Baek Ji-young and Ma Dong-seok's 20-year friendship

Singer Baek Ji-young boasted of her 20-year friendship with actor Ma Dong-seok.


On the 31st of last month, Baek Ji-young said, ""The Roundup: No Way Out" is coming out soon! I'm so proud of what he's become today because we met when we were at our worst. I honestly think "The Roundup: No Way Out" is the best out of all!"

In the photo, Baek Ji-young is taking a photo with Ma Dong-seok face to face. The strong friendship between the two, which has been built for a long time, gives satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Baek Ji-young recently participated in KBS 2TV drama "Curtain Call" OST Part.1 "Why Won't You Come".

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