Domestic Film "Believer" Tops High-ranking "Dead Pool 2" in Box Office

The movie "Believer" is in the lead with over 2.4 million audience members. "Dead Pool 2" comes next with 3,340,000 million viewers - it's the highest ranking adult rated Marvel movie yet.


According to the Korean Films Commission, "Believer" recorded 299,870 on the 30th alone and has an accumulation of 2,407,038, putting it on top of the Box Office.

"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom", which is coming out on the 6th of June, is currently in the lead for highest tickets sales and "Believer" takes up 29.7%, which adds up to 50,838 tickets.

"Dead Pool 2" has an accumulation of 3,344,397 and is in third place. By the 11th day of its release, it had over 3 million views, which beats the record by "Kingsman: Secret Agent".

"The Avenger: Infinity War" is third in accumulation with 11,054,406, "Truth or Dare" comes in fourth with 15,344 and "Deja Vu" in fifth place with 15,213.