135 Mil. Viewers Watch Films in 2005

A survey estimates that a total of 135 million viewers watched films in 2005.

According to the "Analysis of the 2005 Film Market" released by IM Pictures on Jan. 4, a total of 308 films attracted 5 million more viewers in 2005 than in the previous year, with domestic films drawing an estimated 80 million viewers. About 46.7 million moviegoers are estimated to have watched films in Seoul alone.

This shows a mere 1.8 percent yearly increase--sluggish growth in contrast to an annual average growth rate of 7 to 30 percent in the film industry since 2000.

A total of 87 domestic films were screened, grabbing a market share of 54.9 percent, a little lower than the 55.2 percent in 2004.

The first half of the year saw a 9.4 percent drop in the number of viewers year-on-year due to poor performance at the box-office. But in the second half, the movie market maintained an overall growth trend due to the good performance of the films "Welcome to Dongmakgol," "Marrying the Mafia II," "The Island," and "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."