"Coin Locker Girl" and why we are interested in it


Actresses and a female producer got together and did it.

Kim Hye-soo and Kim Go-eun's "Coin Locker Girl" is a rare female noir. It's not common for two actresses to co-star in a drama let alone risk their physical selves in action moves.

The movie is about 'Mom' who lives a cruel life in dark and shady Chinatown and Il-yeong (Kim Go-eun) who is abandoned and has to find her own way of survival. Although they are not directly related, the relation of their surroundings help them survive together. If it weren't for Kim Hye-soo there wouldn't be a "Coin Locker Girl". Once the scenario was complete, the producers thought about her for the role of 'Mom'. She hesitated although she wanted to do it and finally, after 3 months, she decided to go ahead with it. "I doubted I could do it and it was a spectacular experience" she says.

The story of two women started from the head of a female producer. Director Ahn Eun-mi concentrated on Son Ye-jin's "White Night" and Kim Go-eun's "A Muse". She says, "Usually, our lives are expressed by men but I wanted to express it from a woman's point of view".