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Poetry (시)

시 (Si)

Directed by Lee Chang-dong (이창동)

Screenplay by


139min | Release date in South Korea :

The latest feature film by Lee Chang-dong is currently competing at the Cannes Film Festival and is available with English subtitles at select theaters. Mi-ja (Yoon Jung-hee) leads a hand-to-mouth life raising her teenage grandson by herself. She nevertheless, retains a childlike innocence and curiosity, and becomes immersed in the world of poetry and beauty when she enrolls in a local writing class. But when she learns of a shocking revelation, she must confront the ugly side of life, and take matters into her own hands.


  • Yoon Jung-hee (윤정희)
    Yoon Jung-hee (윤정희)
    Yang Mi-ja (양미자)
  • Lee David (이다윗)
    Lee David (이다윗)
    Jong Wook (종욱)
  • Kim Hee-ra (김희라)
    Kim Hee-ra (김희라)
    Elder Kang (강 노인)
  • Ahn Nae-sang (안내상)
    Ahn Nae-sang (안내상)
    Ki-beom's father (기범 아버지)
  • Kim Yong-taek (김용택)
    Kim Yong-taek (김용택)
    Poet Kim Yong-tak (김용탁 시인)
  • Park Myeong-sin (박명신)
    Park Myeong-sin (박명신)
    Hee-jin's mother (희진 어머니)
  • Kim Jong-goo (김종구)
    Kim Jong-goo (김종구)
    Park Sang-tae (박상태)
  • Kim Hye-jeong (김혜정)
    Kim Hye-jeong (김혜정)
    Jo Mi-hye (조미혜)
  • Min Bok-gi (민복기)
    Min Bok-gi (민복기)
    Soon-jeong's father (순창 아버지)
    Kim Gye-seon (김계선)
    Supermarket woman (슈퍼 여자)
    Han Soo-yeong (한수영)
    Park Hee-jin (박희진)
    Choi Moon-soon (최문순)
    Principal (교감선생님)
    Lee Jong-yeol (이종열)
    Jong-cheol's father (종철 아버지)
    Park Woo-yeol (박우열)
    Tae-yeol's father (태열 아버지)
    Park Joong-sin (박중신)
    Byeong-jin's father (병진 아버지)
  • Hong Seong-beom (홍성범)
    Hong Seong-beom (홍성범)
    Reporter Oh Dong-min (오동민 기자)
    Jang Yeong-joo (장영주)
    Poetry lecture female student 1 (시강좌 여수강생 1)
  • Hong Kyeong-yeon (홍경연)
    Hong Kyeong-yeon (홍경연)
    Poetry lecture female student 2 (시강좌 여수강생 2)
    Kim Yong-ran (김용란)
    Poetry lecture female student 3 (시강좌 여수강생 3)
    Hwang Ja-kyeong (황자경)
    Poetry lecture female student 4 (시강좌 여수강생 4)
    Jeong Eun-kyeong (정은경)
    Poetry lecture female student 5 (시강좌 여수강생 5)
    Jeong Dae-yong (정대용)
    Poetry lecture male student 1 (시강좌 남수강생 1)
    Yoo Min-seok (유민석)
    Poetry lecture male student 2 (시강좌 남수강생 2)
  • Lee Kye-yeong (이계영)
    Lee Kye-yeong (이계영)
    Poetry recitation president (시낭송 회장)
    Park Tae-eon (박태언)
    Poetry recitation host (시낭송 사회자)
    Choi Yong-hyeon (최용현)
    Lee Dong-gyoo (이동규)
    Kwon Hyeok-soo (권혁수)
    Poetry recitation male member 1 (시낭송 남회원 1)
    Sim Eok-soo (심억수)
    Poetry recitation male member 2 (시낭송 남회원 2)
    Jeong Il-taek (정일택)
    Poetry recitation male member 3 (시낭송 남회원 3)
    Lee Ji-eun (이지은)
    Poetry recitation female member 1 (시낭송 여회원 1)
    Jang Hee-soon (장희순)
    Poetry recitation female member 2 (시낭송 여회원 2)
    Hong Min-ah (홍민아)
    Cafe owner (카페주인)
    Jeong Gye-yeong (정계영)
    Poetry recitation worker (시낭송 종업원)
    Kwon Seo-yeong (권서영)
    Poetry recitation voice (시낭송 목소리)
    Hwang Byeong-seung (황병승)
    Poet Hwang Myeong-seung (황명승 시인)
    Hong Jeong-hye (홍정혜)
    Female doctor (여의사)
    Jeong Jae-ho-I (정재호)
    Doctor 1 (의사 1)
  • Kang Eun-jin (강은진)
    Kang Eun-jin (강은진)
    Nurse (간호사)
    Jo Han-gi (조한기)
    Student chief (학생주임)
    Kim Deok-joo (김덕주)
    Hee-jin's female neighbor (희진 이웃여인)
  • Kim Ja-yeong (김자영)
    Kim Ja-yeong (김자영)
    Woman on bus 1 (버스 여자 1)
  • Kim Eun-yeong (김은영)
    Kim Eun-yeong (김은영)
    Woman on bus 2 (버스 여자 2)
    Park -sik (박 용식)
    Priest (신부님)
  • Kim Min-jae (김민재)
    Kim Min-jae (김민재)
    Detective Kim (김 형사)
  • Kim Nam-jin-I (김남진)
    Kim Nam-jin-I (김남진)
    Soo-ok (수옥)
  • Kim Kwan-woo (김관우)
    Kim Kwan-woo (김관우)
    Hee-jin's younger brother (희진 남동생)
    Seon Jeong-yeop (선정엽)
    Kid next to river (강가 아이)
    Sim Jae-oong (심재웅)
    Kid next to river (강가 아이들)
    Cheon Jeong-min (천정민)
    Kid next to river (강가 아이들)
  • Jo Sang-yeon (조상연)
    Jo Sang-yeon (조상연)
    Kid next to river (강가 아이들)
    Jo Se-yong (조세용)
    Kid next to river (강가 아이들)
    Jeon Yeong-chan (전영찬)
    Kid next to river (강가 아이들)
    Yoo Chang-sook (유창숙)
    Village grandma (동네 할머니)
    Heo Yoon-seon (허윤선)
    Culture center female worker (문화원 여직원)
    Yoon Joong-ha (윤중하)
    Jazz dance instructor (째즈댄스 선생님)
  • Park Hyeon-woo (박현우)
    Park Hyeon-woo (박현우)
    Wook's friends (욱 친구들)
    Kim Tae-hee (김태희)
    Wook's friends (욱 친구들)
    Nam Joong-gyoo (남중규)
    Wook's friends (욱 친구들)
    Eom Min-hyeok (엄민혁)
    Wook's friends (욱 친구들)
    Seo Seung-hoon (서승훈)
    Wook's friends (욱 친구들)
    Wook's friends (희진 친구들)
    Sin So-yeong (신소영)
    Hee-jin's friends (희진 친구들)
    Park Yeong-hwa (박영화)
    Hee-jin's friends (희진 친구들)
    No Jeong-ook (노정욱)
    Karaoke room worker (노래방 종업원)
    Lee Seong-yeong (이성영)
    Chinese restaurant deliveryman (중국집 배달원)
    Song Kyeong-ooi (송경의)
    Elder Kang's elder son (강 노인 큰아들)
    Han Jae-woo (한재우)
    Elder Kang's younger son (강 노인 작은아들)
    Jang Hye-jin (장혜진)
    Elder Kang's second daughter-in-law (강 노인 둘째며느리)
    Kim Eo-jin (김어진)
    Elder Kang's grandson (강 노인 손자들)
    Kim Ki-hyeon (김기현)
    Elder Kang's grandson (강 노인 손자들)
    Kim Dong-hyeon (김동현)
    Elder Kang's grandson (강 노인 손자들)
  • Kim Ye-won (김예원)
    Kim Ye-won (김예원)
    Elder Kang's granddaughter (강 노인 손녀)
    Lee Joo-yeon (이주연)
    Woman with hoola hoop (훌라후프 여)
    Kim Joo-ran (김주란)
    Woman with hoola hoop (훌라후프 여)
    Kim So-hee (김소희)
    Hee-jin's double (희진 대역)

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Poetry | Reviews

 Park Jung-bum (박정범)
 Assistant director
 Ahn Gook-jin (안국진)
 Production department
139 min 35mm Cinemascope (2.35)
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Airing dates : 2010/05/13
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As of 2011.01.09 : 220,693 admissions (total)
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As of 2010.08.08 : 220,213 admissions (total)
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As of 2010.06.27 : 210,706 admissions (total)
As of 2010.06.20 : 207,369 admissions (total)
As of 2010.06.13 : 201,509 admissions (total)
As of 2010.06.06 : 188,945 admissions (total)
As of 2010.05.30 : 156,123 admissions (total)
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As of 2010.05.16 : 37,534 admissions (total)

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