5 Best Korean TV Shows That Have Dominated the First Half of 2024

Korean TV shows/K-dramas have become global sensations mostly because they have great storylines that keep viewers glued to their screens. The rise of streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime Video has also made it possible for viewers to access some of the highest-rated Korean television series. If you were intrigued by "Squid Game" and "The Glory" (some of the most-watched Korean from previous years) and are looking for more addictive shows to watch in the first half of 2024, add these K-dramas to your list.


"Queen of Tears"

Most people love romantic stories where a rich guy meets a not-so-wealthy girl from a humble background, and they fall in love. Well, it's the opposite in this Korean series because it's the girl who is rich and working hard to ensure her company joins the 1 trillion in sales category. The main cast/rich girl is Hae-in, who pretends to be an intern and falls for a lawyer in the same company. When her true bank account status is revealed, the duo is already in love, and they decide to marry.

The lovebirds soon drift apart and sleep in separate rooms. Hae-in also becomes poor and then finds out she only has three months to live, and her husband wants to divorce her. Will their love be able to bloom again even after her rich ex-boyfriend suddenly appears and promises to make Hae-in's troubles disappear? You can watch this series on Netflix, as episodes are released every weekend. But it's not a must you watch this K-drama using a television. Just like you'd click on https://essayusa.com/ to find academic content, you can also use your computer to access the Netflix website and even download the "Queen of Tears" for offline viewing later.

"Marry My Husband"

What would you do if you realized your husband is sleeping with your best friend and they are waiting for you to die so that they can collect your life insurance? Most people would wish for a second life to avenge a wrongdoing. That's exactly what "Marry My Husband" is about but with more twists.

This Korean series was released in early January and soon became a favorite for many. The lead actress, Park Min-young, plays the character of Ji-won, who believes she has found her dream man only to end up getting married for her world to turn upside down. Ji-won faces mistreatment all around, starting with her best friend (Soo-min), who pretends to support her, but secretly, she's stabbing her in the back by sleeping with her husband.  

Ji-won is mysteriously transported back 10 years before her death. This twist of fate allows her to rewrite destiny and pass the bad luck to Soo-min. However, Ji-won needs the perfect plan to end up with her soul mate, who will do anything to ensure she gets love and happiness.

"Wonderful World"

Over the years, K-drama mysteries have received praise from fans worldwide. If you want to take a break from the romance genre but want something with a captivating story and chilling crime, watch "Wonderful World".

The cinematography and casting effectively convey the plot of this Korean mystery/revenge drama. A unique storyline also makes it a captivating watch. The plot revolves around a psychology professor and famous writer, Eun  Soo-hyeon (played by Kim Nam-joo) a grieving mother who has to pick up the pieces after her son's unjust death. Cha Eun-woo also has a lead role and plays Kwon Seon-yool.

"Captivating the King"

The influence of cinematography on storytelling in K-drama is multifaceted and profound. However, getting insights into specific techniques used in K-dramas is not easy. Luckily, you can read various educative publications or use a college essay writing service to analyze the impact of cinematography on storytelling and character development, especially in periodic K-drama such as "Captivating the King".

The main storyline focuses on Kang  Hee-soo, who pretends to be a man to play baduk. She's one of the best in that town, and her talent attracts the king's attention. Eventually, she is betrayed by the king and sentenced to die. She escapes and comes back to the king's life to get vengeance. The problem is that with each step she takes to enact her payback, her old feelings for the king grow stronger. Will she put her love aside and seek revenge, or let love win? Watch the 16 episodes to find out.

"Parasyte: The Grey"

What happens when parasites attack the world? Do you find a way to end them or coexist? The latter was the case for Jeong Soo-in (played by Jeon So-nee), the lead actress in this horror series. This Korean horror TV series isn't one for viewers who are easily scared because it features parasites taking over humans' bodies to build an army for aliens to conquer the world.

On the other hand, Jeong Soo-in has a parasite invader that can't reach her brain. As a result, the two have to coexist. The good part is that Jeong Soo-in is half-host, half-human, and can control the parasite's shape-shifting capabilities. The bad part is that it's hard to tell who is infected and who isn't just from a glance.