"Drama Stage 2020" Wraps up 10 Weeks of One-Act Plays

TvN's "Drama Stage 2020" proved the power of one-act plays.


"Drama Stage 2020" is a one-act play program by tvN with the meaning of discovering new scriptwriters. It is composed of 10 works that were elected in CJ ENM's contest for supporting new storytellers (O'PEN). "Drama Stage 2020" brought together directors and rookie writers who co-created well-made dramas to showcase experimental materials, solid stories and various genres over the past 10 weeks, delivering the value of the challenges and growth that tvN's one-act plays have.

Being the debut stage for rookie writers, experimental works have popped up this year; "Drama Stage 2020 - My Uncle is Audrey Hepburn", a drama that puts transgender identity on the foreground (PD Kim Sae-byul, screenplay Shim Bo-young), "Drama Stage 2020 - Big Data Romance", a romantic comedy about big data and the most human emotions (PD Joo Sang-gyu, screenplay Jung Hee-sun), "Drama Stage 2020 - Everyone Is There", about school violence (PD Ryoo Seung-jin-I, screenplay Son Ho-young-I), "Drama Stage 2020 - I Object", a satisfactory drama about a solo trial (PD Jang Yang-ho, screenplay Bae Yi-hwa), and "Drama Stage 2020 - Communication Range Breakaway", a drama about a communications chaos due to a fire at the telecommunications station (PD Seo Joo-wan, screenplay Han Yoo-rim-I) are some of the dramas that sparked curiosity.

Other dramas with a lighter atmosphere are "Drama Stage 2020 - My Wife's Bed", a heartwarming drama about people overcoming pain (PD Min Doo-sik, screenplay Lee Hee-soo), "Drama Stage 2020 - Woman With Bleeding Ears", about the rampant verbal abuse in society (PD Lee Seung-hoon-V, screenplay Baek In-ah) and "Drama Stage 2020 - My Husband Has a Kim Heesun", a family drama that solves a misunderstanding due to lack of communication in a unique way (PD Kim Jung-wook-II, screenplay Kim Joo-hoo-I).

Thrillers include "Drama Stage 2020 - Ogre" (PD Yoon Jong-ho, screenplay Chae Woo) and "Drama Stage 2020 - Blackout" (PD Park Bong-seob, screenplay Sae Bom).

Namgoong Jong, head of the CJ ENM CSV Management Team, said, "We thank the actors and crew for their efforts for the new writers' great debuts", adding, "We hope you will continue to pay a lot of attention to the new works that will be introduced through Drama Stage".