'Coin Locker Girl' Kim Hye-soo and Kim Go-eun: what a fatal combination

"Coin Locker Girl" main preview trailer has been released.

Movie "Coin Locker Girl" has released their first main preview trailer featuring the fatal story of the two women, Kim Hye-soo and Kim Go-eun.

Whilst the film industry has revolved around male characters mainly, the film starring two actresses as the leads is drawing much attention.

The released trailer shows Il-yeong (Kim Go-eun)'s survival story, who was abandoned in the number ten locker in a subway station right after she was born and then finds a new mom, a boss in China Town and sustains her life with her family members, with whom she has not shared a drop of blood. Il-yeong grows up as the most trusted child in the China Town where only those useful ones survive.

However, Il-yeong gets to experience warmhearted kindness when she meets a debtor's son Seok-hyeon (Park Bo-gum) and becomes aware of the world beyond China Town. And she lies to her mother for the first time in her life. Mother has noticed the subtle changes in Il-yeong and gives her an extremely dangerous task. And the fate of the two is forced to charge into the unexpected direction.

As implied in the caption, "I've decided to survive no matter what", it is drawing attention from moviegoers, raising the level of expectation as to whether or not Il-yeong could dream of a different world.

"Coin Locker Girl" depicts the survival rules by the people who have been living in their own ways in China Town where only those useful ones survive. The movie will be released on April 30th.