"Ace", who is Kim Min-ji? She kissed Nam Tae-hyun

Lee Pil-mo, Kim Min-ji, Oh Yoo-na and Ji Eun-sung appeared in the short SBS drama "Ace" on the 5th.

Kim Min-ji played Park Soo-min, a teenage adolescent who is bad tempered but smart.

Kim Min-ji coupled up with Nam Tae-hyun in the drama "The Girl at 0 O'Clock" fighting and being lovable at the same time.

Kim Min-ji has risen to the surface and so has her past characters.

She started off with the Mnet "Sing Again, Hera Gu", MBC Everyone "The Girl at 0 O'Clock" and more.

Meanwhile, "Ace" recorded a viewing percentage of 2.4% on the 4th. KBS 2TV "Our Neighborhood Sports" and MBC "PD Files" recorded 6.1% and 4.1%.