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"Drama Special - Page Turner" Kim So-hyun and Ji Soo's selfie

Actress and actor Kim So-hyun and Ji Soo were at the production set of "Drama Special - Page Turner".


Behind-the-scene pictures of the KBS 2TV drama "Drama Special - Page Turner" were released on the 25th.

In the pictures, Kim So-hyun and Ji Soo are posing together for the camera. Kim So-hyun looks pretty with her long, wavy hair and in her uniform. Ji Soo is expressing a nice, soft smile.

Kim So-hyun takes on the role of piano genius Yoon Yoo-seul and Ji Soo is Jeong Cha-sik, an athlete who wants to become a pianist.

"Drama Special - Page Turner" will be shown on the 26th at 10:35PM.

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