[Daily Naver] Insider Reveals Actor Kim Seon-ho's Contract Expired in September Raising Suspicions Over Agency's "statement"

Source: [Exclusive] Kim Sun-ho's contract with Salt expired in September...agency hellfire (Sports DongA)


Translation by Daily Naver

Actor Kim Seon-ho's contract with Salt Entertainment has reportedly already expired. 

An industry insider told Sports DongA in an exclusive report, "Kim Seon-ho and Salt have been discussing contract renewals since last summer ahead of contract expirations in September. Rumors Kim Seon-ho's contract was set to expire have already spread in the industry and some agencies have attempted to contact him. However, he still had remaining schedules for "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha" so renewals were postponed until his schedules were complete. But then the scandal happened".

On the 19th, three days after 'abortion' scandal, his agency Salt Entertainment released vague statement and stated that "they're currently investigating the facts" and asked to "wait a little longer". 

However their statement is raising suspicions as it's not clear whether the agency got hit by a 'nuclear bomb' while trying to hold onto Kim Seon-ho or whether they chose to self-destruct together because they were aware of the situation and sat quietly on the sidelines.

His agency is showing coping method that's rare and difficult to understand raising more suspicions. 

Meanwhile, netizens are speculating about the identity of his ex girlfriend A. 

  1. [+4,759, -279] It's Kim Seon-ho's past you should look into, not the woman that exposed..
  2. [+3,113, -967] There are so many couples that promise to marry in 2 years and never do... some that even date for 10 years and still break up. It's no one else's fault but their own for not using birth control. The abortion is on them too. Is he supposed to marry her just because she's a woman that aborted his baby? 
  3. [+1,617, -811] According to netizens investigation team, there are rumors his agency deliberately put off settling with his ex-girlfriend to get him to renew his exclusive contract, and if he didn't re-sign with them, they'd just sit on the sidelines and wait for things to explode. They're saying Kim Seon-ho went to Busan without knowing the situation. We don't know the extent of the truth but poor Kim Seon-ho for putting his trust in his agency and girlfriend only to get backstabbed and trash talked like this...he's the most pitiful one. 
  4. [+1,616 -804] There's nothing wrong with breaking things off cleanly after a relationship. He did nothing wrong. She's just an attention wh*re that pissed that he's doing well even after their break up. It's normal to have sex when you're dating...
  5. [+626, -182] I'm not a fan of Kim Seon-ho but it looks like she succeeded in her revenge. I bet they talked about marriage normally while enjoying a cup of kimchi soup together when they were dating ~~ how is that a promise to marry someone? You can't force someone to have a baby with you if they're not ready. It'll become a burden on your child in the future. And just because she aborted a child doesn't mean she can no longer have kids? If he really loved her he would've asked her to have the baby but he didn't so he asked for an abortion and broke up with her. Is he a cowardly person? Yes, but there's no reason to cause so much noise. Is she happy now that she took it this far? 
  6. [+555, -117] She probably felt like it was unfair and wanted to get back at him because he's a celebrity. Kim Seon-ho isn't in the right either but...it's a pity. He's in this situation right now because he met the wrong woman. 
  7. [+262, -43] Don't die.. hang in there...it'll pass..


Additional source: Seoul Newspaper