"Cool And Cold"

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"Cool And Cold" (1962)

Directed by Lee Kang-cheon

With Choi Eun-hee, Lee Sang-gyu, Kim Seung-ho-I, Lee Ye-chun, Heo Jang-kang, Namkoong Won,...

Moon-ok, who escaped during the January-Fourth Retreat, runs a house and coffee shop as provided by her lover, jeweler president Gil, and supports her single mother, older brother, and high school sister. Then one day she suddenly fell in love with the composer Sang-gyoo. Sang-gyoo is the head of a family with a sick wife and a young daughter, but Sang-gyoo and Moon-ok developed into lovers as they visit the coffee shop frequently. Meanwhile, when president Gil learns of this, he takes everything he gave to Moon-ok. Again, Moon-ok opens a record store with the help of Sang-gyoo, but when Sang-gyoo's ailing wife dies, he deceives her and feels guilty about loving Moon-ok, and the two break up. Reflecting on it, he vows to live on his own.

Release date in Korea : 1962/12/29

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