Design! Design! Design! 5 Korean Tech Products that Won Big at iF

Stylish tech accessories… compact, convenient gadgetstechnology today is all about form and function! To recognize the best designs existing today, the iF Industrial Forum Design joins other design professional organizations around the world with a mission of increasing public awareness about design.


Mid-century modern was all the rage in 1953, when the iF (International Forum) Design Awards were established. Now, 60 years later, diminutive devices dominate the 4,352 entries from 51 countries. They were judged by renowned experts across the industry and, like recent years past, Korean companies were well represented.

This year's iF Product Design Awards recognized many Korean companies for their innovative product designs in categories including transportation, lifestyle, audio, telecommunications, computer, home textiles, medicine/health+care and more. Here are my top five picks out of all the award-winning products the Koreans submitted.

1. The Galaxy SIII by Samsung Electronics

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Not to miss any opportunity for recognition, the Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone was a winning entry for this year's iF Design Awards. Introduced and discussed in our blog numerous times already, this smartphone has really taken off. Here the Galaxy SIII was recognized for its nature-inspired design and color. Furthermore, the unique curved surface creates the illusion that the device is slimmer and gives it a smoother look overall, despite its near-phablet-size 4.8-inch LCD display.

2. The Concealed Door Lock by Ssangyong Engineering & Construction

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This is for savvy interior designers or those who need some tight(ly integrated) security! The Concealed Door Lock looks like a completely flat panel set flush in the surface of a door. The large rectangular handle stays recessed until you enter the correct numerical security code or swipe an RFID-embedded access card. Once you've passed the security test, the handle pops out and allows you to enter. This lock not only looks cool, it's also quite intuitive, providing a physical signal as to whether or not you are authorized to enter.

3. The IC200T Pico Projector by INNOIO CO., Ltd.

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If you're looking for a way to project videos, pictures, websites or presentations from your smartphone onto a large screen, just hook your mobile device up to the IC200T pico projector. A 5-inch screen isn't always large enough and this projector can put your content on the wall, the ceiling or even a screen. This might come in handy when you are making a presentation, teaching a class or entertaining your kids with a slideshow of pictures from the vacation you took while they stayed home with the babysitter. The compact cube-shaped projector is easy to pack for travel.

4. WIZBRICK by GS Engineering & Construction

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This design innovation by GS Engineering & Construction may transform the landscape of cities where biking is prevalent. The organic bicycle rack can be assembled anywhere you want. The individual components that make up the rack can be rearranged (just like legos) or resized so that the full rack fits seamlessly into the location. In addition, it is solar powered, making it eco-friendly as well!

5. 55LM960 3D LED TV by LG Electronics Inc.

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So this isn't one of the OLED TVs we recently wrote about, but it still is very very sleek, pretty  and probably a little closer to our price range, too. This TV has an extremely thin bezel measuring 4.1 mm (about the same width as a pencil), making the screen appear as if it is floating in the air. Here's a link to a video that explains how LG managed to make such a beautiful TV design using its Cinema Screen Design technology. Apparently there are different TV stand styles to choose from, but I actually like the wing-shaped stand shown in the image above.

Which of these products would you most like to add to your pocket or home? Tell us in our comments.

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