Daniel Henney will play his first villain in Lee Myung-se's "Mr.K"

Daniel Henney's new challenge will be to make his debut as a terrorist villain in 'master of mise-en-scène' Lee Myung-se's new film, "Mr.K". The action blockbuster will also star Sol Kyung-gu and Moon So-ri as a couple.


As associate of Henney told TV Report on December 26th, "Henney has been cast in a stylish role for famous director Lee Myung-se's new film" and "He will appear as a terrorist that clashes with Sol Kyung-gu over secret information, showing a side of himself we've never seen before".

In the script, Henney's character is a member of an international group that plants a time bomb on a civilian aircraft in an attempt to extort secret information from Korea. The character's name was originally Julian, but it has been changed to a different one. Produced by CJ E&M, "Mr.K" has a blockbuster budget of KRW70 billion and will start shooting in March 2012.

Henney starred in the Korean film "My Father" four years ago and did not do any film work until six months ago, in the film "Papa - Movie". Henney has appeared in the Hollywood film "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and recently filmed the romantic melodrama "Shanghai Calling".

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