EBS Revives Youth Drama in 5 Years Starring Choi Ji-su, Oh Jae-woong, Shin So-hyun and Jung Su-bin

EBS is coming out with a youth drama for the first time in 5 years.


"The Moment The Heart Shines" is a media literacy education drama for teenagers, and a youth growth drama for teenagers of this age who live surrounded by the digital world. While portraying the real concerns of teenagers related to the digital world from 100% empathetic perspective, it will show a heart-fluttering high school romance.

Actors Choi Ji-su (Choi Bit-na-ra), Oh Jae-woong (Seo Joon-yeong), Big Tone's Jung Su-bin (Cha Seok-jin), Shin So-hyun (Han Cho-hyeon), Bae Yu-jin (Lee Seo-woo) and Kim Ah-young-I (Park Ji-hye) will be starring in the drama.

Choi Ji-su plays Choi Bit-na-ra, a cheerful and lovely high school student. She used to be a popular elementary school mukbang Youtuber but gets hurt by the cold digital world. After moving to Ding Dong High School, she gets awfully involved with the school's most popular Seo Joon-young and brings an impact to the school.

Oh Jae-woong plays Seo Joon-yeong, the school's most popular Mr. Perfect. He has perfect looks, perfect personality and he's never hesitant to give help to anyone. However, he has a secret that no one knows about.

Jung Su-bin is Cha Seok-jin, Choi Bit-na-ra's guy friend. He's an ordinary boy who likes to make jokes but is gentle on the other side. He thinks of Seo Joon-yeong as an annoying presence around Choi Bit-na-ra and experiences a big change of heart.

Shin So-hyun is Han Cho-hyeon, a high school fashion influencer. She has 120,000 followers on her social media and she looks very cool on the outside. She has numerous male fans but also female fans and she stands in conflict with Choi Bit-na-ra once she moves to Ding Dong High School.

Bae Yu-jin is Choi Bit-na-ra's long-time friend Lee Seo-woo. She is a good listener and her maturity stands out. Kim Ah-young-I also plays a good friend named Park Ji-hye. She is a skilled internet searcher and she is a good informant who knows everything that goes on in the school.

"The Moment The Heart Shines" is based in an era when values are graded by social media and teenagers who believe their existence shines more in the digital world, showing ideal youth growth that recognizes themselves as they are and achieves internal growth in relationships with friends.