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The Sword with No Name (불꽃처럼 나비처럼)

불꽃처럼 나비처럼 (Bool-kkott-cheo-reom Na-bi-cheo-reom)

Directed by Kim Yong-gyun (김용균)

Screenplay by

Action Melodrama Romance

124min | Release date in South Korea :

Alternative title : "Like Fireworks, like Butterflies"
Moo-myoung is a Joseon dynasty headhunter who tracks down fugitives and lives off their rewards. On one of his missions, he encounters a beautiful noble lady, Ja-young, and falls in love with her. A few years later, Ja-young enters the royal palace as the next queen of Joseon. Lovesick Moo-myoung becomes the personal guard to the queen in order to be closer to Ja-young. After attaining the title of queen, Ja-young tries to modernize the dynasty by allying with foreign nations but becomes turmoiled into a political power struggle. Moo-myoung must fend off devastating threats from the foreign army in order to protect Ja-young from harm.


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The Sword with No Name | Cast

  • Cho Seung-woo (조승우)
    Cho Seung-woo (조승우)
    Moo-myeong, escort warrior (호위무사 무명)
  • Soo Ae (수애)
    Soo Ae (수애)
    Empress Myeong-seong (명성황후)
  • Chun Ho-jin (천호진)
    Chun Ho-jin (천호진)
    King's father, Dae Won-gun (대원군)
  • Choi Jae-woong (최재웅)
    Choi Jae-woong (최재웅)
    Noe-jeon (뇌전)
  • Kim Young-min (김영민)
    Kim Young-min (김영민)
    Go-jong (고종)
  • Park Min-hee (박민희)
    Park Min-hee (박민희)
    Mi Woo-ra (미우라)
  • Go Soo-hee (고수희)
    Go Soo-hee (고수희)
    So-hee (소희)
    Song Hee-yeon (송희연)
    Dae-doo (대두)
  • Lee Yong-nyeo (이용녀)
    Lee Yong-nyeo (이용녀)
    Court lady Choi (최 상궁)
    Yoon Yeong-bae (윤영배)
    Min Yeong-ik (민영익)
  • Bong Man-dae (봉만대)
    Bong Man-dae (봉만대)
    Lee Saeng-won/Ji Kyeong-chool (이생원/지경출)
  • Lee Joo-sil (이주실)
    Lee Joo-sil (이주실)
    Ja-yeong's mother (자영 모)
    Kim So-hee (김소희)
    Moo-myeong's mother (무명 모)
    Lee Joon-myeong (이준명)
    Young Moo-myeong (어린 무명)
  • Kil Geum-seong (길금성)
    Kil Geum-seong (길금성)
    Noe-jeon's confidant 1 (뇌전 심복 1)
  • Lee Moo-saeng (이무생)
    Lee Moo-saeng (이무생)
    Noe-jeon's confidant 2 (뇌전 심복 2)
    Kwak Yeong-jae (곽영재)
    Noe-jeon's confidant 3 (뇌전 심복 3)
  • Lee Hee-jeong (이희정)
    Lee Hee-jeong (이희정)
    Noe-jeon's confidant 4 (뇌전 심복 4)
    Kang Sin-jong (강신종)
    Noe-jeon's confidant 5 (뇌전 심복 5)
    Seo Seung-in (서승인)
    Noe-jeon's confidant 6 (뇌전 심복 6)
  • Yeo Moo-yeong (여무영)
    Yeo Moo-yeong (여무영)
    Prime minister (영의정)
    Son Seon-geun (손선근)
    Minister of parliament (좌의정)
  • Joo Seong-hwan (주성환)
    Joo Seong-hwan (주성환)
    Minister of parliament (우의정)
  • Shin Cheol-jin (신철진)
    Shin Cheol-jin (신철진)
    Ko-jong's eunuch 1 (고종 환관 1)
  • Song Jeong-woo (송정우)
    Song Jeong-woo (송정우)
    Ko-jong's eunuch 2 (고종 환관 2)
  • Baek Jae-jin (백재진)
    Baek Jae-jin (백재진)
    King's father's commander (대원군 장수)
    Lee Nak-joon (이낙준)
    Ko-jong's commander (고종 친위대 장수)
  • Choi Gwang-deok (최광덕)
    Choi Gwang-deok (최광덕)
    Min Seung-ho (민승호)
    Jeong Woon-seon (정운선)
    Ja-yeong's waiting lady, Lady attendant 1 (자영 몸종, 지밀 나인 1)
    Lee Seul-gi (이슬기)
    Lady attendant 2 (지밀 나인 2)
    Nam Hyeon-jeong (남현정)
    Lady attendant 3 (지밀 나인 3)
  • Kim Sun-hwa (김선화)
    Kim Sun-hwa (김선화)
    Court lady 1 ( 간택 상궁 1)
    Kang Hyo-jeong (강효정)
    Court lady 2 (간택 상궁 2)
  • Lee Hong (이홍)
    Lee Hong (이홍)
    Court lady 1 (상궁 1)
    Jeong Boo-geum (정부금)
    Court lady 2 (상궁 2)
  • Park Moo-yeong (박무영)
    Park Moo-yeong (박무영)
    Court lady 3 (상궁 3)
    Kim Yeong-eun (김영은)
    Court lady 4 (상궁 4)
  • Kim Mi-hee-I (김미희)
    Kim Mi-hee-I (김미희)
    Assassinator court lady (자객 나인)
    Kim Soo-kyeong (김수경)
    Court lady in library (서재 나인)
    Yeom Ji-hye (염지혜)
    Ko-jong's concubine 1 (고종 후궁 1)
    Seo Ji-mi (서지미)
    Ko-jong's concubine 2 (고종 후궁 2)
    Kim Tae-ryang (김태량)
    Ko-jong's concubine 3 (고종 후궁 3)
    Kim Hyeon-ah (김현아)
    Ko-jong's concubine 4 (고종 후궁 4)
    Hwang Jeong-seo (황정서)
    Ko-jong's concubine 5 (고종 후궁 5)
    Han Seo-jeong (한서정)
    Ko-jong's concubine 6 (고종 후궁 6)
  • Yoon Yeong-geol (윤영걸)
    Yoon Yeong-geol (윤영걸)
    Dae Won-gun's follower 1 (대원군 부하 1)
    Jo Won-gang (조원강)
    Dae Won-gun's follower 2 (대원군 부하 2)
  • Ko Hee-gi (고희기)
    Ko Hee-gi (고희기)
    Dae Won-gun's follower 3 (대원군 부하 3)
    Heo In-goo (허인구)
    Ko-jong's follower (고종 친위대 부하)
  • Choi Jae-sup (최재섭)
    Choi Jae-sup (최재섭)
    Joseon's Japanese authority (조선 일어관)
  • Jeon Heon-tae (전헌태)
    Jeon Heon-tae (전헌태)
    Defense officer (서대문 경비군관)
    Ham Geon-soo (함건수)
    Oppressing officer (무명모 박해군관)
    Kim Gi-hwan (김기환)
    Oppressing officer (무명모 박해군사)
    Kim Myeong-doo (김명두)
    Isabel House defense officer (이사벨집 경비군관)
  • Jeong I-gyeol (정이결)
    Jeong I-gyeol (정이결)
    Mi-sa bride's bodyguard 1 (미사 신부 호위무사 1)
    Kim Jeong-il (김정일)
    Mi-sa bride's bodyguard 2 (미사 신부 호위무사 2)
    Jeon Moon-sik (전문식)
    Suzuki (스즈끼)
  • Jeong Jong-yeol (정종열)
    Jeong Jong-yeol (정종열)
    Japanese authority (일본 일어관)
  • Jo Ha-suk (조하석)
    Jo Ha-suk (조하석)
    Wandering man 1 (낭인 1)
    Cheon Myeong-jae (천명재)
    Wandering man 2 (낭인 2)
    Kim Kang-il (김강일)
    Wandering man 3 (낭인 3)
  • Lee Seol-goo (이설구)
    Lee Seol-goo (이설구)
    Wandering man 4 (낭인 4)
  • Hiromitsu Takeda (武田裕光)
    Hiromitsu Takeda (武田裕光)
    Wandering man 5 (낭인 5)
    Kenichi Yoshimura (요시무라 켄이치)
    Japanese army officer 1 (일본군 장교 1)
  • Song Chang-gon (송창곤)
    Song Chang-gon (송창곤)
    Japanese army officer 2 (일본군 장교 2)
  • Choi Seung-il (최승일)
    Choi Seung-il (최승일)
    Japanese army officer 3 (일본군 장교 3)
    Kim Jeong-seop (김정섭)
    Japanese army officer 4 (일본군 장교 4)
    Im Ho (임호)
    Japanese soldier (일본군)
  • Yoon Sul-hee (윤설희)
    Yoon Sul-hee (윤설희)
    Kimono waitress (기모노 여급)
  • Choi Jong-ryeol (최종률)
    Choi Jong-ryeol (최종률)
    Old servant (자영 늙은 하인)
  • Yoon Joo-hee (윤주희)
    Yoon Joo-hee (윤주희)
    Woman Kan-taek (간택녀)
    Lee Dae-hyeon (이대현)
    Woman Kan-taek's husband ( 간택녀 세도 양반)
    Park Jong-sang (박종상)
    Citizen 1 (백성 1)
    Ha Soo-yeon (하수연)
    Citizen 2 (백성 2)
  • Ahn Jang-hoon (안장훈)
    Ahn Jang-hoon (안장훈)
    Citizen 3 (백성 3)
    Ahn Soo-ho (안수호)
    Citizen 3 (백성 3)
  • Yoo Ok-joo (유옥주)
    Yoo Ok-joo (유옥주)
    Citizen 4 (백성 4)
    Kim Seong-yeon (김성연)
    Citizen 5 (백성 5)
    Jeong Beom-mo (정범모)
    Citizen 6 (백성 6)
  • No Eung-soo (노응수)
    No Eung-soo (노응수)
    Citizen 7 (백성 7)
  • Lee Seung-won-II (이승원)
    Lee Seung-won-II (이승원)
    Citizen 8 (백성 8)
  • Sin Hyeon-seung (신현승)
    Sin Hyeon-seung (신현승)
    Marrying bachelor (결혼 총각)
    Jeong In-hee (정인희)
    Marrying maid (결혼 처녀)
    Lee Tae-ho (이태호)
    Man with cross (십자가남)
    Kim Soo-jeong (김수정)
    Dae Won-gun's young bridge (대원군 동첩)
  • Park Tae-kyung (박태경)
    Park Tae-kyung (박태경)
    Monk 1 (스님 1)
    Monk Hae-song (해송 스님)
    Monk 2 (스님 2)
    Lee Seok-joo (이석주)
    Young monk (동자승)
    Seong Sang-yoon (성상윤)
    Library worker 1 (서재 일꾼 1)
    Ahn Hyeon-min (안현민)
    Library worker 2 (서재 일꾼 2)
  • Kim Hyun-jeong (김현정)
    Kim Hyun-jeong (김현정)
    Nobility wife 1 (사대부 부인 1)
    Park So-hyeon (박소현)
    Nobility wife 2 (사대부 부인 2)
    Heo Seo-yeong (허서영)
    Nobility child 1 (사대부 아이 1)
    Kwon Ga-eun (권가은)
    Nobility child 2 (사대부 아이 2)
    Hong Joon-sang (홍준상)
    Nobility child 3 (사대부 아이 3)
    Hong Joon-yeong (홍준영)
    Nobility child 4 (사대부 아이 4)
    Kim Ji-na (김지나)
    Min Seung-ho's girl servant (민승호 계집종)
    Song I-sak (송이삭)
    Child at Gwanghwamun (광화문 아이)
  • Ki Se-hyung (기세형)
    Ki Se-hyung (기세형)
    Bae Sang-pil (배상필)
    August's interpreter (오귀스트 통역관)
    Kneafsey James Michael
    August (오귀스트)
    Laforet Steven Douglas
    Mi-sa bride (미사 신부)
    Taylor Jason Patrick
    Underwood (언더우드)
    Kulik Nadezda
    Government official's wife (공사 부인)
    Aybatulina Irina
    Government official's wife (공사 부인)
    Shalneva Tatyana
    Government official's wife (공사 부인)
    Oneill Lisa Mary
    Government official's wife (공사 부인)
    Mishchenko Tatiana
    Government official's wife (공사 부인)
    Bogdanova Irina
    Government official's wife (공사 부인)
    Avdeeva Alina
    Government official's wife (공사 부인)
    Belakova Evgeniya
    Government official's wife (공사 부인)
    Henny Young (헨리 영)
    Government official (공사)
    Robert James (로버트 제임스)
    Government official (공사)
    Rinaldo Francesco Claudio
    Government official (공사)
    Missyuris Iakov
    Government official (공사)
    Mars Simon Jacob
    Government official (공사)
    Mishler Theodore Andrew
    Government official (공사)
    Warren Christorher Aaron
    Government official (공사)
    Wilson Richard Lle-wellyn
    Government official (공사)
    Prela Mateo
    Government official (공사)
    Dukelskyy Leonid
    Male missionary at inn (주막선교사 남)
    Jeong Danielle Ren-ee
    Female missionary at inn (주막선교사 여)
    Lazebnik Oxana
    Innkeeper (주막귀부인)
    Kevin Were
    August's worker (오귀스트 직원)
  • Seo Jin-won-II (서진원)
    Seo Jin-won-II (서진원)
    Honda (혼다) - Cameo
    Kang Bong-joon (강봉준)
    Literary man (전기점화식 문필가) - Cameo
  • Lee Sang-hoon-I (이상훈)
    Lee Sang-hoon-I (이상훈)
    Councilor (고문관) - Cameo
  • Wi Ji-woong (위지웅)
    Wi Ji-woong (위지웅)
    Japanese swordsman (일본 검객)
  • Jang Chang-myung (장창명)
    Jang Chang-myung (장창명)

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 Produced by
 Park Min-hee (박민희)
Sidus FHN (싸이더스FHN)
Showbox (쇼박스)
International sales
Showbox (쇼박스)
 Kim Yang-hee (김양희)
 Directing department
 Kim Yeong-in-I (김영인)
 Kim Myeong-joon (김명준)
 Kim Jae-beom (김재범)
 Kim Sang-beom (김상범)
 Kim Tae-hwan-I (김태환)
 Martial arts team
 Kim Myeong-joon (김명준)
 Kim Joon-seok (김준석)
 Music department
 Lee Jeon-ho (이전호)
 Poster designer
124 min 35mm Panoramic (1.85)
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Airing dates : 2009/09/24
South Korean Box Office
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As of 2009.11.08 : 1,681,640 admissions (total)
As of 2009.11.01 : 1,678,195 admissions (total)
As of 2009.10.25 : 1,659,864 admissions (total)
As of 2009.10.18 : 1,585,754 admissions (total)
As of 2009.10.11 : 1,412,151 admissions (total)
As of 2009.10.04 : 1,079,060 admissions (total)
As of 2009.09.27 : 449,505 admissions (total)
As of 2009.09.20 : 7,868 admissions (total)

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The Sword with No Name (불꽃처럼 나비처럼)

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