Actor Son Sukku Denies Allegations on School Violence

Actor Son Sukku denied allegations of school violence raised online.


"All claims that Son Sukku was a perpetrator of school violence are false", his agency SBD Entertainment said on the 1st.

Recently, online postings claimed to have witnessed his violent behavior while attending the same school as Son Sukku.

The writer said, "Son Sukku was in one of the groups assaulting students", adding, "He picked only weak opponents and bullied them. As a witness, I have a burden on my mind because I was sitting on the sidelines without helping the victim", he said.

The agency plans to take legal action against the author of the revelation.

Son Sukku debuted in 2017 with the Netflix drama "Sense8" and appeared in "Mother - Drama", "Suits", "Matrimonial Chaos", "Designated Survivor: 60 Days" "Be Melodramatic" and the movie "Hit-and-Run Squad". He recently appeared on Netflix's original series "D.P".