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58th Daejong Film Awards (Grand Bell Awards) 2022 Winners Complete List - Part 1

Complete list (Part 1) of the 58th Daejong Film Awards (Grand Bell Awards) 2022 winners announced on December, 9 2022.

Best Picture

"Decision to Leave" produced by Park Chan-wook

"Hunt" produced by Lee Jung-jae & Han Jae-deok
"Kingmaker" produced by Byun Sung-Hyun
"Hansan: Rising Dragon" produced by Kim Han-min
"Broker" produced by Lee Eugene-I




Best Director

"Kingmaker" - Byun Sung-Hyun

"Decision to Leave" - Park Chan-wook
"Hommage" - Shin Su-won
"Hansan: Rising Dragon" - Kim Han-min
"In Front of Your Face" - Hong Sang-soo




Best Actress

"Life Is Beautiful - 2020" - Yum Jung-ah

"Decision to Leave" - Tang Wei
"In Front of Your Face" - Lee Hye-young-I
"Hommage" - Lee Jung-eun
"Special Delivery" - Park So-dam




Best Actor

"Decision to Leave" - Park Hae-il

"Kingmaker" - Sol Kyung-gu
"Broker" - Song Kang-ho
"Hunt" - Jung Woo-sung
"Emergency Declaration" - Lee Byung-hun
"Life Is Beautiful - 2020" - Ryu Seung-ryong




Best Supporting Actress

"Confidential Assignment 2: International" - Yoona

"Perhaps Love" - Oh Na-ra
"Hunt" - Jeon Hye-jin-II
"Nothing Serious" - Gong Min-jung
"Hansan: Rising Dragon" - Kim Hyang-gi
"Spiritwalker" - Lim Ji-yeon




Best Supporting Actor

"Hansan: Rising Dragon" - Byun Yo-han

"The Roundup" - Park Ji-hwan
"Kingmaker" - Jo Woo-jin
"The Roundup" - Son Sukku
"Emergency Declaration" - Im Si-wan
"Perhaps Love" - Kim Hee-won




Best New Actress

"The Girl on a Bulldozer" - Kim Hye-yoon

"The Witch : Part 2. The Other One" - Shin Si-ah
"Broker" - Lee Ji-eun
"In Our Prime" - Jo Yun-seo
"6/45" - Park Se-wan
"Hunt" - Go Youn-jung




Best New Actor

"Perhaps Love" - Mu Jin-sung

"In Our Prime" - Kim Dong-hwi-I
"Hommage" - Tang Jun-sang
"Hot Blooded" - Lee Hong-nae
"Life Is Beautiful - 2020" - Ong Seong-wu




Best New Director

"The Girl on a Bulldozer" - Park Ri-woong

"Perhaps Love" - Jo Eun-ji
"The Roundup" - Lee Sang-yong
"Hunt" - Lee Jung-jae
"Ten Months" - Namkoong Sun
"A Leave" - Lee Ran-hee




Jeong Seo-kyeong

 Best Screenplay

"Decision to Leave" - Jeong Seo-kyeong, Park Chan-wook

"Hunt" - Jo Seung-hee-II, Lee Jung-jae
"Kingmaker" - Byun Sung-Hyun, Kim Min-soo-IV
"Hansan: Rising Dragon" - Kim Han-min, Yoon Hong-gi, Lee Na-ra-I
"6/45" - Park Gyoo-tae


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