"Gwanggaeto the Great" Jang Shin-young steps down, Oh Ji-eun gets on

KBS 1TV "Gwanggaeto the Great" leading actress Jang Shin-young voluntarily stepped down.


The staff explained, "She was pressured at the cast so she stepped down. We tried persuading her but it didn't work. She has already done some scenes, but not many".

Jang Shin-young was to play the role of Yeon-hwa who had all the favors of King Gwanggaeto.

Her replacement hasn't been confirmed yet. Instead, the weight has been reduced and a new character Do-yeong had been created. She will be placed as the sister of Yeon-hwa or a relative. Oh Ji-eun (30), 'Bong-ee' from KBS 1TV "Smile, Dong Hae" has been cast for the role of Do-yeong.

The staff say, "Oh Ji-eun is a character that forms a love line between Lee Tae-gon, King Gwanggetto. As soon as an internal tuning for the absence of Yeon-hwa has been set up, she will be put in the shoot".

"Gwanggaeto the Great" has the story of King Gwanggetto who led the renaissance of Koguryo. It will first be aired on the 4th of June at 9:40PM.