Bound for America Han Ye-seul, "marriage rumor"

Actress Han Ye-seul's sudden choice to leave to America on the 15th, recurred rumors about her marriage.

Some think Han Ye-seul might be approaching marriage as she suddenly chose to leave to America while her relationship with the KBS drama "Spy MyeongWol" staff is rocky.

Her rumors of marriage were started by certain people at the start of "Spy MyeongWol". After that stories related to the rumors kept popping up.

At the start of "Spy MyeongWol", it seemed like she was getting comfort from her boyfriend as she was having trouble with the staff.

With the continuous conflicts with the staff, she frankly but indirectly expressed that she will step down from the drama and this lead to more rumors about her marriage.

Han Ye-seul has added more power to the rumor by leaving for America on the 15th.

The crew for "Spy MyeongWol" told Star News, "As word got out that she left for America, many think she might be getting married".

Her management Sidus HQ isn't in contact right now.

Meanwhile, Han Ye-seul had conflicts with the production about scheduling and such and had been rejecting shooting the drama since the 14th.