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Mother - 2009 (마더)

마더 (Ma-deo)

Directed by Bong Joon-ho (봉준호)

Screenplay by ,


128min | Release date in South Korea :

Widowed for a long time, a mother lives alone with her only son. He is 28 years old, a shy and quiet young man. In the aftermath of a terrible murder, the woman’s hope- less, helpless son becomes the prime suspect. There is no real evidence against him, but the police throw groundless suspicion at him. Eager to close the case, the police are happy with their cursory investigation and arrest the boy. His defense attorney turns out to be in- competent and unreliable. Faced with no other choice, his mother gets involved, determined to prove her son’s innocence.
International Film Festivals
2009 Cannes International Film Festival , Un Certain Regard


Mother - 2009 | Cast

  • Kim Hye-ja (김혜자)
    Kim Hye-ja (김혜자)
    Mother (Do-joon's mother)##마더〔도준 모〕
  • Won Bin (원빈)
    Won Bin (원빈)
    Yoon Do-joon (윤도준)
  • Jin Goo (진구)
    Jin Goo (진구)
    Jin-tae (진태)
  • Yoon Je-moon (윤제문)
    Yoon Je-moon (윤제문)
    Je-moon (제문)
  • Jeon Mi-seon (전미선)
    Jeon Mi-seon (전미선)
    Mi-seon (미선)
  • Song Sae-byeok (송새벽)
    Song Sae-byeok (송새벽)
    Sepaktakraw detective (세팍타크로 형사)
  • Lee Yeong-seok (이영석)
    Lee Yeong-seok (이영석)
    Elder at antique shop (고물상 노인)
  • Moon Hee-ra (문희라)
    Moon Hee-ra (문희라)
    Moon Ah-jeong (문아정)
  • Cheon Woo-hee (천우희)
    Cheon Woo-hee (천우희)
    Mi-na (미나)
  • Kim Byeong-soon (김병순)
    Kim Byeong-soon (김병순)
    Group leader (반장)
  • Yeo Moo-yeong (여무영)
    Yeo Moo-yeong (여무영)
    Lawyer Kong Seok-ho (공석호 변호사)
  • Jeong Yeong-gi (정영기)
    Jeong Yeong-gi (정영기)
    Male student Kkang-ma (남고생 깡마)
  • Ko Gyoo-pil (고규필)
    Ko Gyoo-pil (고규필)
    Male student Ddung-ddung (남고생 뚱뚱)
  • Lee Mi-do (이미도)
    Lee Mi-do (이미도)
    Female student Hyung-teo (여고생 흉터)
  • Kim Jin-goo (김진구)
    Kim Jin-goo (김진구)
    Ah-jeong's grandma (아정 할머니)
    Kim Hong-jib (김홍집)
    Jong-pal (종팔)
  • Min Kyeong-jin (민경진)
    Min Kyeong-jin (민경진)
    Head official (사무장)
  • Jo Kyeong-sook (조경숙)
    Jo Kyeong-sook (조경숙)
    Mina's mom (미나 엄마)
  • Park Myeong-sin (박명신)
    Park Myeong-sin (박명신)
    Female owner (여사장)
  • Yoon Yeong-geol (윤영걸)
    Yoon Yeong-geol (윤영걸)
    On-site investigation detective (현장검증 형사)
  • Kwon Byeong-gil (권병길)
    Kwon Byeong-gil (권병길)
    Golf range deam (골프장 학장)
  • Kwon Beom-taek (권범택)
    Kwon Beom-taek (권범택)
    Golf range cart driving instructor (골프장 카트운전 교수)
    Ha Deok-seong (하덕성)
    Golf range instructor (골프장 도망 교수)
  • Yeom Dong-heon (염동헌)
    Yeom Dong-heon (염동헌)
    Golf range instructor (골프장 덩치 교수)
    Lee Jeong-eun (이정은)
    Ah-jeong's relative with glasses at crematorium (화장터 안경 쓴 아정 친척)
    Im Geun-ah (임근아)
    Ah-jeong's fighting relative at crematorium (화장터 싸우는 아정 친척)
  • Hwang Yeong-hee (황영희)
    Hwang Yeong-hee (황영희)
    Ah-jeong's pregnant relative at crematorium (화장터 임신한 아정 친척)
    Kim Mi-joon (김미준)
    Laundry cleaners woman (세탁소 어깨침 아줌마)
  • Hong Kyeong-yeon (홍경연)
    Hong Kyeong-yeon (홍경연)
    Laundry cleaners woman (세탁소 발침 아줌마)
    Kim Tae-wan (김태완)
    Young Do-jun (어린 도준)
    Yoo In-soo (유인수)
    Playground prisoner (운동장 죄수)
  • Jo Moon-ee (조문의)
    Jo Moon-ee (조문의)
    Playground prisoner with glasses (운동장 안경 죄수)
  • Kwak Do-won (곽도원)
    Kwak Do-won (곽도원)
    Man with charcoal fire (숯불맨)
    Lee Dae-hyeon (이대현)
    Pharmacist (약사)
    Im Seong-mi (임성미)
    Hyung-teo's friend (흉터 친구)
    Seong Joon-seo (성준서)
    Prison officer uncle (교도관 종도 삼촌)
  • Im Hyeong-gook (임형국)
    Im Hyeong-gook (임형국)
    On-site investigation reporter (현장검증 기자)
    Han Ji-hee (한지희)
    Female officer (여경)
    Kim Min-jeong (김민정)
    Guard secretary (공변 비서)
    Jang Pil-kyeong (장필경)
    Junior high student playing arcade games at stationery store (문방구 오락기 중딩)
    Moon Bok-dong (문복동)
    Junior high student eating spicy rice cakes at stationery store (문방구 떡볶이 중딩)
    Kim Tae-hwan (김태환)
    Junior high student eating fish cakes at stationery store (문방구 오뎅 중딩)
    Lee Seung-hyeon (이승현)
    Junior high student wearing glasses at stationery store (문방구 안경 중딩)
    Nam Seong-ho (남성호)
    Manhattan worker (맨하탄 종업원)
    Lee Ok-joo (이옥주)
    Female mart worker (마트 여직원)
    Kim Jeong-wook (김정욱)
    On-site investigation detective with leather jacket (현장검증 가죽점퍼 형사)
    Kim Bo-kyeong (김보경)
    Old-time room lady (고참 룸아가씨)
    Lee Byeol-im (이별임)
    Alcohol drink delivery room lady (폭탄주 배달 룸아가씨)
    Lee Hyeon-joo (이현주)
    Clapping room lady (박수치는 룸아가씨)
    Han-mi (한미)
    Golf range caddy (골프장 캐디)
    Choi Jae-won (최재원)
    Attorney Park Jong-pyo (박종표 검사)
    Lee Gyoo-hyeon (이규현)
    Doctor Yun Jong-gu (윤종구 박사)
  • Kim Gyoo-nam (김규남)
    Kim Gyoo-nam (김규남)
    On-site investigation spectator (현장검증 구경꾼)
    Jang Yong-joo (장용주)
    Car accident spectator (차량사고 구경꾼)
    Choi So-mang (최소망)
    British girl in bus (영국인 버스꼬마)
    Keu Ri-seu (크리스토퍼 브리스코)
    Christopher Briscoe British girl's dad (영국인 버스꼬마 아빠)
    Oh Won-sik (오원식)
    Karaoke waiter (가라오케 웨이터)
    Park Tae-joon (박태준)
    Prison officer in hallway (구치소 복도 교도관)
    Yoon Hye-jin (윤혜진)
    Hye-ja's double/young new bride in terminal (혜자 대역 / 터미널 젊은 새댁)
    Jeong-dong (정동)
    Detective partners (형사 콤비)
    Kwon Gi-hoon (권기훈)
    Detective partners (형사 콤비)
    Sin Yeong-sik (신영식)
    Medicine seller taxi driver (약재상 택시기사)
    Sin Jae-yeong (신재영)
    Laundry cleaners woman (세탁소 아줌마)
    Park In-mok (박인목)
    Man with cooking pot at beef restaurant (고기집 냄비 남)
    Yoo Jong-hwan (유종환)
    Taxi driver (택시기사)

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CJ Entertainment (CJ Entertainment)
 Hong Kyeong-pyo (홍경표)
 Lee Byeong-woo (이병우)
 Bong Joon-ho (봉준호)
 Original idea
 Jeong Doo-hong (정두홍)
 Martial arts
 Ryoo Seong-hee (류성희)
 Art director
 Hong Kyeong-pyo (홍경표)
 Advertisement picture
 Nam Na-yeong (남나영)
 Negative editing
 Baek Dong-hyeon (백동현)
128 min 35mm Cinemascope (2.35)
Web site
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2009/05/28
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2014.02.23 : 2 979 551  admissions (total)
As of 2009.08.09 : 3,002,572 admissions (total)
As of 2009.07.19 : 3,001,727 admissions (total)
As of 2009.07.12 : 2,996,951 admissions (total)
As of 2009.07.05 : 2,977,005 admissions (total)
As of 2009.06.28 : 2,926,394 admissions (total)
As of 2009.06.21 : 2,839,097 admissions (total)
As of 2009.06.14 : 2,618,172 admissions (total)
As of 2009.06.07 : 2,190,593 admissions (total)
As of 2009.05.31 : 1,211,586 admissions (total)

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Great movie and performances by the main three actors. It really shows how powerful mothers can be.
2009-10-03 06:08:17
2009-05-04 17:57:58
Can't wait to see this movie. Finally Won Bin's back on track. Will this be another great performance by Won Bin?
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Mother - 2009 (마더)

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