[ChanMi's movie news] Bae Seul-ki in a Hollywood film!

Bae Seul-ki will be the main actress in the new global Hollywood film "Finale" which European actors and actresses are working on.

Bae has been in Germany since the beginning of December and has been filming the teaser film and poster. Her character is the cold blooded killer "Siyeon" who fights against the Italian Mafia with her martial skills. The setting will be the Korea vs Italy soccer game back in 2002.

The full crank in for this movie will be May of next year. And the film is predicted to be released on February of 2010.

Other movie stars in this film are Jeannette Hain, Sergio Albelli, Lorenzo Renzi, and more. Music director for "Old Boy", "Public Enemy", and "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" will be working on this film.