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1st Blue Dragon Series Awards 2022 Winners

Winners of the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards 2022 hold at Paradise City in Incheon on July 19, 2022 hosted by Yoona and Jun Hyun-moo

Best Drama


"Through the Darkness"
"Yumi's Cells"
"Squid Game"
"Political Fever"


Best Actress

Kim Go-eun - "Yumi's Cells"

Kim Hye-soo - "Juvenile Justice"
Oh Yeon-seo - "Mad for Each Other"
Kim Sung-ryung - "Political Fever"
Han Hyo-joo - "Happiness - Drama"


Best Actor

Lee Jung-jae - "Squid Game"

Jung Hae-in - "D.P"
Lee Je-hoon - "Move to Heaven"
Kim Nam-gil - "Through the Darkness"
Im Si-wan - "Tracer"


Best Supporting Actress

Kim Shin-rok - "Hellbound"

Lee Jung-eun - "Juvenile Justice"
Keum Sae-rok - "Youth of May"
Kim Joo-ryoung - "Squid Game"
Bae Hae-sun - "Happiness - Drama"


Best Supporting Actor

Lee Hak-joo - "Political Fever"

Son Sukku - "D.P"
Ahn Bo-hyun - "My Name"
Yang Kyung-won - "One Ordinary Day"
Park Hae-soo - "Squid Game"



Best New Actress

Jung Ho-yeon - "Squid Game"

Han So-hee - "My Name"
Won Ji-an - "Hope or Dope"
Park Ji-hu - "All of Us Are Dead"
Cho Yi-hyun - "All of Us Are Dead"


Best New Actor

Koo Kyo-hwan - "D.P"

Kang Daniel - "Rookie Cops"
Chang Ryul - "My Name"
Park Seo-ham · Park Jae-chan - "Semantic Error"
Lee Do-hyun - "Youth of May"


Popularity Award

Jung Hae-in

Han Hyo-joo

Kang Daniel

Lee Yong-jin-I

Park Seo-ham

Park Jae-chan


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