"Black Priests" cranks in this 5th

"Black Priests" cranked in.

The movie "Black Priests" starring Kim Yun-seok and Gang Dong-won cranked in on the 5th in Daegu.

"Black Priests" is about two priests who get involved in a mysterious case to save a girl in danger. This various award winner and producer Jang Jae-hyeon's first feature film and collaboration of Kim Yun-seok and Gang Dong-won.

Kim Yun-seok takes on the role of Father Kim who brings about ritual amidst suspicion and opposition. The "Tazza: The Hidden Card", "The Chaser" and "The Thieves" actor is about to create a whole new character.

Helping Father Kim is Deacon Choi, played by Gang Dong-won. He prepares the rituals with Father Kim and gets involved in the mysterious case.

The first making of the movie was successful thanks to Kim Yun-seok and Gang Dong-won's passionate work. Kim Yun-seok said, "We've finally cranked in. The Roman Collar still needs getting used to but it makes me think a lot. You can also expect Gang Dong-won to look great in his costume".

Gang Dong-won said, "I look forward to this movie as we've been preparing for a long time. The staff and producers all have great teamwork so it should be fun". Jang Jae-hyeon the producer said, "I am honored to work with such a cast. It's my movie debut so I'm nervous, but I believe it's going to work as I have the best people with me".