[ChanMi's movie news] Gong Hyo-jin, triangle relationship with "Dajimawa Lee"?

Actress Gong Hyo-jin fell in love with "Dachimawa Lee".

The new movie "Dachimawa Lee: Evil Man Get on the Train Headed to Hell" stars Gong Hyo-jin as a female spy who encounters a triangle relationship with Dajimawa Lee (Im Won-hee) and Marie (Park Si-yeon).

Dajimawa was in love with Geum Yeon-ja, a skilled spy. Then comes along a new partner, Marie who changes Dajimawa's heart.

Gong Hyo-jin acts as a perfect spy who is talented in her job as well as perfect in martial arts. She balances logic and emotion with action and romance. She can be a perfect spy as well as a perfect woman.

This movie will be released this 14th.