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6 of the most distinguished and extraordinary movies to be expected in 2012

Art theater Cinecube has carefully selected movies that are to be expected this year in 2012 and is presenting fans with a mega-exhibition called "Cinecubes Choice: Movies To Be Expected In 2012". This mega-exhibition will open on the 22nd until the 29th for 8 days with 6 movies that will brightly decorate 2012 with their significant qualities and shocking topics.


Movies with armed productions will be presented here such as; known for his previous works of art, director Min Gyoo-dong's "In My End Is My Beginning", man of issue at the last Busan International Film Festival Lee Sang-woo-IV's "Barbie", Ruslan Park's "Hanaan", Kong Quee-hyun's "U.F.O". and many other movies with various topics and original productions. Boo Ji-young's "Nanana: An Actress' Naked Face Project", Tae Joon-sik's "Mother - 2011" and other documentaries that were favored last year at the Seoul Independent Film Festival can also be seen here. Screening time, other functions and events can be seen at the Cinecube homepage (

"In My End Is My Beginning"

After her husband died in a car accident, his lover comes to meet her and the two start living together with all the complicated feelings towards each other. Min Gyoo-dong who also directed "Antique", "My Lovely Week", "The Last Blossom", "Momento Mori" and more has the megaphone and the cast includes Uhm Jung-hwa, Hwang Jung-min and Kim Hyo-jin. This movie shows the complicated thoughts of the cast under a situation where a woman has to live with her dead husbands lover.


Steve is a internal medicine doctor from the States who comes to Korea to adopt Yoon-yeong who will help transplant her heart to his second daughter and Soon-yeong doesn't know about his fact and just tries her best to look good to Steve so that he will take her to America. Directed by Lee Sang-woo-IV, this movie was first shown in the "Korean Movies Today – Vision" category at the Busan International Film Festival ast year. This movie portrays the deep sadness and lingering of the adoption reality in Korea with sisters Kim Sae-ron and Kim Ah-ron.


Directed by Ruslan Park who dwelled in Uzbekistan. This movie is about a Korean-Uzbekistani drug addict who struggles to get out of the hopeless life involving drugs and corruption. It is like a documentary that shows the solitude and sense of alienation of the foreign descendants. It was acknowledged in the Competing category of the 2011 Locarno International Film Festival and was invited to the "Asian Movies" category at the Busan International Film Festival.


A problem child and a model student go to the same school. Four friends who are Christians and believers in UFO's visit a mountain famous for UFO's. This movie contains the growth of these students and the SF imagination along with mystery. It was awarded the "Movie Collage" award at the 2011 Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival.

"Nanana: An Actress' Naked Face Project"

Directed by Boo Ji-young and starring by Kim Kkobbi, Yang Eun-yong, Seo Yeong-joo and more, this movie is a documentary about their daily lives. Theses actresses have normal lives meeting friends, traveling and loving but they all have a concern only they have as actresses. This movie gives anguish but also is a source of energy which shows how these actresses show new sides of themselves and discover their lives. It was first screened at the 2011 Seoul Independent Film Festival.

"Mother - 2011"

A documentary containing the 2 years of Madame Lee So-seon, mother of the late Jeon Tae-il who died after devoting his life to labor movement and mother to all who dreamt of a life people could live in happily. Through the way she spent her 40 years sharing the pain and war-like life with her neighbors after the death of her son we can see hope and worth in the way laborers live in the Republic of Korea.

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