[ChanMi's drama news] Shin Joo-ah in a new drama costarring with Lee Joon-gi and Sin Min-ah

Shin Joo-ah will be in the new MBC drama "Hero - Drama" as one of the main characters.

Her last drama was three years ago and now she is returning to the screens!

This drama is about those who do not have nothing and wish for none fighting the 1% of those who have everything. The main characters are the unique funny reporter Jin Do-hyeok acted by Lee Joon-gi, a passionate journalist who wishes to change the society with her words Joo Je-in acted by Han Ji-min, and the objective thinker political reporter Kang Hye-seong is acted by Uhm Ki-joon.

Shin Joo-ah will be the newspaper owner and a strong firstborn, Lee Ho-kyeong who takes part of the love relationship.

Shin Joo-ah and Uhm Ki-joon's characters are engaged but Sin's character cannot forget her elementary school friend Jin Do-hyeok acted by Lee Joon-gi.She has an intelligent character with a very passionate character and a lovely face! She is sophisticated in her fashion style and is everyone's wanted daughter-in-law. Shin Joo-ah is taking off her cute image and taking on the beautiful career woman's image.

The drama will be released after "No Limit" starring Yunho and Go Ara. It will be filmed starting this September.