Choi Jung-won-I to Star in "She Would Never Know"

Actor Choi Jung-won-I is starring in the new JTBC drama "She Would Never Know" as Ryoo Han-seo, a handsome chef.


"She Would Never Know" is a romantic drama about a straightforward junior who's good looking, sexy and sincere and a senior who doesn't like younger men. Choi Jung-won-I plays Ryoo Han-seo, a handsome Korean chef who owns a hot place famous for its food and atmosphere. Ryoo Han-seo is handsome, tall and has a charming voice that pleasures the ears of those watching.

Choi Jung-won-I debuted in the year 2000 as a male duet in UN, which has several hit songs and he started acting in 2005 in dramas such as "Beating Heart", "KSA", "A Daughter Just Like You", "Shine Eun-soo", "Borg Mom" and "Love Alert".

Meanwhile, the new JTBC drama "She Would Never Know" airs on the 18th of January at 9PM.