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[Aisha's Take] 3 K-Drama Couples Whose Contract Relationship Does Not Go as Planned

Contract Relationship tropes are quite popular in K-Drama rom-coms, and we are not complaining! These couples often end up going against the contract and fall in love for real. Even though these tropes are predictable, viewers still enjoy the roller-coaster ride of finally accepting their feelings and overcoming many complications.


With that said, let's jump right into the topic. Though there is a huge list of our favorites from the genre, here are the top 3 K-Drama couples whose contract relationship did not go as planned.

"Love to Hate You" - Yeo Mi-ran And Do Won-joo

A story about Kim Mi-ran (Kim Ok-vin) and Nam Kang-ho (Teo Yoo), who both see their opposing genders as enemies. Mi-ran is an attorney who hates losing to men, whilst Nam Kang-ho harbors great distrust in women despite being known as the King Of Romance. He is famous for having gentleman-like manners and being extremely sweet to women, but the truth is completely different.

After offending a fellow actress, she spreads a rumor about his sexuality and tarnish his image. In order to prevent that from happening, the two were involved in a contract relationship for the cameras- little did they know that it would soon become reality.

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"Love to Hate You" is directed by Kim Jeong-kwon, written by Choi Soo-yeong, and features Kim Ok-vin, Teo Yoo, Kim Ji-hoon-I, Go Won-hee, Lee Joo-bin, Kim Sung-ryung. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2023/02/10, Fri on Netflix.


"Business Proposal" - Kang Tae-moo and Sin Ha-ri

The fans' all-time favorites - Sin Ha-ri (Kim Sejeong) and Kang Tae-moo (Ahn Hyo-seop). "Business Proposal" introduces a cold yet ambitious CEO - Kang Tae-moo and a hard-working employee, Sin Ha-ri.

After being tormented by his grandfather about getting a life partner, Tae-moo forces Ha-ri to get into a fake relationship with him. As time passes by, Sin Ha-ri's true identity and their feelings begin to come on the surface.

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"Business Proposal" is directed by Park Seon-ho-I, written by Han Seol-hee, Hong Bo-hee, and features Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Sejeong, Kim Min-kyu, Seol In-ah, Lee Deok-hwa, Kim Hyun-sook. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2022/02/28~2022/04/05, Mon, Tue 22:00 on SBS.


"Love in Contract" - Jamie And Jeong Ji-ho

Jamie (Park Min-young) works as a wife to hire. She invests herself in fake contract marriages for those who might need to show off, fulfill their loneliness or tell the truth. But they don't want to get involved in anything serious.

Jeong Ji-ho (Go Kyung-pyo) has been one of her clients for 5 years, but they barely ever talked. Despite their dinners being filled with silence, Jamie finds herself drawn to him. And when Jamie confesses her wish to end the contract, Ji-ho comes to realize his own feelings.

Unlike other dramas, we didn't exactly moved with the couple since their beginning but right when they reached a climax. Nonetheless, they still took us on a journey.

And the list will go on, which is your favorite type of trope in romance?

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"Love in Contract" is directed by Nam Sung-woo, written by Ha Goo-dam, and features Park Min-young, Go Kyung-pyo, Kim Jae-young, Kang Hyung-suk, Jin Kyung, Ahn Suk-hwan. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2022/09/21~2022/11/10, Wed, Thu 22:30 on tvN.


By Aisha Adnan

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