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My Way (마이웨이)

마이웨이 (Ma-i We-i)

Directed by Kang Je-gyu (강제규)

Screenplay by ,


137min | Release date in South Korea :

"My Way" was formerly known as "D-Day". Synopsis
Jun-shik, who works for Tatsuo’s grandfather’s farm while Korea is colonized by Japan but he has a dream to participate in Tokyo Olympics as a marathon runner. Tatsuo also aims to become a marathon runner, so the two are in rivalry. But the war breaks out and they both are forced to enlist the army.
Tatsuo became the head of defense in Jun-shik’s unit and he devises a scheme but fails. Jun-shik and Tatsuo are held captive by the Soviets. They run away but soon are captured by Germans and forced to separate. In 1944, they meet again at the shores of Normandy.


  • Jang Dong-gun (장동건)
    Jang Dong-gun (장동건)
    Joon-sik (준식)
  • Joe Odagiri (オダギリジョ)
    Joe Odagiri (オダギリジョ)
    Tatsuo (타츠오)
  • Fan Bingbing (范冰冰)
    Fan Bingbing (范冰冰)
    Sirai (쉬라이)
  • Kim In-kwon (김인권)
    Kim In-kwon (김인권)
    Jong-dae (종대)
  • Kim Hee-won (김희원)
    Kim Hee-won (김희원)
    Choon-bok (춘복)
  • Oh Tae-kyeong (오태경)
    Oh Tae-kyeong (오태경)
    Gwang-choon (광춘)
  • Kwak Jeong-wook (곽정욱)
    Kwak Jeong-wook (곽정욱)
    Min-woo (민우)
  • Kim Si-hoo (김시후)
    Kim Si-hoo (김시후)
    Tsukamoto (츠카모토)
  • Cheon Ho-jin (천호진)
    Cheon Ho-jin (천호진)
    Joon-sik's father (준식 부)
  • Yoon Hee-won (윤희원)
    Yoon Hee-won (윤희원)
    Son Gi-jeong (손기정)
    Taro Yamamoto (山本太郎)
    Noda (노다)
    Manabu Hamada (浜田学)
    Mukai (무카이)
    Shingo Tsurumi (鶴見辰吾)
    Takakura (타카쿠라)
    Isao Natsuyagi (夏八木勲)
    Tasuo's grandfather (타츠오 조부)
    Shiro Sano (佐野史郎)
    Tastuo's father (타츠오 부)
    Kumi Nakamura (中村久美)
    Tastuo's mother (타츠오 모)
  • Do Ji-han (도지한)
    Do Ji-han (도지한)
    High school student Joon-sik (고등학생 준식)
    Sin Sang-yeop (신상엽)
    Child Joon-sik (아역 준식)
    Yukichi Kobayashi (小林ユウキチ)
    High school student Tatsuo (고등학생 타츠오)
    Yukichi Kobayashi (小林稔侍)
    High school Tatsuo (고등학생 타츠오)
  • Seong Yoo-bin (성유빈)
    Seong Yoo-bin (성유빈)
    Child Tatsuo (아역 타츠오)
    Child Eun-soo (아역 은수)
  • Ko Joo-yeon (고주연)
    Ko Joo-yeon (고주연)
    Junior high school Eun-soo (중학생 은수)
  • Jo Min-ah (조민아)
    Jo Min-ah (조민아)
    Child Eun-soo (아역 은수)
    Hong Da-hoon (홍다훈)
    High school Jong-dae (고등학생 종대)
    Park Sang-hyeok (박상혁)
    Saito coach (사이토 코치)
  • Lee Ho-yeon (이호연)
    Lee Ho-yeon (이호연)
    Nostril athelete (코털 선수)
    Lee Dae-wook (이대욱)
    Postman (집배원)
    Kim In-woo (김인우)
    Yamada (야마다)
    Kang Nam-hyeon (강남현)
    Fatso (뚱보)
    Kim Hyo-yeon (김효연)
    Singer Enka (엔카가수)
    Choi Woo-soo (최우수)
    Oriental interpreter (동양인통역관)
  • Jeong Jong-yeol (정종열)
    Jeong Jong-yeol (정종열)
    Hall ammouncer (장내아나운서)
    Jo Jeong-gook (조정국)
    Judge (재판관)
  • Park Seong-taek (박성택)
    Park Seong-taek (박성택)
    Japanese officer (일본장교)
    Kim Jeong-hoon (김정훈)
    Jong-dae henchman (종대 똘마니)
    Hong Seung-gi (홍승기)
    Jo-seon reporter (조선인기자)
    Lee Moon-ho (이문호)
    Shipbuilding reporter (조선인기자)
  • Park Tae-seong (박태성)
    Park Tae-seong (박태성)
    Shipbuilding reporter (조선인기자)
    Song Gi-joong (송기중)
    Shipbuilding reporter (조선인기자)
    Lee Geon-woo (이건우)
    Shipbuilding reporter(조선인기자)
    Sin Seung-hoon (신승훈)
    Shipbuilding reporter (조선인기자)
    Kim Hyeon-woo (김현우)
    Soviet Union veteran (소련전향군)
    Kim Ji-oong (김지웅)
    Soviet Union veteran (소련전향군)
    Oh Joon-beom (오준범)
    Suicide commando (자살특공대)
  • Lee Dong-jin (이동진)
    Lee Dong-jin (이동진)
    Suicide commando (자살특공대)
  • Han Seung-hyeon (한승현)
    Han Seung-hyeon (한승현)
    Japanese reporter (일본인기자)
    Kim Haeng-hye (김행혜)
    Japanese reporter (일본인기자)
    Kang Boo-hyeon (강부현)
    Shipbuilding conscripted soldier (조선징집병사)
    Kang Jeong-goo (강정구)
    Shipbuilding conscripted soldier (조선징집병사)
    Kim Seong-gyeom (김성겸)
    Shipbuilding conscripted soldier (조선징집병사)
  • Kim Seong-beom (김성범)
    Kim Seong-beom (김성범)
    Shipbuilding conscripted soldier (조선징집병사)
  • Kim Hyeong-gyoon (김형균)
    Kim Hyeong-gyoon (김형균)
    Shipbuilding conscripted soldier (조선징집병사)
    Kim Hong-geun (김홍근)
    Shipbuilding conscripted soldier (조선징집병사)
    Park-hwan (박환)
    Shipbuilding conscripted soldier (조선징집병사)
    Sim Jeong-woo (심정우)
    Shipbuilding conscripted soldier (조선징집병사)
  • Lee Chang-wook (이창욱)
    Lee Chang-wook (이창욱)
    Shipbuilding conscripted soldier (조선징집병사)
  • Yeong Geon (영건)
    Yeong Geon (영건)
    Shipbuilding conscripted soldier (조선징집병사)
    Choi Ji-woo (최지우)
    Japanese military (일본군)
    Han Geon-tae (한건태)
    Japanese military (일본군)
    Kang Hyo-jong (강효종)
    Japanese military (일본군)
    Kim Dae-hyeon (김대현)
    Japanese military (일본군)
  • Kwon Jae-hyeon (권재현)
    Kwon Jae-hyeon (권재현)
    Japanese military (일본군)
  • Ham Jin-seong (함진성)
    Ham Jin-seong (함진성)
    Marathon runner (마라톤선수)
  • Wi Ji-woong (위지웅)
    Wi Ji-woong (위지웅)
    Marathon runner (마라톤선수)
  • Seo Jong-cheol (서종철)
    Seo Jong-cheol (서종철)
    Marathon runner (마라톤선수)
    Lee Seung-joo (이승주)
    Marathon runner (마라톤선수)
    Remigius Sabulis (레미기우스 사부리스)
    Andrei (안드레이)
    Ismail Deniz (이스마일 데니즈)
    Karim (카림)
  • Michael Arnold (마이클 아놀드)
    Michael Arnold (마이클 아놀드)
    Father (신부)
  • Han Kyeong-seok (한경석)
    Han Kyeong-seok (한경석)
    Russian Prisoner (소련군 포로)
  • Kim Soo-ro (김수로)
    Kim Soo-ro (김수로)
    Mike man (마이크남) - Special appearance
  • Lee Yeon-hee (이연희)
    Lee Yeon-hee (이연희)
    Eun-soo (은수) - Special appearance
  • Hakuryu (白竜)
    Hakuryu (白竜)
    Commissioner (연맹총재) - Special appearance
  • Nicole (니콜)
    Nicole (니콜)
    Press conference receptionist (기자회견 안내원 - Special appearance)
  • Yang Jin-seok (양진석)
    Yang Jin-seok (양진석)
    Ballroom high-ranking official (연회장 고위층) - Special appearance

My Way
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     Produced by
     Kang Je-gyu (강제규)
     Kim Yong-hwa (김용화)
    CJ Entertainment (CJ Entertainment)
     Michael Arnold (마이클 아놀드)
     Hwang In-ho (황인호)
     Lee Il-hyeong (이일형)
     Directing department
     Kim Dong-hu (김동후)
     Lee Dong-joon (이동준)
     Jo Geun-hyeon (조근현)
     Art director
     Park Kok-ji (박곡지)
     Seong Jeong-hoon (성정훈)
     Cinematographer B team
     Lee Hye-yeong-I (이혜영)
     Set department
     Kim Joon-seok (김준석)
     Music department
     Kim Ji-yeon-I (김지연)
     Production department
    137 min 
    Web site
    Festival(s) & award(s)
    Sales or release dates & Box Office
    Airing dates : 2011/12/21
    South Korean Box Office
    Source : &
    As of 2012.01.29 : 2,140,067 admissions (total)
    As of 2012.01.22 : 1,461,579 admissions (total)
    As of 2012.01.15 : 2,121,381 admissions (total)
    As of 2012.01.08 : 2,025,381 admissions (total)
    As of 2012.01.01 : 1,744,815 admissions (total)
    As of 2011.12.25 : 1,011,132 admissions (total)
    As of 2011.12.18 : 7,145 admissions (total)

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    My Way (마이웨이)

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