'Twenty Again' newly released poster with Choi Ji-woo's youthful and fresh image

In the official poster of "Twenty Again", Choi Ji-woo's perfect transformation as a freshman, Ha No-ra in admission class of '15, who is in her second 20s, is drawing attention.


The fresh and cheerful catchphrase, "Hiya~ I'm Ha No-ra in admission class of '15!" and Choi Ji-woo's bright fresh smile as she is lying down on the green grass raises the anticipation level on the drama.

A group poster with the catchphrase, 'Beautiful 20s we met again', featuring the five main actors, who will lead the drama, "Twenty Again" has been unveiled as well. In the group poster, the five actors Choi Ji-woo, Lee Sang-yoon (Cha Hyeon-seok), Choi Won-young (Kim Woo-cheol), Son Na-eun (Oh Hye-mi), and Kim Min-jae-I (Kim Min-soo) are smiling brightly lying down on the grass.

Choi Ji-woo resting her head on her first love, Lee Sang-yoon's knees creates the sweet vibe between the two. Son Na-eun and Kim Min-jae-I, who appear as a campus couple in the drama, are holding hands tight showing off their lovely and cute chemistry.

tvN's second project of respond-to-youth series, "Twenty Again" will begin on August 29th after the completion of 'Oh My Ghostess'.

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