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58th Daejong Film Awards (Grand Bell Awards) 2022 Winners Complete List - Part 2

Complete list (Part 2) of the 58th Daejong Film Awards (Grand Bell Awards) 2022 winners announced on December, 9 2022.




Best Music

"Life Is Beautiful - 2020" - Kim Joon-seok

"Decision to Leave" - Jo Yeong-wook
"Hunt" - Jo Yeong-wook
"The Witch : Part 2. The Other One" - Mowg
"Emergency Declaration" - Lee Byeong-woo, Chong Jee-hoon
"Alienoid" - Jang Young-gyu





Best Art Direction

"Alienoid" - Ryoo Seong-hee, Lee Ha-joon

"Hunt" - Park Il-hyun
"Kingmaker" - Han Ah-reum-I
"Hansan: Rising Dragon" - Cho Hwa-sung
"Emergency Declaration" - Lee Mok-won
"Decision to Leave" - Ryoo Seong-hee




Best Cinematography

"The Roundup" - Joo Sung-rim

"Decision to Leave" - Kim Jee-yong-I
"Hunt" - Lee Mo-gae
"Hansan: Rising Dragon" - Kim Tae-sung-I
"Emergency Declaration" - Lee Mo-gae
"Broker" - Hong Kyung-pyo





Best Visual Effets/Computer Graphics

"Alienoid" - Je Gal-seung

"The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure" - Lee Seung-min-IV
"The Witch : Part 2. The Other One" - Jo Yong-seok-I, Jang Min-jae
"Hansan: Rising Dragon" - Jung Sung-jin
"Emergency Declaration" - Hong Jung-ho-I





Best Lighting

"Hunt" - Lee Sung-hwan

"Decision to Leave" - Shin Sang-yeol
"Kingmaker" - Lee Gil-gyu
"Hansan: Rising Dragon" - Kim Kyung-seok-I
"Emergency Declaration" - Lee Sung-hwan




Best Costumes

"Hansan: Rising Dragon" - Kwon Yoo-jin-I, Im Seung-hee

"Decision to Leave" - Kwak Jung-ae
"Hunt" - Cho Sang-kyung, Choi Yoon-sun
"Kingmaker" - Jo Hee-ran
"The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure" - Kwon Yoo-jin-I, Lee Hye-ran-I
"Alienoid" - Cho Sang-kyung
"Life Is Beautiful - 2020" - Choi Se-yeon





Best Editing

"The Roundup" - Kim Sun-min

"Decision to Leave" - Kim Sang-beom
"Hunt" - Kim Sang-beom
"Hansan: Rising Dragon" - Lee Kang-hee-I & Ahn Hyun-gun
"Emergency Declaration" - Kim Woo-hyun-I & Lee Kang-il
"Alienoid" - Sin Min-kyeong





Best Documentary

"I am More" - Lee Il-ha

"Sewing Sisters" - Lee Hyukrae, Kim Jungyoung
"Fanatic" - Oh Se-yeon
"The Man Who Paints Water Drops" - Kim Oan
"Coming to You" - Byun Gyu-ri





Daejong's Attention Award

"Hommage" produced by Shin Su-won

"Coming to You" produced by Byun Gyu-ri
"Chun Tae-il: A Flame That Lives On" produced by Lee Eun-I, Shim Jae-myung
"The Shaman Sorceress" produced by Ahn Jae-huun
"Semantic Error: The Movie" produced by Kim Soo-jung-V
"A Leave" produced by Lee Ran-hee
"The Pregnant Tree and the Goblin" produced by Kim Dong-ryung & Park Kyoung-tae

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Series Director Award

"Anna" Director's Cut by Lee Zoo-young


Lifetime Achievement Award

Ahn Sung-ki




People's Award


Oh Na-ra ("Perhaps Love")



Park Ji-hwan ("The Roundup")




New Wave Award


Park Se-wan ("6/45")

Jo Yun-seo ("In Our Prime")


Ong Seong-wu ("Life Is Beautiful - 2020")

Park Jae-chan ("Semantic Error: The Movie")

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