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Really Really Like You (진짜 진짜 좋아해)

진짜 진짜 좋아해 (Jin-jja Jin-jja Jong-a-hae)

Directed by Kim Jin-man (김진만)

Screenplay by

Comedy Drama

MBC | Airing dates :

34 episodes - Sat, Sun 19:50
Thereís no Ďnobody.í Everybody is once an important person to somebody.
The Life Story of Beautiful-minded People; ĎThe true meaning and hope of life can be learned from ordinary people.í
What makes Love Truly different from other stories is its characters; those who work in the Blue House (Korean presidential residence). This drama introduces the viewers the place considered mysterious and tabooed in TV dramas. It also features the people working inside the most unknown place in the country.

Even though the presidential residence is the main setting of the story, the main characters of the story arenít the presidential family. The story focuses on the true residents of the Blue House; those who have always been in the very center of the history, but remained nameless for many years. In this story, the viewers will meet the presidential cook, kitchen staff, a carpenter, a photographer, bodyguards and other workers.

These people are working in the most unusual and interesting place in Korea. Nobody recognizes their hard work, but they strongly believe that the food they cook, the door they fix, and a phone call they answer can make a difference. They take their work very seriously and always do their best. The story features the simple, but noble spirit of those who love their job and work hard. Therefore, the Blue House in this story represents the workplace of the hardest working people in the country, rather than the secret and off-limits presidential residence.

Yeo, Bong-soon (Actor: Yoo Jin): 25 years old, cook

Sheís a happy, fun-loving, honest and unpredictable person. She loves daydreaming. Sheís always thinking about something. Sheís such a bookworm. Her little room is filled with stacks of books. She loves eating. She recently realizes that sheís a gifted cook. She used to live with her grandmother in the middle of nowhere. Since she was completely out of touch with the world, she seems like an alien to other people. She runs into problems at every corner in the bustling metropolis of Seoul. She gets carsick all the time. She speaks with a very thick Kang-won (East province of Korea) accent. For most people, itís almost impossible to understand exactly what she says. However, itís easy to like her. Sheís incredibly diligent. Sheís always on the move. She gets up at 4 in the morning as she used to do in her hometown. Her assiduity bothers Bong-ki who is extremely lazy. Soon she realizes that there isnít much to do in the city at 4 in the morning, so she takes a job delivering milk. Her neighbors have hard time understanding her. For them, her interest in other peopleís business seems unnecessary. They arenít used to getting help that they donít ask for. However, as time goes by, they start opening their hearts and accept her.

Nam, Bong-ki (Actor: Lee Min-ki): 28 years old, bodyguard

Heís tall and good-looking. His physical appearance seems almost perfect. However, heís terribly lazy and self-centered. Heís such a player and he looks down on women. Heís the kind of person that people love to hate. He doesnít want to get involved in other peopleís lives. Heís a very individualistic and selfish person. He tries to avoid anything that requires responsibility. He doesnít have any problem saying no when someone asks for his help. He doesnít feel bad about anything. He loves shoes and collects them. He often argues with his father who isnít happy with his being shallow. Appearance means everything to him. Heís very popular with women. He knows many women. He even categorizes them by appearance. According to his classification, Bong-soon belongs to the lowest group. He never wastes his money and time on the Ďunqualifiedí women. He once fell in love with a woman. She was his high school sweetheart. However, after his girlfriend of 7 years left him to marry a doctor, he hates all the doctors in the world. He becomes the bodyguard of the presidentís son, Jang Jun-won. Ironically, heís a doctor. Bong-ki can never understand Jun-won. ĎHow can a married man fall for another woman? How can any man fall for Bong-soon?í However, protecting this man is his job. Heís confused; it seems that heís instead protecting Bong-soon from Jun-won. He follows Jun-won everywhere; the hospital, operation room, rest room and his house.

Jang Jun-won (Actor: Ryoo Jin): 31 years old, the son of the president

Heís always smiling. Heís as handsome as a movie star. Heís very intelligent and kind. The women in the hospital where heís working all agree that heís the sexiest doctor in the country. Heís generous, modest and warm-hearted. Heís very popular with his patients. Itís hard to believe that heís the son of the president. Heís not interested in the way he looks. In truth, he doesnít have time to worry about such things. His hair is usually messy and his clothes arenít always clean. Judging by appearance, Bong-ki looks more like the son of an important person. Only a few people know that his father is the president. Without knowing that Jun-won has a bodyguard, people find it strange that Bong-ki is always following Jun-won. Heís been married for five years. He has a five-year-old daughter. His wife has been suffering from Alzheimerís disease for three years. Jun-won feels helpless about the fact that he canít do anything to make her better. His in-laws want him to get a divorce and start a new life. However, he canít give up on his wife unless she wants to leave him.

*Characters surrounding Bong-soon*

Lee Han-sook (47 years old /Geum Bo-ra)
As woman as one can be, a woman whose womanhood is stronger that motherhood, and as meek and sentimental as she can be. She is still very beautiful but was even more stunning when she was younger and was once able to become an actress and still dwells upon those days. She can sometimes be ignorant, frivolous and boastful. She has a lot of affection, which keeps guys surrounding her, but her boasting also gets her into a lot of trouble. As well, the fact that she has a lot of grudges held inside her heart causes her to have a lot of tears. Her fate tells her that if she had become an actor or something of that sort she wouldíve become big, but because she didnít go into that field she thinks that her life is filled with twists and turns. Every guy she has met has had some kind of problem, and in order to fix her fate she got married to a man with children and lots of money. Three years into their marriage, however, he died in an unexpected accident. Eventually she ended up taking care of all his children. She also loses all the assets he left her to all sorts of frauds, and the job she took in order to make a living, being an extra for different TV shows, is her current job. This job is where she met Hyun-joonís father; a complete romantic who is 5 years younger than her and marries her despite his familyís protests, because he loves her. The son she had with him is Hyun-joon, but this awesome romantic tragically leaves her for his new love 7 years into their marriage.

Geum Soo-kyeong (19 years old /Sin Min-hee)
Han-sookís stepdaughter.
The daughter of Han-sookís second husbandís first wife, a senior in high school, who looks like sheís in her mid-twenties when not wearing her school uniform because of her stunning supermodel body and looks. A complete rebellious girl and juvenile delinquent, who transfers from this school to that school in order to avoid getting kicked out of school, her misdeeds are not done secretly but in order to drive her stepmother insane because she hates her to death. Like a child planning on how to make Han-sookís life unbearably miserable she endlessly has her called to school and to the police department. There was a time when she opened her heart up to her stepmother; the time when she promised to take care of her and her sibling like her own children but the very same woman who promised to take care of them went ahead and got married to another young man, taking them with her. There were days when she wanted to take her sibling and run away to an orphanage but she didnít have enough courage to actually do it. Her stepmother took her and her sibling by the hand and awkwardly walked into her new husbandís house. Soo-kyeong can not forget the feeling of humiliation she felt that day watching her stepmother laugh and flirt in the arms of another guy, forgetting about her father. She decided never to forgive her stepmother from that day on and herself for still being next to her stepmother and not being able to leave her. Soo-kyeong, cynical and cold, a girl who has nothing she wants to do or be; a girl is suffering severely from growing pains.

*Characters surrounding Bong-ki*

Nam Dae-shik (61 years old /Bong-kiís father-Jang Yong)
A character who never wears socks and wears his pants folded up all year long. A hot-tempered perfectionist. He came into the Blue House in charge of the greenhouse and has been working there as a carpenter for 30 years. He has worked there the longest and has served 7 presidents during his time there. He worked at the general affairs secretaryís office and retired, but because of his excellent work skills he was called back to work on a contract basis. He knows about every single corner of the Blue House and there is not a place in the building which hasnít been touched by him, so his existence is absolutely needed. His one super secret is that heís fallen in love! There is absolutely not a single feminine trait on this woman but interestingly enough every time he sees her, his heart beats. Love at such an old age... The tingling feeling, the loneliness, the embarrassments...

Lee Sang-jik (48 years old /Chief of the Blue House Guard Department-Yoon Seung-won)
The best bodyguard, a man who has served 3 successive presidents. A professional with an upright nature and strong will to get things done. He is one of the bodyguards that all the juniors look up to and want to be like. He never gets mixed up with official or personal matters, in fact heís so precise that at an unofficial occasion or event he can be fun and easygoing, but when at work he is sharp, full of charisma and a strict trainer of his juniors. His one goal these days is to train a guard to take his place. He watches Bong-ki and Joo-yeup closely and sometimes makes them compete with one another, purposely getting them upset and driving them through extra hard trainings. Out of all the butlers in the Blue House they are the most powerful but have poor economic power. He has thrown all his money into sending his wife, son and daughter abroad to study and lives a miserable life in his small single room. The fact that he lives in a small, rented room at Bong-kiís house is his biggest secret. Because of that, he sometimes feels threatened by Bong-ki.

Kim Joo-yeup (28 years old /Blue House guard-Yoo Tae-joon)
Bong-ki and he entered the Blue House together as guards. He is a born student and after his training goes right to the President Guard team. He is a social climber, wanting to be the best guard, and by nature the exact opposite of Bong-ki. He is moving up with his precise judgments and will to reason in any given situation. He has the abilities, looks, and the body but his one flaw is that he has a very cold heart. He is always in competition with Bong-ki and Bong-ki in fact is loved by all the women working in the Blue House. His martial arts skills are outstanding but when in competition with Bong-ki he is always a step late and loses to him because of their differences in fighting style. Bong-ki springs at anything while he calculates every move. Though it is always him who wins in a competition with Bong-ki, his anxiety to defeat him swells inside of his heart. Joo-yeup wants to become Koreaís best bodyguard, but what is the best bodyguard? He lacks skills in dating, something he looks like he would be good at. He is the only son of a police station chief.

Kang Moon-seuk (28 years old /Blue House guard-Yoon Ji-hoo)
Bong-kiís closest colleague, he gets placed in the investigations department with Bong-ki after training. He is a lot like Bong-ki, mischievous and full of humor. He is able to play a lot of games and other miscellaneous stuff. He is especially good at singing, even better than some singers. He is in great shape and his looks arenít all that bad, in addition to that his has great dancing skills, which gets him all the girlsÖat least until he starts to talk, when all his charisma comes crashing down. He grew up in the Hwang Young-jo village in Samcheuk so he has a Kangwon-do dialect. He has great love and pride for his hometown and he proudly talks about how he is the second person to really succeed, after Hwang Young-jo, from his village. He is excited when he meets Bong-soon because she is from the same town as him and helps her with everything he can. He acts as a dialect interpreter between Bong-ki and Bong-soon. He loves Bong-ki, and even though Bong-ki tries everything to get out of work, in the end he is always the one that ends up actually doing to work. While Bong-ki judges people by their looks Moon-seuk thinks that there is no one like him. His family owns a restaurant in Samcheuk. He is the first son and is known as a very faithful son.

Episodes Guide

Eps. 1
At the police officersí inauguration ceremony, the president entered the drill ground under heavy police guard. However Bong-ki, who was supposed to be guarding th president goes off on his own and talks to a slim, fashionable girl. One night, Jun-won goes mountain climbing he slips and falls down a steep hill and gradually loses his consciousness. On the way back home after gathering firewood, Bong-soon finds Jun-won and brings him home. After Jun-won regains his consciousness, he almost faints with surprise. Meanwhile, the Blue House was all abuzz with the news of Jun-won being missing. The whole security department is put on emergency alert and Sang-jik recalls Bong-ki to come back to work. Bong-ki was on vacation, traveling abroad with his girlfriend, becomes upset that he has to come back.

Eps. 2
Bong-ki meets Bong-soon when he goes to the Kang-won province to pick up Jun-won, but Bong-soon drops an egg on Bong-kiís shoes and Bong-ki gets furious because he cherishes his shoes dearly. However, Bong-soon doesnít yield easily either. Finally, Bong-ki goes to Bong-soonís house to look for Jun-won and starts to grumble about a lot of things. Bong-ki behaves very strangely, which angers Bong-soon, so she hides Bong-kiís ID card out of hatred. The next morning, Bong-soonís grandmother loses consciousness and canít wake up. Bong-soon takes her to the hospital, but still she can not regain her consciousness. Bong-soon feels terrible for not taking better care of her grandmother. After she finally restores her consciousness, Bong-soonís grandmother tells her to look for her mother, which she cannot understand.

Eps. 3
Bong-soon takes her grandmother to the hospital, but still she does not regain her consciousness. Bong-soon feels terrible for not taking better care of her grandmother. After she finally regains her consciousness, Bong-soonís grandmother tells her to look for her mother, which she cannot understand. Meanwhile, Bong-ki realizes that he has lost his ID and goes back to the Kang-won Province to look for it. However, when he gets to Bong-soonís house, but can not find his ID card, so he comes back to Seoul having failed in his effort. Bong-soon then comes to Seoul, solely relying on Jun-wonís business card, but feels lost in Seoul. She manages to find Jun-won, but she can not meet him since he is in the middle of a surgery. To make matters worse, she gets all her money stolen.

Eps. 4
While taking a walk Bong-soon sees the President on a large electronic bulletin board. Bong-soon feels a bit weird because the President looked strangely familiar. Dae-sik goes to the cemetery on the day of his wifeís death, and there, he comes across Bong-soon who has come to see her grandmother. Dae-sik and Bong-soon become friends and the two go out to have a drink. Later Bong-ki comes to the cemetary and is surprised to see Bong-soon with his father. Since she has nowhere to stay, Bong-soon goes to Bong-kiís house with him and spends the night there. The next day Bong-soon goes to see Jun-won and explains to him her situation, but Jun-won doesnít know how to help her either.

Eps. 5
Not having anywhere to go, Bong-soon follows Bong-ki home. Eventually she ends up spending the night there. The next day she goes to June-won to explain her situation but heís not in the greatest situation to take care of her either.
Bong-soon makes a big racket at Bong-kiís house because of a 100-year old duh-deuk, which is worth a fortune. When they find out that they used up Bong-soonís money for living in Seoul, Bong-kiís family all feel sorry towards her and donít know what to do. Eventually, Dae-shik suggests that in order to pay her back heíll let her live with them.

Eps. 6
Bong-soon finds out that Bong-ki ate the 100 year old duh deuk and starts to cry. Bong-ki has a hard time believing Bong-soon, but feels sorry about eating it without asking first and promises her that he will pay her back for the duh deuk.
A man walks up to Bong-soon, who was on her way to the Blue House, and as he finds out that she is not familiar with Seoul, tells her to follow him.

Eps. 7
Bong-soon starts to lighten up after being comforted by Jun-won and her heart starts to flutter thinking of him.
After hearing from Bong-ki that the only way into the Blue House is to go to the official website and sign up for a tour, Bong-soon goes back to the Blue House to ask where the website is located and there she meets the Blue House carpenter Dae-shik. She follows him into the Blue House and shows him the picture of her and the president. After seeing the picture Dae-shik starts to feel uncomfortable with the thought that she might be the presidentís daughter.
At on event where the first lady invited some senior citizens who live alone to tour the Blue House, one senior makes a mistake and Bong-ki carefully handles the situation.

Eps. 8
Bong-soon loses her visitorís permit while in the Blue House but with Bong-kiís help she is able to slip away without getting in trouble.
Bong-soon loves going to the hospital to see Jun-won, so one day she happily packs him a lunch and goes to the hospital. While there she looks into his locker and finds a lot of laundry in it so she decides to wash all his stuff for him.
Bong-shil is endlessly happy the she found Jun-won and could do his laundry for him.
After staying at the hospital all day Jun-won takes Bong-soon home. She tells him to stay and play a game of ďGo-stopĒ (Korean card game). After resisting at first, he eventually gives into her and goes into the house to play cards.
Meanwhile, at the Blue House kitchen a cooking contest is about be held to pick the new cook.

Eps. 9
With the help of Dae-shik, Bong-soon enters the cooking contest in order to hire a new cook for the Blue House. While the other contestants use expensive materials in making their food Bong-soon uses very cheap ones from the ordinary material she picked from the mountains, but the final results go differently than predicted.
Meanwhile the first lady feels her heart break to see her son, Jun-won, having a hard time with Jee-soo and tells him to get divorced. However Jun-wonís love towards Jee-soo doesnít change, so the first lady just keeps on getting heartbroken seeing her son going through such hard times.
Bong-soon and Bong-ki have a drink to celebrate her getting the job in the Blue House kitchen. While they drink Bong-soon starts to cry in memory of her dead grandmother and, watching her, Bong-ki starts to notice a strange feeling fall upon him.

Eps. 10
Bong-soon becomes drunk and goes to see Jun-won. Bong-soon is thankful for Jun-wonís warm congratulations for getting a place to work, but he is very surprised when he hears that she got a job at the Blue House kitchen.
Finally it is Bong-soonís exciting first day of work. She temporarily gets transferred to cooking at the presidentís invitational Childrensí Day event. She gets nervous thinking that she might finally be able to meet the president, but because of a little kidís prank everyone starts screaming and the whole event becomes a disaster and Bong-soon is suspected as the culprit.
Meanwhile, Bong-ki goes out to pick up Jun-wonís daughter, who is coming back Seoul. Jun-won hears that his daughter has come back home and heads straight to the official residence and bumps into Bong-ki, who was guarding Hyo Won.

Eps. 11
Bong-ki hears that Jun-wonís daughter, Hyo Won is coming and goes out to the airport to pick her up. Jun-won hears that his daughter has come back home and heads straight to the official residence and bumps into Bong-ki, who was guarding Hyo Won.
Meanwhile, back in the kitchen Bong-soon is riddled with mistakes. She burns the rice that was supposed to go out on the lunch table, and after some consideration about what to do she makes her specialty ďpotato ong shim eeĒ and sets it on the guestsí table for lunch. The other staff in the kitchen sit worrying about the guestsí reaction towards her cooking but to their surprise the visitors are completely satisfied with the dish.
She gains some confidence and makes the dish for the president and gives it to Kang-sahn to take to him. He is half doubtful but as he sees the president enjoying the dish, saying that it is a dish from his memories, he starts to look at Bong-soon in a different way.

Eps. 12
Bong-soon thinks of the Jun-won and starts dreaming a happy dream. In her dream she kisses Jun-won, and while Bong-ki happened to be passing by she hugs and kisses him. Bong-ki is surprised but doesnít seem to dislike it.
Bong-soon goes to the hospital Jun-won works at to see him. Bong-soon has put on her new shoes and new clothes and is very happy at the thought of seeing Jun-won, but awaiting her is Jun-won and his daughter. She becomes surprised at the fact the Jun-won is a married man.

Eps. 13
Bong-soon sees Jun-won holding Hyo-won and realizes that he is a married man. After realizing this she feels ashamed and quickly leaves. Jun-won apologizes to Bong-soon and puts a bandage on her hurt leg. Bong-ki, watching all this, feels sorry for Bong-soon.
Hearing that the president wants to eat Bong-soonís buckwheat noodles she prepares the dish with great care. But it is right when Jun-won has come to the official presidential residence to eat with his family; Bong-ki tries to tell him that Bong-soon is in the kitchen preparing food but Jun-won doesnít get the point. As Bong-soon comes out pulling the trolley with the food Jun-won is surprised and hides under the table.

Eps. 14
Bong-soon gets onto a bus and, not knowing where she is, gets off at the last stop. Bong-ki follows her and watches her walk the street looking very blue. He takes her to a boxing gym and gives her a pair of boxing gloves. Bong-soon puts the gloves on and soon after boxing with Bong-ki starts to feel a little better.
Bong-soon gives Dae-shik the picture of her and the president and asks him to meet the president for her. Bong-ki walks in on their conversation and, wondering what they were talking about, looks at them with curious eyes. Sang-jik accidentally sees the picture of the president and is surprised to find out that the little baby in the picture is Bong-soon.

Eps. 15
Bong-soonís heart breaks looking at Jun-won with his wife and thinking of all the hardships he must have gone through for the past 3 years. Bong-soon goes to Jun-wonís house to study and is startled to meet Ji-soo, she also starts to feel confused watching Jun-won so devoted to Ji-soo.
Bong-ki goes out on a date with Jin-kyeong on Bong-soonís birthday and feels uncomfortable thinking of it. He buys a cellular phone for her and hurries home but it is only after Jun-won has already bought one for her.

Eps. 16
Bong-ki finds out that Bong-soon is the presidentís daughter. He thinks of all the weird things she said and is frozen-stiff surprised by it. He tried even harder to make sure that Bong-soon and Jun-won donít get any closer. Meanwhile, Jin-kyeong sees Bong-soon using the phone Bong-ki bought and becomes furious.

Eps. 17
After failing in one of his surgeries Jun-won calls Ji-soo wanting to be comforted but instead of comforting him she just hangs up the phone like a child.
Feeling even bluer he calls Bong-soon and the two go out to eat, but at the restaurant they bump into Bong-ki and Jin-kyeong. Bong-ki starts to feel very angry watching the way Jun-won is treating Bong-soon.

Eps. 18
Bong-soon gets the chance to serve the president with Kang-san and is overcome with joy at the thought of finally being able to meet her father. She sees Jun-won with the president, however, and becomes startled when she finds out who he really is. She becomes so surprised that she starts crying in front the president and the first lady. Thinking that Jun-won and she are family she tells him that it would be better if they donít see each other for a while and gives back the phone he gave her.
Meanwhile, after hearing from Jin-kyeong that Bong-soon is dating a married man the kitchen staff start preaching to Bong-soon about morality. Bong-soon, not knowing what theyíre talking about, becomes totally confused.
Not liking the way Jun-won treats Bong-soon, Bong-ki gives him the picture of Bong-soon and the president telling him to go find out the truth for himself. Finally, the president finds out about Bong-soonís existence.

Eps. 19
Bong-soon finally meets the president. She is happy at the thought that she is going to finally be able to meet her father, but she is dumbfounded when she finds out the truth about her father and her birth. After finding everything out she becomes depressed, so in order to cheer her up Jun-won spends time with her.
Bong-ki senses that there is something going on between Bong-soon and Jun-son so he decides to set Bong-soon up with Joo-yeup. Eventually the two meet, but Bong-ki still feels nervous.
Meanwhile, the president decides to find Bong-soonís real mother. The guard team finds Han-sook and goes to see her.

Eps. 20
Bong-ki waits in front of the house for Bong-soon but gets mad when he sees Bong-soon and Jun-won together. Jun-won starts getting confused about his feelings towards Bong-soon.
Bong-soon takes some fresh grown vegetables that she grew in her garden to the presidential residence. There she sees the cooks cooking in the presidential residence kitchen. She is surprised when she sees them working busily at Kang-sanís commands, and by luck she also gets a chance to show Kang-san her cooking abilities.
Bong-soon finds out Han-sookís address from the guard team and goes there. She draws a picture of her mother, whom she has longed to see for so long and goes to visit her. Finally, she meets the woman she has been waiting so long to meet.

Eps. 21
Finally, Bong-soon and Han-sook meet and together they go to the Blue House. Not knowing why she is going to the Blue House, Han-sook is very confused.
Bong-soon is disappointed when Han-sook doesnít even remember Bong-soonís father. Ji-sooís mother tells Jun-won that she is going to take Ji-soo. Jun-won tells her that he can not let that happen and becomes stressed, but also confused at Ji-sooís motherís strong attitude.
Jun-won, who has been thinking of what to do between Ji-soo and Bong-soon, by chance runs into Bong-soon and takes her to an empty lakeside. Watching Bong-soon trying to cheer him up, he starts to find her very attractive and so he kisses her.

Eps. 22
Jun-won is even surprised at himself for kissing Bong-soon. He gets out of the car confused and distressed. Bong-soon watches him and sadly walks towards him. Jun-won drives Bong-soon home and he faints in the arms of Bong-ki.
Bong-soon looks at Jun-won, who is lying on the hospital bed with pitiful eyes. Bong-ki persuades her into going to work and warns Jun-won not to hurt Bong-soon. Ji-soo comes to Jun-wonís hospital ward and begs him to sing for her, which causes her to start crying.
Bong-soon has a hard time concentrating on cooking and eventually messes up the meal for the day. Also, she has trouble getting the right taste for the cheese gratins. She goes to Kang-san and asks him to be her cooking teacher.

Eps. 23
Thanks to Kang-san, Bong-soon becomes a cook in the presidential residence kitchen, but the other cooks are displeased with the decision and are cold to her. To top that she keeps making endless mistakes. Meanwhile Han-sook moves into Bong-kiís house because she keeps getting threatened by some people she borrowed money from. Bong-soonís hate for her just keeps getting deeper and deeper.
Bong-soon by chance happens to see Jun-won, his mother-in-law, and the First Lady talking. Jun-son tells Bong-soon that his mother-in-law is soon going to take Ji-soo away. As soon as she hears that her feelings starts to get mixed-up again. She feels sorry at the thought that all this is happening because of her, so she goes to Jun-won but he is still sick.

Eps. 24
Jun-won decides to let Ji-soo go. As if she knows how he feels, Ji-soo starts to regain her memory. Ji-soo calls out Jun-wonís name and he is overthrown with joy. He takes her to the hospital to find out if she has fully recovered.v Jun-won and Ji-soo go to the presidential residence to have dinner with the president and the first lady. The president tells Bong-soon to attend but Bong-ki stops her from going. She goes anyways and meets Ji-soo. Bong-soon has trouble looking Ji-soo straight in the eye but the situation is as hard on Jun-won as it is on Bong-soon.

Eps. 25
The first lady looks at Jun-won with suspicious eyes as he takes Bong-soon out. When they get out Bong-soon tells Jun-won that she will let him go. She starts to dislike herself because she feels that she is stopping Jun-won from going to Ji-soo.
Meanwhile, Bong-ki takes Bong-soon to a skating rink so that she can stop thinking of how to pay back all of Han-sookís debts. At the same time Jun-won also takes Hyo-won and Ji-soo to the same skating rink. When Jun-won sees Bong-soon holding Bong-kiís hand and skating, he starts to feel a weird feeling of jealousy grow inside of him.

Eps. 26
Jun-won soon leaves the skating rink after seeing Bong-ki and Bong-soon skating so happily together, but keeps thinking about it. When he returns from his thoughts, however, he finds that Ji-soo has disappeared. With the help of Bong-ki and the other guards he finds Ji-soo but he starts to feel miserable for not knowing what to do about Bong-soon and Ji-soo.
Meanwhile, Bong-soon breaks the champagne bottle that was prepared for the prime minister of Finland and gets herself into a situation where she might have to quit. With the help of Hyung-do she gets a chance to make up for it, but the other cooks who donít like her get in her way. Bong-soon is completely devastated when she suddenly comes up with a plan.
The prime minister of Finland finally arrives. Bong-soon prepares a different drink to replace the champagne and brings it out with the food she prepared. The prime minister is offended when he sees the drink and food, but he holds in his anger and listens to Kang-sanís explanation and takes a drink.

Eps. 27
Bong-soon goes to Bong-ki, who is getting ready to go to work, and asks him to meet up after work, then she picks out a tie for him wear to work. Excited, he goes out to the place they promised to meet but is disappointed to find out that Bong-soon called him out to introduce him to her friend, Mal-sook. Later he gets drunk and calls Bong-soon. Meanwhile, Hyo-won asks Bong-soon to make her some food that will help her mom get better, and help her memory come back. Bong-soon starts to surf the Internet to find what will be good for Ji-soo. The first lady finds out about her and Jun-won and tells Bong-soon to take Hyo-won to the house and make it for her there. Bong-soon then goes to Jun-wonís house with a heavy heart and starts to make food for Ji-soo.

Eps. 28
While talking to Hyo-won about whether or not her mother is going to get better, Bong-soon runs into meets Jun-won who has come back home from work. Meanwhile Bong-ki laughs and plays jokes with Soo-kyoeng but his broken heart doesnít feel any better. The First Lady tells Bong-soon to be careful about her feelings toward Jun-won.

Eps. 29
Bong-soon takes some fruits and vegetables and makes them into animal shapes in order to make Hyo-won feel better. She also tells Hyo-won that whenever she feels sad or scared she should start naming trees so she wonít feel scared and sad anymore. Then Jun-won, Ji-soo and the First Lady watch them as Bong-soon hugs Hyo-won.
The First Lady reads Jun-wonís mind and tells Bong-soon to make Jun-won and Ji-soo something to eat. But Jun-won says that he will do it and tells Bong-soon to go home. Ji-soo doesnít know what to do when the First Lady and Jun-won start quarreling. Ji-soo looks at Bong-soon, who is fluttering, and can feel Ji-soo looking at her. Shaking, she looks up. The two woman look at each other with nervous looks.

Eps. 30
The First Lady shows Jun-won the pictures taken by journalist Shin. Surprised, Jun-won apologizes to the First Lady for disappointing her and promises that he wonít disappoint her ever again. He also asks her to make sure that Bong-soon doesnít find out about it. Bong-soon brings in some porridge for Hyo-won who feels a strange feeling when the First Lady calls her name, but stops from saying anything back.
Meanwhile, Ji-soo, thinking that Hyo-won got hurt because of her, decides to leave to the States with her mother. Jun-won starts crying incessantly when Ji-soo tells him that she wants to leave before she forgets about herself and Hyo-won again.

Eps. 31
Bong-soon becomes hysterical when she finds out that Han-sook has received money form the First Lady, but only after she has already used some of the money. Bong-soon gets extremely angry at Han-sook, but after she apologizes for her actions Bong-soon becomes silent.
Meanwhile, Bong-ki finds Jun-won drinking alone at home, suffering from the pain of letting Ji-soo leave. Bong-ki tries to cheer him up and takes him to a karaoke bar and sings at the top of his lungs. Then suddenly he stops and starts to tell Jun-won about his sad past.

Eps. 32
Bong-ki hugs Bong-soon and tells her his feelings towards her, but Bong-soon tells him that she is going to act as if she didnít hear him. As soon as he hears this, his heart breaks. In order to get rid of the awkward silence he pushes her into the water and plays around with her.
Jun-won and Bong-ki are driving along when they find a man who has fainted on the side of the road. They take him to the emergency room and save his life. Watching Jun-won work to save the manís life, Bong-ki hands Jun-won back his doctorís gown and tells him to come back where he belongs. Jun-won takes the gown and holds it.

Eps. 33
Bong-soon finds out that Bong-ki fell from the stairs and got hurt trying to prevent an article about her and Jun-won from being written. She starts crying after watching Bong-ki go in to have surgery.
Jang-shik meets with journalist Shin and talks to him. Shin tells Jang-shik that he will not write the article on Jun-won, but also that he will not forgive Bong-ki for breaking his laptop.
Meanwhile, Bong-ki wakes up and Bong-soon is happy that she has awakened and takes care of him with great care. Watching the two of them Jun-won gets a strange feeling inside. But he tells Bong-soon not to lose the thing that is most important to her.

Eps. 34
Bong-ki acts very coldly towards Bong-soon, so she asks him why he is being so cold to her. He doesnít answer her and continues to give her the cold shoulder. Bong-soon then feels very hurt by his attitude towards her.
Jun-won tells journalist Shin to stop writing the bad articles on Bong-ki, and if he really wants an exclusive story that he will agree to give him one. Surprised by this, Shin keeps saying things about Bong-soon, which gets Jun-won so mad that he punches Shin.


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Really Really Like You by pikakit

onestly, I haven't finished watching this movie. I just watched 1 or 2 series found out that this is so boring and can't find something that can attract me to keep watching it.

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2009/06/17 02:00:36


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i'm liking this drama & regret that i didn't watch it sometime ago! Eugene is a good actress playing an innocent girl from the province. she's great! as well as the other cast.
2008-12-02 09:06:31
2008-12-02 09:04:04
i just watched this drama & haven't finished but i also want Ryu Jin to end up with Eugene! i like his character better than Li Min? He's so warm & compassionate to Eugene! I'm now your new fan! aja
Now i'm watching this drama on dvd. I'm little bit sad because Eugene didn't end up with Ryu Jin.
2008-03-31 00:02:07
2008-02-22 21:30:10
I love this drama!!! Can anyone tell me what Eugene wrote on Lee's cast
ha-ha-ha itts funny..i like it.
2008-01-08 19:18:52
2007-11-15 21:07:15
i lap this movie especially nam bong ki..
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youngest sister's name???? 2008-08-01

does anyone know the name of the young actress who has played the youngest sister of Yeo Bong-soon? she is not listed in the cast.

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Last time on HanCinema
2014/04/01 18:07:42
what is this drama about? 2006-08-23

i havn't seen this drama but it looks pretty good, can anyone tell me what this drama is about? and if you would rate this drama from 1 to 10 what would it be? thanx

My page
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Last time on HanCinema
2009/01/07 02:50:55
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Really Really Like You (진짜 진짜 좋아해)

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