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Bae Jong-ok to Join "I Have Waited A Long Time For You"

Actress Bae Jong-ok joins "I Have Waited A Long Time For You".


ENA's new drama "I Have Waited A Long Time For You" is a mystery tracking drama by Detective Oh, a countryside macho, starring Na In-woo and Kim Ji-eun-IV. Bae Jong-ok plays Yoo Jeong-sook, who is the chairwoman of a hospital and has lived as a heart surgeon all her life.

Bae Jong-ok played Lee Hee-ran, the wife of politician Kim Woon-beom (Sol Kyung-gu), in the movie "Kingmaker" last year.

She then perfectly played the role of Deok-bong, the leader of the community village, in tvN's "Secret Royal Inspector Joy", raising the sense of immersion in the drama.

Recently, she met with the audience with the play "Love Letter" to provide a deep echo and once again proved her shining potential on the stage, drawing enthusiastic reviews. As such, her performance in each work attracts the public by constantly completing various characters with a passion for acting.

As a result, expectations are high on how she will perform as a professional character in this work.

"I Have Waited A Long Time For You" is a new work prepared by director Han Cheol-soo, who directed SBS' "Again My Life", and will begin filming in earnest in the second half of this year and be broadcasted in 2023.

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