'The Dooman River' wins jury prize at Paris Cinema

South Korean French co-production "The Dooman River" took home the special jury prize at the Paris Cinema International Film Festival (July 3 13). Directed by Korean-Chinese auteur Zhang Lu, the film received a Special Mention earlier this year in the Generation section of the 2010 Berlin Int'l Film Festival.

The film is a joint production between South Korea-based Lu Films run by ZHANG and LEE Jeong-jin-I, and producer Guillaume de Seille of France-based Arizona Films. It was supported by the Korean Film Council 's Art Film Production Support program. ZHANG has made a number of award-winning and festival selected films including "Grain in Ear" (2006), "Desert Dream" (2007), and "Iri. (2009).

"The Dooman River" is the second film to be made under the four year old Korean/French Co-Production Treaty, following Ounie Lecomte's "A Brand New Life" (2009).

"The Dooman River" is set in the community around the Dooman River, the boundary line dividing the poor of China and the starving of North Korea where trafficking and illegal border crossing is common. The film centers on two teenagers - Chinese born Korean Chang-ho and a recently escaped North Korean refugee. His sister and his grandfather also come to know Chang-ho's new friend, but then become subject to resulting misfortunes.
French distribution and international sales are handled by Arizona Films.

Nigel D'Sa and David Oxenbridge