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[Aisha's Take] "Call It Love" Discovers The Dark Reality Of Loneliness

"Call It Love" is a romantic melodrama which tells the story of revenge. But soon revenge flows down the drain when the two get closer and begin to feel sorry for each other. One of the most important topics is that the drama showcases the dark reality of loneliness.


At the very beginning of the show, the narrator shares a poem, where it says that to forgive or to understand someone, you must look at their backs or their shadows. Once you start to understand their loneliness, it is right then that you start falling in love.

Lee Sung-kyung plays the character, Sim Woo-joo. She had a rough childhood because her father abandoned her family for another woman. She grew up hating him, to the point that she turns up at his funeral just to humiliate him and his wife. She even confesses that she waited for this day her whole life. The funeral scene, perhaps, defines her loneliness the best. She enters onto the battlefield all alone. Without even telling her siblings about it, not even about their father's death. And at the hall, where she ate, she had no one at her side. Not an aunt or uncle. Even after discovering that her house was being put on sale, they shared no sympathy.

On the other hand, we have Han  Dong-jin. He, too, is a victim of his mother, Ma  Hee-jae (Nam Gi-ae), the same woman who married Woo-joo's father. He is a young CEO who prefers to stay quiet most of the time. He doesn't even complain, either be it with his mother or the co-CEO of his company, Choi  Seon-woo (Jun Suk-ho). Sun-woo barely gives time or puts any effort into the company. Hence, it's Dong-jin who does most of his work. He turns to his mother for some money after a great loss, but there is nothing affectionate in that exchange. He only went to her because he was desperate. His silence speaks louder than anything. Be it how he views life or his loneliness. He does not bother complaining and speaking about his desires, because there is probably no one who would listen.

"Call It Love" continues as Sim Woo-joo approaches Dong-jin with revenge. After learning that the money from the house had been given to Dong-jin, she was filled with rage. But everything turns upside down when the two truly begin to get to know each other. The two display the struggles of such people in life and what is even more tragic is that we might not even realise it.

We will not spoil it any further for you! If you wish to learn more, then tune into "Call It Love" now!

By Aisha Adnan


"Call It Love" is directed by Kim Ji-yeon-V, Lee Gwang-yeong, written by Kim Ga-eun-V, and features Kim Young-kwang, Lee Sung-kyung, Sung Joon, Ahn Hee-yeon, Kim Ye-won, Nam Gi-ae. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2023/02/22~Now airing, Wed 17:00 on Disney Plus.

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