a man who is framed for murder finding out that he has a leukemia-sick daughter. It is written by So Hyeon-kyeong from "Prosecutor Princess" and "My Daughter Seo-yeong" and produced by Son Hyeong-seok from "Personal Taste",...More
  • Lee Joon-ki, excited about "Two Weeks"

    2013/06/06, Source,
    Lee Joon-ki expressed his excitement for "Two Weeks". Lee Joon-ki posted his impressions of the "Two Weeks" scenario reading he participated in,...More
  • Kim So-yeon stars in "Two Weeks"

    2013/05/14, Source,
    Actress Kim So-yeon is coming back with a new MBC drama called "Two Weeks". "Two Weeks" is about a man who is framed for murder, struggling to save a sick daughter with leukemia that he never knew he had,...More
  • Park Si-hoo in "Cheongdam-dong Alice"

    2012/10/07, Source,
    Actor Park Si-hoo is starring in the upcoming SBS drama "Cheongdam-dong Alice". He is coming back for the first time in a year and a half since the KBS 2TV drama "The Princess' Man",...More
  • Korean drama, K-pop idols shine in Okinawa concert

    2012/03/06, Source,
    The influence of Korean pop culture has reached the southernmost island of the Japanese archipelago, resulting in a concert that showcased not only just K-pop idol groups like Kara and 2PM but also the soundtracks of Korean dramas. "World Music Festival in Okinawa" took place Sunday in a two-part format at the Okinawa Cellular Stadium in Naha, the island's capital,...More
  • Park Si-hoo starts on his Asian tour

    2012/03/01, Source,
    Park Si-hoo will start his Asian tour with Japan first to go. This is the first time in 2 years he's meeting with Asian fans since the promotion of drama "Prosecutor Princess" in 2010. According to Eyagi Entertainment on the 2nd, Park Si-hoo will start a fan meeting on the 29th in Osaka, 31st in Nagoya and 3rd on Tokyo. He has prepared a special stage for the Japanese fans and will also perform something on his concert in Tokyo which is also his birthday,...More
  • [User Review] Queen of Reversals

    2011/12/03, Source,
    The review of this drama was postponed and postponed for over half a year and when I finally gave it a green light – I forgot to bring the series with me for my vacation break. The quick re-watch was necessary. I remember I had huge problems with starting to watch this series last year. I like (*cough*euphemism*cough*) Park Si-hoo, but the topic was absolutely out of my range of tolerance. Oh, how grave mistake! When I yielded, I was glad I started on this one. The plot is simple and highly tricky, and it reveals nothing of the real series, so those of you who didn't have the chance to watch it or don't like spoilers, please refrain from reading, because my reviews are full of spoilers. They are also subjective, biased, and all of the insights (I hope) are based on my own personal Idaho experience, this is why I usually do reviews only of those dramas/movies that somehow "clicked" with me. If they don't, I drop them mercilessly, like I did with "Secret Garden" and "City Hunter". This is why I pour so many thoughts into them and maybe this is why I over-interpret them. But, as Umberto Eco said once, if an over-interpretation can be proven, it's not over-interpretation,...More
  • Park Si-hoo will watch the last episode of "The Princess' Man" with fans

    2011/10/04, Source,
    Actor Park Si-hoo is going to watch the last episode of "The Princess' Man" with fans. The last episode of KBS 2TV drama "The Princess' Man" will be played at the CGV Theater in Sindorim, Seoul on October 6th with Park Si-hoo,...More
  • "City Hunter" producer Jin Hyeok, "Lee Min-ho is an innocent and complicated actor"

    2011/05/16, Source,
    Producer Jin Hyeok revealed his affection for the drama "City Hunter". Jin Hyeok, who is producing the SBS drama "City Hunter" coming the 25th of May has been creating dramas with human love and impression such as "Painter of the Wind", "Shining Inheritance" and "Prosecutor Princess". These three have been acknowledged quality-wise and were very popular.,...More
  • Lee Min-ho is chic wild city guy

    2011/04/20, Source,
    Lee Min-ho in new SBS drama "City Hunter" is a chic wild city guy. Coming on the 25th of May, Lee Min-ho is MIT doctorate Blue House Nation Communications team Lee Yoon-seong.,...More
  • "City Hunter" Lee Min-ho up on the trees

    2011/04/19, Source,
    Lee Min-ho is the 'Prince of the jungle'. Lee Min-ho climbed a tree with expert skills and managed to create an awesome scene for the new SBS drama "City Hunter". In this still cut, Lee Min-ho and Kim Sang-ho run up into the trees to avoid a gang chasing after them. Being about over 100 years old and as high as the second story of a building, the two actors climbed up this huge tree and could have been hurt by accident but they remained calm and acted comically. The two were also called the man and man couple of the jungle.,...More
  • Kim So-yeon comes back to movie screens with "Gabi"

    2011/03/21, Source,
    Actress Kim So-yeon is at the verge of returning to movie screens in six years. She is adjusting her casting as the lead actress in the movie "Gabi" (Produced by Ocean Film). This movie is based on an original by Kim Tak-hwan and is a mystery case surrounding the very first baristas in the Chosun times. It's about a woman who used to serve coffee to the Emperor Gojong, who enjoyed drinking coffee.,...More
  • Gives up US citizenship and joins the army, Yoo Geon 'Short hair is awkward~'

    2011/03/02, Source,
    From the group OPPA and now actor Yoo Geon (Jo Jeong-ik) admitted into the Kyeonggido Euijeongbu 306 base on the 2nd afternoon. From Arizona, USA, he was a US citizen but he gave it up to serve his duty in the army and gained a Korean nationality.,...More
  • Actor Yoo Geon, gives up US citizenship and joins army

    2011/03/01, Source,
    Actor Yoo Geon (Jo Jeong-ik) gives up his US citizenship and will be joining the army. According to his management Sim Entertainment, he will be admitted into the Euijungbu 306 base on the 2nd.,...More
  • Lee Min-ho "City Hunter", dream team comes together

    2011/02/15, Source,
    A dream team has got together for the new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "City Hunter". Scriptwriter Hwang Eun-kyeong from SBS drama "Daemul - Big Thing" is on board for the new SBS drama "City Hunter" starting May 25th.,...More
  • Lee Yo-won, Jeong Il-woo, Nam Gyoo-ri, Jo Hyeon-jae first shooting starts "49 days"

    2011/01/31, Source,
    SBS new drama "49 Days" started shooting. Like its title, "49 Days" started off with a composite sketch on the 26th of January which marks D-49.,...More
  • Lee Yo-won confirms double role in "49 days", "Sign" follow-up

    2011/01/13, Source,
    Actress Lee Yo-won will return to screens after a year and 4 months of absence. Her company revealed on the 13th, "Lee Yo-won will be acting a daouble role on the drama "49 Days".,...More
  • Jeong Il-woo cast as male lead in upcoming SBS drama

    2011/01/05, Source,
    Korean actor Jeong Il-woo [N.O.A. Entertainment] Korean actor Jeong Il-woo has been cast as the male lead in an upcoming SBS drama, making it his return to the small screen after over a year. N.O.A Entertainment announced in a press release today that Jeong will take on the role of Song E-soo, who takes the souls of people as the moment after they die, in the new series tentatively titled "49 Days",...More
  • Ko Hyeon-jeong wins grand prize at SBS Drama Awards

    2011/01/02, Source,
    Actress Ko Hyeon-jeong [SBS] Korean actress Ko Hyeon-jeong received the grand prize at major broadcaster SBS' year-end drama awards ceremony held on the last day of 2010. At the SBS Drama Awards held at the SBS Open Hall on Friday, Ko was awarded the top acting honor for her role in "Daemul - Big Thing" in which she played Seo Hae-rim, about one woman's rise to become the first female president in the country,...More
  • [2010 10Asia's Awards] Writer & Actor of the Year

    2010/12/31, Source,
    ────── Writer of the Year: Kim Su-hyun ────── Writer Kim Su-hyun [10Asia] It is still Kim Su-hyun. Her SBS TV series "Life is Beautiful" may have seen slightly lower ratings than her previous works and the various controversies surrounding the show for the fact that it dealt with homosexuality, one of the hottest issues of debate in Korean society, may have left little space for it to be evaluated properly. But paradoxically, this showed that Kim, who has been a symbol in Korean TV writing history for over 40 years now, is "proof that she, headed into her seventies, still makes dramas that have an actual impact on reality, are controversial, and are 'real'",...More
  • [2010 10Asia's Awards] "Thank You" List

    2010/12/31, Source,
    There are things that cannot be expressed through annual awards ceremonies. The big trophies are not enough to describe the gratitude we feel for the dramas that contributed to brightening our days during the past year. This is why 10Asia is presenting the "Thank You" list in which we selected 10 memorable dramas. This is a shout-out to all those dramas that at time melted our hearts with highly appealing looks, made our hands and feet cringe yet leave our eyes and mouths smiling with famous lines, delighted us at the mere sight of some characters and left the single viewers green with jealously with the romance scenes. Let us thank all these dramas that took our emotions on a most exciting roller coaster ride. So thank you! Eye-Cleanser of the Year KBS2 TV "Sungkyunkwan Scandal": Jalgeum Quartet There is a fairy tale in Korea in which a filial daughter volunteers to sacrifice herself to a sea god in order to cure her father of his blindness,...More
  • [Hallyu] Move over girls, the boys are back!

    2010/11/18, Source,
    Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong By Han Sang-hee It seems like only yesterday that young, handsome and talented male singers and actors paved the path for local television programs to debut overseas. The word "hallyu" has become a household term in so many Asian countries, including Japan, China and Thailand, and the torch has been passed to yet another group of talented stars, particularly K-pop girl groups. Just when fans may have thought the pretty girls have captivated Asia, the boys, both old and new, have jumped right back into the picture, but on a more diverse scale. The females take over... Currently, girl groups are doing a good job in continuing the hallyu craze. Some local press are even calling it the "second phase of hallyu", and the groups have music chart success, concerts and television shows to prove it,...More
  • Park Si-hoo to promote "Prosecutor Princess" in Japan

    2010/11/02, Source,
    Korean actor Park Si-hoo [Eygai Entertainment] Korean actor Park Si-hoo will visit Japan this week to promote his drama "Prosecutor Princess". Eyagi Entertainment announced Tuesday that Park will be flying into Japan on Thursday for promotional activities for "Prosecutor Princess", which began its run on Japan's KNTV on October 18,...More
  • Park Si-hoo is revealing his abs even from the start

    2010/10/05, Source,
    Actor Park Si-hoo is showing bold revealing performance in ‘Queen of Reversals’ even though it will be his his first appearance for this drama. Park Si-hoo will show is luxury six-pack from dress change scene in upcoming episode of ‘Queen of Reversals’ on October 14th. The scene above is pre-released as still-cut.,...More
  • Park Si-hoo cast as male lead in upcoming MBC drama

    2010/09/10, Source,
    Korean actor Park Si-hoo [Eyagi Entertainment] Korean actor Park Si-hoo has been cast in an upcoming MBC drama, according to his agency Eyagi Entertainment on Friday. Eyagi announced in a press release that Park will star as one of the male characters in the sequel to last year's hit series "My Wife is a Superwoman" alongside Korean actors Kim Nam-joo and Jeong Joon-ho,...More
  • Park Si-hoo returns to Korea after TV fest in Shanghai

    2010/06/14, Source,
    Korean actor Park Si-hoo greeting fans at the Shanghai Pundong Airport [Eyagi Entertainment] Korean actor Park Si-hoo returned to Korea on Friday after visiting China to attend a TV festival in Shanghai, according to his agency Eyagi Entertainment on Monday. Eyagi announced in a press release that Park fulfilled his duties as the Hallyu ambassador for the Shanghai TV Festival last Tuesday, attending his inauguration ceremony later that night,...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Actress Kim So-yeon - Part 1

    2010/06/09, Source,
    Korean actress Kim So-yeon [photographed by Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]   Actress Kim So-yeon says "feels like I am back at the starting line" Out of three Wednesday/Thursday evening dramas, which all premiered on the same day last March, SBS TV series "Prosecutor Princess" never scored the No. 1 viewership rating during its run. However, the show remained a well-made drama till the end with its tight storyline and unique characters played by all the right actors. It would not be an exaggeration to say that actress Kim So-yeon, who played the title character, displayed such impressive acting skills that it might perhaps be the biggest achievement anyone has made in the first half of the year. Even though it wasn't the so-called 'possessed acting', Kim So-yeon created an interesting chemistry seen in the perfect match-up of an actress and her character. After a long hiatus and challenging times, the actress, who used to be the representative star of trendy dramas in the 90s, is back at a brand new starting line. And she is more hungry for acting now more than ever, she says. 10Asia interviewed Kim So-yeon, whose sincerity shone through during the interview and was moving at unsuspecting moments,...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Actress Kim So-yeon - Part 2

    2010/06/09, Source,
    Korean actress Kim So-yeon [photographed by Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]   10: You have been a star since your teenage years. At certain times when you didn't have any work, it would have been easy for you, both emotionally and financially, to choose to do projects that didn't suit you but you never did. How were you able to turn them down? Kim: I came close to doing them many times, haha. I don't think there was anything that was completely out of the question for me to do. But there were times when I would have done a not-so-great drama but it flopped. There was one drama that I wasn't so crazy about but thought, 'I'll just do it anyway". But they ended up casting someone else and I was humiliated. When you are forced to go on a hiatus like that, you begin to feel very determined afterwards. A part of me thought that I should just wait for something else to come along. You tell yourself, 'This is not the end of me' and endure it. When I look back at such times, I think those experiences helped me in the end but back then it was really difficult! (laugh),...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Actress Kim So-yeon - Part 3

    2010/06/09, Source,
    Korean actress Kim So-yeon [photographed by Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]   10: Your actual personality of being unpredictable and vivacious, that you showed on the talk show, often also shows in your portrayal of your character Ma Hae-ri. Have you considered yourself to be similar to her? Kim So-yeon (Kim): Of course. From the start the director and writer told me to be myself and it was to the point where in the beginning, I became worried thinking 'Is this okay? I don’t feel like I’m acting'. The scenarist wrote the script incorporating my original form of speech and laughter and I think I couldn’t tell the difference between me and my character Hae-ri toward the end. I have two older sisters and I am the youngest of the three but I was the only who had a very cheerful personality ever since I was young. My dad even really really liked it when I would act in the most coquettish way and both my mom and dad see me as a little girl. Have you ever held hands with a boy? When did you ever kiss someone? They ask me these questions thinking I don't know how to. (laugh),...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Han Jeong-soo - Part 1

    2010/05/28, Source,
    Korean actor Han Jeong-soo [photographed by Chae Ki-won/10Asia]   Han Jeong-soo says "2010 was the luckiest year of my life" Three years ago, when Han Jeong-soo was appearing in the SBS TV series "King and I", he had the words "Justice, Courage, Passion, Wisdom, Faith" set as the background on his mobile phone screen. This sincere man who said he "wants to live with a sense of justice, not like a coward" and believes "how you live life is more important that what you achieve in life" is a rare find in the 21st century. And this year, in KBS TV series "The Slave Hunters" and SBS' "Prosecutor Princess", he played characters that were most similar to himself. And during that time, his mobile phone has changed to an iPhone, and its background from those five words to cartoon characters from his favorite comics "One Piece". 10Asia met with actor Han Jeong-soo, who has remained the same in his beliefs over the years,...More
  • Park Si-hoo named Hallyu ambassador for Chinese TV fest

    2010/05/20, Source,
    Korean actor Park Si-hoo [Eyagi Entertainment] Korean actor Park Si-hoo has been named Hallyu ambassador for a television festival in China, according to his agency Eyagi Entertainment on Thursday. Eyagi announced in a press release that the actor -- as a representative of Korea -- will be attending the "Shanghai TV Festival" to be held June 8 in Shanghai,...More
  • "Cinderella's Sister" leads Wed-Thurs night TV ratings

    2010/05/14, Source,
    Cheon Jeong-myeon and Moon Geun-young in "Cinderella's Sister" [KBS] KBS TV series "Cinderella's Sister" continued to stay the most-popular drama on Wednesday and Thursday nights, rolling past its competition in the same time slot with solid ratings. According to statistics released by TNS Media Korea on Friday, "Cinderella's Sister" brought in viewership ratings of 18.1 percent on Wednesday and 18.7 percent the following day, showing a decrease by an average 1.6 percentage points from the previous week,...More
  • SBS drama "Bad Man" rescheduled to air on May 26

    2010/05/12, Source,
    Actor Kim Nam-gil [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily] New TV series "Bad Man" has been rescheduled to premiere on May 26, according to the show's broadcaster SBS on Monday. SBS stated in a press release that "Bad Man", which was originally scheduled to air starting August 2, has been pulled up to show after current Wednesday and Thursday prime time series "Prosecutor Princess" finishes its run,...More
  • "Cinderella's Sister" paves the way on Wed-Thur nights

    2010/04/30, Source,
    "Cinderella's Sister" cast members Kim Kap-soo and Seo Woo [KBS] KBS TV series "Cinderella's Sister" maintained its position as the most-popular drama on Wednesday and Thursday nights, blowing away its competition in the same prime time slot with solid ratings. According to statistics released by TNS Media Korea on Friday, "Cinderella's Sister" surpassed the 20 percent mark this week with viewership ratings of 19.2 and 20.8 percent, respectively, showing an increase of one percent from the previous week,...More
  • "Cinderella's Sister" continues reign on Wed-Thur night

    2010/04/22, Source,
    Cast of "Cinderella's Sister" from top left to right: Moon Geun-young, Cheon Jeong-myeong, Seo Woo and Taecyeon [KBS] KBS TV series "Cinderella's Sister" once again blew away competition in TV ratings this week, proving to be an unstoppable force on Wednesday and Thursday nights. According to statistics released by AGB Nielsen Media Research on Friday, the series recorded average ratings of 18 percent on April 21 and 22, showing a decrease of 1.2 percent from the previous week,...More
  • [FOCUS] Wednesday/Thursday drama rivalry - Part 1

    2010/04/19, Source,
    "Cinderella's Sister" VS "Prosecutor Princess" VS "Personal Taste" Picking out your favorite flavor is only possible when you are dealing with ice creams. For drama maniacs, it is practically a torture that three dramas, who each premiered offering similar doses of fun, are all broadcast in the same time slot. You may have yet to decide which channel to settle on with the shows still early into their run, so here is a comparative analysis which could help you make up your mind on which show to watch real-time, which to watch the re-run of, and which to watch through your IPTV service provider. 1. The Moment of Truth: The one scene where you can witness the producers' hard efforts "Cinderella's Sister" Song Gang-sook (played by Lee Mi-sook) wraps her arms around Goo Dae-sung (played by Kim Kap-soo) when she is startled while riding on the back of his rattling bicycle. But the bike actually rattled because Song Gang-sook had kicked its rear wheel. This single scene describes what the show's two characters are like -- the sly Song Gang-sook and Goo Dae-sung, who is clueless when it comes to women -- and sums up their romantic emotions for each other. Thanks to such scenes, "Cinderella's Sister" explained its basic set-up in one episode and went on to unfold its main story. How the producers left a lingering feeling through using restrained forms of expression, such as simply showing the bike left behind after the two characters fall from a low slanted row, rather than attempting to explain the details to the incident, was also impressive,...More
  • [FOCUS] Wednesday/Thursday drama rivalry - Part 2

    2010/04/19, Source,
    6. Work and Love, Love and Work: The story for all three stories are set at the workplace "Prosecutor Princess": It is impossible to perfectly reenact the process of investigation that prosecutors carry out unless the program is a reality documentary. However, "Prosecutor Princess" adds an abundance of detail into depicting the daily life of a civil servant. The show has received reviews that even regular office workers can relate to the portrayal of the job description of a rookie prosecutor. "Princess" could become a good example of an office drama if it lays out the process of investigations with common sense. "Personal Taste": One can't really say it is specialized. The drama does not explain through what process a house is designed, how to trim the different kinds of wood in order to make furniture, or what the necessary preparations are in carrying out a bidding. The scenes where Park Gae-in takes part in a furniture exhibition and has Jun Jin-ho cut the acrylic from a blind in order to avoid an emergency situation adds onto the sense of reality in telling the difficulties one struggles as an employee. "Cinderella's Sister": Everyone gathers together at the makgeolli brewery called "Daesungdoga". However, this Goo Dae-sung's world of abundance and is one of the things that Song Gang-sook wants, but it does not display any characteristics as a work place. One might forget that it is a brewery, if it did not show the scene of Goo Hyo-seon (played by Seo Woo) drinking the residue left after rice liquor is drained before going to school. As a whole, the story of the self righteous self-made owner, the femme fatale-like new lady of the house, and the naive yet talkative workers and large family all seem like trite set-ups,...More
  • No competition for "Cinderella's Sister" in TV ratings

    2010/04/16, Source,
    Drama posters of "Cinderella's Sister", "Personal Taste" and "Prosecutor Princess" [KBS2, MBC, SBS] KBS TV series "Cinderella's Sister" proved it is no competition against other Wednesday and Thursday primetime dramas as it continued to rake in high TV ratings this week. According to estimates on Friday, "Cinderella" successfully kept its position on top of TV charts with its fifth episode aired on Wednesday recording its highest viewership rating to date with 19.1 percent on TNS Media Korea's poll and 19.7 percent on AGB Nielsen Media Research's survey,...More
  • "Cinderella's Sister" beats rival programs to top TV charts

    2010/04/09, Source,
    Official drama poster "Cinderella's Sister" [KBS2] The ratings for KBS TV series "Cinderella's Sister" increased this week, indicating it may continue to keep a firm hold onto its position at No. 1 amongst Wednesday and Thursday primetime dramas. According to estimates released on Friday, "Cinderella's Sister" conquered TV charts this week with its fourth episode scoring ratings of 18.0 percent and 17.7 percent in surveys by TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielsen Media Research, respectively,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Kim So-yeon is now a career woman

    2010/04/08, Source,
    The SBS Wednesday and Thursday drama "Prosecutor Princess" starring Kim So-yeon as Ma Hyeri is made into a edgy working career woman! She is in the April ELLE magazine photoshoot with the title, "She's the max". Kim looks like the uptown business woman. The office lady look makes her cold and sophisticated. She will not a,...More
  • Kim So-yeon says "Ma Hye-ri and I are very similar" - Part 1

    2010/04/08, Source,
    The cast of TV series "Prosecutor Princess": (from left) actors Park Si-hoo, Choi Song-hyeon, Kim So-yeon and Han Jeong-soo [SBS] Press conference for SBS TV series "Prosecutor Princess" On the first week of the battle amongst Wednesday andThursday evening dramas by three broadcasting networks, SBS TV series "Prosecutor Princess" came in third in viewership ratings. But the figures are not the absolute criterion of how entertaining or well-made the show is and the transformation Kim So-yeon has made -- who played a female warrior in KBS' "IRIS" and came back as an innocent prosecutor Ma Hye-ri who has no clue about working in an organization -- is a success. The comedic acting by colorful supporting characters also catches the viewers' eyes,...More
  • Kim So-yeon says "Ma Hye-ri and I are very similar" - Part 2

    2010/04/08, Source,
    Press conference for SBS TV series "Prosecutor Princess" Actress Choi Song-hyeon [SBS] Q: Your acting seems to have improved a lot in this drama. Are you still stressed about being called the actress who used to an anchorwoman? Choi Song-hyeon: I think some people still feel awkward and uncomfortable about seeing Choi Song-hyeon as an actress. People feel good when others tell them that they are great at what they want to do and what they are doing, and get upset when they hear they are doing a bad job. But I think that even telling someone they are bad at something comes out of their attention and affection for them. Personally, it's very flattering to receive attention but I'm worried that I might cause trouble for the director, staff and senior actors who are working hard to make a good show. But like they say, even someone who you don't like will grow on you when you keep seeing them, so I think if viewers keep seeing me on the screen as they tune in to watch the show, they might feel less uncomfortable about me,...More
  • Actor Park Si-hoo opens official Japanese website

    2010/04/05, Source,
    Korean actor Park Si-hoo [Eyagi Entertainment] Korean actor Park Si-hoo opened his official Japanese webpage over the weekend, according to his agency Eyagi Entertainment. A press release by Eyagi on Saturday stated that the website (, open starting the previous day, is for Park's Japanese fans to receive up-to-date information on the actor's schedule. The webpage will include pictures and videos of the actor and Park posted a welcome message on the website as an opening day gift to his fans,...More
  • "Prosecutor Princess" receiving attention from Japanese media

    2010/03/31, Source,
    Official poster for TV series "Prosecutor Princess" [SBS] New SBS TV series "Prosecutor Princess" is stirring Japan prior to its showing on Korea's small screen, according to a press release by the show's broadcaster on Wednesday. Producers of "Prosecutor Princess" explained that the attention from the Japanese media appears to stem from the popularity of Korean actors Park Si-hoo and Kim So-yeon, who have "recently become Hallyu stars" in the country. "When the drama officially premieres, it will be talked about not only in Korea and Japan but throughout Asia", the producers were quoted as saying,...More
  • Younger Men, Power, Money Fill Dramas

    2010/03/30, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    The interest in up-and-coming dramas is higher than ever in Korea as this week promises a couple of new shows aiming to catch the attention of viewers. Each boasts,...
  • Lee Min-ho : 'I Want Favorable Evaluation for Splendid Acting'

    2010/03/29, Source,
    Actor Lee Min-ho, who came back to dramas after a one-year break following the KBS TV drama "Boys over Flowers", revealed his ambition of obtaining a "favorable evaluation for splendid acting" on his new MBC TV drama "Personal Taste", which will broadcast its first episode on March 31. In the production presentation of "Personal Taste" held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on March 25, Lee said, "I have distressed myself about how to play the character in the drama. I feel pressure because I want to be praised for good acting by viewers,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] What made her freeze?

    2010/03/28, Source,
    Kim So-yeon is in a grand wedding dress and is walking. She is in the new drama "Prosecutor Princess" where she is wearing this wedding dress. She is the female princess Ma Hyeri and is a model for her last graduation project in costume design major. For this project runway, she is on the catwalk with o,...More
  • Son Ye-jin says relieved Lee Min-ho "not young-looking" (2)

    2010/03/26, Source,
    Actor Lee Min-ho and actress Son Ye-jin pose at the press conference for their upcoming MBC TV series tentatively titled "Personal Preference" in English, held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on March 25, 2010. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] Q: If you were to compare your character [in "Personal Taste"] with Wang-son from "The Slave Hunters"? Kim Ji-seok-I (Kim): First of all, the two are different genres and the two are different characters. If Wang-son was the youngest character who was comic and provided fun to the drama, Chang-ryeol is a main character who has to lead the story. And he is also different from Wang-son in terms of appearance, so people might feel like they are seeing a little of Wang-son in the character, I expect viewers to quickly fall in love with Han Chang-ryeol. Han Chang-ryoel is the most luxurious character that I have ever played. What is crafty about a person's mind is that, when I was working on "The Slave Hunters", I wanted to do a modern drama. But now, with so many things to worry about including my appearance, I've come to think that dramas are all the same,...More
  • [PREVIEW] SBS TV series "Prosecutor Princess"

    2010/03/24, Source,
    (From left) "Prosecutor Princess" director Jin Hyeok, actors Han Jeong-soo, Park Jeong-ah, Choi Song-hyeon, Kim So-yeon and Park Si-hoo [SBS]  SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Prosecutor Princess" - A prosecutor wears a hot pink dress - Written by So Hyeong-kyeong - Directed by Jin Hyeok - Starring: Kim So-yeon (as Ma Hye-ri), Park Si-hoo (as Seo In-woo), Han Jeong-soo (as Yoon Se-joon), Choi Song-hyeon (as Jin Jeong-seon), Park Jeong-ah (as Jenny Ahn), Kim Sang-ho (as Na Joong-seok), Yoo Geon (as Lee Min-seok), Lee Seung-hyeong (as Cha Myung-soo), Lee Eun-hee (as Lee Jeong-im) and Choi Seong-ho (as Chae Ji-woon) etc. - In one sentence: Ma Hye-ri, who was clueless when she first became a prosecutor, transforms into a true district attorney through meeting various types of people and experiencing love. - Premiere date: March 31, 2010, 9:55 PM,...More
  • [ChanMi's drama news] "Prosecutor Princess" starring Kim So-yeon

    2010/03/04, Source,
    She has turned from a warrior into a Prosecutor! Kim So-yeon is at the script reading in this picture. "OB and GY" will end soon and the new drama "Prosecutor Princess" will be starring Kim So-yeon as Ma Hyeri with many episodes revealing her development as a Prosecutor.,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Choi rids herself from the announcer image

    2010/02/27, Source,
    Choi Song-hyeon is no longer an announcer! She is now an actress. Choi is in the new drama, "Prosecutor Princess" where she will be the professional and thorough prosecuter Jin Jeong-seon. She was a special actress in the "Gourmet" and "Smile, Love" as a warming up drama. she will be in this bigger role in the new drama showing the development of a woman prosecuter taking steps in,...More

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i love this drama
2011-10-22 21:32:51
2010-09-10 03:58:58
I love this Love this drama
this definitely better than PT. started funny & joyful, then heartbreaking. but in the end, everyone's happy. that's all that matters.
2010-07-21 11:16:18
2010-04-22 17:35:14
love this drama, has been watching up to episode 8. I like Soen In Woo smile before he kissed Ma hye ri....eps 7 (^__^)
Waiting for this Drama.
2010-02-13 02:55:27
2010-02-13 02:55:27
Waiting for this Drama.I like and ever believe in you,Kim so yeon...
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