Choi Byung-mo in "EVILIVE"

Actor Choi Byung-mo will appear in "EVILIVE". Since the first half of this year, Choi Byung-mo's transformation, who has performed ever-changing performances across good and evil in a number of works, is also expected.


The original Genie TV drama "EVILIVE", which will air for the first time in October, depicts the process of a living lawyer who meets an absolute villain, turning into an elite villain.

In the drama, Choi Byung-mo plays Moon Hae-joon, a lawyer of Myeongro Firm who grew up in a legal family without any deficiencies. Moon Hae-joon is a person with a feather-like lightness and arrogant personality and is a person who feels inferior and unpleasant to elite Han Dong-soo (Shin Ha-kyun).

Choi Byung-mo previously appeared in the dramas "Joseon Attorney: A Morality", "Shadow Detective - Season 2" and the movies "Kill Boksoon" and "The Moon", showing the potential of a creditable actor. He has also proved his true value in various noir works such as the drama "Remarriage and Desires" and the movie "Deliver Us From Evil" and it is expected that this work will leave a unique presence with solid and delicate acting skills.

"EVILIVE" will be released on Genie TV, Genie TV Mobile, and ENA in October.

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