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31st Buil Film Awards 2022 Winners

Winners for the 31st Buil Film Awards 2022. The ceremony was held on October 6, 2022 in Busanand hosted by Choi Soo-young and Kim Nam-gil.


Best Film

"Decision to Leave"

"In Front of Your Face"
"Emergency Declaration"
"Hansan: Rising Dragon"





 Best Director

"Hansan: Rising Dragon" - Kim Han-min

"Broker" - Hirokazu Koreeda
"Decision to Leave" - Park Chan-wook
"Kingmaker" - Byun Sung-Hyun
"In Front of Your Face" - Hong Sang-soo




 Best Actress

"Decision to Leave" - Tang Wei

"Hommage" - Lee Jung-eun
"In Front of Your Face" - Lee Hye-young-I
"Emergency Declaration" - Jeon Do-yeon
"The Anchor" - Chun Woo-hee




Best Actor

"Decision to Leave" - Park Hae-il

"Kingmaker" - Sol Kyung-gu
"Broker" - Song Kang-ho
"Hunt" - Jung Woo-sung
"The Policeman's Lineage" - Cho Jin-woong




Best Supporting Actress

"Miracle: Letters to the President" - Lee Soo-kyung-I

"Emergency Declaration" - Kim So-jin
"Alienoid" - Yum Jung-ah
"Broker" - Lee Joo-young
"Hunt" - Jeon Hye-jin-II




Best Supporting Actor

"Emergency Declaration" - Im Si-wan

"Hommage" - Kwon Hae-hyo
"The Roundup" - Park Ji-hwan
"Kingmaker" - Jo Woo-jin
"Hunt" - Heo Sung-tae




 Best New Director

"Hunt" - Lee Jung-jae

"Chorokbam" - Yoon Seo-jin
"A Leave" - Lee Ran-hee
"Snowball" - Lee Woo-jeong
"Perhaps Love" - Jo Eun-ji




 Best New Actress

"Ten Months" - Choi Sung-eun

"Hunt" - Go Yoon-jung
"The Girl on a Bulldozer" - Kim Hye-yoon
"Snowball" - Bang Minah
"Broker" - Lee Ji-eun




 Best New Actor

"Good Person" - Lee Hyo-je

"In Our Prime" - Kim Dong-hwi-I
"The Roundup" - Son Sukku
"Hot Blooded" - Lee Hong-nae
"Hommage" - Tang Jun-sang




Best Screenplay

"Good Person" - Jung Wook-II

"Broker" - Hirokazu Koreeda
"Kingmaker" - Byun Sung-Hyun & Kim Min-soo-IV
"Hunt" - Lee Jung-jae & Jo Seung-hee-II
"Decision to Leave" - Jeong Seo-kyeong & Park Chan-wook




Best Cinematography

"Decision to Leave" - Kim Jee-yong-I

"Hansan: Rising Dragon" - Kim Tae-sung-I
"Emergency Declaration" - Lee Mo-gae
"Kingmaker" - Joe Hyung-rae
"Broker" - Hong Kyung-pyo




Best Music

"Decision to Leave" - Jo Yeong-wook

"LIMECRIME" - Kim Jong-yeon-I
"Perhaps Love" - Lee Dong-joon
"Alienoid"Jang Young-gyu
"Broker" - Jung Jae-il




 Technical Award

"Hansan: Rising Dragon" - Jung Sung-jin & Jung Chul-min (Computer graphics)

"Hunt" - Park Il-hyeon (Production design)
"Decision to Leave" - Ryoo Seong-hee (Production design)
"Alienoid" - Je Gal-seung (Computer graphics)
"Kingmaker" - Han Ah-reum-I (Production design)





Yu Hyun-mok Film Arts Award

Lee Ran-hee




 Popularity Award

"Broker" - Lee Ji-eun

"Hansan: Rising Dragon" - Byun Yo-han


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