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Love Fiction (러브픽션)

러브픽션 (Leo-beu-pik-syeon)

Directed by Jeon Gye-soo (전계수)

Screenplay by

Melodrama Romance

121min | Release date in South Korea :

Many male audiences who saw 500 Days
of Summer must have felt that Summer, who was the dominant figure in the relationship, as a cold-hearted woman. Love Fiction is the opposite, a romantic comedy sticking strictly to the man's view of the relationship. An unknown novelist Ju-wol (Ha Jeong-woo) falls in love at first sight with Hee-jin (Kong Hyo-jin) who works at a film importing company when the two meet at a book expo. After a series of dates, they become lovers. Yet unlike Hee-jin, who is looking for a down-to- earth relationship, Ju-wol is unhappy with everything Hee-jin does and the two begin to drift apart. The film is seen only from Ju-wol’s perspective, regarding the course of how a couple’s relationship begins and ends. This film was uniquely constructed by adding the fantasy where complex inner side of Ju-wol is displayed through conversation shared with an imaginary character ' M '. It is Jeon Gye-soo's third film following his musical film "The Ghost Theater" and the realistic love story in the style of director HONG Sang-soo with "Lost and Found - 2010". Encounter of Ha Jeong-woo from "The Yellow Sea" and "The Chaser", with Kong Hyo-jin, who's enjoying her big popularity from her TV romantic character will surely be interesting enough.


Love Fiction | Cast

  • Ha Jeong-woo (하정우)
    Ha Jeong-woo (하정우)
    Joo-wol/Detective Ma (주월/마형사)
  • Kong Hyo-jin (공효진)
    Kong Hyo-jin (공효진)
    Hee-jin/Hye-yeong (희진/혜영)
  • Jo Hee-bong (조희봉)
    Jo Hee-bong (조희봉)
    Director Kwak/Detective squad chiefKwak (곽대표/곽반장)
  • Lee Byeong-joon (이병준)
    Lee Byeong-joon (이병준)
  • Ji Jin-hee (지진희)
    Ji Jin-hee (지진희)
    Joo-ro (주로)
  • Yoo In-na (유인나)
    Yoo In-na (유인나)
    Soo-jeong/Kyeong-sook (수정/경숙)
  • Kim Seong-gi (김성기)
    Kim Seong-gi (김성기)
    Dr. Park (표박사)
  • Kwak Do-won (곽도원)
    Kwak Do-won (곽도원)
    Director Hwang (황감독)
  • Kim Ji-hoon-IV (김지훈)
    Kim Ji-hoon-IV (김지훈)
    Hwang/Detective Ryoo (황/류형사)
    Seo Hyeon-woo (서현우)
    Ee-gyoo (의규)
    Choi Doo-ri (최두리)
    Kyeong-ja (경자)
  • Choi Yoo-hwa (최유화)
    Choi Yoo-hwa (최유화)
    Min-ji/Veronica (민지/베로니카)
  • Park Yeong-soo (박영수)
    Park Yeong-soo (박영수)
    Yeong-sik/Director Jo (영식/조사장)
  • Ah Yong-joo (아용주)
    Ah Yong-joo (아용주)
    SYSOP (시삽)
    Sim Yeong-min (심영민)
    Director Kim (김대표)
    Lee Yoon-hee (이윤희)
    Director Choi (최대표)
  • Lee Joon-hyeok-I (이준혁)
    Lee Joon-hyeok-I (이준혁)
    Professor Jeong (정교수)
  • Kim Hye-hwa (김혜화)
    Kim Hye-hwa (김혜화)
    Ma-i (마이)
  • Kim Jae-hwa (김재화)
    Kim Jae-hwa (김재화)
    Joo-hee (주희)
  • Park Joon-myeon (박준면)
    Park Joon-myeon (박준면)
    Baek Seon-yeong (백선영)
  • Won Tae (원태)
    Won Tae (원태)
    Baek Seon-il (백선일)
    Lee Eun-chae (이은채)
    Baek Seon-hee (백선희)
    Jeon-seok (전석)
    Baek Seon-sam (백선삼)
    Baek Byeong-cheol (백병철)
    Baek Seon-sa (백선사)
    Jeon Gye-soon (전계순)
    Baek Seon-oh (백선오)
    Jang Dong-chan (장동찬)
    Hee-jin's father (희진 아버지)
  • Kang Sin-cheol (강신철)
    Kang Sin-cheol (강신철)
    Hee-jin's ex-husband(희진 전남편)
    Yoo Tae-oh (유태오)
    German press secretary (독일출판사 비서)
  • Son Byeong-wook (손병욱)
    Son Byeong-wook (손병욱)
    Joo-wol's high school senior (주월 고등학교 담임)
  • Jeon Soo-ji (전수지)
    Jeon Soo-ji (전수지)
    Art teacher (미술선생님)
  • Cha Eun-jae-I (차은재)
    Cha Eun-jae-I (차은재)
    Beauty salon sister (미장원 누나)
  • Kim Jae-yeong-II (김재영)
    Kim Jae-yeong-II (김재영)
    High school Joo-wol (고딩 주월)
  • Yeom Hyeon-seo (염현서)
    Yeom Hyeon-seo (염현서)
    Child Ye-ja (어린 여자)
    Eo Rin- (어린 여자)
    Goo Ja-seung (구자승)
    Father (신부)
    Hwang Byeong-hyo (황병효)
    Museum admission student 1 (미술관 관람 학생 1)
    Jang Yeong-bin (장영빈)
    Museum admission student 2 (미술관 관람 학생 2)
  • Kim Soo-jin-I (김수진)
    Kim Soo-jin-I (김수진)
    Museum admission student (미술관 관람 학생 3)
    Song Ah-reum (송아름)
    Hee-jin's colleague (희진 동료)
    Lee Jin-woong (이진웅)
    High school (military) drill teacher (교련 선생)
    Sin Jae-yeong (신재영)
    Cleaning woman (청소부 아주머니)
  • Seol Chang-hee (설창희)
    Seol Chang-hee (설창희)
    Venue president (동호회장)
    Kim Jin-rae (김진래)
    Subway fatso 1 (지하철 덩치 1)
    Jeong Dong-cheol (정동철)
    Subway fatso 2 (지하철 덩치 2)
    Hong Joo-yong (홍주용)
    Robber (강도)
  • Kim Geun-hyeon (김근현)
    Kim Geun-hyeon (김근현)
    Min-ji's older brother (민지 오빠)
    Park Jae-han (박재한)
    Used car salesman (중고차 판매원)
    Kim Nam-soon (김남순)
    Hiking lady (등산객 아주머니)
    Kim Jeong (김정)
    Hiking lady (등산객 아주머니)
    Ahn Hyeon-kyeong (안현경)
    Mission (선교단)
    Byeon Bong-sik (변봉식)
    Mission (선교단)
    Ahn Seok-woon (안석운)
    Mission (선교단)
    Kim Dong-in (김동인)
    Mission (선교단)
    Seong Min-gyoo (성민규)
    Yellow submarine couples (옐로우서브마린 커플)
    Kang Hwa-seon (강화선)
    Yellow submarine couples (옐로우서브마린 커플)
    Ahn Eung-min (안응민)
    Couple in front of Joo-wol's house (주월 집 앞 커플)
    Kim Ji-hyeong (김지형)
    Couple in front of Joo-wol's house (주월 집 앞 커플)
    Lee Ye-yeong (이예영)
    Tteokbokki stall student (떡볶이 포장마차 학생들)
    Kim Chae-min (김채민)
    Tteokbokki stall student (떡볶이 포장마차 학생들)
    Kim Hyo-mi (김효미)
    Tteokbokki stall student (떡볶이 포장마차 학생들)
    Lee Gyoo-won (이규원)
    Bus drunkard (버스 취객)
    Ji In-sook (지인숙)
    Im Angela, photo (임안젤라, 사진)
    Bae Seong-jae (배성재)
    Soccer newscaster (축구 중계 캐스터)
  • Choi Jeong-hyeon-I (최정현)
    Choi Jeong-hyeon-I (최정현)
    Hee-jin's model (희진의 모델)
  • Park Ha-na (박하나)
    Park Ha-na (박하나)
    Flight attendant 1 (스튜어디스1)
    Lee Kyeong-mi (이경미)
    Flight attendant 2 (스튜어디스2)

Love Fiction | HanCinema Reviews

Love Fiction | News

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  • Hilarious Ha steals show in 'KUNDO' comedy

    2014/07/16, Source,
    There are few actors who can pull off comedy, drama and action, especially in one film. And in that respect, there is probably no one better suited to play cleaver-wielding maniac Do-chi in "KUNDO : Age of the Rampant" than Ha Jeong-woo. In the last few years, Ha has shown he is more than a winning choice, taking on drama in "The Terror Live", action in "The Berlin File" and comedy in "Love Fiction". In his latest work, which is yet another collaboration with Yoon Jong-bin, who he's worked with on countless films such as "Nameless Gangster" and "The Unforgiven", Ha again shows the extremity of his acting range and that comedy is his game above all,...More
  • [HanCinema's Actor Spotlight] Jo Hee-bong

    Stardom is a tricky thing in any big industry. Depending on where it places its importance, there are different requirements for creating a star. Some actors work hard to get there, some go by popularity alone and without their skills necessarily being worth their success. But as important as all types of stars are, they would not matter without all of the supporting actors that enrich the world of each work. Jo Hee-bong is one of those actors,...More
  • Screenings celebrate 4 decades of film archive
    2014/05/18, Source,
    The Korean Federation of Film Archives (KOFA) will hold a screening festival to commemorate the 40th anniversary of its foundation, starting from Thursday. The event will be held at the headquarters of the Korean Film Archive in Sangam-dong, western Seoul. Since 1974, the archive has collected, preserved and restored current and classic Korean films. Four decades on, KOFA's festival aims to provide an opportunity for the public to retrace the history of locally-made movies,...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "The Ghost Theater"

    Korea is no stranger to the genre of horror. But a horror musical film is not something you come across. Maybe because musicals are part of Korea's entertainment scene, musical movies have not managed to entice audiences. Film and theater offer very different experiences, after all. Jeon Gye-soo ('Love Fiction') and 'The Ghost Theater' bring horror musicals to the big screen, with enjoyable results,...More
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Love Fiction | Pictures

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    Love Fiction
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    Love Fiction
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    Love Fiction
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    Love Fiction
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    Love Fiction
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    Love Fiction
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    Love Fiction
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    Love Fiction
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Love Fiction (러브픽션) - Movie


Love Fiction | Reviews

Love Fiction | Facts

 Kim Hyeong-joo (김형주)
121 min 
Web site
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Airing dates : 2012/02/29
South Korean Box Office
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As of 2013.02.10 : 1 726 218 admissions (total)
As of 2012.04.01 : 1 710 595 admissions (total)
As of 2012.02.3.25 : 1 703 812 admissions (total)
As of 2012.02.3.18 : 1 653 951 admissions (total)
As of 2012.02.3.11 : 1 478 243 admissions (total)
As of 2012.02.3.04 : 1 013 810 admissions (total)
As of 2012.02.26 : 10 947 admissions (total)

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Love Fiction (러브픽션)

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