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Ahn Doo-ho Cast in "Possessed - Movie"

Actor Ahn Doo-ho will appear in the movie "Possessed - Movie" (tentative title).


According to his agency Enter Seven on the 24th, Ahn Doo-ho will be cast in the webtoon-original movie "Possessed - Movie" (tentative title) and show perfect acting synergy by working with Gang Dong-won, Huh Joon-ho, and Esom.

Ahn Doo-ho's casting confirmed movie, "Possessed - Movie" tells the story of a fake exorcist Dr. Cheon (Gang Dong-won), who never hears or sees ghosts but solves all kinds of cases with ghostly insight, being asked to do a powerful impersonation.

Based on the webtoon, "Possessed - Movie" will be joined by big actors such as Gang Dong-won, Huh Joon-ho, Esom, and Lee Dong-hwi, and Ahn Doo-ho will add vitality to the work as a scene stealer with a clear presence.

While the birth of attractive works and characters is expected, expectations are rising for how Ahn Doo-ho will captivate the audience.

Ahn Doo-ho, who will show the best acting chemistry with Gang Dong-won and Esom, is a talented actor who has mastered various genres such as plays, musicals and dramas.

Ahn Doo-ho, who made a big impression by playing the role of detective Nam Deok-woo in the drama "The King of Pigs" last year, is busy with the Daehakro musical "Laundry", the play "Bad People", and the play "Mouse Trap".

Ahn Doo-ho, who is currently active as a thousand faces in various works, will soon meet audiences on screen beyond plays, musicals, and cinemas.

Meanwhile, "Possessed - Movie" (tentative title) has recently ended filming after crank-in in September last year and is preparing to be released.

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