"Fence" The true story of escaped prisoner Sin Chang-won, coming in February

The story of prison escapee Sin Chang-won is going to be made into a movie.

Based on Sin Chang-won's autobiography he wrote from prison, "Fence" will be directed by Ryoo Sook-hyeon and released around July.

According to a movie spokesperson, Ryoo, who debuted with the 1996 movie "Grown-ups Grill Herring", received the autobiography from Sin Chang-won's legal proxy two years ago and signed a contract to permit the making of the movie, exchanging letters with the man himself as well. The notes compiled by Sin Chang-won are 275 pages long and apparently the competition for rights to it was quite fierce.

At the news of a movie being made based on a criminal, netizens are also showing interest. They say, "When he escaped from prison, the T-shirt he was wearing sold out a lot among young people and I hope they don't glamourize him", "I feel this is not right despite the variety of movies out there...", "Let's not jump to conclusions when the movie hasn't even been made yet", "I'm sure the production will take care of the 'glorifying' part but it depends on the person watching it", "I think there will be lots of viewers because of the controversy it will cause" and more.

Sin Chang-won broke out of prison on the 2nd of January in 1997 and avoided capture for two years and six months, but was re-arrested in July 1999.