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Head (헤드)

헤드 (He-deu)

Directed by Cho Un (조운)

Action Thriller

100min | Release date in South Korea :

Dr. KIM Sang-chul who is a world renowned genius medical scientist is killed by himself and his head is cut and missing in his funeral. While a dispatch rider, Hong-je, delivers Dr. KIM’s head, he is kidnapped by Baek-jung and his elder sister, Hong-joo goes head to head with him to save Hong-je!! As far as she chases him, the forces into the background of Dr. KIM’s head are revealed and Hong-joo is in danger. Can a reckless but loyal female journalist save her bro and take the scoop what she wants so eagerly?


  • Park Ye-jin (박예진)
    Park Ye-jin (박예진)
    Sin Hong-joo (신홍주)
  • Baek Yoon-sik (백윤식)
    Baek Yoon-sik (백윤식)
    Baek Jeong (백정)
  • Ryoo Deok-hwan (류덕환)
    Ryoo Deok-hwan (류덕환)
    Sin Hong-je (신홍제)
  • Oh Dal-soo (오달수)
    Oh Dal-soo (오달수)
    Professor Kim Sang-cheol/ Professor Oh Byeong-seok (김상철 박사 / 오병석 박사)
  • Danny Ahn (데니안)
    Danny Ahn (데니안)
    Kang Seung-wan (강승완)
  • Park Yeong-seo (박영서)
    Park Yeong-seo (박영서)
    Yong-i (용이)
  • Joo Jin-mo-I (주진모)
    Joo Jin-mo-I (주진모)
    Chief Lee (이 반장)
  • Woo Hyeon (우현)
    Woo Hyeon (우현)
    Mr. Park (박씨)
  • Choi Jae-seop (최재섭)
    Choi Jae-seop (최재섭)
    Teaching Assistant Lim Hee-cheol (임희철 조교)
  • Kwak Do-won (곽도원)
    Kwak Do-won (곽도원)
    Senior Jeong (정 선배)
  • Baek Jae-ho (백재호)
    Baek Jae-ho (백재호)
    Detective Kim (김 형사)
  • Jang Joon-nyeong-I (장준녕)
    Jang Joon-nyeong-I (장준녕)
    Detective Park (박 형사)
    Choi Nak-hee (최낙희)
    Local Department head (사회부 부장)
    Jeon I-doo (전이두)
    Entertainment department head (연예부장)
  • Kim Kang-hyeon (김강현)
    Kim Kang-hyeon (김강현)
    Editor (편집 기사)
  • Jang So-yeon (장소연)
    Jang So-yeon (장소연)
    Baek Jeong's wife (백정 아내)
    Jeong Si-on (정시온)
    Miss Jo (미스 조)
    Jang Ji-in (장지인)
    Beautiful woman (미녀)
  • Kim Wang-geun (김왕근)
    Kim Wang-geun (김왕근)
    Examining officer 1 (검시관 1)
    Han Sang-joon (한상준)
    Examining officer 2 (검시관 2)
    Kim Won-joon (김원준)
    Local department reporter (사회부 기자)
    Yoo Seon-hee (유선희)
    Female medical (의료진 여)
    Hwang Do-yeon (황도연)
    Male medical (의료진 남)
  • Lee Seung-joon (이승준)
    Lee Seung-joon (이승준)
    The bereaved (유족)
    Lee Jeong-eun (이정은)
    Owner of dry cleaner's (세탁소 주인)
  • Kim Ja-yeong (김자영)
    Kim Ja-yeong (김자영)
    Owner of supermarket (슈퍼 주인)
    Jo-ryeon (조련)
    Owner of tteokbokki shop (떡볶이집 주인)
    Kim Myeong-hee (김명희)
    Jeong-soo's coordinator (정수 코디)
    Yoo Jae-yong (유재용)
    Neighbor (이웃사촌)
  • Kim Geon-I (김건)
    Kim Geon-I (김건)
    119 rescuer 1 (119 대원 1)
  • Yoo Seon-il (유선일)
    Yoo Seon-il (유선일)
    119 rescuer 2 (119 대원 2)
  • Jin Kyeong (진경)
    Jin Kyeong (진경)
    Female nurse (여자 간병사)
  • Yoon Ye-in (윤예인)
    Yoon Ye-in (윤예인)
    Volunteer female (자원봉사녀)
    Kim Bong-soo (김봉수)
    Eating old man (밥먹는 노인)
    Kang Hong-ryeol (강홍렬)
    Entertainment department reporter 1 (연예부 기자 1)
    Jeong Kyeong-mi (정경미)
    Entertainment department reporter 2 (연예부 기자 2)
  • Seon Ho-jin (선호진)
    Seon Ho-jin (선호진)
    News Pursuit PD (뉴스추적 PD)
    Kang Dae-yeon (강대연)
    Engineer (엔지니어)
    Hwang In-cheong (황인청)
    Female Host (여자 사회자)
    Kim Byeong-oh (김병오)
    Gasoline man 1 (휘발유 남자 1)
    Seo Seong-man (서성만)
    Gasoline man 2 (휘발유 남자 2)
    Jeon Byeong-gi (전병기)
    Gasoline man 4 (휘발유 남자 4)
    Lee Cheol-jae (이철재)
    Love room man 1 (사랑밥 노인 1)
    Kim Byeong-cheol (김병철)
    Love room man 2 (사랑밥 노인 2)
    Seo Seung-in (서승인)
    Taxi Driver (택시기사)
    Sin Min-seop (신민섭)
    Scandal male (스캔들남)
    Jan-di (잔디)
    Bella, dog##벨라, 강아지
  • Choi Philip (최필립)
    Choi Philip (최필립)
    Host (사회자) - Special appearance
  • Cha Hyeon-jeong (차현정)
    Cha Hyeon-jeong (차현정)
    Hwang Mi-jin (황미진) - Special appearance

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  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Head" + DVD Giveaway

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 Cho Un (조운)
 David Cho (조성규)
 Production department
 Moon In-dae (문인대)
 Jo Sang-beom (조상범)
 Production department
100 min 
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Head (헤드) by moadeep

am a huge fan of Korean cinema and television. I have managed to make a few like-minded friends online. There is one girl, in particular, with whom I share similar taste. I was at loose ends one day and asked her for some recommendations. She immediately told me that I had to watch “Head”. All I knew before watching the movie was that it was a comedic thriller, the lead was female, and she was kind of crazy. I wasn't worried that it would be a complete waste of my time, but I wasn't anticipating anything spectacular.
I loved it. Having watched “Charade” at an impressionable age, I'm already a fan of comedy thrillers. This movie took the comedy thriller idea to crazy new heights. Once the plot started moving along, it just did not stop. The movie had some of the weirdest comedic chase scenes I have ever seen. Never have I seen senile nursing home patients used to such good effect. The actress who plays the heroine takes the strong female to dizzying new heights. I am trying to get most of my friends to watch this and desperately wish it was available as a Region 1 DVD so I could more effectively share it.
The plot revolves around a plucky girl reporter and a severed head. She's a disgraced investigative reporter with a ne'er-do-well brother. When he gets himself embroiled in a dangerous situation, it's up to his big sister to save him. She's crazy and her brother is, well, stupid. In spite of this, they have a close relationship that adds poignancy and urgency to the plot. She uses all her skills and insanity to track down her brother in the clichèd, yet effective, race against time. In the end, it's her bad reputation, experience in the cutthroat media industry and wonderful cameraman that bring everything to a thrilling conclusion.
The weakest point of this film is also its strongest point. The insanity and crazy plot twists are not for everyone. The over-the-top characters that I loved could very easily turn someone else off of the genre entirely. If I were introducing someone to the genre, this would not be the film I'd do it with. “Charade” or “The Thin Man” are much better introductions to the genre. There are no Cary Grant or William Powell style heroes in this movie, and the heroine is almost as far as you can get from Audrey Hepburn or Myrna Loy.
The comedy thriller is a genre that has had far too few entries in the last few years, and this movie was, for me, a welcome addition. With Hollywood's obsession with high-tech extravaganzas, snappy dialogue and well-written villains have taken a bit of a back seat. The strong female characters required for a proper comedic thriller have too often been replaced by helpless damsels in distress. The dizzying and spectacular leaps the writers liked to make have been replaced by the predictable tropes. If the female lead does end up in distress in a proper comedic thriller, she is far from helpless. This is why some of my favourite female characters have come from comedic thrillers. A comedic thriller requires excellent dialogue to support the insane plot the writer has come up with.
One thing this movie has in common with the classics mentioned, aside from the obvious elements of humour and intrigue, is the plot twist. This movie hits you with plot twists at every turn, some of them you expect and some blindside you completely. The hardest part about writing a review for “Head” is those plot twists, because I have to avoid all mention of them if you are to watch this movie and enjoy it to the fullest. The other major element this movie has in common with the classics of yore is the strong heroine who just won't quit, no matter how much trouble it's going to get her in.
Another twist the movie throws in is integral to the plot, but is not a plot twist. “Head” takes the idea of the hero and heroine from what has become the predictable thriller, and turns it on its head. The male lead is the damsel in distress, and the female lead is leaping to the rescue. Bloodied and unbowed, this strong woman barrels her way through every obstacle, leaving chaos in her wake. Bruce Willis in heels, she takes whatever comes her way with a manic gleam in her eye.
The casting was wonderful, and the actors seemed to throw their all into every scene. The lead actress was convincing enough that I never want to get on her bad side. Since this movie is a comedy thriller, the writers were able get away with plot devices that would not work elsewhere. The only other genre that I could conceivably see using any of these plot twists is slasher films, and I don't think a slasher writer would ever include all of them. The sheer amount of energy and plot they managed to fit into one hundred minutes is extraordinary, the fact that they manage to keep it coherent and cohesive is a miracle.
If you're a fan of comedy thrillers, you will not get what you expect. If you're not a fan of comedy thrillers, do not expect any other film in this genre to be similar. “Charade” is the preeminent comedy thriller, with witty banter, a suave hero, twists around every corner and a charming heroine. “Head” is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum; with dialogue that makes you pause, a somewhat frightening heroine, twists around every corner and an inept and largely absent “hero”. This movie is an excellent hybrid of the over the top vibrancy of Korean cinema, and the dialogue and twists of old Hollywood's classic comedic thrillers and film noirs.

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