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The Servant (방자전)

방자전 (Bang-ja-jeon)

Directed by Kim Dae-woo (김대우)

Screenplay by

Drama Historical

124min | Release date in South Korea :

Formerly known as "Bang-ja Chronicles"
Bang-ja bumps into the noble Mong-lyong. When Mong-lyong decides to take him under his wing, Bang-ja gets to share a room with the wise, MA. While sharing the room, MA teaches Bang-ja of all the arts of seduction. When strolling the park one day, Mong-lyong meets Chun-hyang, the daughter of the owner of the park, and he instantly falls in love and encourages Bang-ja to arrange a meeting with her. But Bang-jas feeling for her was also the same and he seeks advice from Ma. Ma tells him of Chun-hyangs real intention to win over Mong-lyong for his social status. Without knowing, Mong-lyong urges for a second meeting with Chun-hyang. Bang-jas anger towards Mong-lyong for using his nobility to attract her heart triggers his plan to use Mas art of seduction. Successfully he wins her heart and body, but under the condition that he will help her to get married to Mong-lyong. Everything seems to go as planned but when Mong-lyong finds out their relationship, whole thing is about to go wrong.
"Bang-ja Chronicles" (BANGJAJEON) is a motion picture twist to Chunhyangjeon, a classic Korean romance novel. In this new film, Kim changes its plot - in the original novel, it's a love story of Mongryong and Chunhyang, but in the film, Bangja, Mongryong's servant, joins in to make it a love triangle.

Kim Joo-hyeok plays Bangja, Ryoo Seung-beom as Mongryong and Jo Yeo-jeong as Chunhyang. The film opens on June 3.

The original novel has been adapted into movies several times, most notably as SEONG CHUNHYANG in 1961 by Shin Sang-ok. Starring Choi Eun-hee and Kim Jin-gyu as Chunhyang and Mongryong, respectively, it was one of the first full color-cinemascope Korean films. Veteran director Im Kwon-taek also made his own adaptation CHUNHYANG in 2000, starring Jo Seung-woo and Lee Hyo-jeong.


The Servant | Cast

  • Kim Joo-hyeok (김주혁)
    Kim Joo-hyeok (김주혁)
    Bang-ja (방자)
  • Ryoo Seung-beom (류승범)
    Ryoo Seung-beom (류승범)
    Lee Mong-ryong (이몽룡)
  • Jo Yeo-jeong (조여정)
    Jo Yeo-jeong (조여정)
    Choon-hyang (춘향)
  • Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong (류현경)
    Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong (류현경)
    Hyang Dan-i (향단이)
  • Oh Dal-soo (오달수)
    Oh Dal-soo (오달수)
    Elder Ma (마노인)
  • Song Sae-byeok (송새벽)
    Song Sae-byeok (송새벽)
    Scholar Byeon (변학도)
  • Oh Jeong-se (오정세)
    Oh Jeong-se (오정세)
    Ho-bang (호방)
  • Kong Hyeong-jin (공형진)
    Kong Hyeong-jin (공형진)
    Colored glasses (색안경)
  • Kim Seong-ryeong (김성령)
    Kim Seong-ryeong (김성령)
    Wol-mae (월매)
  • Jeong Yang (정양)
    Jeong Yang (정양)
    Wol-mae's young sister, 월래 (월매의 동생, 월래)
  • Choi Moo-seong (최무성)
    Choi Moo-seong (최무성)
    Gwang-cheon (광천)
  • Moon Won-joo (문원주)
    Moon Won-joo (문원주)
    Mal-ho (말호)
  • Jeong Da-hye-I (정다혜)
    Jeong Da-hye-I (정다혜)
    Potato maid (감자 하녀)
  • Park Jin-taek (박진택)
    Park Jin-taek (박진택)
    Eunuch (내시)
  • Kim Min-gyo (김민교)
    Kim Min-gyo (김민교)
    Eunuch (내시)
  • Jo Han-cheol (조한철)
    Jo Han-cheol (조한철)
    Official Cham (참 관리)
  • Kim Seon-young (김선영)
    Kim Seon-young (김선영)
    Singing entertainer (청풍각 기수기생)
  • Yoon Joo-yeong (윤주영)
    Yoon Joo-yeong (윤주영)
    Singing entertainer, Cho-wol (청풍각 기생, 초월)
  • Lee Hyeon-ji-I (이현지)
    Lee Hyeon-ji-I (이현지)
    Singing entertainer, Myeong-wol (청풍각 기생, 명월)
  • Song Ji-in (송지인)
    Song Ji-in (송지인)
    Singing entertainer, Wol-hyang (청풍각 기생, 월향)
  • Han Soo-ah (한수아)
    Han Soo-ah (한수아)
    Singing entertainer, Maeng-hyang (청풍각 기생, 매향)
    Park Na-eun (박나은)
    Singing entertainer, Ok-seob (청풍각 기생, 옥섭)
    Heo Jeong-eun (허정은)
    Singing maid (청풍각 하녀)
    Choi Seong-il (최성일)
    Singing male servant (청풍각 남자 하인)
  • Park Il-mok (박일목)
    Park Il-mok (박일목)
    Official (육방아전)
    Eom Ji-yong (엄지용)
    Official (육방아전)
  • Hong Seong-beom (홍성범)
    Hong Seong-beom (홍성범)
    Official (육방아전)
    Park Yong-won (박용원)
    Official (육방아전)
    Park Dae-hee (박대희)
    Official (육방아전)
    Han Sang-joon (한상준)
    Street gang/Bang-ja's double (말호 패거리/방자 대역)
    Lee Gyoo-seop (이규섭)
    Street gang (말호 패거리)
    Kim Hyeong-seok (김형석)
    Street gang/Lord Lee's servant (말호 패거리/이대감집 하인)
  • Yoo Il-han-I (유일한)
    Yoo Il-han-I (유일한)
    Street gang (말호 패거리)
    Kim Yang-seong (김양성)
    Street gang (말호 패거리)
  • Seo Wang-seok (서왕석)
    Seo Wang-seok (서왕석)
    Body (덩치)
    Jeon Sang-bae (전상배)
    Body (덩치)
  • Eom Tae-goo (엄태구)
    Eom Tae-goo (엄태구)
    Man next to Mong-ryong (몽룡 옆 남자)
    Jo Seung-min (조승민)
    Mong-ryong's friend (몽룡 친구)
    Kim Gyoo-hwan (김규환)
    Mong-ryong's friend (몽룡 친구)
    Jeong Min-hyeok (정민혁)
    Mong-ryong's friend (몽룡 친구)
    Jo Chang-hyeon (조창현)
    Follower (급제자)
    Lee Jeong-soo (이정수)
    Follower/Lord Lee's maid (급제자/이대감집 하녀)
  • Lee Min-woong (이민웅)
    Lee Min-woong (이민웅)
    Follower/Lord Lee's maid (급제자/이대감집 하녀)
    Ryoo Je-seung (류제승)
    Follower/Lord Lee's maid (급제자/이대감집 하녀)
    Jo Yong-jae (조용재)
    Jailer (옥리)
    Lee Jin-woon (이진운)
    Jailer (옥리)
    Yoo Hyeon-sang (유현상)
    Executioner (형리)
    Jo Myeong-haeng (조명행)
    Executioner (형리)
    Kim Tak-ho (김탁호)
    Butcher (백정)
    Lee Je-hoon (이제훈)
    Maker of traditional dress (한복장이)
    Jeon Se-ha (전세하)
    Maker of traditional dress (한복장이)
    Jeong Gwang-jae (정광재)
    Rice store accountant (싸전회계)
    Sim Sae-in (심새인)
    Dance teacher (춤선생)
    Lee Sang-yoon (이상윤)
    Professional (고수)
    Kim Byeong-seon (김병선)
    Police near royal palace (궁궐 주변 포졸)
    Lee Min-goo (이민구)
    Dong-heon's servant (동헌 하인)
    Song Seul-gi (송슬기)
    Mong-ryong's party entertainer (몽룡 연회 기생)
  • Lee Chae-eun (이채은)
    Lee Chae-eun (이채은)
    Mong-ryong's party entertainer (몽룡 연회 기생)
    Lee Ji-seon (이지선)
    Kayageum player (가야금)
    Park Yoon-kyeong (박윤경)
    Kayageum player (가야금)
    Woo Hyeon-kyeong (우현경)
    Kayageum player (가야금)
    Park Eun-hye (박은혜)
    Geomungo player (거문고)
    Kim Min-jeong (김민정)
    Haegeum player (해금)
    Kim Ri-hyeon (김리현)
    Haegeum player (해금)
    Kang Hee-jin (강희진)
    Drummer (장구)
    Lee Mi-rim (이미림)
    Dancer (무용수)
    Yoo Eun-ah (유은아)
    Dancer (무용수)
    Kim Yeon-hee (김연희)
    Dancer (무용수)
    Yang Si-eun (양시은)
    Dancer (무용수)
    Kim Jae-ho (김재호)
    Lord Lee (이 대감)
  • Geum Dong-hyeon (금동현)
    Geum Dong-hyeon (금동현)
    Farm supervisor (마름)
  • Kwon Oh-jin (권오진)
    Kwon Oh-jin (권오진)
    Lumberjack (나뭇꾼)
  • Oh Jae-gyoon (오재균)
    Oh Jae-gyoon (오재균)
    Lumberjack (나뭇꾼)
    Choi Gyo-sik (최교식)
    Medical doctor (의원)
  • Yoon Sang-hwa (윤상화)
    Yoon Sang-hwa (윤상화)
    Right-hand maid (오른편 몸종)
    Yeon Bo-ra (연보라)
    Ringleader (주모)
    Nam Jin-bok (남진복)
    Lord Lee's servant (이대감집 하인)
    Park So-jeong (박소정)
    Lord Lee's maid (이대감집 하녀)
    Kim E-nok (김에녹)
    Broad-minded maid (호방 몸종)
    Han Sang-goo (한상구)
    Maid (몸종 상구)
  • Kim Jin-ho (김진호)
    Kim Jin-ho (김진호)
    Mong-ryong's double (몽룡 대역)
    Park Yeong-mi (박영미)
    Choon-hyang's double (춘향 대역)
    Shim San (심산)
    Trader (장사치) - Cameo

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The Servant | Reviews

The Servant | Facts

 Produced by
 Lim Seung-yong (임승용)
CJ Entertainment (CJ Entertainment)
 Kim Jeong-hwan-I (김정환)
 Production department
 Jo Seong-geol (조성걸)
 Production department
 Lim Seung-yong (임승용)
 Production department
 Kim Jae-beom (김재범)
 Editing department
124 min 35mm Cinemascope (2.35)
Web site
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2010/06/03
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2010.09.12 : 3,013,760 admissions (total)
As of 2010.08.01 : 3,012,401 admissions (total)
As of 2010.07.25 : 3,010,967 admissions (total)
As of 2010.07.18 : 3,003,471 admissions (total)
As of 2010.07.11 : 2,967,741 admissions (total)
As of 2010.07.04 : 2,856,751 admissions (total)
As of 2010.06.27 : 2,614,963 admissions (total)
As of 2010.06.20 : 2,258,885 admissions (total)
As of 2010.06.13 : 1,677,854 admissions (total)
As of 2010.06.06 : 885,394 admissions (total)
As of 2010.05.30 : 3,893 admissions (total)

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The Servant (방자전)

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