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The General's Son (장군의 아들)

장군의 아들 (Jang-goon-eui A-deul)

Directed by Im Kwon-taek (임권택)

Screenplay by , ,

Action Drama

108min | Release date in South Korea :

Kim Doo-han lost his mom at the age of eight and he survives on the streets as a singing beggar. His natural born fighting skills places him on the mean streets of Jongro with the kisaeng house Woomigwan at the center. He is soon recognized for his incredible strength and ability. He finds out through Shin Ma-jeok, the head of a student gang, that he is the son of General Kim Jwa-jin who fought against the Japanese army. Meanwhile, the Yakuzas expand their sphere of influence and try to take over the Jongro streets but Doo-han protects the Korean vendors of Jongro and wins their respect. When the head of Woomigwan, Kim Gi-hwan is arrested, Doo-han becomes the leader of the Jongro gang.


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The General's Son | Cast

  • Park Sang-min (박상민)
    Park Sang-min (박상민)
    Kim Doo-han (김두한)
  • Shin Hyun-joon (신현준)
    Shin Hyun-joon (신현준)
    Hayashi (하야시)
  • Lee Il-jae (이일재)
    Lee Il-jae (이일재)
    Kim Dong-hoi (김동회)
  • Kim Hyung-il (김형일)
    Kim Hyung-il (김형일)
    Sin Ma-jeok, Eom dong-wook (신마적, 엄동욱)
    Min Eung-sik (민응식)
    Kim Gi-hwan (김기환)
  • Kim Seung-woo (김승우)
    Kim Seung-woo (김승우)
    Two swords (쌍칼)
    Son Ho-gyoon (손호균)
  • Kim Hae-gon (김해곤)
    Kim Hae-gon (김해곤)
    Kim Seong-ryong (김성룡)
    Sin Hyeon-bae (신현배)
    Jeon Beom-soo (전범수)
    Park Yeong-cheol (박영철)
    Sin I-hyeon (신이현)
    Lee Hae-ryong (이해룡)
    Umigwan boss, Kim Man-mok (우미관 사장, 김만목)
    Joo Sang-ho (주상호)
  • Yang Taek-jo (양택조)
    Yang Taek-jo (양택조)
    No Pyeong-cheol (노평철)
  • Bang Eun-hee (방은희)
    Bang Eun-hee (방은희)
    Narrator (화자)
    Kim Mi-ran (김미란)
  • Kim Seon-kyeong (김선경)
    Kim Seon-kyeong (김선경)
    Kim Yoon-hee (김윤희)
    Sin Myeong-sook (신명숙)
  • Park Min-hee (박민희)
    Park Min-hee (박민희)
    Lee Hye-joo (이혜주)
    Ahn Yeong-ran (안영란)
    Hwang Geun-chang (황근창)
  • No Seung-jin-I (노승진)
    No Seung-jin-I (노승진)
    Hong An-pyo (홍안표)
    Kim Dong-hoon (김동훈)
    Kim Kyoo-tae (김규태)
    Kim Tae-hee (김태희)
    Ahn Seong-hyeok (안성혁)
    Jeong Min (정민)
    Ha Jae-ho (하재호)
    Hwang Byeong-hoon (황병훈)
    Kim Byeong-chan (김병찬)
    Kim Gwan-gi (김관기)
    Park Gi-seong (박기성)
    Kang Seong-gook (강성국)
    Jeong Sang-gi (정상기)
    Park Yeong-gyo (박영교)
    Jeong Moon-gi (정문기)
    Choi Joon-seok (최준석)
    Kim Seok-hoon (김석훈)
    Oh Do-yeong (오도영)
  • Hwang Jeong-min (황정민)
    Hwang Jeong-min (황정민)
    Umigwan manager (우미관 지배인)
    Go Yeong-ik (고영익)
    Park Min-ho (박민호)
  • Lee Do-ryeon (이도련)
    Lee Do-ryeon (이도련)
    Jang Jeong-gook (장정국)
    Choi Jae-ho (최재호)
  • Lee Seok-goo (이석구)
    Lee Seok-goo (이석구)
    Wang Tae-eon (왕태언)
    Hong Dong-eun (홍동은)
    Park Ye-sook (박예숙)
    Park Jong-seol (박종설)
  • Kim Dong-hyeon-I (김동현)
    Kim Dong-hyeon-I (김동현)
    Lee Hee-seung (이희승)
    Sin Byeong-yoon (신병윤)
    Action performer (액션연기)
    Kim Yeong-mo (김영모)
    Action performer (액션연기)
  • Jeong Doo-hong (정두홍)
    Jeong Doo-hong (정두홍)
    Action performer (액션연기)
    Lee Byeong-ho (이병호)
    Action performer (액션연기)
    Hong Seok-ooi (홍석의)
    Action performer (액션연기)
    Kim Jong-gi (김종기)
    Action performer (액션연기)
    Kim Tae-jong (김태종)
    Action performer (액션연기)
    Lee Hyeong-gil (이형길)
    Action performer (액션연기)
    Park Jong-min (박종민)
    Action performer (액션연기)
    Kim Hyo-jin (김효진)
    Action performer (액션연기)
    Kim Hak-seong (김학성)
    Action performer (액션연기)
    Baek Soon-cheol (백순철)
    Kim Doo-han's voice (uncredited, 김두한 목소리)
    Son Won-il (손원일)
    Kim Doo-han's interpretation friend (uncredited, 김두한의 통역 친구 목소리)

The General's Son | HanCinema Reviews

The General's Son | News

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    Cinema Scope mention's "Memories of Murder" in the decade's Top Ten film, "What's Korean Cinema?" talks about the prolific filmmaker Im Kwon-taek and others, the 5th Beijing International Film Festival announces four Korean films, and a filmmaking workshop for immigrant women starts soon,...More
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    Local drama starts the year out right… The first week of the new year saw JK Youn's "Ode to My Father" retain pole position, making it three weeks in a row for this touching war drama. The film, which depicts modern Korean history through a story of a Korean War refugee and his fragmented family, easily topped the table with 1.6M admissions (42.2%) and so advanced its total tally now to 7M ($54.4M). It survived the Christmas crowds with cheer, and has managed to carrying itself profitably into the New Year,...More
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    The number one movie this week is "Now You See Me",...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "The General's Son"

    Kim Doo-Han is a regular street beggar who's just happy to have any sort of stability. But as an excellent street fighter living in the streets of occupied Seoul, he quickly an essential part of the war to take back the streets from the Japanese. Or, more accurately, to keep the Japanese merchants and gangsters from encroaching any closer than they already are- as many humiliations and indignities as the Koreans have suffered, losing Jongno, the heart of Korea's traditional economic system, is just too much,...More
  • Shin Hyun-joon to marry 12 years younger bride in May

    2013/03/17, Source,
    Movie actor Shin Hyun-joon will be having his wedding on the 26th at The Hyatt in Seoul. His wife-to-be is a Korean American who studied music. Sin debuted in 1990 with the movie "The General's Son",...More
  • [UK] BFI : Im Kwon-taek: Run Far, Fly High

    2012/10/09, Source,
    19 October 2012 - 2 November 2012 Im Kwon-taek, winner of the Best Director prize at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival, as well as the Berlin Bear Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2005 Berlin Film Festival, came from a humble film background as a prop assistant to a lighting assistant. Yet since 1962 he has directed more than 100 films in his native South Korea. Critics contend that after his early films of the 60s and 70s - mainly historical dramas and war movies - Im found his true artistic voice in the 1980s and onward, through his subtly subversive manner of portraying South Korea's urgent and pressing social issues during a time when the country's film industry was highly censored,...More
  • (41) Im Kwon-taek brought Korean tradition to screen

    2012/07/01, Source,
    Director Im Kwon-taek received an honorary Berlin Bear award for his lifetime achievement at the 55th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin in 2005. / Korea Times By Andrew Salmon A master of pansori ― a form of vocal Korean opera ― leads his adopted son and daughter through the backwaters of rural Korea. The troupe scratch an increasingly precarious living as itinerant musicians while their master, refusing to compromise with modernity, strictly trains them in the traditional art which is his only skill and his motive passion. But with the country swept up in massive social upheavals between the 1940s, 50s and 60s, their art form is losing its cachet, relevance and audiences. The son decides to abandon his life as a wandering troubadour and embrace modern music. The father ― believing that suffering is essential to create great art, unwilling to change with the times and desperate to keep his hold on to his adopted daughter, an extraordinary vocal talent ― is driven to commit an act of unforgettable cruelty,...More
  • [HanCinema's Film News] KOFA's YouTube Channel goes Live and Yoon Jung Lee's "Remember O Goddess" crosses the line!

    UPDATE: Earlier this year the Korean Film Archive announced that it had plans to launch a YouTube channel where people could watch classical Korean films online for free. This fantastic initiative has finally come to true as their channel is now live and offers a wide range of films for free viewing. I am also pleased to announce that director Yoon Jung Lee's managed to gather the required funding for the film "Remember O Goddess". The goal of $30,000 was reach (actually surpassed) through the support of some 272 backers from around the world,...More
  • [HanCinema Korea's Diary] Classical Korean Cinema at KOFA: Im Kwon-taek's "Gilsodeum"

    2012/03/17, Source,
    Every month at Korean Film Archive in Seoul Darcy Paquet, a respected Korean film critic and journalist, will be presenting a number of classic Korean films. The first of these was held last weekend and Im Kwon-taek's hidden masterpiece "Gilsodeum" (1985) was screened. After which, Darcy shared some facts on the piece as well as his thoughts on the film, the director and the actors involved. Hancinema was there for the screening and recorded the Q & A session (English and Korean),...More
  • [HanCinema Korea's Diary] Korean Cinephiles Rejoice! Korean Film Channel planned for YouTube

    2012/02/18, Source,
    In case some of you missed it, there was some pretty exciting news that came out from KOFA this past week. The Korean Film Archive, in partnership with Google, will launch a YouTube channel in May that will showcase 70 classic Korean films. This is fantastic news for Korean cinephiles that would not otherwise have access to some of these rare and classic pieces of Korean film literature,...More
  • 'NK defector got divorced for watching S. Korean dramas'

    2012/02/15, Source,
    By Kwon E-youn "A few months ago, I heard the news that if anyone betrays the regime in North Korea, he or she would be executed along with all the three generations of his or her family. I pray for my family's safety". When asked whether he misses his family left in North Korea, a 48-year-old man, identified by his family name Lee from North Hamgyeong Province in the North, who has now settled in the South, dropped tears, without answers. Lee crossed the Tumen River, bordering three states of North Korea, China and Russia, and then came to South Korea via China, Laos and Thailand alone in January 2011,...More
  • [Portrait] Filmmaker Im Kwon-taek: master of mirrors

    2011/10/20, Source,
    Filmmaker Im Kwon-taek drinks a cup of morning coffee during an interview with The Korea Times at a cafe near his home in Suji, Gyeonggi Province on Sept. 28. / Photography by Jesse Chun for The Korea Times At 75, the filmmaker continues to explore new ground. "I don't lie in my movies... I simply try to capture what we feel in our everyday lives". This is the second in a series of interviews with international pioneers among Korean artists, to mark the 61st anniversary of The Korea Times that falls on Nov. 1, and is sponsored by The Korea Press Foundation. ― ED. By Lee Hyo-won SUJI, Gyeonggi Province/BUSAN - It took an extra second to confirm the interview venue with Im Kwon-taek. The filmmaker used "dabang", an outdated word for coffee shop rarely heard outside of retro movies. While the 75-year-old may not care to update his parlance, he never fails to create new audiovisual languages onscreen. His extensive filmography spells out disparate themes and styles, but his movies share a common tongue in that, like mirrors, they honestly translate all the beauty, grit, joy and sorrow of life. And for this they speak across borders and generations,...More
  • Watch Korean retro gangster films online

    2011/06/06, Source,
    Choi Min-soo in the 1995 film "The Terrorist" By Yun Suh-young The Korean Film Archive is showing nine Korean gangster movies for free online ( until the end of June. The video-on-demand service, which began June 1, introduces Korean gangster movies that represent different time periods in Korean history from the 1960s to the 1990s,...More
  • Actor Sues Wife's Lawyer for Defamation

    2010/05/05, Source,
    Park Sang-min, perhaps best known for starring in the 1990 film ",...More
  • Actor Shin Accused of Assaulting Manager

    2009/09/24, Source,
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    The manager of movie actor Shin Hyun-joon filed a complaint with the police against the 41-year-old for a,...
  • Martial Arts Director Jeong Doo-hong

    2009/01/20, Source,
    Jeong Doo-hong is in high demand both for TV dramas and the silver screen. He is indispensable to action filmmaking. He directs the most tout,...More
  • Fourth Installment to Shoot

    2008/12/11, Source,
    Sixteen years after Im Kwon-taek directed the third installment in his successful ",...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] A Classic film returns!

    2008/12/07, Source,
    It's returning after 16 years! The classic film, "General's Son" will have its 4th sequel "The General's Son Kim Doo-han". Director Im Kwon-taek has filmed the movie series from 1990 until 1992. And the fourth series is coming up after 16 years, now! More information on this film is coming soon!,...More
  • Great filmmaker Im to get French Legion of Honor

    2007/11/29, Source,
    Korea's top filmmaker Im Kwon-taek will receive the Order of the Legion of Honor from the French government on Friday, in recognition of his de,...More
  • Hit movies revisit audiences as musicals
    2007/06/18, Source,
    Creating a new catch phrase "moviecal boom" in the country's entertainment industry, a number of musicals based on hit movies will be staged in the coming months. Smash-hit Korean movies, including "200 Pounds Beauty",,...More
  • Director Ryoo Is Sole Presence at Venice

    2006/09/05, Source,
    By Paolo Bertolin
    Contributing Writer

    VENICE, Italy . Ryoo Seung-wan's ",...
  • Jeong Doo-hong, best martial arts movie director in Korea
    2006/06/14, Source,
    One person is drawing extraordinary attention in the Korean movie industry these days. He is an indispensable figure in action films. The man in focus is director Jeong Doo-hong, who is considered the best martial arts director in Korea.
  • Shin Hyun-joon Redeems Himself in Another Intense Part
    2006/04/25, Source,
    "Public duty" and "faith" are keywords in an interview with the actor Shin Hyun-joon ahead of the release of his film "Barefoot Ki-bong". The actor's mother reportedly prays,...More

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    The General's Son
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 Kim Yong-ok (김용옥)
 Original work
 Park Soon-deok (박순덕)
 Park Kok-ji (박곡지)
 Editing department
 Kim Ui-suk (김의석 )
 Directing department
 Im Sang-soo (임상수)
 Directing department
108 min 35mm Panoramic (1.85)
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Release date in South Korea : 1990/06/09
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2015.01.04 : 952  admissions (total)

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The General's Son (장군의 아들)

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