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My Father (마이 파더)

마이 파더 (Ma-i Pa-deo)

Directed by Hwang Dong-hyeok (황동혁)

Screenplay by ,


107min | Release date in South Korea :

James Parker, adopted overseas as a child, comes back to Korea as a U.S. soldier to find his birth family. He finds his biological father, who is in jail awaiting the death sentence. Their meeting is awkward at first, but sympathy and love grow between them.


My Father | Cast

  • Kim Young-cheol (김영철)
    Kim Young-cheol (김영철)
    Hwang Nam-cheol (황남철)
  • Daniel Henney (다니엘 헤니)
    Daniel Henney (다니엘 헤니)
    James Parker (제임스 파커)
  • Ahn Seok-hwan (안석환)
    Ahn Seok-hwan (안석환)
    Jang Min-ho (장민호)
  • Kim In-kwon (김인권)
    Kim In-kwon (김인권)
    Sin Yo-seop (신요섭)
  • Choi Jong-ryeol (최종률)
    Choi Jong-ryeol (최종률)
    Father Moon (문 신부)
  • Jeon Gook-hwan (전국환)
    Jeon Gook-hwan (전국환)
    Prison officer Kim (김 교도관)
  • Lee Sang-hee (이상희)
    Lee Sang-hee (이상희)
    Mr. Park (박씨)
  • Son Jin-hwan (손진환)
    Son Jin-hwan (손진환)
    Thief (도둑)
  • Bae Ho-geun (배호근)
    Bae Ho-geun (배호근)
    Hyeong-sik (형식)
    Park Kyeong-geun (박경근)
    Peddling man (행상남)
  • Lee Do-il (이도일)
    Lee Do-il (이도일)
    Young James (어린 제임스)
  • Moon Jae-won (문재원)
    Moon Jae-won (문재원)
    Youth Hwang Nam-cheol (젊은 황남철)
  • Kwon Hyeong-joon (권형준)
    Kwon Hyeong-joon (권형준)
    Youth Jang Min-ho (젊은 장민호)
  • Kim Dong-ha (김동하)
    Kim Dong-ha (김동하)
    Seong Gi-hoon (성기훈)
  • Yoon Won-seok (윤원석)
    Yoon Won-seok (윤원석)
    Kyeong Nam-jin (경남진)
    Brian Durkin (브라이언 더킨)
    Gabe (게이브)
    Daniel James Davis (다니엘 제임스 데이비스)
    Andrew (앤드류)
    James Kneafsey (제임스 니프시)
    Company commander (중대장)
    Jeremy Martin (리차드 리엘)
    James adoptive father, John Parker (제임스 입양 부, 존 파커)
    Ilene Graff (일레인 그래프)
    James adoptive mother, Nancy Parker (제임스 입양 모, 낸시 파커)
    Craig Zimmerman (크레이그 짐머만)
    Steve (스티브)
    Sarah Chang (사라 창)
    Sandra (산드라)
    Lee Ee-seon (이의선)
    Warden (교도소장)
  • Kim Kwang-sik (김광식)
    Kim Kwang-sik (김광식)
    General visiting room prison officer (일반 면회실 교도관)
    Sin Seong-sik (신성식)
    Yonggari (용가리)
  • Kim Soo-nam (김수남)
    Kim Soo-nam (김수남)
    Big guy (덩치)
    Lee Il-seop (이일섭)
    Photo studio owner (사진관 주인)
    Yoo Min-seok (유민석)
    Paradise Club owner (파라다이스 클럽 주인)
    Han Sook-hee (한숙희)
    Childcare director (보육원장)
    Lee Geon-moon (이건문)
    Garibong motel young man (가리봉 여관 청년)
    Park Bi-oh (박비오)
    Genetic testing company employee (유전자 검사회사 직원)
  • Jo Seok-hyeon (조석현)
    Jo Seok-hyeon (조석현)
    Prison visit receiption employee (교도소 면회접수실 직원)
  • Lee Tae-geom (이태검)
    Lee Tae-geom (이태검)
    Jang Min-ho group 1/US troop KATUSA, Korean Augmentation Troops to the United States Army (장민호 일당 1/미군부대 카투사 1)
  • Park Seong-taek (박성택)
    Park Seong-taek (박성택)
    Jang Min-ho group 2 (장민호 일당 2)
  • Lee Kwang-soo (이광수)
    Lee Kwang-soo (이광수)
    Jeolla-do dialect prisoner (전라도 사투리 재소자)
    Choi Rak-jin (최락진)
    Young prison officer 1 (젊은 교도관 1)
    Kim Ji-hoon (김지훈)
    Young prison officer 2 (젊은 교도관 2)
    Kim Woo-joon (김우준)
    Young prison officer 3 (젊은 교도관 3)
    Yoon Yeo-sin (윤여신)
    Young prison officer 4 (젊은 교도관 4)
    Oh Geon-yeol (오건열)
    Repressing prison officer 1 (진압 교도관 1)
    Sin Chang-soo (신창수)
    Repressing prison officer 2 (진압 교도관 2)
  • Jeong Yoo-mi-I (정유미)
    Jeong Yoo-mi-I (정유미)
    Mi-ae, Eun-joo's friend 1 (미애, 은주 친구 1)
    Chae So-yeong (채소영)
    Eun-joo's friend 2 (은주 친구 2)
    Yang Byeong-sook (양병숙)
    Pleasure boat grandmother (유람선 위 할머니)
    Park Sa-moo (박사무엘)
    Pleasure boat child (유람선 위 어린이)
    Jeon Deok-hee (전덕희)
    In front of Catholic church middle-aged woman 1 (성당 앞 중년여자 1)
  • Hong Kyeong-yeon (홍경연)
    Hong Kyeong-yeon (홍경연)
    In front of Catholic church middle-aged woman 2 (성당 앞 중년여자 2)
    Go Ji-hyeon (고지현)
    Home peddlling girl (행상집 여자아이)
    Song Soo-yeon (송수연)
    Borough office family register counter employee (구청 호적과 창구 직원)
    Kim Hee-joon (김희준)
    Reporter 1 (기자 1)
    Kim Nam-hwa (김남화)
    Reporter 2 (기자 2)
    Yoo Jae-don (유재돈)
    Reporter 3 (기자 3)
    Kim Bong-jo (김봉조)
    Reporter 4 (기자 4)
    Choi Chang-hwan (최창환)
    Four Brothers drum performer (포 브라더스 드럼 연주자)
    Lee Dae-beom (이대범)
    Four Brothers guitar performer (포 브라더스 기타 연주자)
    Lee Seung-heon (이승헌)
    Four Brothers bass performer (포 브라더스 베이스 연주자)
    Kim Ho-yeon (김호연)
    Used coal briquette middle aged woman (연탄재 아줌마)
    Eric M. Zimmerman (에릭 M. 짐머만)
    Party MC (파티 사회자)
  • Choi Jeong-nam (최정남)
    Choi Jeong-nam (최정남)
    Pacillo Joseph Vito (파실로 조셉 비토)
    US military police 1 (미 헌병 1)
    Arnold Michael Frederick (아놀드 마이클 프레더릭)
    US military police 2 (미 헌병 2)
  • Choi Jeong-won (최정원)
    Choi Jeong-won (최정원)
    Gong Eun-joo - Special appearance (공은주)
    Lee Geum-hee (이금희)
    Female MC - Special appearance (여성 사회자)
  • Michael Arnold (마이클 아놀드)
    Michael Arnold (마이클 아놀드)

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My Father | News

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  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "My Father"

    James Parker (played by Daniel Henney) is in a similar position to many other internationally adopted Koreans. He wants to find out what happened to his birth parents. From the beginning "My Father" does a good job establishing the ambiguity of this goal. The first thing his adoptive family does is worry, and his sister, also adopted from Korea, points out that James may not like what he finds. A father on death row? Yeah, that's trouble. "My Father" is in the strange place of seeming too preposterous and melodramatic to be plausible, yet as the credits sequence clearly illustrates, the basic outline of events here was in fact based on a true story,...More
  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2014.02.21 ~ 2014.02.23

    Ice gives way to fire as "Pompeii" overthrows "Frozen" at the top… Disney's Oscar contender "Frozen" was finally dislodged at the top of pile in a hotly contested tussle at the top. This past weekend saw Paul W. S. Anderson's disaster epic "Pompeii" entered in first position (542,060-21.3%), a film that has been struggling globally after poor reviews stunted its hopes of reaching the $100M it took to produce. Despite its unimpressive stats thus far, Anderson's indulgent 3D flick only narrowly outplayed Kim Kwang-sik-I's newly released "Tabloid Truth" (440,829-20%). "Tabloid Truth" is already looking good to overtake Kim's pervious effort with "My Dear Desperado", a romantic comedy that claimed nearly 700K stubs back in 2010,...More
  • An interview with movie director Hwang Dong-hyeok

    2014/02/10, Source,
    -You have a high-pitched and loud voice. Im just a fun guy. I crack jokes in this voice and cheer people up when drinking. When I said I would be the director of "The Crucible", my friends wondered why I make such a movie. -Your debut film "My Father"" (2007) and "Miss Granny" are all about families. Both movies are about my family. "My Father" is in line with a short film, which I made while studying in the U.S. I was strongly impressed when my aunt who was adopted by an American family came to Korea to her mother, who is my grandmother. My mother lost her husband at 29 like Nah Moon-hee in "Miss Granny". She also lives with my grandmother,...More
  • Jeong Ga-eun makes a statement regarding scandal

    2013/09/10, Source,
    Netizens are curious about Bae Ho-geun. Bae Ho-geun was born in the year 1977 and debuted through the movie "Bravo My Life - 2007". He's 186cm tall, good looking and starred in movies, "My Father", "Haeundae", "Heartbeat", "You Pet" and more. He recently starred in "The Hero" and is looking towards a comeback,...More
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My Father | Pictures

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    My Father
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    My Father
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    My Father
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    My Father
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    My Father
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    My Father
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    My Father
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    My Father
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My Father | Reviews

My Father | Facts

 Jo Geun-hyeon (조근현)
 Art director
 Lim Seon-ae-I (임선애)
 Kim Hyeon-cheol-I (김현철)
107 min 35mm Cinemascope (2.35)
Web site
On the set video
On the set video
On the set video
On the set video
On the set video
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Release date in South Korea : 2007/09/06
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2007.09.30 : 841,838 admissions (total)
As of 2007.09.23 : 717,884 admissions (total)
As of 2007.09.16 : 622,107 admissions (total)
As of 2007.09.09 : 354,673 admissions (total)

My Father | Community

Your reviews
My Father (2007) by Seoul22407

est Korean Movie I've ever seen. I actually saw it for the first time on a Singapore Airlines flight from San Francisco to Seoul. It had me in tears. Great movie

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2010/12/11 03:29:39

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Does anyone know who plays the sister in the very beginning?
2007-12-17 23:34:50
2007-11-01 22:32:33
I didn't expect that Daniel's acting skill will grown beyond our expectation this early considering his ability in speaking Korean not really fluently...Two thumbs up, Daniel oppa.....
I'm excited to see this movie, it looks like DH may do some genuine, heartfelt acting here.......I can't wait!
2007-10-20 01:47:23
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My Father (마이 파더)

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