Child Actor Wins Prize at Montreal Film Fest

Child actor Park Ji-bin won the Silver Iris award for Best Actor at the New Montreal FilmFest, which ended Saturday.

The 10-year-old Park won the award for his performance in "Little Brother (Annyong Hyonga)" - "Little Brother" by director Lim Tae-hyeong. He is the youngest Korean to win a prize at an international film festival.

Park did not take part in the event due to his busy filming and school schedules. But according to Yonhap News Agency, when told of the award, he said, "I don't know what the prize is but it sounds exciting. Can I go there right now?"

Park plays Chang Han-i, a self-centered boy who comes to grips with his older brother becoming terminally ill, in the film based on a true story. Although the whole family struggles to keep things from falling apart, Han-i doesn't quite understand the seriousness of the situation: his brother has a brain tumor.

The film opened here in May, attracting 1.2 million moviegoers. It is opening in such Asian nations as Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong.

Park made his debut in the entertainment business with the 2001 musical "Tommy". He became a popular child actor after his performance in the successful 2003 soap opera "A Perfect Love (Wanjonhan Sarang)", in which he played a son whose mother dies of cancer.